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Funny or Die Sends an Intern to Central Perk

14 minutes agoEntertainment / Humor : Funny or Die

Funny or Die Sends an Intern to Centr... In honor of National Coffee Day, Funny or Die sends one of their interns over to Central Perk Submitted by: mikescollins Regular Keywords: central perk friends coffee national coffee day drama intern office monica rachel phoebe ross joey chandler the rembrants tv shows nbc must see tv intern abuse Views: 21

Pixar's 'Inside Out' Trailer Looks Like A Total Brain Pleaser

Pixar released the first teaser trailer for its highly anticipated film "Inside Out." It starts out as a montage of Pixar films, highlighting all the warm and fuzzies the studio has made us feel over the years, and morphs into the first...Show More Summary

5 Inexplicable Hollywood Mysteries

I've figured out the meaning of life: everything is bullsht, everybody is full of sht, and nobody gives a sht. What -- you thought there was more to it? Nope. That's it. Sorry about the profanity. But what really intrigues me are the mysteries of Hollywood. Show More Summary

Forget the Movie 'Her' -- I've Got a Better Script Called 'Them!'

The movie Her was up for Best Picture at the 2014 Oscar's. "A man falls in love with the operating system on his computer" -- an Academy Award winning premise, if I've ever heard one. Uh, right. In fact, I was thinking I would writeShow More Summary

Color Pictures of the Eerily Quiet of Dachau in 1950

In 1950 Hugo Jaeger, Adolf Hitler's personal photographer, traveled back to Dachau — the first of the Nazi concentration camps opened in Germany. Whatever the reasons, the photographs he made of the decaying, sunlit place feel at-once banal and vaguely obscene. Show More Summary

A Calm, Reasoned Argument For and Against Eating Your Cute Fat Baby

The following is based on an actual conversation about eating babies. Don't act like you haven't had one of those. Jeff has questions. I have facts. Let's see where this goes--I'll let him start. JEFF: Seriously, what the hell is it with you people and eating babies? Look, I like eating and I like kids. Show More Summary

Flying Fairy Toy Escapes Human Overlords, Returns Home To Her People (VIDEO)

If you love something, let it go. But if it's a Chinese toy knock-off, don't expect it to come back. That was apparently the case for a Japanese girl playing with her Flutterbye Flying Fairy toy. In a video uploaded to YouTube last week,...Show More Summary

Debut Trailer for Animated "Justice League: We Promise Aquaman Doesn't Suck"

I will laugh my ass off if Jason Momoa gets a bleached blond mop-top. It'll be amazing. Anyway, it looks like DC's tired of all the "Sea-man" jokes in pop-culture, so ahead of Arthur Curry's li...

How 12 Of Your Favorite TV Comedies Will Eventually End

How 12 Of Your Favorite TV Comedies W... Everything dies, including beloved television comedy programs. Such is life. Submitted by: brian_boone Regular Keywords: The middle New Girl Zooey deschanel mike and molly melissa mccarthy sitcoms...Show More Summary

17 Mom Confessions about F'ed Up Things Their Kids Have Done

It's been a week, and you've about had it with everyone residing inside your home. Pets included. You think perhaps you might call a friend to vent, or post on Facebook the insane details of what's been going down, but then you think: there is no way anyone will believe me. Show More Summary

Spoiler: Owning A GoPro Doesn't Automatically Make Life Awesome

In almost every single one of the gajillion GoPro videos posted online, we get to see brave doing daring things, making their lives look very daredevilish. So it should follow: If you want to be exciting, all you need is a GoPro. Right? Wrong. When...Show More Summary

Modelesque Dachshund Loves Taking Luxurious Baths In Sink

Being perfect isn't easy, but this long-haired dachshund knows a good beauty routine goes a long way. The dog moves through the water under the faucet, making sure its luxurious locks get good and clean. It's totally prepping for a photo shoot for model pups, right? H/T Tastefully Offensive

Dog Is Upset She Can't Go On The Couch, Is Still Ridiculously Cute

Look at that doggone face. Sammy the pup really wants to relax on the new couch, and when her human won't let her, she throws the most adorable little tantrum. We know whining normally isn't cute, but we'd be so tempted to give in here. H/T Tastefully Offensive

The 14 Most Miraculous Ways People Escaped Death

By CRACKED Readers Published: October 02nd, 2014 That's to the Internet, we've learned that we live in a world of full of ordinary people with genitals to big for their pants. Our readers assembled the biggest badasses they could find for your viewing pleasure. The winner is below, but first the ru

4 Things Foreigners Will Never Understand About America

By C. Coville Published: October 02nd, 2014 I moved to America from Australia almost five years ago after a long immigration battle, and these days I feel like I'm finally assimilating. My accent has mutated into a weird Ausmerican-hybrid mess that sounds like a drunk person pretending to be H

3 Famous Characters Whose Creators Got Epically Screwed

By Maxwell Yezpitelok Published: October 02nd, 2014 Have you ever looked at an outrageously cool scene in a superhero movie and thought, "How do they come up with this stuff?!" Well, the short answer is: they don't. If Hollywood is answering that question, it's, "Fuck you. Die, you ignorant turd. That

4 Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

By Pauli Poisuo Published: October 02nd, 2014 Do you ever get a funny feeling during movies? Wait, no, that's not what I meant. Don't answer that. David Leahy/The Image Bank/Getty Images... during Human Centipede? Really? That's... actually kind of impressive. Anyway, the feeling I was talking

6 Sworn Enemies Who Teamed Up and Kicked Ass

By A.C. Grimes Published: October 02nd, 2014 Making friends is easy when you're a kid: you just become buddies with whoever's sitting next to you, or has the same sweater, or owns Castle Grayskull. It's a lot harder when you're an adult, especially if you and the other person come from differen

Rapid Refresh - The International Women's Forum Known as Twitter

Rapid Refresh - The International Wom... 3:14 Tom Lennon, Cameron Esposito and Daniel Sloss guess which question about Ebola actually appears on Yahoo Answers and then learn about a sexist shirt from DC Comics. Submitted by: atmidnight Regular Keywords:...Show More Summary

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