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First Glimpse of Chucky Doll in ‘Cult of Chucky’ Behind the Scenes Photo

How cool is it that a new Chucky movie is currently being filmed?! After Curse of Chucky, which completely restored my faith in the franchise, I cannot wait to see what writer/director Don Mancini does with this year’s Cult of Chucky. The seventh installment in the series will feature the returns of Nica Pierce, Tiffany, […]

Guys…”The Walking Dead” Producers Are Censoring the Violence

There’s nothing I hate more than censorship, and what’s even worse are those who fold to the pressure of a society that continues to censor itself. If you look hard enough, you’ll find people who can get angry at anything. Social media provides a platform for fans to kick and scream to get their way, […]

First ‘Cult of Chucky’ Image Points a Finger at Chucky (Exclusive)

Filming is officially underway in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Cult of Chucky, the seventh Child’s Play film that’s being directed by franchise creator Don Mancini (who also helmed Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky). Universal Home...Show More Summary

Evanna Lynch Stars in Trailer for U.S. Release of ‘My Name is Emily’

My Name is Emily, the debut-feature written and directed by Simon Fitzmaurice and starring Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch, is a ‘life-affirming’ story which just revealed a new trailer for its upcoming theatrical release in the U.S.! The film also stars Michael Smiley (The Lobster, Kill List) and newcomer George Webster (City of Dreamers, Blood Moon). Show More Summary

Metallica: 10 Sad But True Facts

I’m having a Metallica resurgence. Growing up, they were my favorite band, at least until the release of Load and Reload. I was such a huge fan that my super awesome dad went to pick me up a copy of Load at midnight on June 3, 1996. I was trembling as I ripped open the […]

Because it’s a FAQ: 2-Player Tabletop Games

A few times a week, I am asked by couples to recommend some two player Tabletop games for them to play. This is a very short, totally non-exhaustive list of (mostly […]

‘XX’ Trailer Delivers on the Bizarre and Mysterious

After having its world premiere at next month’s Sundance Film Festival, Magnet will release their all-female horror anthology in theaters, On Demand, Amazon Video and iTunes February 17, 2017. The film tells four deadly tales from four killer women: Roxanne Benjamin, who produced Southbound with us and also directed one of the stories; rock and roll icon Annie […]

‘Cult of Chucky’ Begins Filming; Early Art and Set Photos!

Filming is officially underway in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Cult of Chucky, the seventh Child’s Play film that’s being directed by franchise creator Don Mancini (who also helmed Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky). Universal Home Entertainment not only shared a few early pieces of promo art, but the cast and crew is already […]

“The Lost Boys” Series to Span Over Several Decades!

Back in August it was revealed that CW will be adapting the 1987 vampire horror film The Lost Boys into a TV series. Rob Thomas, the creator of “Veronica Mars” and “iZombie”, was revealed to be the show’s showrunner. Rotten Tomatoes caught up with Thomas at a Television Critics Association panel on Sunday where he talked a bit about the modern take […]

January 9, 2017: A day off! Let’s hit the mailbag!

My single day off this weekend happened to be the coldest day of the this winter so far.  Time to break out the big coat, scarf and, dare I say it, hat! A BIG week ahead on the Dark Matter front.  Production continues on Episode 303 with director Steve DiMarco calling the shots while prep also continues […]

WATCH: Doug Jones Talks “Star Trek: Discovery”, How To Pronounce ‘Lt. Saru’

With the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery only a few months away and filming to start later this month, we get our first interview with Doug Jones on the new alien character of Lt. Saru. As the show hasn’t even begun filming yet (filming should start later this month, according to Jones), there is not much to be said about what Discovery will bring. Show More Summary

this soylent green is not people

Every day last week, I had a light night followed by an early morning. I averaged 6 hours of sleep, so when the alarm went off earlier today so I […]

Emma Watson Narrates Video for Disney Campaign

Emma Watson, who we all know and love for her role as the “brightest witch of her age,” Hermione Granger, teamed up with Disney to promote this year’s “Magic of Storytelling” campaign. Emma narrates Disney’s beautifully crafted campaign video, which promotes their cause and encourages viewers to donate. Show More Summary

‘Cult of Chucky’: The Next ‘Child’s Play’ Begins Filming on Monday! (Trailer)

Sorry jack, Chucky’s back…again. I’ve been keeping very close tabs on the next installment in the Child’s Play franchise, which has been in pre-production for over a month under the moniker of Chucky 7. We’ve reported on a lot of the returning players – including writer-director Don Mancini – but nothing has been deemed “official”…until today! Chucky, […]

CBS and Alcatel Reveal First “Star Trek: Discovery” Ad Tie-in With 360° Video

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi :

Alcatel, a large North American mobile phone manufacturer, has partnered with CBS Interactive to debut what they are calling a “VR experience” at major tech conference CES 2017. The 360° video is hosted on CBS’s YouTube channel and is...Show More Summary

Hear Me Out, Okay? ‘Batman Returns’ is a Horror Movie

In 1989, Tim Burton gave the world Batman, the first incarnation of the character on film in over 20 years. Starring Michael Keaton as the titular character, the film went on to earn over $400 million in the box office, a staggering number that propelled it to become the 5th highest grossing film ever in […]

Could the ‘Dredd’ Producer Save the ‘Castlevania’ Franchise?

I dig Adi Shankar, who for one reason or another dons The Crow makeup on a daily basis. He’s very vocal about the business, things he’s developing, and keeps fans in the know of everything related to the films he’s working on. Shankar, who produced The Grey, Dredd and the upcoming I Saw the Devil […]

‘Witchboard’ Turns 30 Today and It’s Still a Campy, Creepy Classic!

On the 30th anniversary of Kevin Tenney’s ‘Witchboard,’ we take a look at all of the films in the series and how they hold up now When it comes to the realm of horror, the various sub-genres that populate the dark corners of the topic are given the ability to refine themselves over the years. […]

“In time, a new hope will emerge.”

We dropped out of hyperspace somewhere near the edge of the outer rim. I was looking at the scanner, so I was the first to see the freighter. It was […]

New Trailer & Interview: Katherine Waterston in Alien: Covenant

Christmas day brought us many things, but it also unexpectedly brought the full trailer of May 19th’s Alien: Covenant,. starring Katherine Waterston Ridley Scott’s frightening and suspenseful film franchise returned a few years ago with...Show More Summary

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