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Expanded Animaniacs "States & Capitals" Song Includes The Entire World

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Remember Wakko's informative, catchy "50 States and Their Capitals" song from the classic '90s cartoon Animaniacs? Well, this gentleman named Kylan has remade the song to include both every nation on the planet, and their capitals, too. It's beyond impressive (and still ridiculously catchy). Read more...

Agent May Wants Revenge In This ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Clip

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad

Well,weknowhowAgentMayfeelsabouttheeventsofthesecondseasonpremiere.ThisclipopensupwithherterrorizingthestateofDelawareonaHarley whilechasingtheAbsorbingMan.Aaaaaandshemightjustdecidetoputabulletinhishead.OK,probablynot,butitstillcommunicatesjusthowangryMayis.

Review: ‘Thor’ #1 Is A Great Starting Point For The New Thor And For New Readers

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad

It’shadquiteabitofhypeoverthelastfewmonths,fromasomewhatforcedannouncementonTheView toFoxNews’hottakeonchicksincomicbooks fromJonStewart’spunchingbag.Andthisweek,Thor#1 actuallyarrivesonstands.Andwhatstandsoutmostaboutitisthatit’sagoodpointfornewreaderstogetonboard.

Great Links: Star Trek meets Storage Wars + Chief O’Brien Comicstrip + Picard Facepalm Cookies + more

The Great Links column is back again with tons of Star Trek in the zeitgeist fun, including showing up in this week’s episode of Star Wars. Watch a clip of that plus learn how to make Picard Facepalm cookies, experience the comicstrip ennui of Chief O’Brien’s boring job, listen to Philly morning drive DJ’s talk […]

Seven Days of Moffat: The Empty Child

Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ reviews is back with a week of An Unearthly Podcast’s Mind of Moffat! Steven Moffat’s first official episode of Doctor Who. And it has a reputation bigger than he (or its season) can live up to.

‘Interstellar’ TV Trailer Includes New Footage

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Screen Rant

A new TV trailer for Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' provides a few more clues about the nature - and stakes - of Matthew McConaughey's mission.

William Shatner Officially Announces That He’s Been Contacted About ‘Star Trek 3?

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad

Wementionedtheotherday howthereisindeedapartforWilliamShatner inStarTrek3,andnowwehaveconfirmationfromthemanhimself.AtWizardWorldNashville,Shatnerspilledthebeans onJ.J.Abrams’offertobringhimbacktotheEnterprise.Orsomethingalongthoselines.Notevenheissurehowthey’lldoit.

Enjoy This Fantastic Medley Showing The Evolution Of ‘Batman’ Theme Songs Over 75 Years

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad

WithBatman’s 75thanniversarystillinfullswing,itisfittingthatpeoplewouldfindanywaytopaytotributetooneofthemosticoniccharacters ofall-time.ThePianoGuys tookthetimetolookbackata50yearchunkofBatman’sexistenceandperformamedleyofeachofthememorablethemesfromtheCapedCrusader’stvandmovieappearances.

Watch: 5 Star Trek Sketches From Four Decades Of Saturday Night Live

Tonight NBC’s Saturday Night Live kicks off their 40th season. Over the years the show has had some fun with Star Trek, starting with the first season. We have compiled 5 Star Trek sketches from over the years spanning 1976 to 2009. Flashback: 4 Decades Of SNL and Star Trek The Last Voyage of the […]

Kittens Re-Enact ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad


Allow Us To Sum Up Why You Should Play ‘Far Cry 4? In One GIF

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad

TherearealotofgamescomingoutinNovemberthatdesperatelywantallyourtime.Andtruthfully,alotofthemlookgreat.ButthisnewtrailerforFarCry4 includesamomentthatprettymuchmakesbuyingthisgameadonedeal.Mostlythetrailerisaboutbrutaldictator/sourceofdarkcomedyPaganMin,therulerofthefictionalnationofKyratandsomebodyyoureallydon’twanttobewithatadinnerparty.

A Compilation Of The Walking Dead's Greatest, Grossest Zombie Kills

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : io9

I fully approve of this supercut of The Walking Dead's zombie-slaying, although it may occasionally focus on quantity over quality. I do, however, begrudge its use of the "Can-Can" music when it could have used "Yakety Sax" to infinitely greater effect. Everything is better with "Yakety Sax," people. When will you learn? Read more...

‘Big Hero 6? Shows More Of The Team In A New Trailer

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad


'Bad Lip Reading' Takes on Season Four of 'The Walking Dead'

A new Bad Lip Reading for "The Walking Dead" has just hit and it certainly makes season four's grimness a little lighter. Check it out if only to hear Hershel reveal to Carl that, "There's always a little roach in my Slenderman undies." Beth also sings a lovely tune about how Mr. Show More Summary

Let’s Celebrate Jamie Hyneman’s 58th Birthday With Some Explosions

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad


Oh God, The New Big Hero 6 Trailer Is Making Us Cry

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The earlier trailers and clips for Disney's superhero film Big Hero 6 have focused mainly on how funny and adorable its characters—especially medical robot Baymax—are. But this trailer hits home the tragedy at the heart of the film. Read more...

Dan Trachtenberg’s Time Travel Heist Film Gets ‘Annabelle’ Writer

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Screen Rant

'Annabelle' screenwriter Gary Dauberman has joined Dan Trachtenberg's time travel heist film 'Crime of the Century.'

‘Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell’ Looks Like Van Art In New Gameplay Footage

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad

Wemean“vanart”inthebestwaypossible;thisgamelooks,inclassicSaintsRowtradition,absolutelyridiculous.Markingthefirsttimeyoutakecontrolofcelebrity/homicidalmaniacJohnnyGat,asyoumayhaveguessed,Gat’sinhellandhe’sgoingtobeeitherleavingortaShow More Summary

Everything We Know About Season Three Of ‘Arrow’

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad


The Viral Marketing For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Is Already Starting

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad


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