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Newswire: Who wants to drop $600 on a box set of the Boondocks Saints TV show?

Troy Duffy’s The Boondock Saints remains a cult classic for a very particular breed of cult (i.e., people who liked the trench-coated, flat-affect violence of The Matrix, but don’t think it contained enough gratuitous nudity), which is presumably why there’s still a TV version of the film in the works. Show More Summary

Johnny Depp Shocks Guests Inside Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

8 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

The actor hid out as Captain Jack Sparrow on the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride and surprised fans.

A Heat Prequel Is Coming from Michael Mann, But It's Not What You Think

8 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Michael Mann is teaming up with author Reed Farrel Coleman to write a prequel for his 1995 action classic Heat.

The Flash Movie May Get Director Robert Zemeckis?

8 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

A new rumor claims that Warner Bros. is eyeing legendary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis to direct their superhero adventure The Flash.

Jurassic World 2 Ties Directly to Jurassic Park

8 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

New details have surfaced about a new character in Jurassic World 2, who has some intriguing connections to the original Jurassic Park.

Mike Myers Still Wants Austin Powers 4

8 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Mike Myers has hinted that he and director Jay Roach may be reuniting to make the long-awaited Austin Powers 4.

New 'Little Women' Will Star Lea Thompson

The March family is returning to the big screen. "Little Women" is being adapted to film again, so there will be a new Marmee in town,among other characters. Lea Thompson is set to play the March matriarch, Deadline reports. The adaptation...Show More Summary

Jess Franco’s Slaves Comes Uncut to DVD

Rare and controversial erotic thriller coming to DVD fully uncut and totally remastered The post Jess Franco’s Slaves Comes Uncut to DVD appeared first on

10 Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Stories You Should Read Before Vol. 2

Check out the adventures of the Guardians' comic book counterparts The post 10 Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Stories You Should Read Before Vol. 2 appeared first on

Matthew Ross’ Siberia Movie Begins Production

Keanu Reeves headlines director Matthew Ross' romantic thriller The post Matthew Ross’ Siberia Movie Begins Production appeared first on

One Big Reason Jason Momoa Is Excited To Be Playing Aquaman

While superhero movies have been around for decades, one of the biggest joys of the current cinematic comic book boom is seeing characters come to life in ways they never have before.

Why Marvel Movies Don’t Overlap Like They Used To, According To Kevin Feige

While all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are interconnected, there was a fun aspect to some of the Phase One films that we haven't seen repeated in recent years.

Eugenio Derbez, with 'How to Be a Latin Lover,' is aiming to cross over

Eugenio Derbez is an icon in his home country of Mexico, known for countless popular films and television shows. But here in the U.S., Derbez often walks down the street with few people recognizing him. This makes it easier for him to get around Los Angeles, where he moved a couple of years ago,...

Newswire: Harvey Weinstein gets the PG-13 rating he wanted for 3 Generations

Earlier this month, we reported that Harvey Weinstein was fighting with the MPAA about the organization’s decision to give 3 Generations—a movie about Elle Fanning as a transgender teen—an R rating. The MPAA said its decision was because...Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: The story behind the revolutionary slogan Jonathan Demme hid in his movies

Most great directors have their quirky trademarks, but few are as esoteric as “A Luta Continua,” the Portuguese-language political slogan that appears at the very end of the credits of four movies directed by the late Jonathan Demme: Something Wild, Married To The Mob, Silence Of The Lambs, and Philadelphia. Show More Summary

Newswire: James Cromwell joins Jurassic World 2 as one of the men who first cloned dinosaurs

Thanks to a cartoon DNA strand, the original Jurassic Park makes it clear that Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond is the guy who the entire project that made cloning dinosaurs possible, but it sounds like Jurassic World 2 might be throwing a new wrinkle into that backstory. Show More Summary

Movie Review: SILENCE (2016) Starring Andrew Garfield

Director: Martin Scorsese Genre: Adventure, Drama, History Starring: Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Yôsuke Kubozuka, Ciarán Hinds, Yoshi Oida, Shin'ya Tsukamoto Runtime: 161 min... For more, visit our blog !

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Director James Gunn Will Help Shape The Next Decade Of The MCU

By the end of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios will have produced (or co-produced) 22 films over the course of 11 years. It will have achieved the unprecedented with its scope, number of mini-franchises within the entire properties, and its sheer number of lovable characters that it translated from comic page to screen. Show More Summary

Jungle Cruise: Dwayne Johnson Wants Wonder Woman Helmer Patty Jenkins To Direct Film

Jungle Cruise isn’t really a film anyone asked for. If you had gone up to anyone on the street and asked them what property they’d like to see hit the big screen, they’d name a myriad of things, but Jungle Cruise wouldn’t be one of them. Show More Summary

Doritos Made 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Bags That Play the Soundtrack

8 hours agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

When you think Guardians of the Galaxy, you think of lots of things. The soundtrack, the fun of it, the characters, and Doritos nacho cheese chips. You don't? Huh. Mindy Hamilton, senior VP of global partnerships at Marvel Entertainment, said,...

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