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Massive Expansion Announced for ‘Dying Light’

Techland has pulled the blood-soaked sheet off the next batch of a gargantuan expansion they’re working on bringing to Dying Light, and boy, does it sound exciting. It’s called Dying Light: The Following, and in terms of square footage, it’s going to be big. Quick, think of something big. It’s bigger than that. The expansion […]

Wake Up To Some Freddy Krueger Toast!

I’m not a morning person. Like, in no way, shape, or form do I do well in the morning. I’d much rather stay up into the wee hours of the night when it’s quiet, peaceful, and dark. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. For most things, we need to be up and ready to […]

10 Pieces of Awesome ‘Ghostbusters’ Fan Art

The first official photo of Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters displayed stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones rocking their proton packs in front of the new Ecto-1. It was such a big deal that there’s been more than a handful of incredible piece of fan art that Feig tweeted out to his […]

‘The Last Survivors’ Clip Kills the Ghillie Suit Man

In a barren, post-apocalyptic America, water is everything – and it’s in dwindling supply in the drama The Last Survivors. The directorial debut of production designer Tom Hammock (The Guest, You’re Next) comes to VOD and all digital platforms from Dark Sky Films on August 4, 2015. The film will also be available day & […]

Celebrate The 90th Anniversary Of ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’

At this year’s annual Mile High Film Festival, a special event will take place to celebrate the achievements of Lon Chaney Sr. and Lon Chaney Jr. Great grandson/grandson (respectively) Ron Chaney, who has starred in films such as Coffin Baby and The House Of Wolf Man, will be on hand to accept the two Lifetime […]

Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt Train to Become ‘Ghostbusters’?

While Paul Feig is hard at work filming his Ghostbusters, which stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as the supernatural bounty hunters, the studio was is secretly developing that rumored “all-male” sequel that they hope will star both Chris Pratt, pictured below, and Channing Tatum, pictured above. Back in March it […]

Spread the ‘Sinister’ Fear to Your Friends

The filmmakers behind Sinister 2 want you to “Spread the Fear” by taking any 10-second video and giving it Sinister-like spin to scare the crap out of your friends. “In the aftermath of the shocking events in “Sinister,” a protective mother (Shannyn Sossamon of “Wayward Pines”) and her 9-year-old twin sons (real-life brothers Robert and […]

Raved About ‘The Final Girls’ Slashes to October Release

While full details are forthcoming, Todd Strauss-Schulson’s festival smash The Final Girls will be making its way to theaters this coming October. In the film, “Max (Taissa Farmiga) and her friends find themselves trapped in the famous 80’s slasher flick that made her late mother a scream queen. The millennial gang joins the throwback camp […]

Former ‘Dead Island 2? Dev Files for Insolvency

Yager has filed for insolvency (a form of bankruptcy) in an effort to make sure they’re able to pay the team that was, until recently, developing Dead Island 2. Deep Silver and Yager parted ways due to a difference in “creative vision”. That cost the developer three years of work, and now it will likely […]

Freddy and Jason Are Becoming Lawn Gnomes

Morbid Enterprises wants to make sure that your little home garden is safe and sound from all sorts of meddling little critters. So, what better way to scare them off than have them face-to-face with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees lawn gnomes! Over at Entertainment Earth, you can pre-order these horrific lawn gnomes, each costing […]

[DVD Review] ‘Future Justice’ Is Low Budget SyFy Material

Richard Griffin is one of the more prolific filmmakers working today. He released three features last year, already has one under his belt as finished this year, plus he’s got one in pre-production, another in post-production and he’s in the middle of filming. So yeah, Griffin tends to get work out. The results are pretty […]

[Fantasia ’15 Review] ‘Possessed': An Inventively Sadistic Claymation Trip to Hell

Put the kiddies to bed, this Claymation movie isn’t for the little tykes. Put the grandparents to bed while you’re at it because it might make them spit out their dentures. In fact, put everyone to bed who doesn’t have a disturbingly morbid sense of humor refined from years of consuming horror films. That’s the […]

Coming This Halloween: Freddy’s Soul Pizza, Exorcist Head Platters and More!

Gearing up for Halloween 2015, Morbid Enterprises has released their retailers catalog that’s flush with horror goodies you’re going to die for. What’s so exciting, though, is this year’s inclusion of various licensed products ranging from Friday the 13th to A Nightmare On Elm Street, It, Ghostbusters and The Exorcist. Some of the products are […]

Three New Alexandria Inhabitants Show Up In “The Walking Dead”

EW has posted three photos from the upcoming sixth season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” that show off some new inhabitants of Alexandria. Below are photos of Merritt Wever, who plays “Dr. Denise Cloyd” (a character from the comic), Ethan Embry will be playing “Carter”, who is supposedly a composite of several comic characters, and […]

[DVD Review] ‘House On the Hill’ Is a Found-Footage Mess

I’m not entirely sure when this became a thing, but at some point indie filmmakers decide to start tackling true crime stories, often times taking the found-footage approach. The idea always seems to create something raw and intense. Something that attempts to put the audience in the victim’s shoes. I don’t know who started this, […]

Pre-Production Begins On ‘The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist’

Hot off Fast 7, James Wan is quickly segueing into The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, New Line Cinema’s sequel to the summer smash hit that followed the Warrens on one of their most famous cases. The film was such a box office success that a spinoff quickly went into production telling the tale of […]

Youth Signals Channel ‘Insidious’ In “Foreign Eye” Video (Exclusive)

We’ve teamed up with indie rockers Youth Signals to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for “Foreign Eye”, which comes from last year’s 1997 single. The video is a strong love letter to the horror genre, using moody lighting and Insidious-esque visuals to create a dreamy, eerie clip. Youth Signals lead vocalist/video director Brock […]

Man’s Appearance In Horror Film Leads To His Arrest

Well, this is a unique way to get arrested! Actor Jason Stange was arrested last Friday after federal agents saw pictures of the fugitive in a story run by The Olympian. Stange was sentenced in 2006 to nearly 10 years in jail for pleading guilty to an armed robbery. He was wanted by officers for […]

Syfy Is Making a Grindhouse Series Called “Blood Drive”

Syfy and Universal Cable Productions today announced they have greenlit “Blood Drive,” a high-octane, over-the-top scripted series in the classic grindhouse movie tradition. “Set in a near-apocalyptic future, the 13-episode series centers around LA’s last good cop who is forced to join a twisted, gory cross-country death race — with cars powered by blood and […]

Six Questions With Awaken The Empire (Interview)

Alt-rock group Awaken The Empire are currently rocking out audiences on the ‘When The Sky Cracks Open Tour’, which sees them playing alongside 10 Years, Nonpoint, and The Family Ruin. Even though they’re slammed bringing their music to new ears every night, we still managed to catch up with singer/guitarist Damien Lawson to ask him […]

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