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12 Movies to Prepare You for Nuclear War with North Korea

4 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

From Seth Rogen's The Interview to the classic Dr. Strangelove, you'll want to be ready when the big one hits and these movies will prepare you.

Chris Hemsworth Was Intimidated & 'Weirdly Shaken' Meeting Chris Pratt 

When two superstar Chrises meet, it's not surprising to hear the ground quakes and a man-crush is born. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before Chris Pratt, but he confessed to ELLE that he was shaken meeting...Show More Summary

Newswire: Andy Serkis is producing a cinematic Planet Of The Apes video game

A new Planet Of The Apes video game based on Fox’s reboot series is in development and scheduled to be released this fall, according to an announcement on IGN. Called Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier, it’s the first project from a new...Show More Summary

Daniel Craig Finally Confirms He Will Return for Bond 25: 'I Can't Wait'

It's official: Our long international shaken-and-stirred nightmare is over. Daniel Craig has finally confirmed -- on tape, no less -- that he will return as James Bond. He also mostly confirmed this will be his final Bond film. "I think this is it. Show More Summary

Movie Review: The surreal indie comedy Lemon looks better than it runs

The sad fact about modern weird-for-weird’s-sake micro-indies is that they tend to be even more alike that than the toothlessly quirky Sundance items to which they’re supposed to serve as an antidote. It’s like they’ve all been grown from the same frothy mixture of Adult Swim anti-comedy, vintage lens fetishism, and male pattern baldness. Show More Summary

Shiri Appleby Promises That 'UnREAL' Season 3 Has Course Corrected

"UnREAL" star Shiri Appleby was ready to sample a new flavor in her acting career, and "Lemon" was the combination of tart and sweet she was looking for. Directed by Sundance favorite Janicza Bravo, who co-wrote the screenplay with her...Show More Summary

Newswire: That Hunger Games theme park is actually happening

Today, in ideas you’d think Westworld—or at least “Itchy And Scratchy Land”—would have taught people to stay well the fuck away from, plans for a theme park with areas modeled after The Hunger Games are currently in the works. Lionsgate...Show More Summary

Jennifer Lawrence Wants You to Go Wine Tasting With Her (And Call Your Ex)

Today is Jennifer Lawrence's birthday, and to celebrate 27 years of being a motormouth masterpiece, she posted a hilarious video inviting you to go get wasted with her. OK, maybe not wasted. But she does emphasize the drinking of wine, and how you guys might drink enough to start calling your exes. Show More Summary

Newswire: Dear White People’s Justin Simien is making a horror satire about an evil hair weave

Dear White People director Justin Simien is getting back into making films, with Entertainment Weekly reporting that he’s currently developing a new horror satire about a woman whose hair weave turns out to be evil. Bad Hair will beShow More Summary

Did You See How Insanely Jacked Ray Fisher Got for 'Justice League'?

This is what it looks like when you work out like a machine. Considering so much of Cyborg's body won't be seen, you'd think Ray Fisher might be the one lucky superhero with no need to get superbuff. He could eat doughnuts in front of the rest of the "Justice League" and just watch them seethe. Show More Summary

Newswire: AMC Theatres threatens legal action against MoviePass for dropping its prices

Earlier today, MoviePass—an online subscription plan that allows users to see one 2D, non-IMAX movie per day for free at most major theater chains—announced that it was drastically dropping its prices, from $50 a month to the frankly...Show More Summary

Samuel L. Jackson Isn't in 'Infinity War,' 'Avengers 4,' or 'Black Panther' & He Sounds Upset

Samuel L. Jackson is feeling the fury (or at least disappointment) of Nick Fury after his character has been sidelined from multiple Marvel movies. Fury helped launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it with his post-creditsShow More Summary

Coming Distractions: See Adam Sandler in an actual good movie in the first trailer for The Meyerowitz Stories

Every few years, some stray artistic impulse prods Adam Sandler to bring out the sad clown lurking underneath his normal angry clown, loud clown, and vacation clown performances, producing critically acclaimed films like Funny People or Punch-Drunk Love. Show More Summary

Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Namesake Leonardo da Vinci in Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to fulfill a longtime quest to play his namesake, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, on the big screen, with his production company nabbing the rights to an upcoming biography of the original RenaissanceShow More Summary

Newswire: License To Drive reboot to put women in the front seat

According to Deadline, screenwriters Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles have been hired by 20th Century Fox to develop a female-led remake of the 1988 Corey Haim/Feldman comedy License To Drive. The original movie is about a teenager whoShow More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The mistake Chuck Jones couldn’t get over in “What’s Opera, Doc?”

Warner Bros. cartoons are still amazingly enjoyable, especially considering they all had the same basic plot: Wile E. Coyote chases Road Runner. Sylvester chases Tweety Bird. And Elmer Fudd hunts for his ultimate prey: the uncatchable Bugs Bunny. Show More Summary

In Charlottesville's wake, new films shed light on race-related violence

'Detroit,' 'Whose Streets?' and 'Gook' all take different perspectives in examining racism and police brutality throughout U.S. history.        

007 is back! Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond

While filming a segment for "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", Daniel Craig has finally confirmed that he will return as James Bond.        

Daniel Craig confirms he will be back as James Bond, restores order to the universe

The British star told late night host Stephen Colbert that he will return as 007 for the fifth time in "Bond 25."        

Another woman publicly accuses Roman Polanski of underage rape

As Polanski tries to get 40-year-old rape case thrown out, another woman comes forward to accuse him of raping her in 1973 when she was 16.        

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