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18 Fictional Bunnies That Haunt the Dreams of Nerds

When we learn that the Martians are predatory toward humans in War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells offers us a bit of perspective by having his narrator remind us: "how repulsive our carnivorous habi...

What Not To Do On Facebook Once You Friend Your Boss

So, you've made the unfortunate decision of friending your boss on Facebook. First things first, check out your Facebook history and make sure you don't have any embarrassing photos or statuses. All clear? Now, make sure you do noneShow More Summary

26 Awesome Ways to Break Terrible News

By CRACKED Readers Published: April 18th, 2014 No one likes getting bad news. But if you're the one breaking it, the least you can do is put some pizazz into it. We asked you to show us the most entertaining ways to let someone down, and gave $100 to the winner...

5 Movies That Made Huge Stars Quit Acting Forever

By Maxwell Yezpitelok Published: April 18th, 2014 Every single movie actor who has been called "the greatest in the world" has appeared in at least one irredeemable turd. Daniel Day-Lewis did Nine. Marlon Brando did The Island of Dr. Moreau. Sasha Grey was in several episodes of Entourage. And so on

The 4 Most Baffling Driving Behaviors Everyone Encounters

By Luis Prada Published: April 18th, 2014 Scientific studies of the driving brain tell us that driving lulls you into a meditative state. This always made sense to me. When having trouble sleeping, or just thinking through a problem at work or in school, I've always instinctively hopped in m

5 Scenes From History That Everyone Pictures Incorrectly

By J. Wisniewski Published: April 18th, 2014 Whether it takes the form of a somewhat historical film like Braveheart or an only slightly more fictionalized epic like Lord of the Rings, we do love watching some old-timey combat. Vikings, Samurai, Roman Centurions -- there's just something so muc

13 Food Wisdoms To Live By, According To Ron Swanson

"Parks and Recreation's" Ron Swanson is a capitalist proponent, carpenter extraordinaire and food enthusiast. Through the show's first six seasons, he's spread his love for steak and bacon while shunning vegans, vegetables and all things green or healthy. Show More Summary

Here Are The Answers To Every Question You've Never Asked About Marshmallow Peeps

The iconic, beady-eyed Marshmallow Peep is a beloved confection. It perches on shelves all year long in some flavor or design, but come Easter, the little bird makes an extra special appearance, when celebratory baskets are filled with...Show More Summary

Vintage Photos of The World War I in 1914

A German infantryman marching the “goose step” at a military parade, 1914. Austrian Infantry passing through a burnt-out village, 1914. French reservists heading for the headquarters to join the army at the start of World War I, 1914. Soldiers...Show More Summary


EASTAH DINNAH 1:50 Get in the Cah!!! Submitted by: Dude Take Dude Regular Keywords: Easter Eastah Bunny Eggs Cah family comedy Pam Murphy Timothy Brennan Kat Palardy Jamie Hoggson hilarious so true Views: 655

The Newest Testament

The Newest Testament 3:35 Frustrated with humanity for not following the rules of His novel, God sends His only son down early to set the record straight. Submitted by: Vincent Masciale Regular Keywords: Jesus Katie Featherston Richard Riehle Carly Craig Ashlynn Yennie David Ury Lisa Schwartz Tanner Thomason Marlon Young church comedy funny Views: 85


"Compliments" 4:51 A man's needy Craigslist post is finally answered Starring: Max Azulay, Sammi Cains, Alex Mullen Shot and edited by: Victor Tadashi Suarez Directed by: Alex Mullen Written by: Max Azulay Submitted by: alex mullen and max azulay Regular Keywords: compliments craigslist Views: 79

Bible Pests

Recounting the Ten Plagues at Passover makes me think of a contemporary plague we've been seeing in full force just this past week: Bible pests. Whether they think every word in the Bible is literally true or it's all fiction, BibleShow More Summary

Game of Thrones T-Shirt on His Kid Gets Professor Suspended, Sanity Questioned

With the shirts I wear on a regular basis - and would let my kid wear if I had one - maybe I should never be a college professor. Bergen Community College in New Jersey put Professor Francis Sch...

Wedding Party Reenacts Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper' Painting, Because Why Not

When Eliot and Greta Prisby tied the knot earlier this year, they decided that the wedding party was going to reenact Leonardo da Vinci's famous "The Last Supper" painting at the reception. Just because. "There was no particular catalyst, except maybe for the fact that the best man looks like Jesus," Eliot told HuffPost Weddings. Show More Summary

Transcript of a Telephone Call Between Presidents Obama and Putin

The following is a transcript of a conversation took place between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama who initially fielded President Putin's incoming call at the White House. Presidents Putin and Obama both communicated with the help of interpreters. Vladimir Putin: Hi Barack. Show More Summary

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