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Puppet Master 11-movie collection coming this October!

Are you a fan of Charles Band and Full Moon's killer doll series PUPPET MASTER? Are you looking forward to the upcoming reboot? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you'll be excited as hell to hear about this new offer! Okay, enough with the TV salesman schtick. Show More Summary

Kill Counter: Texas Chainsaw Massacre series! (Video)

This week marks the return of Leatherface to his chainsaw massacres as we (finally) will be seeing the release of the new prequel film LEATHERFACE via Direct TV on Wednesday, October 20th! To celebrate we've edited together every...Show More Summary

This Scene in ‘IT’ Even Managed to Scare Stephen King

While much of what was on display in IT was of course taken direct from Stephen King’s novel, other elements weren’t found in the book or the 1990 mini-series. Perhaps most notably in the deviations department, the titular monster at one point takes the form of a woman with a distorted face who literally emerges from […]

Memories Devour the “Channel Zero: No-End House” Poster

Syfy shared with us this new poster art for “Channel Zero: No-End House,“ the second season of the anthology series that will premiere on the network September 20. The six brand new episodes bring another Creepypasta tale to the small screen…enter at your own peril. Inspired by Brian Russell’s Creepypasta tale, “Channel Zero: No-End House” tells the story of […]

[Video] Virtually Experience Disney’s Halloween-Themed ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Ride!

Earlier this year, Disneyland’s Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror ride was sadly shut down, making room for new ride Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! to come in and take over the locale it had long occupied. The drop-tower ride, based on James Gunn’s film, was opened at Disney California Adventure this past May. Now, just a few […]

Teen-centric ‘Summer of Night’ Haunts Midwestern Town

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has stepped up to buy a package based on the Dan Simmons horror novel Summer of Night, reports Deadline. The novel revolves around a series of hauntingly sinister events that threaten a Midwestern town, as a group of young teens unearth a centuries-old evil prophecy of biblical proportions. Mexican helmer Isaac […]

“Channel Zero: No-End House” Hits “Lost” Levels of Weirdness

Last year we turned to “Channel Zero” to watch Syfy’s inaugural creepypasta that took us to “Candle Cove”. The show was like watching horror poetry in motion with so much strange and unsettling imagery mixed in with the otherworldly/fantastical vibe. It was like nothing I have ever seen and I had hoped it would bring upon a […]

Cult of Chucky gets 4 awesome character motion posters

It was just the other day that we shared the awesome news that CULT OF CHUCKY will be making its TV debut this Halloween as part of AMC Fear Fest and now today we have new motion posters! Below you'll find several new character motion...Show More Summary

Bill Skarsgard says IT deleted scene featured him without clown makeup

It was just last week we let you guys know that WB/New Line's new plan is to let STEPHEN KING'S IT director Andres Muschietti edit together a Director's Cut for Blu-ray & DVD with 15mins of new footage. Today we haveShow More Summary

Original ‘Black Christmas’ Getting First Ever UK Blu-ray Release

Before he made A Christmas Story, the late Bob Clark directed Black Christmas. Here in the states, early slasher film Black Christmas got the Collector’s Edition treatment from Scream Factory last holiday season, but the 1974 film has to date still not been released on Blu-ray over in the United Kingdom. That changes, however, this year. […]

MVD Rewind Collection Set to Launch with ‘D.O.A.: A Right of Passage’ and ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!’

People will tell you that physical media is dead. Those people are wrong. Very wrong. The physical media market is booming if you’re a collector. There are tons of great boutique labels giving special edition releases to a wide variety of great films. I own two copies of Drive-In Massacre. TWO good Blu-ray copies of Drive-In Massacre. Physical […]

Meet the ‘Cult of Chucky’ Characters With These Motion Images

In just two more weeks, Don Mancini’s Cult of Chucky (read our review) will bring everyone’s favorite killer doll back to the screen, the film primarily set in a psych ward and featuring the returns of Nica Pierce from Curse of Chucky as well as franchise icons Andy Barclay and Tiffany. While we wait, a handful of […]

Original Ghostface mask returns in MTV Scream S3!

As I have said before and will no doubt say again, I was a fan of MTV's SCREAM: The TV Series. Sure, it was mostly teen-drama and whatnot, but I love a good "who-dun-it" and while season one's kill reveal was a bitShow More Summary

Target and Universal Monsters Partner for Exclusive Halloween Collection

This year, Target becomes Monsterville! We recently previewed Target’s Halloween 2017 collection along with a handful of tasty Halloween snacks that are exclusively available there this year, but now that Target stores across the country...Show More Summary

Complete ‘Urban Legend’ Trilogy Coming to a Blu-ray for the First Time!

On October 4th Australia’s Via Vision Entertainment will release a Blu-ray triple feature of Urban Legend, Urban Legends: Final Cut and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. Not only is this the first time the set has been assembled as one collection on Blu-ray anywhere in the world, but it marks the worldwide Blu-ray debut for both […]

Wild Second Season of “Preacher” Drives to Home Video in November

The genre-bending, critically acclaimed supernatural series Preacher: Season Two arrives on Blu-ray and DVD November 14 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The extended second season is an absurdly twisted, action-packed thrill-ride...Show More Summary

‘IT’s’ Sophia Lillis Resists an A.I. Future in “The Garden” Short Film!

Before her breakout role as Beverly Marsh in Andy Muschietti’s IT, actress Sophia Lillis played a ballerina with a revolutionary spirit in Natalia Iyudin‘s poetic dystopian short film, The Garden. The film posits a world where humans are forced to convert themselves into A.I. constructs in order to survive. From Ex Machina to Morgan, stories concerning […]

‘Mansfield 66/67’ Documents Jayne Mansfield’s Connection to the Occult

Who could resist cheering for Jayne Mansfield — the punk Marilyn Monroe and the ultimate atomic-era sex-positive kitten-gone-berserk — as she navigates the cultural and spiritual landscape of a quickly changing world? Welcome to Mansfield 66/67, a true story based on rumor and hearsay, where classic documentary interviews and archival materials are blended with dance […]

‘Third Wheel’ is ’80s Monster Movie Terror!

World of Death’ers Daniel Delpurgatorio and Anthony Williams sure have been busy lately. On top of winning the Clive Barker Project Greenlight contest last month, these ferociously diligent Chicago-based filmmakers also have a new short film premiering at festivals this fall. Third Wheel is a quick little glimpse into the minds of this demented duo […]

Slasher Feature Axeman 2: Overkill to Hew More Human Cordwood this October

yesterdayGenres / Horror : 28DLA

A release date has been announced for Joston Theney's Axeman 2: Overkill. This slasher feature and follow-up to the 2013 film will be released in mid-October. The film involves a few groups of people and one crazed axe-wielding local legend. Show More Summary

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