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Crossing Over: “THE FURY”

2 days agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

Welcome, FANGORIA Readers, to CROSSING OVER, our newest column that highlights the films, series and content out there outside of horror that is fashioned towards or pays tribute to our beloved genre. By shining a light onto these projects, FANGORIA hopes to open a world of entertainment perfect for fright fans that lies just beyond […]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Movie Review)

  PLOT: Jane Austen's legendary novel focusing on the uneasy romance that blooms between lively Elizabeth Bennet and the cavalier Mr. Darcy is turned upside down by the addition of a ceaseless zombie plague that threatens to ravage the countryside. Show More Summary

If Your Father Was a Pulp Science Fiction (and Porn) Writer in the 1970s, Life Got Pretty Weird

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Andrew Offutt was a prolific author of pulpy science fiction and fantasy stories, along with porn, under a variety of names. Now his son Chris has written a memoir called My Father the Pornographer. And he’s been writing some fascinating essays about growing up with a dad who wrote cheap paperbacks. Read more...

In the New Movie Creative Control, Virtual Reality Is Dangerously Irresistible

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The widespread use of virtual reality is inevitable, and it’s getting closer and closer. A new movie called Creative Control now takes the tech to the next level, and the results aren’t good. Read more...

Content Heads to 'Carnage Park'!

Content Media Takes International Sales Rights o Popular Sundance Midnight Selection  CARNAGE PARK LOS ANGELES, CA – February 4, 2016 – Following an electrifying world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival last week, Mickey Keating’s...Show More Summary

Win a copy of Charlie Jane Anders' ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY

I'm giving away a copy of Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky to one lucky winner! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.Here's the blurb:From the editor-in-chief of, a stunning novel about the end ofShow More Summary

A New Interpretation Of The Force Was Revealed On A Trippy Star Wars Rebels 

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Star Wars Rebels keeps showing us these fascinating corners of the Star Wars universe that the main movies can’t quite get to. Last night, we discovered something very important—namely, that not everyone in the galaxy agrees on what the Force even is. Read more...

More inexpensive ebook goodies!

You can download Justin Cronin's international bestseller, The Passage, for only 1.99$ here.Here's a blurb:'It happened fast. Thirty-two minutes for one world to die, another to be born.'First, the unthinkable: a security breach at a secret U.S. Show More Summary

Rejected ‘Gremlins’ Pitch Opened On a Plane

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, best known to us horror fans for writing the Friday the 13th and shooting draft of Freddy vs Jason, allegedly pitched for Warner Bros.’ long-gestured reboot/sequel of Joe Dante’s Gremlins. Surprising their Twitter followers, the duo shared the first two pages for their concept, which opens on a plane (in […]

Star Trek USS Enterprise Boingler

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

A new toy from The Coop will fit nicely on a desk and provide a bit of mild entertainment. The NCC-1701 Enterprise...

Masterson’s Vienna Series Three

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Three new stories have been released for Vienna, the audio series starring Chase Masterson. In Vienna, Masterson plays the character of the...

Arrow Just Rocked Felicity Smoak's World Again, and She Has No Idea

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Felicity Smoak’s year is about to get worse, and she doesn’t even know it. The latest episode logistically, emotionally, and narratively made not one single lick of sense... until the very end. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Read more...

A Sassy Lee Harvey Oswald Makes a Big Impression in This Clip From Hulu's 11.22.63

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Entertainment Weekly snagged this clip from Hulu’s Stephen King adaptation 11.22.63—which stars James Franco as a teacher who time-travels to prevent a certain history-changing presidential assassination from happening. This scene is clearly from early in the series, and it features a flashback to one character’s memorable first encounter with Lee Harvey Oswald. Read more...

Oh, So That's Why Leia Doesn't Trust the New Republic in The Force Awakens

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The zillions of tie-in stories for The Force Awakens revealed there was going to be a scene in the movie where Leia acknowledged that her former colleagues in the Senate were just as likely to want to have her killed as they were to ignore her. A new Star Wars novel is going to explore why that’s the case, and why Leia had good reason to be wary. Read more...

Deftones Premiere New Track “Prayers/Triangles”!

Deftones have officially announced Gore, the followup album to 2012’s incredible Koi No Yokan, for release April 8th through Warner Bros. The band appeared on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show where they premiered the album’s first single, “Prayers/Triangles” (above), which sounds oddly like 30 Seconds to Mars (but way better). It’s amazing to me […]

IFC Plays Cat and Mouse With ‘Road Games’ This March (Exclusive)

Starring Andrew Simpson, Joséphine de La Baume (Kiss of the Damned), Frederic Pierrot (“The Returned”), Feodor Atkine and Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, Re-Animator, We Are Still Here), IFC will release director Abner Pastoll’s Road Games Friday, March 4th in New York, Los Angeles and on all VOD/Digital platforms. “After a disastrous summer trip, Jack finds […]

I Wrote a Weird Book About Two People Who Belong in Different Stories

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

A young witch and a wild science genius—the characters in my new novel All the Birds in the Sky don’t even belong in the same book together. They’re misfits in the eyes of the world, but they’re also weird to each other. And that turns out to be the most fun thing to explore. Read an excerpt and see for yourself! Read more...


2 days agoGenres / Horror : Fangoria

For the month of February, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW are indulging their audience with a series of eerie episodes that carry the theme “Love Kills.” And beyond looking into the darker side of romance, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW are diving headfirst into Women in Horror Month, celebrating contributions to the genre […]

Howl (2015)

FEBRUARY 1, 2016 GENRE: WEREWOLF SOURCE: BLU-RAY (OWN COLLECTION) I've said it plenty of times before, but I don't know if I have regular readers anymore so I'll repeat: if you stick a bunch of strangers together in one location andShow More Summary

Behind the Scenes: Friday the 13th (1980)

I can hardly tell the difference! But watch out, girls... One of you is about to get an ax to the face in the original camp slasher, Friday the 13th!

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