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Even More Dolls On the Set of ‘Annabelle 2’

Bloody Disgusting tipster Mike Magnano loves to dig for goodies hiding on social media, and came across shots of Talitha Bateman on the set of Annabelle 2, which is currently lensing in Los Angeles. In the shots, we see Bateman pouting in a room in which she’s surrounded by dolls. Lights Out‘s David F. Sandberg is helming […]

Arrow to Release ‘Microwave Massacre’ and ‘The Bloodstained Butterfly’ in August!

Arrow Video has two new Blu-ray releases lined up for August in Microwave Massacre and The Bloodstained Butterfly. I’ve never seen either film but both are clearly in a battle for best movie title ever. Check out the full details below! Microwave Massacre [Blu-ray + DVD] (August 16th) THEY CAME FOR DINNER…TO FIND THEY WERE IT!! Microwave Massacre stars […]

This ‘Scorn’ Trailer Isn’t for the Squeamish

I could list a myriad reasons why you should care about the upcoming PC horror adventure game Scorn, so we’ll begin with its most striking feature. The eye candy you see here might not seem too alien if you’re familiar with the works of Polish artist Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski, a master of gothic and dystopian surrealism, […]

Leaked ‘BioShock: The Collection’ Screens Look Great

After months of speculation and leaked listings by two ratings boards and one retailer, it seems as if the existence of a BioShock: The Collection has been leaked again, and this time it came from 2K’s own website. The bundle was spotted by the all-seeing eye of NeoGAF, along with screenshots taken from the site […]

‘The Brookhaven Experiment’ Enters the Reservoir

In the latest teaser for Phosphor Games’ upcoming virtual reality horror game The Brookhaven Experiment we get our very first glimpse at a brand new map called The Reservoir. It might also feature Radscorpions, or something equally terrifying. Unfortunately, we’re given only a brief glimpse at the insectoid abomination before the video ends, leaving us […]

Pegg, Jung Talk Beyond with Star Trek Magazine (Spoilers)?

Star Trek Beyond writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung recently discussed the upcoming film with the official Star Trek magazine in its June issue. The pair touch on their writing process, being life long Trekkies, and a bit more about Beyond. Show More Summary

Let’s Talk About July For Just a Second

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : Whatever

And what I want to say about July is: Hey, I’m still not done with the books, so I’m probably going to stick to the semi-hiatus schedule a little bit longer. It seems to be working reasonably well for me, and in particular trimming comment threads back to two days has made things substantially more […]

‘Inside’ is Out Now on Xbox One

It’s been six long years since Playdead gifted us with the acclaimed 2D puzzler Limbo, but its spirit lives on in the studio’s next drearily atmospheric 2.5D puzzler, Inside. The two games even star a lone boy and his harrowing journey through a frightening world inhabited by seemingly malevolent machines and a sedated, almost zombie-like […]

Rihanna on being a Trekkie and her song Sledgehammer

Back in May during the Star Trek Beyond fan event Rihanna was one of the faces that popped up on screen and professed her love for Trek.  It turns out that was merely a snippet of a somewhat longer promo video that Paramount has now released on their official YouTube channel. Click on to see RiRi rocking her TOS t-shirt in the full video.  

Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment May Have Its Next Kid-Friendly Franchise

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : io9

When the name “Amblin” is in front of a movie, it means something special. It means a level of entertainment endorsed by the people behind E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, and Back to the Future. And the company has just begun developing their next potential franchise. Read more...

Terror Films Offers More Horror To Canadian Film Fans Via Raven Banner Entertainment

yesterdayGenres / Horror : 28DLA

Raven Banner Entertainment and Terror Films have announced a partnership. Raven Banner will distribute at least six horror titles, from Terror Films, in Canada. The initial slate will include films such as: Goddess of Love, House of Purgatory, Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, Antidote, Hell House LLC and Patient Seven. Show More Summary

Horror Movie Hotties: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

You're probably aware by now that summertime has officially returned to slap us across the face with its fiery glove. That massive sweat stain on your shirt should serve as a friendly reminder. What. You mean that's normal? No, no, I'm not judging. Just maybe see a doctor, is all. Anyways, even though the heat is so unbearable you can't... Read More...

June 29, 2016: 2 days to the Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

Today, the season 3 writers’ room followed up yesterday’s blisteringly creative outburst – in which we broke not one, not two, but two and a half episodes! – by spinning our wheels in frustration, watching an adorable cat video, and having soft serve for lunch.  Ah, well.  There’s always tomorrow. And the day after when Dark Matter season […]

‘Annabelle’ Sequel Begins Filming!

Principal photography has begun on New Line Cinema’s Annabelle 2, with Lights Out‘s David F. Sandberg helming the follow up to 2014’s hugely successful Annabelle, which scared up nearly $257 million at the worldwide box office during its run in theaters. In Annabelle 2, “Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a […]

Jon Bernthal Hints That We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet When it Comes to “The Punisher”

Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) still has people ranting and raving. He brought emotion, rage, and a ferocity to the role that’s never been done in terms of live action adaptations. In an interview with Awards Daily, Bernthal explains that The Punisher we witnessed in the second season of “Daredevil” isn’t […]

In your bloody face: The potential of horror on VR

Virtual reality gaming (or "VR" as the cool kids say) is pretty much upon us, and that means that perhaps as soon as a few months from now we'll be looking at an entirely new form of in-home gaming entertainment.No, VR headsets probably...Show More Summary

Gotta Admit It, Ice-T’s Body Count Nailed Slayer’s “Raining Blood”

Gangsta rapper Ice-T has always been one to push boundaries, as evidenced by his band Body Count, which released its first album in 1992 and has since released an additional four. Oh, and that includes a three year hiatus. This year, the group has announced that they signed to Century Media Records and will be […]

AMC Says FK Ratings, Renews “Preacher” For Second Season!

Jesse Custer used the Word of God to command a second season of “Preacher”. Just yesterday I begged you guys to watch this Thursday’s “Preacher” marathon in fear of AMC canceling the series after a weak start. It appears they don’t even give two shits about the ratings, and thus will move forward with an […]

‘Carrie’ Getting a Deluxe Scream! Factory 40th Anniversary Edition

Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie is hailed as one of the great horror films of its era, one that stunned critics and has since become one of the household names of the genre. Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of the titular character earned her an Academy Award nod for Best Actress, an […]

10 New Episodes of Lost In Space Are Coming to Netflix in 2018

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The campy, iconic scifi show Lost in Space is making a comeback. Eight months after Netflix first purchased the rights to remake the show, they’ve officially given the series a 10 episode commitment with an eye on new episodes airing in 2018. Read more...

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