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UCB's Series 'Gary Saves The Graveyard' Is The Horror Comedy You Needed

The gate that surrounds the cemetery is not to keep people out... but to keep the dead in. And it's hilarious. In UCB Comedy's new series "Gary Saves the Graveyard," Gary (Jim Santangeli) is takes over as the new graveyard caretaker, and just in time too, because the dead have risen. Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert Is Just As Worried About The New Citizenship Law As Fox News

The co-hosts of Fox News' "Outnumbered" were recently very critical of a new policy by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that extends the definition of "mother" and "parent" to include someone who might not have a...Show More Summary

I'm With Stupid: Brother Love's Non-Traveling Salvation Pumpkins

It's Halloween, which means that by virtue of living in central Colorado, I am once again privy to the miracle of the pumpkins, an annual happening I became aware of several years ago on a drive to a trailhead. There is a road near where...Show More Summary

Ronald Dillon Suspended For Using Robot Voice With Customers

It may sound pretty funny to answer customer-service calls at an IT help desk in a robot voice... but Ronald Dillon didn't stop when his boss told him to. Now he's been suspended from his job at New York City's Health Department, without pay, for 20 days.

The Funniest Someecards Of The Week

What. A. Day. It's Friday, it's Halloween, did we mention it's Friday?! We have so many reasons to celebrate (okay, two reasons), so put on your party pants and let's get this weekend started. How should you get your weekend rockin' and rollin' you ask? Start by reading the silliest Someecards of the week, of course! We've compiled the best below.

The Writer of Dredd and 28 Days Later Has New Movie Promoting Robosexual Agenda

Yep, Danny Boyle's frequent collaborator Alex Garland finally gets his shot at directing, and it's about Domhnall Gleeson falling for a fembot. That's her above. Would you? I mean, the trailer i...

11 Times It's OK To Tell A Woman To Smile

If you've been on the Internet in the past couple days, you've probably seen that viral video showing all the catcalls one woman received while walking around New York City for 10 hours. If you haven't -- go watch it. As its 16-million-plus...Show More Summary

10 of the Scariest Carved Pumpkins You've Ever Seen

10 of the Scariest Carved Pumpkins Yo... Jack-o-lanterns with those triangle faces are so passé and not even all that scary. Submitted by: Jenny Nelson Regular Keywords: scary pumpkins halloween jack-o-lanterns jackolanterns jack o lanterns carved pumpkins scary carved pumpkins funny pumpkins funny halloween funny pics pics Views: 1,772

52 Ways to Have the Best Halloween Ever

52 Ways to Have the Best Halloween Ever 52 steps to ensuring the greatest Halloween of your life. Submitted by: mikescollins Regular Keywords: halloween october 31 party costume embarrassing pumpkin ghost cops Views: 17,385

Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan Dressed Up As All Your Favorite TV Characters For Halloween

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan covered it all on "Live's Best Halloween Show Ever Seriously" special on Friday. The talk show hosts started off the show dressed as zombies and -- with a little help from Gelman and Art Moore -- went on...Show More Summary

New "Bad Guy” Football Teams that Anyone Can Root Against

New "Bad Guy” Football Teams that Any... Every football fan has the team they love, but we also have those teams that we love to hate. Whether it's crosstown rivals, the division champs, or those perennial powers that need to be taken down a peg, you've gotta admit, sometimes it's just as fun to "boo" as it is to cheer. Show More Summary

Chris Rock Counts Down The Year's Top 5 Halloween Costumes

We have seen the light! Chris Rock, star of the movie "Top Five," made a visit to "The Tonight Show" Thursday to count down the year's top five Halloween costumes. The best part was that Rock delivered the list in the style of a preacher,...Show More Summary

Nation, The Last Episode Of 'The Colbert Report' Will Air On December 18

If you're a "Colbert Report" fan and get depressed around the holidays, you might have a particularly difficult time this year. On Thursday night's episode, Stephen Colbert announced that our beloved "Report" will air its last episode on Dec. Show More Summary

I'm So Blessed!

CATHY! OMG! I am SO sorry for the late reply! I feel horrible that it took me a week and a half to reply to your email! Wait - was that two weeks? What, three? Super sad panda sorry! (Ha ha I saw that on Facebook today). Time goes by...Show More Summary

Rare and Weird Vintage Photos of Skeletons and Dead Bodies

In the 19th Century, posing with and taking photographs of dead loved ones was a common occurrence, allowing people to have a keepsake of their departed family members. Today, this cultural phenomenon has all but disappeared. “During...Show More Summary

Somebody Found a Way to Make Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Even Creepier (Also Entertaining)

Take a character from the forced-weirdness, trying-too-hard, "quirky" retelling of Lewis Carroll...then recreate her with a soul-devouring puppet head, several Playing Card soldiers controlled b...

Dog vs. Chicken Nugget Is A Battle To End All Battles

Dog vs. chicken nugget: It’s a battle for the ages, but who will be the victor? In this video, uploaded by America's Funniest Home Videos, a nugget-loving pooch will impress you with his single-minded determination to get the chicken morsel from the seat of a baby's highchair. With this kind of resolve, we know who we’d put our money on. H/T Tastefully Offensive

A Cartoon Alpaca Voiced By Amy Poehler Explains Economic Inequality

Ever dream Amy Poehler would explain economic issues to you in the form of a cute alpaca? Well, you're in luck. Directed by Adam McKay, a new video for We The Economy called "The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas" features Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Sarah Silverman. Show More Summary

Why They'll Never Stop Making Zombie Movies

By Daniel O'Brien,Abe Epperson Published: October 31st, 2014

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