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New TR T-Shirt and New Motto

No, this isn't the contest prize, but I finally updated the Topless Robot Cafepress store with a T-shirt. More will come. Cafepress makes these to order, so I have none to hand - but they are s...

This Is What It Would Sound Like If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women

Let's be honest. Even if men (smartly) avoid the cheesiness of a standard pick-up line -- no, we did not fall from heaven -- straightforward conversation can be hard to come by when you're chatting with someone new at a bar. After all,...Show More Summary

'Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat': Slam Poetry by Hello Kitty

'Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat': Slam Poet... Hello Kitty is not a cat, but she is getting into slam poetry. Submitted by: patshereyouguys Regular Keywords: hello kitty sanrio hello kitty not a cat toys japan merchandise cute stuff lisa frank slam poetry def poetry hello kitty art hello kitty exhibit hello kitty song hello kitty poetry hello kitty cat hello kitty a girl Views: 16

I Ain't Afraid of No GIFs! 30 Ghostbusters GIFs to Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

I Ain't Afraid of No GIFs! 30 Ghostbu... Celebrating 30 years of Ghostbusters with all of the Ghostbusters GIFs. Submitted by: Jenny Nelson Regular Keywords: ghostbusters ghostbusters gifs bill murray harold ramis ernie hudson rick moranis gifs dan akroyd sigourney weaver ghosts movies ivan reitman Views: 56

How To Turn Hershey's New Logo Into A Poop Emoji In 5 Steps

Hershey unveiled a new logo Thursday. Building on its old Hersey kiss logo, the revamp was designed by goDutch, an Ohio-based creative consultancy. And we have to say it does make us want to go something. Mainly number 2. In fact, you...Show More Summary

Media Company Lays Off Copy Editors, Publishes Newsletter With A Major Typo

Copy editors are a necessity in any newsroom, but sadly, the positions are slowly disappearing. Recently, Gannett sacked a hefty amount of editors from its various titles across the nation, and the decision appears to have affected the top dogs. Show More Summary


There are many typical characters in stand-up comedy.  The zanies, the self depreciating, the truth seekers and the truth tellers.   Michael Palascak sits amongst a dying breed of  character, that of the good guy.  Innocent in his faults with a glass is half full attitude,  Michael’s nature on stage is always likable if not lovable.  In this installment […]

'Everything Must Go' Pentagon Ad Spoofs Local Police Who Look Like They're Going Into Battle

We've already seen why putting an abundance of military-grade equipment in the hands of local police officers isn't the best idea in the world, but how and why is all this extra weaponry being passed out like candy? While President Obama...Show More Summary

Among Dancing Queens, I Am the Jester

I snuck in the back, hoping no one would notice me. Not that they would. They reeked of confidence in their best Lululemons, while I probably reeked of something far less appealing in my sweaty maternity clothes circa 2007. But I was...Show More Summary

10 'If We're Not Married By...' Pacts That Actually Panned Out

In sitcoms and rom-coms, there's no shortage of marriage pact plot lines in which on-screen friends promise that if neither one of them is married by a certain age, then the two of them will get together. (Ted and Robin from "How I Met Your Mother" are one notable example.) Seems unlikely, right? We thought so too. Show More Summary

Ball Boy Makes Incredible Catch At U.S. Open, Earns Kudos From Fellow Ball Kid

Next think you know, this ball boy will be catching flies with chopsticks. During a game Thursday at the U.S. Open, the unidentified boy made a catch so impressive -- casually snagging a ball in mid-air as it flew off a player's racket...Show More Summary

Topless Toy Chest: WWE Debut Mankind by Mattel ( Exclusive)

While "Mankind" scaled his greatest professional heights when he acknowledged his name was Mick Foley and was allowed to do goofy stuff with sweatsocks, he had a pretty good run before that as a...

Obama Held An Important Press Conference And All People Cared About Was His Tan Suit

President Barack Obama showed up at his press conference on Thursday to answer some important questions about... oh my gosh, did you see what he's wearing? (It was actually a pretty important press conference on foreign policy, and you...Show More Summary

This Honda Fit Ad Has A Surprise Ending We Can Barely Hold In

This sly spec ad for the Honda Fit touts the car's ability to go long distances without needing a stop. But the payoff is more about our own capacity. We'll leave it at that. James Rautmann, who directed the sample for A2F Pictures in Minneapolis, told AdWeek he wanted to "create an ah-ha moment." Mission accomplished, James.

'Legends' Episode 3 Recap: It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets VX In Their Eye

QUESTION: Should you have kept your graphic design job? HYPOTHESIS: No, no matter how disappointing recapping "Legends" is, graphic design is way worse. PROCEDURE: Watch episode three of "Legends," entitled "Lords Of War" to see if you...Show More Summary

Herd Of Deer Encounters Strange New Creature Called 'Cat'

What happens when a small group of deer and a cat come in contact for the first time? We think it will go a little something like this... From the journal of Captain Buck Bambi: "It's been three days since we left the forest, and we've come across a bizarre little creature. Show More Summary

Oh Wow...Jeff Bridges-as-Gandalf Movie Seventh Son Is Actually Coming out

I really thought Legendary was going to try to bury this and write it off as a casualty of their switch from WB to Universal. But no...come February, we will get to see The Dude do his best Ian...

Baby Finds Ostrich Enormously Hilarious, Cannot Stop Giggling

Sometimes the simplest things in life are also the most entertaining. Don’t believe us? Just ask this baby, whose recent encounter with an ostrich at a Utah petting zoo sent him into a total state of euphoria. Warning: His giggles are totally infectious.

Goodbye, Skinny Genes

I have skinny jeans and I'm not happy about it. I've never had skinny jeans before. Of course I've put on weight since my college days -- probably around 20 pounds (I was 5'8" and 125 when I graduated. Hate me? That's OK. I hate me too now). Show More Summary

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