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TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead (Season 3, Episode 5)

Season 3, Episode 5: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame PLOT: While Daniel searches for Ofelia, the Clarks continue to adjust to life at Broke Jaw Ranch. REVIEW: The Clark family, the morally ambiguous lead characters on AMC's Fear...Show More Summary

Comic Book ‘Hellraiser: Anthology – Volume 2’ Will Include Chatterer Origin Story!

Following the recent release of Hellraiser: Anthology – Volume 1, Seraphim Comics has just announced that Hellraiser: Anthology – Volume 2 is headed our way in September! The anthology will feature stories written by returning Hellraiser comic scribes Ben Meares, Christian Francis, Mark Alan Miller, David Ian McKendry & Rebekah McKendry and Matt Murray, as well […]

‘Distrust’ Draws on ‘The Thing’ To Terrify

Remember the PlayStation 2 game that served as a sequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing? It was pretty innovative for its time with the trust system and its squad-based action (even if the scripted events undermined it). The less said about the PC port, the better. Developer Alawar’s new game, Distrust, clearly wears its inspiration […]

‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Won’t Include Original Voice Actors

Remember the furor that Konami kicked up when fans learned that, amongst other things, that the Silent Hill HD Collection wasn’t going to include the original voice actors for Silent Hill 3, and the horrific re-dub that was included for Silent Hill 2? Well get ready, because it’s Capcom’s turn with the upcoming Resident Evil […]

From “Instant Junk” to “Instant Classic” – Critical Reception of ‘The Thing’

On June 25th, 1982, The Thing was unleashed into theaters across the US. John Carpenter’s updated vision of the Howard Hawks’ classic and re-adaptation of the short, Who Goes There?, faced some stiff competition at the box office. As the story goes, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was “phoning home” all the cash that summer (forgive me) with its Spielberg-ian, family […]

Happy Anniversary to ‘The Omen’!

“Look at me, Damien! It’s all for you!” Today marks the 41st anniversary of Richard Donner’s The Omen, one of the most chilling and wonderfully paced horror films to come out of the 1970s. It also notably produced one of the most terrifying genre villains of all time: Damien Thorn, the pint-size Antichrist portrayed with the […]

John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ Turns 35 Today!

Can one write enough articles about John Carpenter’s masterpiece of a remake, The Thing? The correct answer is no. The Thing turns 35 today, so let’s celebrate (as if you needed another reason to pop this bad boy in the Blu-Ray player). The Thing opened on June 25, 1982, the same day as Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and just two […]

Top 10 Horror Movie News Articles this Week June 19th-23rd

Welcome to the AITH: TOP 10 NEWS for the week May 15th-19th, 2017. This week we caught our first glimpse of Dakota Johnson in SUSPIRIA, learned Tom Hardy would face-off with Carnage in Venom, Stephen King's IT scored an R-rating,...Show More Summary

Watching ‘Jaws’ On the Water is This Summer’s Coolest Experience

Just when you thought Jaws couldn’t possibly get any scarier… Watching Jaws on land is terrifying enough, but could you imagine watching it… while floating in the water?! For the past several years, the Alamo Drafthouse has been hosting special “Jaws on the Water” events that offer up that experience to brave horror fans, and the […]

Lady Gaga Returning to “American Horror Story”?

She won a Golden Globe for her performance in “American Horror Story: Hotel” and then returned for a smaller role in “American Horror Story: Roanoke.” But will Lady Gaga be back when the FX anthology series returns this coming Halloween season? The Twitter account @AHSleak, devoted to “American Horror Story” news and rumors, got their […]

47 Meters Down (2017)

JUNE 18, 2017 GENRE: PREDATOR, SURVIVAL SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) If it were up to me (and nothing ever is, for the record), Universal would re-release Jaws every other summer, in honor of it not only being the originalShow More Summary

The Were-Tiger of Assam

You guys thought you were getting off pretty easy with only one were-tiger story this month, didn't ya? Well, no such luck... and though this one is a bit lengthy, way more on the high adventure side, and a tad light on the horror, it's...Show More Summary

Watch the first 3 episodes of The Mist right here

After years of development, Spike's 10-episode adaptation of Stephen King's THE MIST premiered last night. I enjoyed the pilot quite a bit and with that in mind, I wanted to point you in the direction of where you can catch the series RIGHT NOW FOR FREE. Spike has put the first 3 full episodes online for your viewing pleasure. Show More Summary

Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones Will Search for Extraterrestrial Life in ‘Ad Astra’

The film is being described as Heart of Darkness… in deep space. Deadline reports tonight that Tommy Lee Jones is in final negotiations to join Brad Pitt in Ad Astra, a futuristic sci-fi epic that James Gray co-wrote and will direct for New Regency. The site notes that Ad Astra, which is “to the stars” […]

Here’s the Full Retro Audio Theme for NES Jason in ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

Double XP weekend begins TODAY. Not only did Gun Media and Illfonic add the purple and blue “retro Jason” as a playable character in Friday the 13th: The Game this week (8-bit Jason can be found as an alternate skin for Part 3 Jason), but they also cranked the retro aesthetic up to eleven with […]

First Look at Mysterious ‘Mab’ Movie

We’ve been keeping a beady eye on this new short film for a while after director Katie Bonham toured her previous film Mindless on the festival circuit last year.  In celebrating completion Mab, a new poster and selection of stills have been revealed. Here’s the synopsis along with some glimpses of a lush set looking […]

‘The Evil in Us’ Images Show Possession Before Cannibalism

RLJ Entertainment’s The Evil in Us, written and directed by Jason William Lee, has many side effects that include insomnia, rage, and cannibalism. The film starring Ian Collins (CW’s “Supernatural”) and Kylee Bush (Nightwing: Prodigal) will be available on DVD on July 4, 2017 exclusively at Walmart. “In THE EVIL IN US, six school friends meet up […]

Watch the First Three Episodes of “The Mist” Right Now!!

While Spike TV premiered the awesome pilot presentation to Stephen King’s “The Mist” last night, the cable channel has posted the first three episodes to their official app this morning. Yes, by clicking here you can watch them immediately! They will only be available until July 6th. When the residents of Bridgeville, Maine find themselves […]

‘IT’: Don’t Expect to See Stephen King’s Controversial Sex Scene

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. latest adaptation of Stephen King‘s IT is on the way this fall but it will be boasting a major change. Earlier this week we told you that the film had received an “R”-rating by the MPAA for “violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.” Notice there’s no mention of sexual situations. […]

Well, Someone is Crowd-funding a ‘Babadook’ Adult Toy…

In a world where Alien and Predator sex toys exist, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. A Netflix botch turned the Babadook into an LGBT icon earlier this month, which was nothing if not amusing. Granted, Jennifer Kent’s movie provides no actual commentary about anything of that sort, but this is the internet, and things […]

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