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Review: The Shadow

"Itâ??s a statement to The Shadow's qualities that even though I have some one severe peeves with it, I can't stop thinking about it and now want to purchase the recently released Shout Factory Blu-ray. Anybody else a fan?""The Arrow reviews The Shadow" Read More...

Osiris Dates ‘Texas Chain Saw’-esque ‘Betrothed’

Osiris Entertainment has picked up Betrothed with a VOD release targeted for July 15. Described as “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre meets House of 1000 Corpses, Bloody has a first look at Jim Lane’s (Deadly Famous) Betrothed, starring Mikayla Gibson, Bill Oberst Jr (Criminal Minds, Circus of the Dead), Trae Ireland (13/13/13), Omar Gooding (Barbershop), […]

Michael J. Fox Forgot Which Movie He Was on During ‘The Frighteners’

Peter Jackson’s 1996 horror/comedy The Frighteners is one of those movies I constantly forget exists and then, when I recall it, get really excited because I remember just how fun and entertaining it is. The film follows Frank Bannister (played by Michael J. Fox), a man who uses his abilities to see and communicate with […]

‘Prophecy’ (Not That One) is Free to Stream Online

The 1979 ecological horror film Prophecy is now available to stream online for free courtesy of Paramount and their YouTube channel The Paramount Vault. “Robert Foxworth and Talia Shire (‘Rocky’, ‘The Godfather’) star as a doctor and his wife, who, at the request of a concerned friend, travel to Maine to research the impact of […]

Rumor: id Software Might Revive ‘Quake’

Take this rumor with the appropriate amount of salt, for it has not been confirmed in any way by id Software or Bethesda. Earlier this week, the Internet stumbled upon multiple job listings (spotted by Gamenesia) on Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media’s website that might be hinting at id Software’s next big project. They’re currently […]

Demons, Earth Spiders, and Kappas, Oh My! The Horror of Traditional Japanese Art

The Japanese culture is absolutely fascinating and stretches over tens of thousands of years. Over that time, many myths have come and gone, some staying and becoming a part of the country’s history and entering modern era stories, folklore, music, movies, and more. Many of these legends contain terrifying creatures and entities that are utterly […]

The Ones Below (Movie Review)

PLOT: Justin (Stephen Campbell Moore) and Kate (Clémence Poésy) are a young couple happily awaiting the birth of their first child. When another expecting couple – the older banker Jon (David Morrissey) and his pretty...Show More Summary

Independence Day: Resurgence clips feature devastation and screams

After a twenty year wait for a sequel to INDEPENDENCE DAY, we're now less than a month away from the release of INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, and the marketing department has shifted into overdrive to make sure we know it. Posters,...Show More Summary

Eli Roth is still developing a sequel to The Green Inferno

We may still be going BEYOND THE GREEN INFERNO. The sequel to Eli Roth's Italian cannibal movie homage THE GREEN INFERNO was announced back in September of 2013, right on the heels of THE GREEN INFERNO's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Show More Summary

Rosa Salazar may star in Battle Angel for Cameron and Rodriguez

James Cameron has held the rights to make a live action adaptation of the manga Battle Angel Alita for around sixteen years now, but the project has been kept on the backburner while Cameron developed other things - namely the AVATAR saga. Show More Summary

‘Riptide’ Not Included On ‘Dead Island Definitive Collection’ PS4 Disc

Quick heads up to those of you who are planning on getting the Dead Island Definitive Edition when it hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One next week — for PS4 owners, only the original game is included on the disc, so you’ll need to download Riptide. Deep Silver confirmed the news on Twitter, saying “On […]

‘Oxenfree’ OST is Getting a Vinyl Release

Night School Studios has announced they’re bringing the original soundtrack for their supernatural teen thriller Oxenfree to vinyl, courtesy of the fine folks at iam8bit.. The deliciously atmospheric OST is the work of SCNTFC (Sword and Sworcery), and it may very well be my favorite video game OST of 2016 thus far. The soundtrack is […]

Major ‘Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh’ Update On the Way

Another major content update is coming soon to Saibot Studios’ indie horror game Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh, bringing it one step closer to leaving Steam Early Access. The update will build on what was added in Act 2: The Mansion back in March, as well as set the stage ahead of the arrival of […]

Mental Illness Sucks, But Games Can Help

Killmonday Games is an indie studio founded and comprised of “two Swedish game developers of madness” — their words, not mine — with Isak Martinsson handling the technical stuff (coding, design) while Natalia Figueroa takes care of the audio/visual bits, like art, music and animation. The extremely talented duo are the creators of last year’s […]

Horror Movie Hotties: Burying the Ex (2014)

An apology may be in order here, as more than a year has passed, and we still have yet to commend the beautiful Alexandra Daddario for her fine work in BURYING THE EX. On the other hand, if you've either never heard of this film or forgotten it already, that also makes sense. Show More Summary

“Face Off” Contestant Creates ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Sugar Plum Fairy Cosplay

Stevie Calabrese was a contestant in SyFy’s “Face Off” who was eliminated in the 11th episode of the 9th season, making her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to special FX makeup. And even though she lost, that doesn’t mean she’s stopped making awesome creations. Take, for example, her recent cosplay outfit […]

Watch the “Preacher” Pilot With Director’s Commentary!

Today, released the Director’s Commentary on the “Preacher” (read my review) pilot, in which series executive producers and directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg give viewers an exclusive inside look at the premiere episode of “Preacher,” which debuted on May 22. Show More Summary

‘Mercy,’ a New Home Invasion Thriller, Gets a Festival Trailer

Netflix nabbed Mercy late last year, which Chris Sparling — who wrote the 2010 Ryan Reynolds thriller Buried and Gus Van Sant’s The Sea of Trees — wrote and directed. “Mad Men’s” James Wolk and “Master of Sex’s” Caitlin FitzGerald star in the home invasion thriller, which will have its World Premiere at the upcoming […]

John Krasinski exits J. J. Abrams' God Particle, Chris O'Dowd steps in

J. J. Abrams' GOD PARTICLE won't let a little casting slip-up ruin its collection of a zanily eclectic group of stars. Although The Office star turned big screen heartthrob John Krasinski has dropped out of the cast, Chris O'Dowd is suiting up to take his place. Show More Summary

Additional Date, Details Revealed For Brooklyn’s Immersive “GHOSTBUSTERS” Event!

3 days agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

Earlier this year, FANGORIA spread the word on the latest immersive theatrical live event from the NYC-based BBQ Films, offering a 3-day event that serves as an interactive screening of the original 1984 horror comedy classic GHOSTBUSTERS. Giving horrorheads a chance to live in the world of GHOSTBUSTERS, full with props from GHOSTBUSTERS past and […]

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