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[Review] ‘Deep Dark’ Out of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival

Every hole is a goal as well as a source of artistic inspiration in Deep Dark which had a European Premiere at Sci-Fi London Film Festival in the UK. The twisted horror comedy, previously spotted at Cannes film festival market with a sharp toothed smile behind a cheeky tag line captures perfectly the pretentious art […]

Vuckovic Ties A Bow On Jack Ketchum’s “The Box” For ‘XX’

The first section of the all female anthology movie named after lady chromosomes has just crossed the finish line of production.  Jovanka Vuckovic’s short is based on Jack Ketchum’s ‘The Box’ & will star Natalie Brown (Dawn of the Dead remake).  Take a look below at some of the behind the scenes via the director’s […]

5 Best “Big Game” Films From Director Jalmari Helander!

With Big Game (review, review #2), starring Samuel L. Jackson, now in select theaters, Digital HD, and On Demand, Bloody Disgusting caught up with writer-director Jalmari Helander who broke down for Bloody readers his 5 favorite “big game” films! FIRST BLOOD “Okay, this is a hunt for a man, but it still has a lot […]

Meet two more characters from MTV's Scream series

MTV's marketing department is working overtime to get everyone hyped for the fact that SCREAM: THE TV SERIES will soon be premiering on the once music-centric network. In addition to putting the first 8 minutes of the pilot online...Show More Summary

‘Dead Space’ Meets ‘BioShock’ and Makes Me Whole

Would you kindly come over here so we can join hands and praise Altman for the truly stunning fan art we’re about to receive? This mash-up of Dead Space and BioShock is nice to look at and it may even double as a lesson in convergence. Using little more than an overabundance of talent and […]

Friday the 13th's first Jason Ari Lehman joins Camp Killer

Jason Voorhees isn't in the original FRIDAY THE 13TH for very long, but the screen time he does have leaves an indelible impression. First there are flashback glimpses of a hydrocephalic child drowning in a lake, calling for help. Show More Summary

Cherry Tree to open FrightFest, Tales of Halloween will close it

The sixteenth edition of the Film4 FrightFest horror/fantasy festival is set to draw genre fans from around the globe to London in the last days of August, and we have received the official announcement of which films have been chosen...Show More Summary

Horror Movie Hotties: Deadly Eyes (1982)

This evening's horror hottie comes from DEADLY EYES, a film in which giant rats traumatize New York City (haven't they always?). No clue as to why they went with such a misleading title, as the film has very little ocular violence, unless you find it torturous to watch cheap-ass puppets from the early '80's. Show More Summary

[TV Review] “Hannibal” Season 3 Episode 04 – ‘Apertivo’

Only a few days after Hannibal is canceled at NBC, “Apertivo” barely contains the title character. Hannibal has certainly been pushed to the side before, but tonight’s episode was more focused on the relationships he left behind. For better or worse, the episode seems to meander because the focus is so dispersed. On the one hand, its most effective […]

Jill Marie Posts Cast Photo After Watching “Ash Vs Evil Dead”

While there’s not really much to see here, Jill Marie has posted a photo via Instagram of her and friends after they watched the first episode of the upcoming STARZ series “Ash Vs Evil Dead“. This photo comes just after star Bruce Campbell tweeted out his own creepy photograph, which you can see here. Marie […]

George Romero’s Son Enlisted for ‘Infestation’ Reboot

One of the most controversial video games of 2013 is getting a reboot, and George Cameron Romero, son of legendary director George A. Romero, is going to be involved as a “creative force”, because having his name on the box can’t hurt sales. Technically, Romero’s Aftermath is a spiritual successor to the universally maligned zombie […]

Preschoolers Got to Watch ‘Insidious: Chapter 3?

I always think it’s hilarious when a theater “accidentally” shows a horror flick to a group of unsuspecting kids expecting to see a children’s film. (I put accidentally in quotes because most theaters staff teenagers who would play such a hysterical prank.) As funny as it usually is, this instance is actually pretty fucked as […]

Dog Soldiers (2002)

JUNE 23, 2015 GENRE: WEREWOLF SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) It was only a few months before I started Horror Movie A Day that I saw Dog Soldiers for the first time, and the time-consuming process of keeping the site going meant I never got around to my planned 2nd viewing until now. Show More Summary

First Full Trailer Released for 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Courtesy AMC It may only be 30 seconds but the first full trailer for "Fear the Walking Dead" offers up some zombpoc clues. Maybe. Hopefully the series is a little more exciting and offers some insight into what caused the dead to rise again. Show More Summary

‘Perception’ is Coming, Two New Modes Announced

The Deep End Games wrapped up the crowdfunding campaign for their story-driven horror game Perception earlier this week after it raised $168,041, nearly $20,000 more than what they originally asked. That was enough to unlock several stretch goals, including an explorable apartment for Cassie, a blind woman we’ll be playing as, as well as a […]

Techland is Trading Tweets for ‘Dying Light’ DLC

The makers of Dying Light have found a cheeky way to have some fun at the expense of Destiny developer Bungie, the Internet’s latest enemy, with their own popular drink-based marketing campaign. Both campaigns unlock DLC — the difference is one requires you to go out and spend actual money on what I’m positive is […]

‘The Evil Within’ Finally Has a Full Screen Option

One of the more polarizing things about The Evil Within was the forced “cinematic letterbox” that offered a wider field of view but limited how much could be seen above and below the screen. This made climbing ladders a wee bit more challenging, as we were previously unable to see what might be waiting for […]

Watch the first eight minutes of MTV's Scream with Bella Thorne

The SCREAM franchise has always been known for its opening scenes, in which a killer cameo is cut down before the credits roll. In a time-honored tradition, SCREAM: THE TV SERIES begins the same way, pitting Bella Thorne against the new, not-so-improved Ghostface. Show More Summary

New X-Files photos show off David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

Mulder and Scully are back! In the first photos from the upcoming X-Files revival, the daring duo return to work, along with newcomers Annet Mahendru and Joel McHale. Additional photos tease the first page of the script for the opening...Show More Summary

Here’s the Opening 7 Minutes of MTV’s “Scream”!

In my review of MTV’s “Scream,” premiering Tuesday June 30th at at 10 PM ET/PT, I talk about the filmmakers attempt to connect audiences through technology. It works in the opening moment, before falling on its face during the first full sequence. You can see exactly what I’m talking about in the below video that […]

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