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7 Horrible Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party (Tested)

By Evan V. Symon Published: October 31st, 2014 Today is Halloween (unless you live in New Zealand, where Halloween was over an hour before this article was published; go to bed). The point is, even if you're just sitting down to read this at 8:30 p.m. local time, YOU STILL HAVE AMPLE TIME TO HOLD

21 Casting Ideas That Would Have Changed Movie History

By CRACKED Readers Published: October 31st, 2014 There's no denying that each one of us secretly wishes we worked as a casting agent in Hollywood. After all, how many times have you been watching a movie, thinking someone else would've been so much better for a certain part? That's why we asked our

4 Underrated Horror Films for Never Leaving the House Again

By Adam Tod Brown Published: October 31st, 2014 Do you have big plans for Halloween night? Oh, shut up, you do not. Also, no, handing out candy to ungrateful kids definitely does not count. If you're doing that, you're at home. If you're at home, you might as well watch a movie. Your friends for d

What It's Like to Survive a Point-Blank Blast from a Shotgun

By Robert Evans,Ryan Jarcy Published: October 31st, 2014 According to Hollywood, the leg is pretty much the best place to get shot. Does the protagonist need to shoot information out of a baddie without killing him? Put a bullet in his thigh! Hero needs to suffer a non-fatal injury? You can bet that unplea

5 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Simpsons'

"The Simpsons" has been around for nearly 25 years, but even the show's most avid watchers may have missed certain key facts. For instance, do you know why Maggie's "price" as she's slid across the cash register is $847.63? No? Then watch away: H/T Mashable

6 Homemade Costumes That Look Like Awesome Movie Special FX

By E. Reid Ross Published: October 31st, 2014 Want a Halloween costume that will get plenty of polite smiles and compliments at the big party this year? Then you came to the wrong place, motherfucker. Want a costume that will utterly dominate Halloween and make everyone else realize their costum

11 Amy Poehler Stories You've Never Heard Before, But Will Totally Relate To Your Life

Yes, yes, yes. With celebrity memoirs, there's always a hope that the author will divulge crazy details about their life. Amy Poehler's new book, Yes Please, certainly delivers. The book includes amazingly detailed stories, like that time she was a worked at a Chicago restaurant and served Oprah, who naturally gave her tablemates gifts. Show More Summary

'Today' Co-Hosts Channel Classic 'SNL' Characters For Halloween

The "Today" co-hosts brought their A-game once again this Halloween: Can every day be Halloween?! #HalloweenTODAY — TODAY (@TODAYshow) October 31, 2014 The co-hosts, and entire crew, arrived at the plaza Friday...Show More Summary

Asparagus Pee Is Real, But Only Some Of Us Can Smell It

Everyone's pee smells like asparagus after they digest it. Deny this all you like, but those green stalks contain something called asparagusic acid, among a couple other compounds, that gives urine that unique odor. As your body digests food, it breaks down different compounds through the enzymatic process. Show More Summary

John Constantine's 10 Nastiest Moments from the Early Days Of Hellblazer

John Constantine is the best there is at what he does and what he does certainly ain't pretty. Known as a magician, conjurer, con man, helper of the innocent and a generally dangerous person to...

Of Course Robots Will Never Become Our High-Tech Overlords... Or Will They?

All that talk about robots rising up to become our high-tech overlords is pretty far-fetched--or is it? Sure, that Roomba keeping your floors clean isn't very menacing (except maybe to this dog), and you're not losing sleep worrying about the Looj that's sweeping out your gutters. Show More Summary

"The Inn Crowd"

By Jerry Zezima If I can afford to retire when I am eligible in five years -- I took a vow of poverty when I went into journalism, so I may be working posthumously -- I'd like to be an innkeeper. My wife, Sue, who is a teacher, thinks...Show More Summary

Jon Stewart's Message To Texas Dems: 'You Poor Bastards'

Jon Stewart brought "The Daily Show" to Texas this week, and on Thursday night he tore apart the notion that the red state is turning blue. “Texas has been a conservative state since dinosaurs roamed it 6,000 years ago," Stewart said. Show More Summary

Banned Febreze Commercial

Banned Febreze Commercial 1:53 A shocking and terrifying Febreze commercial that was never aired on television. Submitted by: TheChuckleSquad Worthy Keywords: febreze banned commercial demons parody Views: 30,388

Casa Susanna: Candid Snapshots of Cross-dressers in the mid-1950s and 1960s

Casa Susanna, located in Hunter, New York, was a getaway for heterosexual transvestites in the mid-1950s and 1960s. Founded by Susanna, aka Tito Valenti, the resort embraced men who dressed like women, providing a safe haven for theShow More Summary

Nassau Street, looking south from Fulton Street, New York City, 1926

Nassau Street, looking south from Fulton Street, on March 3, 1926 (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives)

Fast Food Review: Jack in the Box Chick-N-Tater Melt Munchie Meal

It's part of their line of "totally not for stoners, except when we admit that they are" line of late-night Munchie Meals (fun fact: after I got a marketing guy to basically admit it on camera,...

If Groomsmen Acted Like Bridesmaids, This Is What It Would Look Like

If groomsmen acted like bridesmaids, this is what it would look like -- or rather, what guys think it would look like. In BuzzFeed's new video posted Wednesday, the groomsmen get all "Say Yes To The Dress"-emotional when the perfectShow More Summary

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