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August 28, 2014: Akemi’s reflections on Bubba and lobster!

Akemi this morning on her love for Bubba: “Bubba is best thing that happened to me this lifetime.  I’m so glad I met you.” The other day, she made a little something for Bubba: And a little something for me as well: Also, yesterday, Akemi experienced an allergic reaction to something – and we suspect […]

August 29, 2014: Tickticktick!!!

Holy crap!  I’ve have less than a month to prepare for my move to Toronto!  I’ve got all next week, then about a week or so after I get back from Japan to get all my affairs in order.  To quote comic strip heroine Cathy actor David Blue: “Ack!”. The production will probably take me into June […]

Retro Review: Time’s Orphan

14 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Molly O’Brien falls through an ancient time-shifting device, emerging as an adult who has lived alone in the wild since her early youth. Plot Summary: Keiko and Miles take their children on a trip to a planet they had visited with Molly before Yoshi was born, letting her run around while they play with the […]

Netflix Shells Out $2 Million Per Episode to Stream ‘The Blacklist’

15 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Screen Rant

Netflix has agreed to pay out the gigantic sum of $2 million per episode for the exclusive streaming rights to hit NBC drama 'The Blacklist'.

Ship bits: Runabout, blueprints, model kits, and Borg Cube

Some assorted starships news here, starting with out first look at Eaglemoss's Danube class runabout model. What looks like it might be one of the highlights of the The Official Starships Collection, this will be making its way to the UK first in a couple of months, as issue thirty-two of the series. Show More Summary

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Teaser Trailer: 'Head to Toe'

Courtesy EW A contortionist with three legs goes toe to head in this newest "American Horror Story: Freak Show" teaser trailer exclusive from Entertainment Weekly. She's beautiful, bendy and boasts an extra limb just like the swinger...Show More Summary

Cool Horror Gear: Neca's wearable NES Jason Voorhees Mask

That beautiful purple and blue bastard, the NES Jason Voorhees, has been all over the place since NECA conjured him up last year for Comic-Con. Now, the crazy mad men behind it all have just revealed their glow in the dark Jason mask! And yes, it’s fully wearable. This full-size, wearable replica of Jason’s mask is based on the 1989... Read More...

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Decides To Follow The Way Of The Samurai

16 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Once he was a teenager no longer, Leonardo left the sewers of New York to live according to the principles of bushid?. Artist Chet Phillips imagines the katana-wielding samurai turtle fighting under the banner of pizza. Check out the full image below. Read more...

Could Israel's Orbital Tugboat Rescue Europe's Galileo Satellites?

16 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Last week, two European Space Agency Galileo satellites were injected into a wrong, lower orbit. As concerns grow about finding a way to correct the mishap, an insurance company is reportedly consulting with an Israeli startup that is developing an orbital tugboat to grapple wayward satellites. Read more...

Liam Neeson Would Play ‘Arrow’s Ra’s al Ghul ‘In A Heartbeat’

16 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Screen Rant

With Ra's al Ghul set to appear in The CW's 'Arrow,' Liam Neeson says he'd be more than happy to reprise his role from the 'Dark Knight' films.

This Could Be The Most Underrated Benefit Of 3D-Printing

16 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

We've been hearing promises that 3D-printing could revolutionize almost every aspect of our daily lives, from how we shop to the food that ends up on our plates. But is one of its biggest benefits going to be largely invisible to most of us? Read more...

New poster for Alexandre Aja's Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe

We’re going to be seeing quite a few horror films hitting the month of October, with one of the most anticipated of the bunch going to Alexandre Aja’s adaptation of HORNS. Adding to the already stellar set of art is the film’s new UK quad, giving us a look at its stars Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple. Show More Summary

Jimmy Olsen Actually Finds Superman Pretty Annoying

18 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Sure, it can be cool hanging out with the guy who's always saving the world...sometimes. But in this DC Nation: Tales of Metropolis short, Jimmy Olsen finds that being Superman's (only) pal can actually be pretty exhausting. Read more...

The LEGO Movie Directors Are Rebooting The Greatest American Hero

18 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The classic superhero dramedy The Greatest American Hero may be coming back to television, and we're thrilled to see who is on board. The Lego Movie directors and Clone High creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller are shepherding the reboot. Read more...

Bryan Fuller Talks ‘American Gods’; Expects Series to Air in 2016

18 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Screen Rant

'American Gods' co-showrunner Bryan Fuller discusses the series' production timeline and Neil Gaiman's involvement, among other topics.

These Dutch Safety Posters Are Beautiful—But Utterly Disturbing

18 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

There is nothing coy about these vintage Dutch safety and anti-alcohol propaganda posters. They want you to know just how horribly inattention to your work will maim you, live wires will electrocute you, and alcohol will destroy your life. Read more...

Exclusive stills from original Syfy movie Dead Still, starring Ben Browder

Syfy’s new original movie DEAD STILL will be joining the network’s annual "31 Days of Halloween” lineup as it will be airing on October 6th at 9pm/est, and today we got our hands on some exclusive new stills. And guess what? There's not a single shark in sight! What a crazy looking little film this is. Show More Summary

Screen Rant’s 2014 Summer Movie Awards

18 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Screen Rant

The 2014 Summer Movie Season is now over - and we have awards for the best, worst, most disturbing and downright WTF films released May - August.

Be Good To Each Other, Folks. Because This Could Happen.

18 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

In theory, you may know that it's important to treat your friends with understanding and respect, but this comic by Nate Swinehart reveals the "real" reason why you should play nice with others—and it's pretty darn funny. Read more....

Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 150: Korn “Thoughtless”

For this week’s edition of Twisted Music Video Of The Week, we’re going back to 2002 to the height and glory days of nu-metal to spotlight Korn‘s “Thoughtless”, which comes from their 5th studio album Untouchables. Directed by The Hughes Brothers (From Hell, The Book Of Eli) and starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), the video […]

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