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Kevin Feige Has at Least One Decent Reason for Keeping Marvel's Netflix Heroes Out of the Movies

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Marvel has been signaling pretty strongly that fans shouldn’t hold hope for the cast of Agents of SHIELD to appear in the movieverse anytime soon—but now head studio honcho Kevin Feige is signaling the same for the company’s Netflix heroes. At least, however, he offers a solid explanation as to why they’re not showing up. Read more...

Machines are given the Kill Command in sci-fi thriller trailer

If there is one thing sci-fi movies have made abundantly clear over the decades, it's that machines just cannot be trusted. With his feature writing and directing debut, visual effects artist Steven Gomez is looking to drive that...Show More Summary

The 30 Weirdest Horror Movies of the 1970s

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The 1970s produced acclaimed horror films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, Jaws, Carrie, and Halloween. But the decade also unleashed cinematic oddities galore, most of which were low-budget entries that gleefully pushed the boundaries of good taste. You say “cult movie”—we say “essential.” Read more...

TV Review: Black Mirror: San Junipero & Nosedive

This Black Mirror review was previously run as part of our TIFF 2016 coverage. PLOT: In this sampling of episodes from the third season of ?Black Mirror?, a young woman (Mackenzie Davis) makes an unexpected connection, while an insecure...Show More Summary

Put a Spell on Us With Your Gifs

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

It’s Friday, we’re only a week and change away from Halloween, so let’s bust out some gifs! Read more...

Fear, Inc. (Movie Review)

PLOT: Privileged slacker Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) lives in a comically huge mansion with his Australian girlfriend Lindsey (Caitlin Stasey), who is crazy rich for no apparent reason, but he wants more out of life. Specifically more fear, because he loves Halloween and the crappy local haunted houses just aren’t cutting it for him. Show More Summary

Jonathan Lipnicki gets trapped in a circus for Circus Kane

The human head weighs eight pounds, and JERRY MAGUIRE child star Jonathan Lipnicki will be struggling to keep his head on his shoulders in the indie horror film CIRCUS KANE, which he has just signed on to take the lead role in. AlsoShow More Summary

Dirk Gently Is a Frustrating, But Mindlessly Entertaining Mess of a Show

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

All images: BBC America Here’s the thing about BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: It is, by virtue of its pacing, entertaining. But at the end of the episode, you can’t figure out why you watched it. Read more...

Halloween! Horror movie ideas! The Dark, Prince of Darkness & more!

Halloween is around the corner hence I decided to guide ya in terms of what you may or should watch during our favorite non-Holiday, Holiday! Check out my recommendations below! TALES OF HALLOWEEN (2015) WATCH TALES OF HALLOWEEN HERE! PLOT: This critically acclaimed film weaves together ten chilling tales from horror's top directors. Show More Summary

It Looks Like NASA Found ESA's Crashed Mars Lander

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

On Wednesday, the European Space Agency attempted to land a probe on Mars, and things went bad. While the ExoMars mission team continues to piece together why its Schiaparelli lander lost contact with the Earth, NASA has now obtained photographic evidence of what appears to be a crash-landing. Read more...

Use the Force to Save Big on the First Six Star Wars Films

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The Star Wars “Complete Saga” Blu-ray isn’t actually complete anymore, since it doesn’t include The Force Awakens, but $70 is still the best price we’ve seen on the first six films. You also get audio commentary on each movie, 45 deleted scenes, and three bonus discs full of extra featurettes. Read more...

Let the Right One In pilot adds Necar Zadegan and Cameron Gellman

The production start date for the pilot of a potential TNT television series based on John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel Let the Right One In is drawing near, and the cast is starting to assemble. A few weeks ago, 19-year-old Kristine...Show More Summary

Producer Christa Campbell shares more pictures from Leatherface

One has to assume that the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE will be released at some point. The movie was filmed almost a year and a half ago, with some reshoots taking place earlier this year, the MPAA has given it its R rating, distribution is secured at Lionsgate. Show More Summary

World's Best Dad Transforms Daughter Into the Star of the Wonder Woman Movie for Halloween

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Just a regular ol’ Wonder Woman costume probably would’ve been great, but photographer and #1 dad Josh Rossi decided to make his daughter’s Halloween even better by getting an amazingly crafted costume for her, and then did a special photoshoot compositing her into scenes from Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman. Read more...

A slasher makes his entrance in Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories clip

It's rare that a horror anthology sequel will directly acknowledge the events of its predecessor, but a newly released clip from VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES shows this is one of those rare anthologies. In the clip, a young woman...Show More Summary

These Duelling Star Wars Drones Can Hit Speeds of Up to 35 MPH

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

First revealed at the European Star Wars Celebration back in July, Propel’s fleet of remote control Star Wars drones is finally available for pre-order—at least if you live outside of the US. UK-based sites like Firebox are finally listing the drones as available for pre-order for $300 a piece. Read more...

What It's Like Inside A Pokeball, According To A Pokémon Developer

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

For years, Pokémon fans have argued over what happens when a monster is recalled into a Pokeball. The theories are endless. Read more...

That Time DC Comics’ First Black Superhero Kicked Hal Jordan’s Ass

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

DC Comics has a lot of Green Lanterns. Thousands of them are weird-looking aliens from extraterrestrial cultures; a decent chunk of them are from Earth. Human ring-wielders fight all the time, but Green Lantern: Mosaic #5 is a classic because of how John Stewart beat his fellow Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Read more...

J.J. Abrams Reveals the Crazy CG Effect You Didn't Know Was in The Force Awakens

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

There was a lot of amazing visual setpieces in The Force Awakens, made possibly by the incredible wizardry of ILM and many other VFX studios. But sometimes the best use of CGI is one where you had no idea its even used, as J.J. Abrams points out in this exclusive clip from his new Force Awakens commentary track. Read more...

We Were Wrong About Limiting Children's Screen Time

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

How much time should kids be allowed to stare into their screens like zombies? New guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics upturns conventional thinking on the matter, showing that a sweeping one-size-fits-all approach is not the right way for parents to go about limiting their children’s screen time. Read more...

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