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Mary Poppins Returns Just Added Angela Lansbury, Here’s Who She’ll Play

Mary Poppins Returns has become even classier as Angela Lansbury has been added to the cast.

Hear Ryan Gosling Sing (Again) In ‘Song To Song’ Trailer

Ryan Gosling plays another music man in the trailer for "Song to Song," co-starring Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman.

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Emma Watson Addresses That Awkward Stockholm Syndrome Thing

Beauty and the Beast is one of those classic tales that transcends time. The story’s existed for centuries, and for as long as film has existed, there’s been adaptations that bring those beloved characters to life. Perhaps the most well known version of this story comes in the form of the Disney animated film of the same name. Show More Summary

Did Fox Just Add a Secret Post-Credits Scene to ‘Logan’?

There are many ways that Logan differentiates itself from most superhero movies, and one of them is its lack of a credits scene. There’s no mid-credits stinger, no special prize for audiences patient enough to sit through to the very end — the film’s just over when it’s over. Show More Summary

Review?—?Who Do ‘Voodoo’ Not You… If You Value Quality Horror

You have better things to do for ninety minutes than watch this movie. I guarantee it. Continue reading on Film School Rejects »

Rogue One Is Getting a Book Sequel Told from the Empire's Side

LucasFilm has announced a Rogue One sequel book titled Inferno Squad, which shows how the Empire responds to having the Death Star plans stolen.

Emma Watson Explains Why Harry Potter Would Beat Darth Vader in a Fight

People always want to know who would win in a fight: X or Y. Emma Watson isn't usually the type to weigh in on that sort of thing, but the world's most adorable children sent videotaped questions to Watson via Entertainment Weekly, and a 5-year-old boy asked her about Harry Potter vs. Show More Summary

‘Isolation’ Trailer: Because ‘Avatar,’ ‘Prison Break,’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Actors Gotta Eat

Look, Isolation: you kind-of, sort-of had me with “Stephen Lang is a modern day pirate and a pervert who holds a guy hostage with a corkscrew in one scene.” It’s a shame that the rest of the trailer for this upcoming thriller, which is being dumped direct to DVD and VOD in April, looks so bland. Show More Summary

Is Black Adam A Hero Or Villain? Dwayne Johnson Answers!

It was always interesting to us for the longest time why DC thought it necessary to hire someone like Dwayne Johnson to portray a villain — Black Adam, to be exact — in the DC Extended Universe. When his involvement in the franchiseShow More Summary

Purge 4 Gets a Summer 2018 Release Date

Universal Pictures officially announces The Purge 4, which will be one of their big summer movies for 2018.

Shazam Targets Lights Out Director

Lights Out director David F. Sandberg is reportedly in talks to direct The Rock in Shazam.

Newswire: Another dastardly director slips through The Batman’s fingers

For a character with a reputation for collaring crooks, DC’s The Batman isn’t having much luck holding on to directors. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Dawn Of and War For The Planet Of The Apes director Matt Reeves—who was reportedly in...Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: One of the world’s rarest films just showed up on YouTube

Une Femme Coquette may not sound like anything special—a 9-minute no-budget short film, shot on a borrowed 16mm camera by a 24-year-old amateur with no formal film school training. But the short, which was the subject of our articleShow More Summary

‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Wants to Make an X-23 Spinoff

Hugh Jackman‘s Logan is the undisputed star of Logan (you know, as indicated by the title), but its resident scene-stealer is definitely Laura, a.k.a. X-23. As played by 11-year-old Dafne Keen, she’s a force of nature who’s more than...Show More Summary

Batman Negotiations with Director Matt Reeves Reportedly Break Down

Though the studio is intent on making the movie The post Batman Negotiations with Director Matt Reeves Reportedly Break Down appeared first on

The Batman Movie's Director Search Just Hit A Big Setback

The upcoming standalone Batman movie just can't seem to catch a break, as the production just hit a major setback in its search for a new director.

SPLIT 2: Samuel L. Jackson Teases His Involvement In M. Night Shyamalan’s Thrilling Sequel

Ladies and gentlemen, M. Night Shyamalan is back! Man, does it feel good to say that. Words can’t express just how great it is to see one of this generations most promising filmmakers get back into the spotlight in a good way. Like many...Show More Summary

Newswire: The director of Lights Out might helm The Rock’s Shazam! movie

Despite a few quibbles with its underlying metaphors, David F. Sandberg’s nyctophobic horror debut Lights Out was a hit at the box office. Now, Sandberg might be getting bumped up to the Hollywood superhero big leagues, with Variety reporting that he’s being eyed to direct New Line’s Shazam! movie. Show More Summary

Kong Fights a Skull Crawler in Bone-Crunching Skull Island Clip

Watch King Kong take down a vicious Skull Crawler in a video from Kong: Skull Island, which arrives with an IMAX preview.

Get Out Movie Art Gallery: Work Inspired By Jordan Peele’s Directorial Debut

Take a look at six pieces inspired by the February 24 release The post Get Out Movie Art Gallery: Work Inspired By Jordan Peele’s Directorial Debut appeared first on

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