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Fight Like Hell: A ‘Doom’ Origin Story

Marty Stratton, co-director of the brutal 2016 Doom sequel, wasn’t wrong when he stepped onto the stage at the Bethesda press conference during the 2015 E3 Convention and said, “…Doom is a special part of each of our gaming histories, both personally and professionally.” Doom occupies a level of the gaming stratosphere reserved for royalty. […]

Steam Summer Sale Day 1: You Know the Drill

Behold! The Steam Summer Sale has arisen, as the prophecy foretold, to begin on this day, the twenty-third in the sixth month of the year two thousand and sixteen. As was foretold, The Great Beast of Discounts shall arrive when the black sky cries crimson tears to reign over us, its humble servants, for a […]

Big Things Are Coming to ‘Darkwood’

It’s been too long since I last wrote about Acid Wizard Studio’s atmospheric indie horror game Darkwood. The ambitious, and often genuinely frightening, amalgam of numerous genres — part open-world roguelike, part horror adventure RPG– hasn’t stopped evolving since it released on Steam two years ago, though support for the game has slowed down lately. […]

Watch People React to ‘Resident Evil 7’

“The scariest Resident Evil I ever played.” That’s one of several glowing endorsements Capcom curated from a number of E3 attendees after they had spent some time with the game’s VR demo. You’ll hear it in the video below, along with a brief chat with director Paul W.S. Anderson, who has shaped the direction the […]

Bill Murray digs the new Ghostbusters, Sony chairman says haters are great

OK, as much as I'm a proponent of giving the GHOSTBUSTERS remake a break, that new theme is pretty damn bad. We can all agree on that. But the movie itself is still up in the air, as far as I'm concerned. The newest defense on the GHOSTBUSTERS front comes from Sony chairman Tom Rothman, who told The Hollywood Reporter that "Bill Murray, who had just... Read More...

This Viral Video will Infect You This Summer

yesterdayGenres / Horror : 28DLA

More details are emerging for Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's Viral. The infection continues to spread, with Viral set for a Summer release. Starring Sofia Black-D'Elia (“The Messengers”), Analeigh Tipton, Travis Tope and Michael Kelly, the film looks through the eyes of two teenaged sisters as their neighbourhood is transformed by a deadly virus. Show More Summary

Heather Graham & Robert Patrick to star in true crime thriller Last Rampage

Sometimes, movies throw a cast and crew together that you couldn't imagine in your wildest daydreams. The upcoming indie flick LAST RAMPAGE certainly falls within that category. Teaming Robert Patrick (TERMINATOR 2) and Heather Graham...Show More Summary

Toys of Terror #107

yesterdayGenres / Horror : Fangoria

Welcome to TOYS OF TERROR, Fango’s weekly feature exhibiting the coolest horror accessories across the web. Whether you’re a collector, connoisseur or simply making your love of horror a family affair, these petrifying playthings are likely to impress even the most heartless horror fan. So if you’re searching for a ghoulish gift, look no further… […]

Werewolf power struggles will fuel What We Do in the Shadows spinoff

Although the WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS spin-off WE'RE WOLVES is not yet on the top of director Taika Waititi's priority list, it's still in development. Look, THOR: RAGNAROK is keeping him pretty busy, OK? However, he did drop some details on the movie that are certainly intriguing. He says that WE'RE WOLVES will revolve around "a... Read More...

Don't watch the Viral trailer if you have a weak stomach

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's careers have been heating up since PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 and 4, with their upcoming big budget YA adaptation NERVE, but first it's time to get down and dirty in horror once more with VIRAL. Their upcoming disease thriller has debuted its new trailer, and it's pretty disgusting. Show More Summary

Helms Alee Release First New Single From ‘Stillicide’

One of my favorite albums from 2014 was Helms Alee‘s Sleepwalking Sailors. Packed with fuzzed out rock, it was a dynamic and, at points, beautiful album that went through a range of emotions and styles. I can’t recommend it highly enough. That’s why I’m so excited to hear that the band is releasing a new […]


yesterdayGenres / Horror : Fangoria

On this week’s eerie installment of THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW, Tab is once again joined by Michael LeBois from Red Tide Rising to talk about Don Coscarelli’s timeless terror title “PHANTASM”. As Michael viewed the film with fresh eyes, the petrifying pair discuss the badassery of the teenage Mike, Reggie Bannister’s awesome guitar skills (and ponytail), and the […]

Fan Makes Playable NES Games for Horror Movies That Never Got Them

A small handful of horror films made the leap to the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1980s, most notably Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jaws. Bizarre relics of an era long gone by, those 8-bit classics are more popular than ever in the present, thanks in no small part to […]

Would You Eat This Cockroach Cake?

When it comes to food, I have a very open mind. I’ll try pretty much anything you put in front of me, within reason of course. I’ve had bull testicles, sea urchin, alligator, ostrich, and other animals that I can’t even remember the name of. I always felt that trying new things is a great […]

Bryan Fuller Lets Us Know When “Hannibal” Revival Talks Can Resume

It honestly amazes me that people are still talking about the possibility of a 4th season for the horror drama series “Hannibal“. I say that, by the way, with happiness and joy, not with any sort of mockery or disdain. I absolutely adore the show and would love nothing more than to see Jack and […]

My Missing Half “Embedded in Tragedy” Video Premiere (Exclusive)

We’ve teamed up with Boston melodic death metal band My Missing Half to bring you the premiere of their video for “Embedded in Tragedy”. Directed by Dan Newman, the video mixes performance footage of the band playing in a room that Dexter himself would approve of with shots of a mysterious man drawing surgical lines […]

A Meal to Die For: Roasted “Heart of My Enemies”

Roasted “Heart of My Enemies” by Tye Lombardi Let’s talk about an offal subject…specifically hearts. You mortals, with your strange idea of what’s edible and what’s — not. Remember the days of old when consuming the heart of your enemies wasn’t just considered good form, but was also a way to absorb their power and […]

All Sorts of Cool Shit Happens in the ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ Trailer!

I think we can all agree that Universal Pictures’ Ouija was pretty terrible – but it was a huge box office success. With big money comes instant sequels, which typically follows in form and doesn’t offer much in substance. Mike Flanagan, who has already impressed the hell out of me with his underrated Oculus as […]

Jaw-Dropping Line-up for South Korea’s 20th Annual BiFAN Festival Announced!

yesterdayGenres / Horror : Fangoria

Now in their 20th year, the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival has announced their incredible 2016 line-up, featuring a long list of films that’s sure to spark the interest of horror fans. The festival, which will run from July 21st to July 31st, is showcasing films whose topics include zombies, supernatural hauntings, kidnappings, and murder, […]

The Shallows (Movie Review)

PLOT: Upon a giant shark deeply lacerating one of her limbs, a sexy Texan surfer gal must match wills and wits with the Great White and find her way back to shore 200 yards away. REVIEW: A decade after aptly ambling down his remade hall...Show More Summary

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