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Dissecting Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN! Quick show of many Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans do we have in the house? More specifically, how do we think JDM has done so far in assuming the villainous mantle of Negan in The Walking Dead? Is he comporting...Show More Summary

“Resident Evil VII: Biohazard’s” Incredible PSX Demo Left Me Drooling (Video)

If you’ve been following my work since this year’s E3, you know how much I love the direction that “Resident Evil 7” is headed in. I took a deep dive into the Beginning Hour demo for my vide, Why “‘Resident Evil 7’ Could Be the Best ‘Resident Evil’ Yet”, and at this year’s PlayStation Experience […]

Immersive ‘Resident Evil’ Experience Simulates a Zombie Attack!

Buyers in Hong Kong will be treated to some new technology that will put them right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse alongside Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich. Variety writes about a new interactive experience, “Road To Raccoon City”, which features haptic technology from Sony combined with motion picture content from Resident Evil: The […]

The Possession Experiment clip plays with the creepiest Ouija board ever

THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT is out now, and the Bill Moseley-starring fright flick has dropped one more clip to whet your appetite. In this clip, a group of stupid young people interacts with a spirit using a Ouija board, and things go predictably awry. Show More Summary

Cat got your tongue? No, it's this gross clip from The Autopsy of Jane Doe

André Øvredal's THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE has been getting a lot of buzz on the indie horror circuit, and this new clip proves why. During the aforementioned autopsy, two coroners discover a mysterious, disgusting secret lurking in Jane Doe's mouth. It's... Well, it's gross. I don't know how else to say it. See for... Read More...

Chucky 7 is even closer to production, teases Don Mancini

At this point, I'm beginning to feel like Don Mancini is gaslighting us. His constant Twitter teases of an upcoming CHUCKY 7 are getting more and more frequent, although there still hasn't been an official announcement. But the...Show More Summary

[Video] Rob Zombie Talks About the Movies He Never Made

“You just gotta know when to cut your losses and move on.” Rob Zombie has spent the past ten+ years of his career as a working filmmaker, and he has to date released seven feature films. His most recent movie, the Halloween-set 31 (read our review), just landed exclusively on Shudder, and the streaming service […]

The Long History of Wes Craven and Sam Raimi’s Communication Through Film

All these years later, the fun continues in “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” It all started back in 1977. In The Hills Have Eyes, a torn Jaws poster was seen in the Carter family’s camper, and many took it as Wes Craven essentially saying that his movie was much scarier than anything on display in Spielberg’s […]

The third Cloverfield film, AKA God Particle, moves premiere to October 2017

Back in October, we learned that the upcoming J. J. Abrams project GOD PARTICLE was going to be another CLOVERFIELD spin-off in the vein of 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE. Well that announcement has been made about as official as it's possible to be, as GOD PARTICLE has been removed from the schedule entirely. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Abattoir clip and interview with filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman!

When you step inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, you get a sense of something haunted or otherworldly. There have been many a tale of strange activity at this iconic location. Thus, it is the perfect place to host interviews for the latest spooky tale from Darren Lynn Bousman. Show More Summary

Third ‘Cloverfield’ Movie Stomps into a New Date

Back in November, it was revealed that the J.J. Abrams-produced sci-fi/thriller God Particle was going to be the next film in the Cloverfield universe, which began in 2008 with the titular film and was followed earlier this year by 10 Cloverfield Lane. Originally slated for release on February 24, 2017, the top secret film, directed by Julius Onah, has been pulled from […]

5 Great Portrayals of the Devil in Horror!

When it comes to horror villains, there are none that are as all-powerful or as epic as the Devil. Sorry Jason, even you went to Hell. Sorry Freddy, but you got your powers from “dream demons“. No baddie really has the pomp and circumstance that good ol’ Lucifer has. After all, when you’re the villain […]

Jurassic World 2 will incorporate more animatronics, less CGI

JURASSIC WORLD 2 (not its official title) is currently deep into pre-production with principal photography scheduled to begin this March, and I have good news for fans who weren't too keen on JURASSIC WORLD. Director J. A. Bayona...Show More Summary

Killer rabbit movie Cute Little Buggers gets new poster and trailer

Director Tony Jopia's killer rabbit opus CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS is a film we've been aware of for quite a while. We first reported on it in mid-2013, at which time a June 2014 release was expected. While there is still no solidShow More Summary

This Fan’s Massive ‘Krampus’ Christmas Decoration Wins the Holiday Season

Santa Claus isn’t coming this year. As decided by you awesome readers, last year’s Krampus is one of the top 3 best Christmas horror movies ever made, and we certainly don’t disagree. Michael Dougherty brought legendary Christmas demon Krampus to the big screen for the first time, launching a brand new horror icon tied specifically […]

Zombies on a ‘Train to Busan’…and Then the U.S.

Gaumont has picked up U.S. remake rights of Train to Busan (read our review), one of the biggest South Korean box-office hits of all time, writes THR. Critically acclaimed animator Yeon Sang-ho made his live-action directorial debut with Train to Busan. The thriller chronicles the chaos that ensues after a deadly virus sweeps through Korea […]

‘The Bye Bye Man’ Has Been Caught on Tape

STX, who most recently released The Gift, The Boy, and Hardcore Henry, is next going to spook audiences with The Bye Bye Man. The Bye Bye Man recounts a series of terrifying events experienced by three Wisconsin college students, played by Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas and Lucien Laviscount. Michael Trucco plays the brother of one […]

Full Moon Features' Next Blu-Ray Release is Head of the Family: A Film Review

4 hours agoGenres / Horror : 28DLA

a screener of this film was provided by Full Moon Features. Coming to Blu-ray on Dec 20 is Head of the Family, and Charles Band could not be happier. This producer also wrote and directed this product under a pseudonym. This work isShow More Summary

Levi, Daly, and Ritchson join energy drink zombie movie Office Uprising

Nearing production after having a bit of a false start earlier in the year, the energy drink-based horror movie OFFICE UPRISING has just added three more actors to its cast. Joining the previously announced Brenton Thwaites, Ian Harding,...Show More Summary

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