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Eaglemoss Discovery model photos, and other Starships Collection updates

Eaglemoss' new Star Trek: Discovery - The Official Starships Collection spinoff series is due to start early next year, and the Eaglemoss online shop has recently been updated with lots of new photos of the first two models in the series, the USS Shenzhou, and USS Discovery. Show More Summary

November 2, 2017: L.A. Day #4!

Here’s my problem with Thai food = eatability.  If I got out for any other type of cuisine, I’ll eat until I’m full.  In the case of Thai cuisine, however, I’ll continue eating past full, beyond stuffed, and and a stop or two north of gorged.  Such was the case this afternoon when I got […]

Star Trek: Bridge Crew To IMAX VR Centers

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the co-op multiplayer set aboard a Federation vessel, will be found in IMAX VR centers soon. “Created by...

New Star Trek: Discovery Merchandise

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Two new products will be of interest to Star Trek: Discovery fans. The products are three Discovery standees, and three Klingon uniform...

Watch: Rainn Wilson Reveals His Mudd Theory + Behind The Scenes On “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

This weeks 'After Trek' recap also features Wilson Cruz And Anthony Rapp talking about Jonathan Frakes' directing 'Star Trek: Discovery'

‘The Orville’ Renewed For A Second Season

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

Seth MacFarlane's homage to Star Trek will live on.

Review and Giveaway: Starfleet’s Sonic Toothbrush Is Worth Your Hard-Earned Credits

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

Can a toothbrush can make you feel like you're living in the future? The FOREO ISSA, featured in Star Trek: Discovery, gets pretty close. Read our review and win your own sonic toothbrush.

November 1, 2017: L.A. Day #3!

“So what do you guys do?”asked our uber driver. “Joe here is a writer-producer,”said Marc. “And my friend Mark here is an actor,”I added.  “Do you watch t.v.? “Yeah,”said the driver.  “I love The Walking Dead.” “Who’s your favorite character?”I asked. “Rick.”  And then, after careful consideration: “And Daryl.” “Yeah, Daryl,”I agreed.  “What about Game […]

‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew Rescue At Perseph’ Landing At IMAX VR Centers

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

Play a special edition of 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' rolling out at IMAX VR Centers around the world

WonderCon Anaheim Announces 1st Wave of 2018 Special Guests!

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : WonderCon

WONDERCON WEDNESDAY! WonderCon Anaheim Announces 1st Wave of 2018 Special Guests! Let's start November off with a bang and our first special guests announcement for WonderCon Anaheim 2018, to be held March 23–25 at the Anaheim Convention Center! Read more

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience arrives in New Jersey on Friday. The interactive experience will be held at the Liberty Science...

Scientists Dispute ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ DNA + Webcomic Takes On The Profanity

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

Plus we have a Q homage confirmed and more behind the scenes shots from "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"

October 31, 2017: L.A. Day #2!

Last night I had dinner with the lovely Torri Higginson, Dark Matter’s Commander Delaney Truffaut, aka Stargate: Atlantis’s Commander Elizabeth Weir.  Since I was on her turf, she got to choose the restaurant, selecting Redbird, Chef Neal Fraser’s flagship restaurant.  Apparently, it’s a big deal in foodie circles – and with good reason.  It was […]

November-December 2017 Trek Conventions And Appearances

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

There will be seven shows or appearances in November and December that will feature actors of interest to Star Trek fans. This...

Mulgrew To Host Artists Luncheon

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Star Trek: Voyager‘s Kate Mulgrew will host the Vineyard Theatre’s Annual Emerging Artists Luncheon on Thursday, November 9 from noon – 2:30...

Sullivan: Discovery Characters Still A Work In Progress

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Star Trek: Discovery writer Ted Sullivan spoke with TrekMovie about Discovery‘s characters and how they are still changing as the show progresses....

Shuttle Pod At The Disco Goes Mad For Mudd in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 7

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

It's a podcast episode you'll want to listen to again. And again. And again.

Interview: Ted Sullivan Talks Star Trek: Discovery’s Not-Holodeck, Lorca’s Damage, And More

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

In an exclusive interview, Ted Sullivan breaks down the episode Lethe which he co-wrote with Star Trek vet Joe Menosky

Live. Dance. Die. Repeat.

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : Jammer's Blog

At the center of the very Trekkian time-loop plot of “Magic That Can Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” is an intimate character story about pesky human emotions and what they mean to a character who was raised the Vulcan way. Michael Burnham has never been in love, and she has never admitted this fact […]

October 30, 3017: L.A. Day #1!

“What do you do?”asked the custom’s agent. “I’m a writer-producer,”I told him. “Anything I’ve seen?” “Well, I worked twelve years on a show called Stargate…” “Didn’t really watch it.  Didn’t really like the way the stories went.” “Was it the human form replicators?”I wanted to ask.  But instead I said: “Well then you can check […]

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