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Is Stephen King's IT adaptation still moving forward?

This past weekend we were hit with some pretty tough news regarding the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, as it was announced that True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga dropped out of the project due to what sounded like creative differences—catch up on all of that right HERE if you’re out of the loop. Show More Summary

[Interview] Peter Tägtgren On Lindemann: “It’s A Party Album”

On June 22nd, two music worlds will collide as Till Lindemann of Rammstein and Peter Tägtgren of Pain and Hypocrisy will release Skills In Pills, the debut album from their project Lindemann! The album features songs with titles such as “Golden Shower”, “Ladyboy”, “Praise Abort”, and more. We got the chance to speak directly with […]

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Isn’t Dead, and Is Moving Back to the Sewers of New York! (Exclusive)

This Memorial Day news broke that “True Detective” director Cary Fukunaga had exited the latest film adaptation of the Stephen King’s It. The stories cited creative differences, which included Fukunaga’s desire to direct in New York, while the studio wanted to cut costs by sending Pennywise to other locations. It was also said that one […]

Red Band Trailer for ‘Felt’ Looks Traumatic

Amplify Releasing has shared with us this eye-catching one-sheet and red band trailer for Jason Banker’s Felt, opening in limited theaters June 26th before VOD platforms on July 21st. “Amy is hanging on by a thread. Struggling to cope with past sexual trauma and the daily aggressions of a male-dominated society, she creates grotesquely-costumed alter […]

Chris Pratt Saves Little Timmy From Raptors In This ‘Jurassic World’ Clip

We know Chris Pratt has tamed the Velociraptors in Jurassic World, now we get to see him in action. Below is a new clip from the Jurassic Park sequel in which Pratt’s character saves little Timmy from certain death. There’s still not enough context to decide if I hate this or not. “Twenty-two years after […]

[Podcast] Whatever – May 27th, 2015 – “So, Witcher You?”

This week: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Poltergeist, and Tomorrowland. Witch’er good, and which aren’t? Subscribe to us on iTunes! Talk to us! Leave a comment below, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and let us know your thoug...

Kevin Bacon Aims for Revenge In ‘Cop Car’ (Trailer)

Focus World is planning an August 7th limited theatrical and VOD release for Cop Car, a thriller that had its World Premiere at this past January’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Today, we have the trailer from the movie that stars Kevin Bacon, as well as James Freedson-Jackson, Hays Wellford, Shea Whigham, and […]

See Spielberg's Jaws on the water with the Alamo Drafthouse

Here’s your chance to see Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic JAWS like you’ve never seen it before–in the water! Austin's Alamo Drafthouse is taking to the roads with their popular Rolling Roadshow series, presenting a special screening of JAWS on the water. Show More Summary

This ‘Kholat’ Release Trailer Needs More Sean Bean

The tragic Dyatlov Pass incident which claimed the lives of nine hikers in 1959 serves as the basis for Kholat, a supernatural horror game that’s slated to hit Steam next month. Its developer has really nailed down the visuals, and with vocals from Silent Hill veteran Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, at the very least, this ought […]

Hebrew Horror ‘Goldberg & Eisenberg’ Dated for Home Video

Oren Carmi’s award winning thriller Goldberg & Eisenberg (read our review) will finally be released on DVD and VOD in North America by Jinga Films and MVD June 23rd 2015, Bloody Disgusting learned. Following in the footsteps of recent genre films from Israel (Rabies, Cannon Fodder, Big Bad Wolves), Goldberg & Eisenberg won Best Director […]

Today’s ‘SOMA’ Video is Creepy Without the Whale Love

Yesterday, we were treated to a new teaser for Frictional Games’ upcoming undersea horror game SOMA that was basically a minute of a woman sobbing while a couple of whales made sensual whale love. Today, we have something a little more substantial, albeit just as maddeningly strange as that last video. I’d even call it […]

NECA’s Upcoming ‘Alien’ Facehugger Egg Toys Are Absolutely Brilliant

Sometimes, the simplest ideas turn out to be the best ones. Such is the case with NECA and their upcoming Alien facehugger egg toy, which places six eggs in an egg carton, complete with instructions! The toys are simple enough, 3 eggs hatched and 3 unhatched, the hatched ones including little yet highly detailed facehuggers. […]

5 Modern Films That Need a Black and White Version!

I remember being a kid and refusing to watch anything if it was “in gray.” Now, I absolutely cherish those “gray” films. Black & white is an art form in and of itself that too many people take for granted. With the news of a black & white version of Mad Max: Fury Road being included on […]

[Comic Review] “Divinity” #4 Ends The Epic Odyssey

Reviewed by Brady Steele. Divinity #4 ends this epic odyssey. Omnipotent astronaut Abram Adams came back searching for what he left behind on Earth twenty-seven years earlier. The Valiant Universe tries furiously to contain an unknown variable more powerful than anyone on the planet. All of this makes for greater storytelling herein and more to […]

[Comic Review] “Mayday” #2 Is A Product Of The Present… And That’s Good

“Mayday” #2 does not for one second let us forget its time and place.  Curt Pires’ books are very much a product of the present.  They have a here and now quality that elevate them to the status of historical document; future generations that study the attitudes and sensibilities of the early 21st century would […]

[Comic Review] “Pisces” #2 is a Masterful Mental Horror

Reviewed By Taylor Hoffman. In “Pisces” #2 Kurtis Wiebe and Johnny Christmas dig deeply into the mind of a haunted veteran whose ghosts of war follow him throughout the rest of his fractured life. After reading this issue, it seems clear that all the pain that Dillon Carpenter, our main character, harbors is as existential […]

[Advance Review] “Negative Space” #1 Induces Night Terrors

“Negative Space” #1 is weird and different, which’ll put some people off while at the same time deeply connecting with others. It almost felt like I was reading a Philip K. Dick novel at times. The brilliantly cerebral story paints a picture of a subtly horrifying dystopia. Corporations controlling people’s lives like giant puppet masters, […]

Anchor Bay to release 80s-set slasher Lost After Dark

  We just can't get enough of our 80s slashers, can we? Seems like a few times every month we hear news of a horror movie claiming to be a "throwback" to that beloved era. The latest is LOST AFTER DARK, which in a press release touts...Show More Summary

Cool Horror Videos: Impressive fan-made Predator short film!

A couple of months ago, we brought you the trailer for PREDATOR: DARK AGES, a fan-made short from director James Bushe. The short has finally made its way to YouTube, and we've embedded it for you below. Good work, James! Set duringShow More Summary

Hi-C Horror Flavors Inspired By Ecto Cooler!

While companies brand their movies and television shows on food products all the time, usually it’s just a stupid photo on a can of soda. It’s a rare treat when an character or property is used as the actual product, which is why is was so cool to have things like Pac-Man cereal or Hi-C’s […]

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