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The 10 Best Body Horror Animal Transformations!

Brundlefly eat your hybrid heart out! Here are ten examples of monstrous transformations into horrible creatures! In honor of David Cronenberg’s body horror transformation masterpiece, The Fly, recently turning 30, it only seemed appropriate to rally up together all of the freaks that have seen some monstrous metamorphosis into some sort of animal. Dr. Seth […]

Book a Stay at These 12 Haunted Hotels!

There are a plethora of “haunted” hotels all around the world. Some are home to some surprisingly sick and twisted crimes. Of course, this means that they are prime tourist attractions, with people all over the world coming over to visit them. I did a little bit of digging and thought I would single out […]

This Video Tackles Why Jump Scares Suck…and Why They Shouldn’t

The jump scare is one of the most abused and, as this video posits, improperly used mechanics in horror movies. A loud noise, a sharp cut, and there you go. Scare achieved, moving on. But what needs to be recognized is that the jump scare isn’t actually the problem, it’s simply how it’s utilized that […]

ToeJam and Earl are ‘Back in the Groove’!

I remember when video games flat out didn’t give a fuck. A fat Russian guy belching fireballs was your thing? Karnov. How about a game where your character was ever changing thanks to various masks? Kid Chameleon. Games weren’t afraid to be weird so long as they were fun, which a ton of them were! […]

[15th Anniversary] 60 Thoughts I Had While Watching John Carpenter’s ‘Ghosts of Mars’

Today marks the 15th anniversary of what is arguably legendary horror filmmaker John Carpenter’s worst film: Ghosts of Mars. In the film, a Martian police force is sent to a remote mining facility to transport a dangerous criminal named Desolation Williams back to the city. Upon arriving, they discover that all members of the facility have become […]

How Well Do You Know Your Horror Movie Tag Lines?

A good poster grabs us with its interesting, perhaps even beautiful, visuals but then has to seal the deal with a good tag line. Halloween‘s “The Night He Came Home!” is a great example of a tag line that is interesting and engaging, considering we don’t know who “he” is or why he’s coming home. […]

WORLD OF DEATH EP5 – “Manscaping” / “Teddy”

Hey there Death’ers! A lot of fans on the YouTube channel are telling us they want to see MORE blood, MORE dismemberment, MORE… teddy bears???!!! Well this episode you’re getting it all. Grab your rain coat and make sure your teddy bear has one too. You’re about to get drenched! “Manscaping” directed by Mike Lenzini […]

[BCHFF Review] ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’ Is a Moody and Creative Thriller!

I Am Not a Serial Killer is being marketed as a thriller, which is a bit misleading. The film is more or less a thriller combined with an offbeat comedy. Think John Dies at the End mixed with Horns and a dash of Jeepers Creepers. If that sounds like something you would like then you should definitely check out I Am Not a […]

‘Phantasmagoria,’ PC’s Best and Most Dated Horror Game, Turns 21

On the anniversary of Roberta Williams’ groundbreaking, under known PC horror game, we look at what makes ‘Phantasmagoria’ so special “Pray it’s only a nightmare.” When the survival horror genre of video games comes to mind, the usual suspects that see discussion are titles like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, or even something like […]

“The Lost Boys” Becoming a CW Series

It’s been announced that CW will be adapting the 1987 vampire horror film The Lost Boys into a TV series. Rob Thomas, the creator of “Veronica Mars” and “iZombie”, will be acting as showrunner, according to Vulture. Per Deadline, the show is being eyed as a seven-season run, with each season representing a full decade. […]

WORLD OF DEATH EP4 – “Marsupials” / “Dead Crossing”

After reading the comments on episode 3 I am pleased to see that it looks to be our best received episode to date. World of Death has been live for two weeks now and I can happily say that we’re off to a solid start! People’s opinions stretch from one side of the spectrum to […]

The Real Reason You Shouldn't Pee In the Pool 

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Peeing in the public pool is gross, immature, but basically harmless, right? A quick fix when you’ve really gotta go? Not exactly. In advance of the its annual summer meeting, the American Chemical Society has just released a video explaining,...Show More Summary

WORLD OF DEATH EP3 – “Trust” / “Misfortune”

One of the great aspects of a film festival is the ability to discover fresh new talent.  Movies like Paranormal Activity and The Witch are prime examples of an overnight success story thanks to the movie’s inclusion in a prominent film festival.  I first heard of Jerry Pyle’s short film, “Trust” when it played at […]

Crispin Glover Returns to Horror With ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’

Crispin Glover and his fancy Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter dance moves is set to star opposite Sebastian Stan (Black Swan, The Martian, The Covenant) in the thriller We Have Always Lived in the Castle, writes THR. The movie — an adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s 1962 story of the same name — “centers on […]

WORLD OF DEATH EP2 – “Mannequism” / “Mischief”

Fans of The Twilight Zone and Weekend at Bernies will enjoy World of Death Episode 2.  Weird combo, right?  Part of what makes World of Death great is the diversity of its content.  I know horror fans are a tough bunch to please these days; I’m one too after all.  But there truly is something […]

Elvis Presley's 7 Most Bizarre Movie Moments

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Even the most casual of Elvis fans knows that the King was, at his best, a very eccentric dude—shooting out TV sets, gobbling fried PB&B sandwiches, and making crazy faces while practicing kung fu. But as weird as he was in his private life, his movies occasionally drifted into even stranger places. Read more...

[Alpha and Omega] Wes Craven – ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘My Soul to Take’

‘Alpha and Omega’ is a recurring feature that examines a famous horror director’s best critically received film and their worst reviewed installment (according to Rotten Tomatoes). It will compare and contrast these two efforts, looking at the difference in the auteur’s work and seeing if any overlap exists as these two extremes of the director’s […]


2 weeks agoGenres / Fantasy : The Wertzone

Back in the autumn of 1986, when I was seven years old, I was addicted to Transformers. These were the original toy releases, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Prowl, the Dinobots and so forth. As well as putting up with me playing...Show More Summary

My Brain Can't Handle These Simple Optical Illusions

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Professor Kokichi Sugihara is a wizard, but he doesn’t cast spells or pull rabbits out of hands. His brand of sorcery involves creating simple paper objects that look like they’re bending the fabric of space. In reality they’re just incredibly clever optical illusions, but it doesn’t take much to break the human brain. Read more...

Myrkur Stunningly Performs “Onde Børn” in a ‘Mausoleum’ (Premiere)

In August of 2015, Danish composer Amalie Bruun, known to the metal community as Myrkur, released her debut full length album M, an album that was met with near universal acclaim. Critics hailed the mixture of black metal with classical elements and some gothic atmospheric leanings. Now, almost exactly one year to the day since […]

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