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First 'Interstellar' Clip: Were the Moon Landings Faked?

2 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Matthew McConaughey is told that the lunar landings were all faked to bankrupt the Soviet Union in the first scene from Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'. [...]

Michael Bay Looking to Get Serious with '13 Hours' Benghazi Drama

No, just because Michael Bay has been at the helm of every single overlong explosion-laden film in the Transformers franchise, that doesn't mean he's making a 13-hour movie. Instead, THR reports 13 Hours is surprisingly a political drama focusing on the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attack against the U.S. Show More Summary

Holy Gaping Mouths, Batman! New 'Terminator' Character Photos!

With yesterday's big reveal from Terminator: Genisys, thanks to the film gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly, it was only a matter of time until more images began to flood the net. Today we've gotten our hands on two new character shots, depicting Emilia Clarke and Matt Smith. Hmm, I don't know who that last one is. Show More Summary

Visionary Hokum

Anyone bemoaning the dearth of original scripts in a movie marketplace dominated by adaptations, remakes, and sequels should in theory be thrilled by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, a sprawling metaphysical science-fiction epic that’s nothing if not original. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Watch Angelina Jolie Fly in a Bonus Feature from Maleficent

Following an impressive $757 million at the worldwide box office, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is bringing home Maleficent on November 4 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. today has your first look at a bonus feature in which they show how Angelina Jolie flew in the film!

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War Teaser Is Just Plain Cruel

2 hours agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Kevin Feige & Co. aren't above teasing us to the brink and walking away.

New Extended Trailer for Syfy's 12 Monkeys

Syfy has unveiled a new extended trailer for "12 Monkeys," which will make its series premiere on Friday, January 16 of 2015 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

A Complex Life: HBO’s Unforgettable “Olive Kitteridge”

Few films have tapped into the seemingly conflicting emotions that exist in the human soul at exactly the same moment as HBO’s stellar “Olive Kitteridge,” a delicate, beautiful mini-series starring Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, Rosemarie DeWitt, Peter Mullan, Bill Murray and more. Show More Summary

Who Are the Inhumans? Meet the Heroes of Marvel’s 2018 Movie

Did Marvel’s announcement of an Inhumans movie leave you scratching your head? You’re not the only one. The Inhumans are a relatively obscure group of characters from Marvel comics, though like everyone else from the comics they have their share of devoted fans. Show More Summary

These Awesome Middle Schoolers Filmed A Shot-For-Shot ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Remake

Sorry,PaulFeig,butbeforeyoucouldevenstartfilmingyourall-ladyGhostbusters,someone(s)alreadybeatyoutotheidea.Andthey’reallinmiddleschool.“GhostBOStersTrailer” isashot-for-shotremakeoftheoriginaltrailer,withfivefemalesplayingVenkman,Ray,Egon,Winston,andLouisTully,respectively,whiletwomalesfilledinforDanaandJanine.

‘Missionary’ Review: Assuming an Unfamiliar Position on the Psychological Romance Genre

Psychological thrillers — especially those dealing with jilted lovers or obsessed stalkers — have a long history in modern cinema, and more often than not it’s the woman who snaps and resorts to violence, threats and bunny boiling to get “her” man back. Show More Summary

The First Clip from Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Debuts

Paramount Pictures (via TIME) has debuted the first clip from Christopher Nolan's upcoming Interstellar, and though the scene may not be set in a galaxy far, far away it does give us an idea of the world that Nolan has created for the film. Check it out in the player below!

Memory Wipe: 25 years later, Teen Witch is still fun, yet a little ridiculous

The Internet is choked with nostalgia for the youth-oriented entertainments of the not-too-distant past: Tumblr blogs regurgitating images of half-forgotten toys; YouTube compilations of long-lost TV-show intros; countless blogs playing “Remember when?” with movies and video games whose rose-colored recollections aren’t always properly earned. Show More Summary

7 Amazing Fast & Furious Things You Need To See Before The Furious 7 Trailer

Here at Cinema Blend, we live our lives a quarter mile at a time. And so, while we are strapped in and ready for the upcoming drop of the Furious 7 trailer (due to hit on Saturday), we've also been living it up and loving the multiple teases that Team Fast & Furious have been sprinkling all over social media in preparation for this weekend's reveal. Show More Summary

Must Watch: First Teaser Trailers for Alex Garland's Sci-Fi 'Ex Machina'

"To erase the line between Man and Machine is to obscure the line between Men and Gods." A24 Films has premiered the first teaser trailer for screenwriter Alex Garland's directorial debut from his own script, a sci-fi called Ex Machina...Show More Summary

Ege Soyuer Site Update

The multi-talented Art Director Ege Soyuer recently updated his website. For the past few years he has been a member of the dream team over at Buck LA where he has been a part of some exceptional projects. Recently, Ege decided to get back into the freelance circuit and will be splitting his time between NY and LA. Check... Read more »

In Honor of National Cat Day, Here’s a Bunch of Cats ‘Purrforming’ ‘Gone Girl’

Incaseyouaren’taware,October29thmarks‘NationalCatDay,’aholidaywherethesamethreevideosofacatonaZoombaaregiventheopportunitytoberebloggedontheInternet.Rejoice!Tocelebratesaidholiday,thepeopleoveratPetCollectivehavecreatedaGonePurrltrailerfeaturingentirelysmallcats.Beware:thefollowingvideoincludesverystrongcatpuns,andmaynotbesafefordog-identified viewers.

‘Ex Machina’ Trailer: Alex Garland Directs a Bizarre Love Triangle

After years of scripting and producing sci-fi movies, Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine) is finally trying his hand at directing one. Ex Machina features Star Wars Episode 7 castmates Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson as two men working on an artificially intelligent robot played by Alicia Vikander. Show More Summary

The Teaser Trailer for Alex Garland's Ex Machina!

On the heels of yesterday's poster and distribution announcements, A24 has revealed the first trailer for Alex Garland's chilling sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander. See if Ava passes this deadly Turing Test by watching the teaser below!

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