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Doctor Who's Rory Is Time-Traveling Again In The Flash/Arrow Spinoff

3 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Arthur Darvill, best known as the companion of the Doctor's Companion Amy Pond, has joined the increasingly busy Arrow/Flash spinoff as Rip Hunter, a lesser-known time-traveling DC superhero. So two things of note here: 1) it looks like Booster Gold isn't part of the show, and 2) more Rory! Read more...

Today's Best Media Deals: Birdman, Gone Girl, The Matrix, and More

3 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Two of 2014's Best Picture nominees, including the ultimate winner, are only $13 on Amazon today. Read more...

Are Adam West and Burt Ward returning to the Batcave?

It’s been a long bat-time and it’s a different bat-channel, but Adam West and Burt Ward appear to be heading back […]

Fable Cry “The Zoo Of No Return” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Nashville, TN avant-garde band Fable Cry to bring you the exclusive song premiere for “The Zoo Of No Return”. If you’re a fan of Danny Elfman or Tom Waits, this song is going to be right up your alley! It’s got a delightfully eerie gypsy-esque feel and the instruments playfully […]

Is It Bad For A Movie to “Devolve Into A Slasher?”

Slasher films are one of the most profitable sub-genres of all horror films, but critics tend to criticize them a lot. On a certain level I get it. By the early 90s, the market was so saturated with slasher films that it became difficult to tell each film apart. It was clear that filmmakers and studios […]

Player Bests ‘Bloodborne’ in Under an Hour

I know that there are people that operate on much higher levels than where I currently am. If we weren’t all beautiful snowflakes and every person on the planet worked on the same level as I do, humanity would die a much quicker death than the slow(-ish) one we’re currently enduring. I also know that […]

Novel Completion Queries, Day Sixteen

4 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Whatever

Is the novel finished: NO Today’s question: What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever slept, from head down on the pillow to head up? “Sleep” in this case meaning actual sleep, not a coma, trauma-induced unconsciousness or any such thing (actual sleep related to things like colds and flus totally count, however). Show More Summary

View From a Hotel Window: Perth

4 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Whatever

Taken earlier today, before I took a jetlag-laden nap. I was mildly concerned that if I took a nap in the afternoon I would be unable to sleep this evening, but now it’s evening here in Perth and I’m here to tell you, I will have no trouble sleeping. 34 hours of travel is exhausting. … Continue reading View From a Hotel Window: Perth ?

Raven Banner picks up international rights to Mattie Do's Dearest Sister

Genre specialists Raven Banner Entertainment has picked up international rights to Mattie Do’s Lao-European genre-bending horror feature DEAREST SISTER, reports Screen Daily who also shares that XYZ Films is representing the U.S. Show More Summary

Official synopsis for Blumhouse's July release The Gallows revealed

Back in June of last year we learned that New Line Cinema had made its first acquistion in eight years by snatching up the rights to Blumhouse Productions' micro-budget horror tale SUPERSTITION. We later learned that the film had been hit with a July 10, 2015 release date and a new title: THE GALLOWS. Show More Summary

Exclusive Interview: Salem creators Adam Simon and Brannon Braga

On April 5, WGN America will premiere the second season of its horror-drama Salem. Set in 17th century colonial Massachusetts, Salem brings you the real story behind the infamous witch trials. In Salem, witches are real, and they?reShow More Summary

Tons Of Game Of Thrones Hints, Plus A Rumor That Would Change Everything

4 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Rory Williams from Doctor Who has joined the CW's new Arrow/Flash spinoff... but which hero is he playing? Simon Pegg talks Star Trek 3 rumors. An unlikely mutant has joined the cast of Deadpool. Plus, the latest on Constantine, and what's next on Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and iZombie. Behold, Spoilers! Read more...

First Look at NECA’s ‘Alien: Isolation’ Amanda Ripley Figure

Ripley’s daughter Amanda probably didn’t have as much fun in Alien: Isolation as we did, but she survived the Sevastapol’s numerous horrors, and now she’s being immortalized in plastic and paint as the newest addition to NECA’s growing line of toys that I, as an official adult, want to own. Spotted by Toy News International, […]

Blunt Talk Teaser Released

4 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

A “first look” teaser for Blunt Talk, starring Sir Patrick Stewart, has been released. The STARZ original series Blunt Talk is a half-hour comedy series created by Jonathan Ames and executive produced by Ames and Seth MacFarlane. In Blunt Talk, Walter Blunt (Stewart), is a “British import intent on conquering the world of American cable […]

Burr Steers' Pride and Prejudice and Zombies scares up a 2016 release date

After sharing the first image from Burr Steers' upcoming adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES with us last October, Screen Gems has decided to hold the release of the film a bit longer, scheduling...Show More Summary

Play ‘Dying Light’ Tomorrow, Get Superhuman Strength

Developer Techland is celebrating the Internet’s favorite holiday by gifting everyone who’s still playing Dying Light with temporary superhuman strength. When the Bad Batch update goes live on April 1 every runner in Harran will have 24 hours to make use of their newfound powers before they’re taken away. The limited time ought to make […]

Among the Many Items Joining King Tut In the Afterlife ... Four Socks?

7 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

There are all sorts of questions that spring immediately to mind when you think about King Tut: What killed him? Are curses real? What on earth is going on with his penis ? One question not asked enough is what he planned to wear in the afterlife. Read more...

My dear daughter got to pick between Elsa and Darth Vader for dress up.

8 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

My dear daughter got to pick between Elsa and Darth Vader for dress up. @isDARTHVADER — Stacey Kopp (@mskopp18) March 31, 2015 Read more...

A Haunting Tale of a Sinking Island, From Its Last House's Point of View

10 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

This animated short by Lynn Tomlinson goes through the history of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake. It functions almost like the house's life is flashing before its eyes, before it goes under the waves. It's like an even more depressing version of The Giving Tree Read more...

When Is a Spiral Galaxy Just a Disc? When It's Viewed From the Side.

10 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The Hubble Space Telescope shows us the edge-view of galaxy NGC 5023. Even though NGC 5023 is a spiral galaxy, its orientation to the Hubble means that we can't see its arms, only a side view which shows us a disk. Read more...

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