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[TV Review] “iZombie” Episode 1.11: ‘Astroburger’

The past two cases of the week on iZombie, have been much stronger than most of the cases in the past for one reason: they are tied to the main season arc. This week’s case was another one that brought Liv closer into Blaine’s crosshairs  and Major out of the mental institution. The brain Liv ate […]

An Unearthly Podcast: The Chase

In our 103rd episode, The Daleks are at it again as they chase after the Doctor in a new TIme Machine.... that they got some where... shrug Join the Unearthly crew as we talk about "The Chase"!

Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission

2 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

A new video documentary explores Gene Roddenberry‘s Star Trek vision. Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission is centered on one of the fan films currently in production, Star Trek Continues. “In the wake of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Star Trek, is Gene Roddenberry’s original vision still alive?” Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission seeks to […]

New Documentary Short “Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission” Focuses on Fan Series Star Trek Continues

“Star Trek – it’s iconic, but many misunderstand its meaning,” quoth the creators of a documentary short released today entitled Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission. What does Star Trek and the vision of creator Gene Roddenberry mean to fans that watch the series’ (old and new) in the modern era? That’s the question […]

[TV Review] “Salem Episode 2.08: ‘Dead Birds’

Well, you can’t say Salem doesn’t know how to keep its promises. “Dead Birds” had a lot of dead birds in it. Apparently, they like to fly into Baby John’s window when he’s angry. It doesn’t look like much but Tituba is extremely freaked out by it, so it can’t be good. Anyway, “Dead Birds” was kind of a […]

An Unearthly Podcast: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

In our 102nd, episode, the AUP crew looks at one of the most prolific episodes of the first Doctor, this is "Dalek Invasion of Earth"!

Watch John Carpenter Promote The Thing On Letterman in 1982

4 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Fresh from his success making Halloween and Escape From New York, John Carpenter appeared on Late Night With David Letterman on June 9, 1982 to promote “the King of Monster Movies,” his remake of 1951’s The Thing. Or as Dave calls it, “the story of a boy and his dog.” The accompanying clip has been excised, but this is what Dave and the audience saw. Read more...

Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 187: Bonobo “Cirrus”

A couple of weeks ago, I brought Sigur Rós as the Twisted Music Video Of The Week. Many of you commented that you really enjoyed that it wasn’t another metal band taking a spot on this series, so I wanted to try and bring something once again that didn’t rely upon distorted guitars and gore […]

These Cute Toys From Pacific Rim Are Now Actual Toys You Can Buy

6 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

During Pacific Rim’s opening montage, protagonist Raleigh Beckett briefly laments that Humanity has turned their fear of the monstrous Kaiju into the cute toys seen above. But now you can own these adorable little Vinyl figures, so honestly who cares what a fictional character thinks of them? Gimme Gimme Gimme. Read more...

[TV Review] “iZombie” Episode 1.10: ‘Mr. Berserk’

Congratulations to those of you who predicted that Max Rager would be making a comeback five weeks ago. You were right! As we move into iZombie’s home stretch, the focus now on the season’s central arc. This episode expertly blended the procedural and serial elements of the series, since the murder-of-the-week was directly related to the […]

Peter Dinklage and Coldplay Team Up For Red Nose Day

GIF courtesy Uproxx Peter Dinklage recently teamed with the band Coldplay to help out with Red Nose Day. The result? "Game pf Thrones: The Musical" and you can check it out below.Fan fav, "Tyrion" sings about some of the characters who...Show More Summary

[TV Review] “Salem” Episode 2.07: ‘The Beckoning Fair One’

We are halfway through Salem’s first season and it just keeps getting better (and grosser). The first season had a noticeable dip in quality in its middle section, but the second season does not seem to be following suit. “The Beckoning Fair One” is Salem’s third strong episode in a row, so here’s hoping that streak isn’t broken anytime […]

‘Monstrum’ Escapes Early Access on May 20

The deluge of spooky video games this year has gifted us has kept me from spending as much time with Monstrum as I would’ve liked. The concept of scouring an environment for hidden items while being hunted by a monster — or in this case, monsters — but it’s done well enough that the familiarity […]

In Defense Of ‘Doomsday’ (‘Mad Max’ Edition!)

Welcome to another installment of Bloody-Disgusting’s “In Defense Of” series! Since Mad Mad: Fury Road (Review #1, Review #2) came out this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at Neil Marshall’s little-seen post-apocalyptic film Doomsday. Released...Show More Summary

[TV Review] “iZombie” Episode 1.09: ‘Patriot Brains’

Well that escalated quickly. iZombie came back swinging this week with a much-needed episode that put the mystery-of-the-week on the backburner and the central season arc at the forefront. Unfortunately, there was a casualty in the process. Liv had to watch her boyfriend (who just told her he loved her) die, and it was heartbreaking. Well, there is a chance he’s […]

[TV Review] “Salem” Episode 2.06: ‘Ill Met By Moonlight’

I honestly thought for a minute that George’s death from last week was going to be a fake-out. It was a wise decision to make his resurrection in this episode’s opening moments a fake-out though, as it showed that Salem has balls. This is the most devastating blow Mary has experience since the series began last year, […]

Liam Howlett Of The Prodigy: “Any Fool Can Operate An iPod” (Interview)

Perhaps one of the most notorious and aggressive electronic bands to hit the radio waves, The Prodigy were never ones to shy from controversy or shock. The release of their newest album, The Day Is My Enemy, has been hailed as the, “…most exciting – and most angrily British – album of the year” by […]

Thanksgiving Hobo Murder Film ‘Derelicts’ Hijacks Kickstarter

If you have a love of films by Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven and/or John Waters, then Batchain Productions’ Thanksgiving-themed murderous hobo horror film Derelicts may be the film for you! The only problem is, it hasn’t been filmed yet! It made the leap to Kickstarter a few weeks ago, but needs your help to reach its goal. […]

This week’s Tabletop is DREADfully good.

Every season of Tabletop, I feature a roleplaying game. I’ve done this, because my not-so-secret wish all along was to do a spinoff show that was a season-long RPG adventure with persistent characters. We’ve done Fiasco and Dragon Age, and this season, we’re playing DREAD. Show More Summary

[TV Review] “iZombie” Episode 1.08: ‘Dead Air’

iZombie really knows how to end an episode! I was just thinking about giving the episode 3 skulls, and then the last two minutes happened. BAM! Two major plot twists: Ravi gets bitten by the zombie rat! Lowell is eating Jerome’s brains! Way to knock me off my feet iZombie. Those two moments alone add another skull […]

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