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We Could Learn a Lot From This Chill Polar Bear Just Petting a Dog

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

They might look cuddly, but polar bears are vicious predators, and when hungry, aren’t particularly choosy about what they hunt. But this polar bear, up in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, wasn’t looking for a meal when it nuzzled up to this sled dog. It just wanted to pet its soft, fluffy fur. Read more...

Remember When Snake Plissken Was in a Music Video?

In John Carpenter’s 1996 sequel Escape From L.A., there’s a scene where Kurt Russell’s character Snake Plissken has to make 10 points on a basketball court in 10 seconds. It’s ridiculous, it’s silly, and it feels completely out of place, especially since in the first film, Escape From New York the contest was a fight […]

The ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Opening Sequence is Just Like the One From the Anime

Yesterday, the first trailer for the anime-to-film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell was released. Before hitting the net, there was a press event, which showed off props and outfits from the film as well as an interview with stars Scarlett Johansson and “Beat” Takeshi Kitano as well as director Rupert Sanders. But the big […]

Don Mancini is Standing on the ‘Curse of Chucky’ Set…

Huge Child’s Play fan here, and it’s totally random that I just binged the first four films earlier this week. After what feels like an eternity of teasing, Child’s Play writer and creator Don Mancini just tweeted out a bomb that could mean production is ramping up on the long gestured Chucky 7. What you […]

How to Turn a BB-8 Toy Into an Authentic-Looking Movie Prop

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The marvels of modern manufacturing allow toymakers to add incredible detail to their products. But the reason the BB-8 toy you bought looks almost nothing like the BB-8 seen in The Force Awakens is because you need to add a weathered, worn finish like the film’s prop makers did. Read more...

The Tale of ‘Ghost Stories’ and its Hilariously Offensive Dub Track

In 2000, animation studios Pierrot and Aniplex created a TV anime series called Ghost Stories (Gakkou no Kaidan), which was directed by Noriyuki Abe and loosely based on a book series by Toru Tsunemitsu. The story is rather basic: A young girl moves to a new town, befriends some of the local students, and then […]

This Day in Horror History: a Dream Killer, an Evil Doll, and a Deadly Santa

Let’s all put aside the events of the past 24 hours and delve into cinema history as this day brought us three fantastic horror classics that have withstood the test of time, two of which even got their own remakes to expose them to a new generation. On this day, we saw the birth of […]

[NECA Review Roundup] Freddy, Jason, a Xenomorph, and ‘Predator’ Ships, Oh My!

It’s time for another review roundup of awesome figures and toys from the badass folk over at NECA! I’ve got my hands on several items here, so this is going to be a bit of a long post, for which I apologize. However, since there are so many cool things, I feel like it’s 100% […]

Chris Pine Talks “Star Trek Beyond” and Ol’ Blue Eyes, Plus Plays Congress In Hilarious Video

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi :

To celebrate the release of Star Trek Beyond on DVD, Chris Pine recently spoke to NME about the movie, the legacy, and his plans for the future. Oh, and how he thinks Captain Kirk “can be a dick.” Pine is the youngest actor ever to play...Show More Summary

Tom Green is Back With…a Horror Film?

Nothing Green does will ever beat the unsettling hilarity of this scene. Funnyman Tom Green’s next project is Bethany, which was picked up for distribution by Uncork’d Entertainment at AFM, per THR. Directed by James Cullen Bressack, it will also star Shannen Doherty, Stefanie Estes, and Zack Ward. ‘Bethany’ centers on a young woman named […]

Watching Toy Robots Fight Over the Batmobile Is Mindless Fun

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

There’s no real explanation as to why these toy Gundam robots want to steal the classic 1960s Batmobile, but by the end of this short film, by the talented stop-motion artists at YouTube’s Counter656, you won’t care. Besides, since when do you need a good reason to watch robots fight? Read more...

This Marching Band's Elaborate Halftime Show Will Make You a Comic Book Fan

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Do the students at Ohio State University who play in the marching band actually go to class? Or do any studying? Because watching this amazing college football halftime show tribute to comic book heroes makes you assume the band must have to practice 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to achieve this kind of insane precision. Read more...

‘Don’t Breathe’ Deleted Scene Offers a Tough Phone Call (Exclusive)

Fede Alvarez’s home invasion horror thriller Don’t Breathe gets its digital tomorrow, November 8th, and will be hitting blu-ray and DVD on November 29th via Sony Pictures Entertainment. To celebrate tomorrow’s digital release, we’re excited to bring you an exclusive first look at one of the deleted scenes from the release! The clip, which you […]

Here’s a Teaser for the Upcoming ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer

A very short teaser for the upcoming full-length trailer (coming this weekend) for Ghost in the Shell has been released and can be seen below. The short clip we see follows Motoko as she beats the unholy crap out of a suspect while being invisible. This is a direct reference to this scene from the […]

Forget Cumberbatch, Check Out Weyoun As Doctor Strange

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi :

While Trek alum Benedict Cumberbatch is dazzling fans and critics as Doctor Strange, almost 25 years ago one popular Star Trek actor donned the Sorcerer Supreme’s cape – kind of. In 1992, our very own Jeffrey Combs starred in Doctor Mordrid. Show More Summary

[TV Review] “Salem” Episode 3.01: ‘After the Fall’

Welcome back, Heathens! It’s been far too long since our last chat (17 months to be exact. That’s almost two pregnancies!). WGN’s Salem finally returns to us so that we may bask in its glory. The season premiere found the show playing catch-up with all of the characters, and while it seems hit all the right beats, it […]

What Makes a Horror Villain Interesting?

About a week ago, I wrote a post titled “It’s Time We Admit That Jason Voorhees is a Boring Character“, where I made the argument that the Friday the 13th villain wasn’t developed well nor was he the type of character that inspired any reaction aside from “Cool! He’s gonna kill people!” The post generated […]

Tabletop Season 4: LANTERNS

Well, we had to wait an infuriatingly long time, but it’s finally here! Season Four of Tabletop kicks off with Lanterns, a delightful tile-laying game that’s super easy to teach […]

Tabletop News: season four starts on November second

  Hey look, Legendary decided to release Season 4 of Tabletop tomorrow … sort of. The first two episodes of the season will be on YouTube as usual, then Legendary’s moving […]

Good Night, Whatever You Are

John Zacherle died, having just turned 98, on Thursday, October 27, a few days short of Halloween, a holiday he essentially personified. First as Roland out of Philadelphia, and more famously as Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul, in New York, he was a pioneering TV Horror Host. Show More Summary

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