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The ‘Doom’ Cinematic Trailer Will Pump You Up

This Doom trailer isn’t a trailer at all. It’s an experience, a call to arms for any would-be space marine who’s eager to stomp some demon ass. Directed by Joe Kosinski (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy), this is 60 seconds of the finest anti-demon propaganda my eyes have ever seen. There’s no gameplay here, and that’s okay. […]

Happy 10th Anniversary to James Gunn’s ‘Slither!’

10 years ago today, James Gunn (co-writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy) unleashed his horror-comedy masterpiece Slither upon the world, and nobody went to go see it. Sitting at a mighty comfortable 86% on Rotten Tomatoes (based on 136 reviews) and a 69 Metacritic score (based on 27 reviews), Slither should have been at least a modest success for […]

10 Scary 3D Chalk Art Drawings

Imagine you’re walking down the street, listening to some music and doing a little dance step every once in a while when the groove takes over. It’s one of those rare times when you haven’t a care in the world and you’re just enjoying the day and all it has to offer. Suddenly, you turn […]

Jason Claims His First Victim in New ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Footage

The very first gameplay footage from this fall’s camp counselor stab ’em up is finally here, and despite coming in at a woefully brief 15 second running-time, it’s just long enough for Jason to claim his first victim: a door. Such a fine, sturdy door hardly deserves to get cut down with such brutal efficiency, […]

‘Alien Covenant’: What We Know About Ridley Scott’s Next ‘Alien’ Film!

After Fox spent the better part of last year developing a fifth Alien with District 9, Elysium and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp, the studio randomly pulled the project in favor of Ridley Scott‘s long-gestured Prometheus sequel. Most films that go into production are kept under lock and key, with very little plot details available. With […]

Matt Lewis Featured in New “Me Before You” Trailer

Warner Bros. has released a new, extended trailer for Matt Lewis’s new film, Me Before You, for the global marketing promotional campaign. This trailer briefly features Matt Lewis in his role as athletic-trainer boyfriend of Louisa “Lou” Clark, the leading lady of the film. As seen in the trailer, there is certain facial hair more!

Picardo’s Planetary Post Vlog

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : TrekToday

Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Picardo can now be seen in the second installation of The Planetary Society’s The Planetary Post space vlog....

Star Trek The Animated Series coming to bluray, plus new 4K Ultra HD movie releases

At long last Star Trek: The Animated Series is coming to bluray! The second ever Star Trek TV series is relatively easy series to bring up the HD standards, in comparison to the only other series Trek series still awaiting bluray treatment,...Show More Summary

Tour Paris in Two Minutes With This Stunning Hyperlapse Video

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Filmmaker Tyler Fairbank spent two weeks in Paris last summer but instead of snapping a bunch of random photos, he captured a series of glorious 4K hyperlapse videos that when edited together let him relive and share his visit to the city of lights—and its most popular landmarks—in just two frantic minutes. Read more...

Marvel's Star Wars Comic Gives Us an Origin for Empire Strikes Back's Funniest Moment

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

It’s one of the greatest insults in sci-fi movie history: Princess Leia calling Han Solo a “stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder!” Now, Marvel’s increasingly delightful Star Wars comic has given us an insight into just how the galaxy’s most loveable smuggler earned that particular insult. Read more...

How The Force Awakens Should Have Ended, As Told Through Lego

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

You can’t please everyone when it comes to resurrecting one of the most beloved franchises in film history. So if you were disappointed with how Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended, maybe you’ll prefer the How It Should Have Ended alternate finale featuring Kylo Ren getting his comeuppance. Read more...

Happy 20th Anniversary to ‘Resident Evil!’

On March 22, 1996, Capcom’s survival horror video game Resident Evil was unleashed upon the world. Originally intended to be a remake of Capcom’s 1989 psychological horror game Sweet Home, which was itself based on the Japanese horror film of the same name, Resident Evil eventually broke off into its own property under the eyes of developer Shinji Mikami, who […]

‘Terminator 2’ Reimagined As a Creepy Bromance

Replacing faces turns James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day into a creepy AF bromance. DUM has released a music video for their song “Brighter Than the Sun“ in which they replace the faces of everyone in T2 and recut it to play like a bromance between John Connor and Arnold’s T-800. The Creators used After […]

‘V/H/S’ Team Heads ‘Southbound’ to Home Video!

The Orchard is releasing Southbound on DVD through Sony Home Entertainment on May 17th (pre-order your copy here). Southbound is new kind of anthology that features many of the talented filmmakers behind Bloody Disgusting’s debut V/H/S! (In the interest of full disclosure, I produced Southbound, with Bloody Disgusting being the catalyst for discovering so many […]

This JCVD Kill Count is Your Van Damme-a-Thon Party Centerpiece!

Jean-Claude Van Damme is the centerpiece in the world of Jon Barkan and myself. We live and breathe JCVD. In fact, I have JCVD-themed parties that I call “Van Damme-a-thons”. But what do I do when everyone’s talking or grilling? Sure, I can pop on that mind-blowing commercial where JCVD does the splits across two […]

Battle of the Birthdays: ‘Bloody Birthday’ Vs. ‘Happy Birthday to Me’

An interesting phenomenon that can occur in Hollywood is when two movies with roughly the same plot are released in the same year by different studios. These films, as I have recently learned, are called “twin movies.” Look at 1997 when Dante’s Peak and Volcano were released within three months of each other. Or in 1998 when Deep Impact and Armageddon […]

Open thread 211

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : Making Light

I do this every workday, coming from the blue ferries on the right, exiting the plein on the red path...

What Does It Take to Make a Good ‘Leprechaun’ Movie?

We dig into the many films of the ‘Leprechaun’ series, examining what makes them work and what the next film should avoid in order to strike gold! “No one takes a Leprechaun’s gold!” Every St. Patrick’s Day it should be a mandatory tradition for all horror fans to indulge in the Leprechaun franchise in some […]

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Reacts to the New ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer

The trailer for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters was certainly very polarizing, with people seemingly either loving it or hating it and a very, very small portion of the population falling in between those emotions. Personally, I think it looks fun. I realize that it’s a different type of movie than the first two and I’m not […]

Deadpool VFX Breakdown Reveals Just How Many Stunt Doubles Are Digital These Days

3 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Swapping in a stunt double for an actor in a superhero movie is especially easy, since masks usually hide the character’s face. But the super-human abilities of most Marvel heroes are beyond the reach of even the most talented stunt performers. That’s where digital dopplegangers come in handy. Read more...

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