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9 Hilarious Moments from Season 1 of “Scream Queens”!

Fox’s slasher parody Scream Queens was one of the most controversial shows to premiere last year. Marketed as a horror series, many viewers were surprised to find out that it was actually a parody in the vein of films like Airplane! or even Scary Movie. It premiered well below expectations and gradually lost viewers as the season went on (even hitting a […]

[Review] Park Chan-wook’s ‘The Handmaiden’ is the Psychosexual Fairy Tale You Never Knew You Wanted

Park Chan-wook’s latest is a duplicitous tale of eroticism that features some of the directors most mature, intense material to date “At that moment one drop of insanity could cause someone to go completely mad.” Park Chan-wook is a master of modern cinema with all of his films not only tackling radically different material, but […]

The Big Idea: Robin Talley

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : Whatever

Shakespeare is often reinterpreted, reinvented and remade — but for her novel As I Descended, author Robin Talley discovered that revamping a tale from the bard was not as simple as just slapping on new clothes and modern language. There was a whole lot more going on. ROBIN TALLEY: As I Descended is the first […]

The New Slayer Video is Really Fucking Gory

Slayer‘s video trilogy has come to an end with the release of their newest clip “Pride in Prejudice”. Beginning last year with “Repentless” and continuing with “You Against You“, “Pride in Prejudice” continues the storyline set out in the previous two videos and expands it to include white supremacists, pissed off prisoners, and some practical […]

Why the Camera is King in Home Invasion Horror

We explore why the cinematography and camerawork is the most crucial factor when it comes to home invasion films Home invasion horror films have become a growing trend in the genre, with the recent success of Fede Alvarez’s excellent Don’t Breathe being just the latest example. What Alvarez’s stripped down, claustrophobic film expertly illustrates is […]

WORLD OF DEATH EP9 – “Miscellaneous” / “Death Rattle”

Sometimes horror isn’t necessarily scary, it’s just weird. Our first short film, “Miscellaneous” can definitely be classified as weird. This fast-paced, in-your-face montage of odd-ball imagery is the perfect way to kick off our fifth week of World of Death! Directed by Jordan Wippell, “Miscellaneous” provided a handful of the shots for the WOD trailer […]

It’s ‘Alien’ Versus ‘Predator’ Versus ‘Star Wars’!

Depending on your attitude, the first Alien vs Predator movie was either a lot of fun or a steaming pile of horseshit. Personally, I feel it fully embraced what it needed to go for, which is a bunch of aliens and a couple of predators duking it out with humans caught in the middle. It’s […]

GUEST BLOG: The Genre Mixtape by Robert Brockway (Blog Tour for The Empty Ones)

Visit Robert Brockway's Website Here Read Robert Brockway's Guest Blog Post from 7/28/15 Here Robert Brockway made a splash in the horror world with the release of his novel, The Unnoticeables. Now he is back again with another book in The Vicious Circuit series, The Empty Ones. Show More Summary

WORLD OF DEATH EP8 – “NightLight” / “Mother”

Grab your blankie kiddies, tonight we’re diving into some short films that deal with the horrors of being tucked into your bed. What lurks at the edge of the darkness? First up is “NightLight” from Jeff Sanders and Cragun Clayburn. A young boy finds out that the bumps in the night are definitely something to […]

‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’ Had a Very Different Ending (Exclusive)

It’s the 25th anniversary of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, the memorable follow up to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Directed by Peter Hewitt, and featuring a legendary role for William Sadler, this genre comedy broke the mold of sequels by doing something completely different than the first film; in fact, it nearly removed all […]

Alter Bridge Make a Demand: “Show Me a Leader”

Hard rock band Alter Bridge have released a video for their brand new single “Show Me a Leader”, which takes some serious inspiration from John Carpenter’s They Live as well as Slayer’s “World Painted Blood” music video. The video, directed by Zev Dean, uses rotoscope animation to show the band performing on a gigantic stage […]

WORLD OF DEATH EP7 – “The Great Savini” / “Mousetrap”

I have always been impressed by a magician’s ability to convince an audience that an illusion is real. But we all know it isn’t, right? And with magicians being as secretive as they are, amateur illusionists can really only learn their tricks from seasoned professionals willing to give them an apprenticeship. I have a feeling […]

COPD Highly Illogical: A Special Tribute To Leonard Nimoy Trailer

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

A new trailer for the COPD Highly Illogical: A Special Tribute To Leonard Nimoy has been released. COPD: Highly Illogical—A Special Tribute...

The 10 Best Body Horror Animal Transformations!

Brundlefly eat your hybrid heart out! Here are ten examples of monstrous transformations into horrible creatures! In honor of David Cronenberg’s body horror transformation masterpiece, The Fly, recently turning 30, it only seemed appropriate to rally up together all of the freaks that have seen some monstrous metamorphosis into some sort of animal. Dr. Seth […]

Book a Stay at These 12 Haunted Hotels!

There are a plethora of “haunted” hotels all around the world. Some are home to some surprisingly sick and twisted crimes. Of course, this means that they are prime tourist attractions, with people all over the world coming over to visit them. I did a little bit of digging and thought I would single out […]

This Video Tackles Why Jump Scares Suck…and Why They Shouldn’t

The jump scare is one of the most abused and, as this video posits, improperly used mechanics in horror movies. A loud noise, a sharp cut, and there you go. Scare achieved, moving on. But what needs to be recognized is that the jump scare isn’t actually the problem, it’s simply how it’s utilized that […]

ToeJam and Earl are ‘Back in the Groove’!

I remember when video games flat out didn’t give a fuck. A fat Russian guy belching fireballs was your thing? Karnov. How about a game where your character was ever changing thanks to various masks? Kid Chameleon. Games weren’t afraid to be weird so long as they were fun, which a ton of them were! […]

[15th Anniversary] 60 Thoughts I Had While Watching John Carpenter’s ‘Ghosts of Mars’

Today marks the 15th anniversary of what is arguably legendary horror filmmaker John Carpenter’s worst film: Ghosts of Mars. In the film, a Martian police force is sent to a remote mining facility to transport a dangerous criminal named Desolation Williams back to the city. Upon arriving, they discover that all members of the facility have become […]

How Well Do You Know Your Horror Movie Tag Lines?

A good poster grabs us with its interesting, perhaps even beautiful, visuals but then has to seal the deal with a good tag line. Halloween‘s “The Night He Came Home!” is a great example of a tag line that is interesting and engaging, considering we don’t know who “he” is or why he’s coming home. […]

WORLD OF DEATH EP5 – “Manscaping” / “Teddy”

Hey there Death’ers! A lot of fans on the YouTube channel are telling us they want to see MORE blood, MORE dismemberment, MORE… teddy bears???!!! Well this episode you’re getting it all. Grab your rain coat and make sure your teddy bear has one too. You’re about to get drenched! “Manscaping” directed by Mike Lenzini […]

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