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Here's All the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Books That Will Blow Your Mind This May

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Buckle up. It’s a new month, and that means that we’ve got a whole bunch of new books arriving in bookstores to get excited for. There are new books from Fran Wilde, Guy Gavriel Kay and Joe Hill, as well as some debuts from the likes of Ada Palmer, Kat Howard and Todd Lockwood, and more. Read more...

Original Tintin Art Fetches $1.2 Million at Auction

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Two pages from one of Herge’s Tintin comics sold at auction at Artcurial yesterday for €1.05 million ($1.2 million). While not a record, the price demonstrates the robust nature of original comic book art, even outside of the superhero comics. Read more...

‘Cursed Child’ to (Hopefully) Stage in Other Countries!

One Twitter user voiced the hopes of many today, asking if Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be staged in countries other than the U.K. J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) responded pronto, and said that they’re hoping to take the play elsewhere in the world – so don’t lose faith yet!   This sounds very more!

13 Fun Facts About ‘Friday the 13th Part 2!’

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the ultimate slasher sequel Friday the 13th Part 2, the film to introduce a grown up Jason Voorhees to terrified audiences everywhere! It is arguably one of the better entries in the franchise and features the strongest final girl in the series history. It is a film that deserves to […]

May 2016 Semi-Hiatus is Now ON

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : Whatever

Get ready for less! (Although I will probably post a kitten picture when I get home from Penguicon later today. I’m not a monster.) One quick note: As part of the deal with the semi-hiatus is spending less time here, I’m trimmed back the time entries are open to comments to two days. This means […]

That ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer is Among the Most Disliked of All Time….

Maybe I’m just a sucker for nostalgia, like everyone else, but I didn’t hate the trailer (above) for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake. What really grabbed by attention was the fact that, while it’s a new story with new talent, it captured the spirit of the original using sound design. Obviously, it’s just a trailer, and […]

Full Moon’s ‘Puppet Master’ is Getting Remade By Legit Filmmakers

I haven’t thought about Full Moon in years. While they haven’t been relevant to me in a long while, they are an important piece of the horror puzzle that shaped my love of the genre. Everything from Dollman to Demonic Toys, Subspecies, Trancers, Shadowzone, Robot Jox and even, yes, Puppet Master, the company was responsible […]

The Horde Never Stood a Chance: A Film Review

2 days agoGenres / Horror : 28DLA

full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by an anonymous source. Direct: Jared Cohn. Writer: Paul Logan. Cast: Paul Logan, Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells and Costas Mandylor. From the director of Bikini Spring Break (2012) and Hulk Blood Tapes (2015) comes Jared Cohn's The Horde. Show More Summary

Kyle Harris: “Stitchers” Rebooted

This week, Kyle Harris, Cameron Goodkin of Freeform's Stitchers, drops by to talk about some of the changes the team is facing amidst everything and everyone experiencing reboots in the Stitchers Project and in their own lives. KyleShow More Summary

Is Paramount Gearing Up For “Star Trek 4”?

Today, Paramount Pictures registered the title “STAR TREK 4” with the Motion Picture Association of America, TrekMovie has confirmed. Combined with the fact that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto already signed on for a fourth film and talk...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

We are the antithesis of the God, not the reflection.- R. SCOTT BAKKER, The Great Ordeal (Canada, USA, Europe)Yeah, so I did stop reading Erikson's Fall of Light in favor of the new Bakker... About 100 pages into it and it's been good thus far! =)

Horror Movie Hotties: Satan's Little Helper (2004)

SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER probably has a wider reputation for its DVD cover art than it does as an actual film. The story follows a young boy who's obsessed with Satan, who magically visits him on All Hallow's Eve and actually makes the kid his slave. Show More Summary

The Arrow Reviews: Tim Burton's Batman Returns (1992) with Michael Keaton

"Tim Burton was ahead of his time with BATMAN RETURNS. For a "commercial", "toy selling" and "Happy Meal whoring" superhero film; this one wound up being a mucho twisted, edgy, sexy, dark and brutal jamboree! Yeehaw!" "The Arrow reviews Batman Returns" Read More...

Pinewood Toronto Studios to host Star Trek All Acess

CBS has just booked Pinewood Toronto Studios’ 46,500-square foot mega stage for its Star Trek live action TV series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Studio space in the Ontario city is hard to come by these days, according to Paul Bronfman, chairman of Pinewood Toronto Studios. Show More Summary

The April Reboot Check-In That Happened In April

It’s the last day of April, so check me out: I’m doing my reboot check in for April before April is over. Go me! I had this epiphany at the […]

April 30, 2016: Bring Your Daughter to Work Day on Dark Matter! And more premiere dates!

This past Thursday was Bring Your Daughter to Work day on Dark Matter.  As a result Lulu had the run of the place.  Pictured above, seconds before she launched missiles on that Ferrous Corp cruiser. Then, later, calling dibs on her new quarters.  Looks like hereonin THREE will be sleeping in the infirmary. She also […]

Another DC Movie Director Might Be Departing Their Film

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Just a day after The Flash lost its director over creative differences, it looks like the DC Cinematic Universe could be losing another director for the same reason: James Wan, who is slated to direct Aquaman. Read more...

Texas Frightmare Weekend Exclusive: “BONE TOMAHAWK”, “1408” Producers Team For “PUPPET MASTER” Reboot!

2 days agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

Announced only moments ago at Texas Frightmare Weekend during FANGORIA’s conversation with Caliber Media’s Dallas Sonnier, the iconic Full Moon franchise is getting the remake treatment! Di Bonaventura Pictures (1408) and Caliber Media...Show More Summary

The Banner Saga 2

The world is falling into chaos. The gods are dead, the sun is frozen in the sky and a horde of dredge have erupted out of the northern wastes, destroying the lands of humans and varl before them. A great caravan has escaped out of the...Show More Summary

12 Novel Adaptations That Should Get a Do-Over Reboot

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

We’ve all been there: a favored book is snapped up for adaptation, with a whole lot of potential behind it: solid cast, crew, production values, etc. When it hits theaters, you walk out wishing that they’d done everything differently. Read more...

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