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Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014 - Captain Hippo

Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014 - Captai... 2:49 It's Thanksgiving, America! Again! And also AGAIN! This year's Annual Thanksgiving Parade has a brand new line-up of giant balloons. You'll never guess who's back. Hint: It's Red Submitted...Show More Summary

Puppet Nation: Thanksgiving at the White House

Puppet Nation: Thanksgiving at the Wh... 1:04 President Obama invites a cast of characters to celebrate Thanksgiving...some have better table manners than others. Submitted by: Piro Regular Keywords: Thanksgiving White House PuppetsShow More Summary

Gravy - Stuff You Guys

Gravy - Stuff You Guys 2:49 Directed by: Daniel Strange "Gravy" Stuff You Guys RMR Music Group ©2014 Happy Thanksgiving! Song available on iTunes. Submitted by: erikweiner Regular Keywords:...Show More Summary

Cute Furry Animals in Little Hats Have Thanksgiving Dinner

LEEEEEEEEETTLE HATS! (TM my wife) Go enjoy the holiday, folks. Light posting around here for the next four days. I'll get the Star Wars trailer up on Friday when it hits the net, there'll be...

Telling People They Sound Racist Can Be Awkward. Here's What You Should Do.

Whether you're addressing your least favorite uncle, a childhood friend or just a stranger at a bar, telling someone he or she sounds racist isn't always the easiest thing to do -- but then again, neither is listening to racist wordShow More Summary

James Cameron Wants to Make You Crap Your Pants

"You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open." That's a direct quote, from an interview with Empire in which he's asked about the Avatar sequels. I guess he got bored of messing pants the...

Paranormal Activity 5 Will Be in 3D, Probably Center on Rich Douche With a 3D Camera

It has to, right? I mean, it can't exactly be a "found footage" feature in 3D unless the character in the movie is shooting with a 3D camera. And we all know that when you're trying to capture g...

Cthulhu, Ming, Manicorn and Wienerdude Are in Lego's 13th Minifigs Collection

They might not be calling them that, but these pics don't lie. And you thought "Where Are My Pants" Guy was a risque dive into fetishes. What's the over/under on them making a sex dungeon set...

The Very Real Struggle Of Getting A 4-Year-Old To Go Potty On A Road Trip

In "Car Pee Diem," the newest episode of "Convos With My 4-Year-Old," dad Matthew Clarke and his "daughter," played by David Milchard, are -- like so many families this holiday season -- on a road-trip. The duo is dealing with one of the most common problems facing parents and preschoolers during such an adventure. Show More Summary

The Terrier Who Could Not Abide "Lucille"

There have been times in my life when I have owned a single dog. However, most of my adult life, I have lived with more like a pack of dogs, four or five or even six at a time, and not well-behaved dogs, pure-bred Bichon Frises or King...Show More Summary

10 Ways Toddlers Change Thanksgiving

Before I had kids, Thanksgiving was a fairly relaxing holiday. I'd take my time baking over several days. There was no rush to get the turkey in the oven before everyone woke up. And after the main course, I'd kick back and watch a little...Show More Summary

Thanksgiving: Upside Down Turkeys? and Navy Cooks

According to a Navy chef in 1956, the best way to roast your turkey is upside down.Not one housewife out of a hundred really knows how to roast that Thanksgiving turkey, so says the Navy! They always roast it upside down, with the breast sticking up. Show More Summary

It's Time to Move Thanksgiving

This will likely be as useless as quest as trying to end the anachronistic daylight savings time, but I want to give it a shot and start a campaign to move Thanksgiving. Like many other things the Canadians get right, I want to move our Thanksgiving closer to theirs. Show More Summary

6-Year-Old Dances To Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal,' Brings The House Down

This boy is smooth. Six-year-old Willie Osborn decided to channel Michael Jackson during an elementary school talent show. Dancing to Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," his performance -- and his outfit -- were spot-on. The video was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, but it isn't the first time Willie's wowed crowds with his dancing. Show More Summary

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Leaving The House On Black Friday

Black Friday could easily be renamed "It-Seemed-Like-A-Good-Idea-At-The-Time-Friday," because that's the general consensus after you return from your marathon shopping with a sprained ankle, a flatscreen tv and about a fifth less of your dignity. Show More Summary

Bug-A-Salt, the Shotgun That Lets You Blast Flies With Salt

People don't kill flies...high-speed salt particles blasted from a pseudo-Nerf shotgun kill flies. Or did I get that backwards? It's kind of ironic, given that people hit with buckshot are said...

Excerpts From Texas's New American History Textbook

Preface to Moses and the Constitution God made the Earth and all it's fixin's in seven days starting on Friday, April 1, 4002 B.C. and finishing up a week later without a lunch break. On the evening of the seventh day, when he was plum...Show More Summary

Amazing Vintage Color Photos of Cabaret’s Dancers at the Moulin Rouge, late 1950s

Here's a series of amazing color pictures made by LIFE photographer Loomis Dean in the late 1950s, featuring cabaret's dancers at the Moulin Rouge. It is there that where countless men and women down through the decades have enjoyed extravagant (and cheerfully risqué) song-and-dance numbers while soaking in the atmosphere of an entertainment mecca. Show More Summary

Little Kid Dreams The Impossible Dream, Tries To Whistle

"Can you whistle?" "No. It's impossible to whistle. I cannot whistle, it's impossible to whistle." "Can I see you try?" "Yeah. TTHHHBBBBBTTTTHHHHHHH!" H/T Tastefully Offensive Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter

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