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Terror Trivia: Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

The part of Max Schreck was written specifically for Willem Dafoe.

Gentleman Jole and the SPOILER Queen

1 hour agoGenres / Sci Fi : Making Light

I know it's been a few days since it was requested, but here's a SPOILER thread for Bujold's latest installment...

Deaditorial: Faith in Fright, or The Importance of Religion in the Horror Genre

9 hours agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

It’s been over 40 years since it became a worldwide theatrical phenomenon, and still to this day, if you ask any person the scariest horror movie they’ve ever seen is, there’s a more than likely chance they’ll say THE EXORCIST. One of the main reasons this might be their answer is pretty simple: THE EXORCIST […]


I'm not sure if some of you believe that Patrick Rothfuss actually confides in me, but every week I receive messages from fans asking me if I have a progress report regarding the eagerly anticipated The Doors of Stone. The answer is, of course, no.But I do have news... Show More Summary

First look at Mezco's Captain Kirk figure

Ahead of the New York Toy Fair, Mezco have hosted a press event at their offices, where among other items on display they gave their first look at the third Star Trek action figure in their One:12 Collective range, Captain Kirk: Kirk is expected in July, following the Spock and Sulu figures in the range, which are scheduled for May and June releases. Show More Summary

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (2016)

FEBRUARY 4, 2016 GENRE: ZOMBIE SOURCE: THEATRICAL (REGULAR SCREENING) I wasn't expecting Pride And Prejudice And Zombies to be any good. I can count the number of good PG-13 Screen Gems horror movies on one hand with fingers left over,...Show More Summary

Emma Watson Expands Her Influence

The brilliant Emma Watson’s influence continues to grow!  Over 100,000 people have joined her book club, Our Shared Shelf, on GoodReads, and now news breaks of her appointment at an Oxford college. The Guardian reports that Emma Watson joins Benedict Cumberbatch and nine others as visiting fellows at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.  The college more!

February 5, 2016: Dark Matter production full steam ahead!

Ah, finally, the weekend is upon us.  Time for rest, relaxation..and a special second unit Saturday shoot.  Though, in all honesty, these Saturday shoots are becoming less uncommon and, so, not particularly special.  Just saying, guys. Not that I don’t enjoy my time with my co-workers.  If I was trapped on a space ship millions […]

‘H1Z1’ is Splitting Into Two Games This Month

On February 17, the Daybreak Game Company will split their open-world zombie survival game H1Z1 into two separate video games complete with their own dedicated teams and resources. The decision was made last year, when the company realized the game’s Survival and Battle Royale modes had amassed substantial audiences who “almost exclusively play one or […]

FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW” Commands The “Diaper Genie”!

13 hours agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

I’m not gonna lie, horror hounds: if this new episode of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW doesn’t make you laugh, it’ll certainly make you puke. That’s right: while the shocking, scary places that Clay McLeod Chapman and Co. take you every couple weeks have gotten gross in the past, this new episode takes the cake. So […]

Movie Monsters: Blood and Chocolate (2007)

A race of shape-shifting wolves stalk their victims in 2007's adaptation of Blood and Chocolate. Why are the loups-garoux your favorite movie monsters?

Preview: Mezco Toyz’s Horror Selection at NY Toy Fair 2016!

15 hours agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

While the NY Toy Fair may not be the first placed to come to mind for fright fans, the increased production of horror replicas and freaky figures has made the convention a hot spot for those seeking a first look at chilling collectibles. And for those who couldn’t make it out to the East Coast […]

Arrow Video’s May Releases are Headlined by ‘Hired to Kill!’

We have another Arrow announcement! Arrow Video has announced their May titles for the US and UK and I must say we are a lucky bunch. These Arrow announcements are the type of days I live for. It’s like Christmas morning. You never know what you’re going to get, but you always know to expect […]

Twisted Music Video of the Week Vol. 217: Harry Cloud “You’ll Never Fix This”

A couple of weeks back, I posted about artist Sarah Sitkin and her gruesome yet hypnotic work, which is completely NSFW but is right up the alley of any horror fan. During my research for Sitkin, I found that she also directed a music video for Harry Cloud, who is part of a group called […]

Who's the Weakest Supervillain of All Time?

15 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

We’re finally getting superhero movies and TV shows that live up to the wonder and thrill of comics. But despite a few really great bad guys, supervillains still aren’t getting their due. A lot of baddies are just kind of... there. But who’s the weakest supervillain of all time? Read more...


15 hours agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES illustrates the perils of pursuing fidelity—both for its characters and its creators. I’ll confess that I haven’t read the book, co-credited to Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, the latter of whom took advantage of the original novel’s public-domain status to insert undead action into its text. But it doesn’t take […]

This Green Room Takes No Break For Murder

15 hours agoGenres / Horror : 28DLA

A Red Band trailer was released for Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room, this week. The film, part horror and part thriller, involves a skinhead rock concert and a murder. This band might have bitten off more than they can chew, in this exciting clip. Show More Summary

Virtuosity Was Ridiculous in 1995, But Now It's a Blast

15 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

When it was released in 1995, Virtuosity (from director Brett Leonard, who’d already explored virtual reality in 1992's Lawnmower Man) was a bomb, despite the star power of Denzel Washington and an up-and-comer named Russell Crowe. In 2016, it’s now hilariously dated—but that actually makes it way more entertaining to watch. Read more...

[Blu-ray Review] Kino Lorber and Ate de Jong Take You On the ‘Highway to Hell’

Ate de Jong’s Highway to Hell is a pretty insane movie. The overall premise is pretty straightforward and simple. Charlie (Chad Lowe) and Rachel (Kristy Swanson) are a young couple on their way to Las Vegas to elope. Charlie decides to take a side road and it results in Rachel being kidnapped. This could be […]

NECA’s ‘Alien’ Cinemachines Are So Good I May Cry

I am so incredibly, insanely jealous of those with the income, space and sanity to purchase everything produced by NECA – the greatest toy company that’s ever existed. Heading into the New York Toy Fair, they’ve just unveiled another masterpiece of a line: their Cinemachines, which include vehicles from various films. The first completed and […]

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