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I Am Awaited in Valhalla: Farewell to io9

13 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The time has come for me to make a difficult announcement: August is my last month as a staffer at io9. I am taking many slow, deep breaths and trying not to cry. Read more...

“Sexting” Is Just a New Name for a Very Old Activity

13 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

In 2011, a remarkable and distinctly erotic 17th century portrait of Nell Gwyn was put up for sale by her descendants. It shows Gwyn, an actress who was one of Charles II’s mistresses for more than a decade, washing a string of sausages with her breasts exposed. Read more...

[Review] ‘Zombie Fight Club’ is bloated and Unoriginal but Packs Some Memorable Action

When you think of Hong Kong cinema, horror movies usually aren’t what comes to mind; you’d probably think of operatic storytelling and exaggerated action sequences with extraordinary visuals. With Joe Chien’s Zombie Fight Club, you  actually get all this and more in one bloated mess of a film that’s as insane as its title. Chien’s […]

New Books and ARCs, 8/28/15

13 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : Whatever

Back after three weeks of touring and these books (and two other stacks, which I will post later) were waiting for me. See anything here you’d put on your own shelves? Tell me in the comments!

‘The Park’ Ruins Amusement Parks This October

We only have a few months to cherish all those childhood memories of spending entire days in amusement parks before Funcom’s newly announced survival horror game The Park arrives with the goal of ruining them for everyone. The last thing I want to see in my cotton candy is my own blood, because that would […]

[Review] ‘Para Elisa’ is a Disturbing Recipe With the Right Ingredients That Doesn’t Quite Come Together in the Oven

I got so excited when I heard the premise to Juanra Fernandez’s Spanish horror film, Para Elisa. It had so many bonkers elements in it that just kept adding insanity peppers to the crazy brew, that it seemed like there was no way that this could be a disaster (just look at either of the […]

Godspeed, io9

14 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Dearest Internet mammals: This is it. After years of faithful service, I’m leaving io9. If you’re reading this, you already know how special this place is, so I’ll do my best to keep this brief and spare you my gushing praise. But, if you’ll permit me just a tiny bit of gushing, I’d like to say a little about what working here has meant to me. Read more...

The Walking Dead Will Make a TV Special About Zombies on a Plane

14 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

It’s not a surprise that the success of Fear the Walking Dead has spurred AMC to make more content set in that period. But this time, they’re going to make a special that both stands alone and introduces a new character to one of the ongoing series. Read more...

[Review] ‘Return to Sender': Rosamund Pike is the Only Bright Spot in This Cheesy Thriller

Fresh off her breakthrough role in Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike returns in the rape-revenge tale Return to Sender. Well, not really “returns.” Fouad Mikati’s film was actually shot before Gone Girl and now that Pike has garnered well-deserved acclaim, this Lifetime-style cheapo has been yanked from its shallow grave. Coincidentally, Return to Sender vibes like an […]

AMC launching a stand-alone Fear the Walking Dead web series

When it comes to The Walking Dead, AMC is not done going back before the shit really hit the fan. As you know, the network recently aired the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead, which acts as something of a prequel to the original series. Show More Summary

Frictional Goes Behind the Music of ‘SOMA’

Music often goes underappreciated in many video games, despite its remarkable ability to turn a good game into a great one. Imagine how different Dead Space would’ve felt without Jason Graves’ haunting work, or the wonderfully atmospheric Silent Hill series without the iconic contributions of Akira Yamaoka’s uniquely unsettling scores. When it’s done right, music […]

New “The Walking Dead” Special Will Show Outbreak On A Plane

A 30-minute special has been ordered by AMC as a means of introducing a new character in season two of their spinoff series “Fear The Walking Dead“. The special will show an outbreak on a plane in flight before the fall of society, according to THR. A character who survives this hellish flight will then […]

FIOFF ’15 Submissions to Die For: Lu Ponce’s “THE NIGHT OF SAN JUAN”

14 hours agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

Welcome to SUBMISSIONS TO DIE FOR, the latest column focusing on highlights among the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival Submissions. While being featured on this column does not guarantee selection in the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival, SUBMISSIONS TO DIE FOR features some scare fare worth keeping an eye on… Is there any mentality that […]

This Experiment First Cracked the Genetic Code—But Most People Have Never Heard of It

14 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

One of the most important experiments in the world manages to fly under most people’s radar. After years of patient experimental work, two scientists managed to figure out how one code in DNA translated into an actual, physical protein. Read more...

Disney Infinity 3.0: The Kotaku Review

14 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

I played the first Disney Infinity. Hated it. More importantly, my kids hated it too, because it had too many menus, janky controls and some tedious mission design. Yet here we are, having skipped the sequel, for Dadtaku purposes playing our way through Disney Infinity 3.0. Or as most kids will know it, “the Star Wars one”. Read more...

“How to Kickstart Your Own Magazine in 728 Easy Steps” by the Uncanny Editors

As we are currently running the Uncanny Magazine Year Two Kickstarter, here’s a look back at how we accomplished the first one. The Pithy Version Decide you really enjoy spending quality time with spreadsheets. Spend 150% more time sending email than you planned. Show More Summary

‘The Goonies’ Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl

It seems that Amazon has decided to start producing vinyl under their own brand, announcing five exclusive titles that will each be coming out on October 9th. These titles are Dirty Dancing, Rocky IV, Top Gun, Footloose, and a 30th anniversary edition of The Goonies. It’s not yet certain if the release for The Goonies […]

Guard Your Butts! It’s a New ‘The Hum: Abductions’ Trailer

Twas a dark and stormy night when the scrawny grey men came rap, rapping at my door. Their heads were big, their bodies like twigs, with eyes as black as pitch. When they came inside, I tried to hide, but I couldn’t fit under the bed and now I’m super dead. Now imagine what that […]

16 Things You Probably Never Knew About The Short Circuit Movies

15 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Right now, we’re falling in love with BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens—and yet, there’s still a special place in our hearts for Johnny Five, the robot from the Short Circuit films. But how much do you actually know about these films? Here are 16 electrifying facts about the making of this duology. Read more...

The Creepy 1922 Mass Slaughter That Shocked a Nation (And May Never Be Solved)

15 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

It started with a string of inexplicable occurrences. Footprints in the snow coming from the woods to the back door, but not leading back; creaking in the attic; an unfamiliar newspaper in the kitchen. Then house keys went missing, and someone tried to break the lock on the tool shed. Read more...

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