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8 Reasons Moms Hate Sending Their Kids Back to School

Look, I was as excited to send the kiddos back to school as the rest of the moms out there who've had a 12-week hiatus from normal daily life. I just wish we could remove a couple irritating back to school elements from the equation (listen to me using words like "equation," I already sound more scholarly... Show More Summary

A Cat & Owl Are Friends! A Cat & Owl Are Friends! Holy Crap, A Cat & Owl Are Friends!

Maybe we're a little too excited about this, but come on. In the video above, originally posted to Facebook by André Costa, a cat and owl are just hanging out being cool with each other. The world truly is a magical place. [via Daily Picks & Flicks]

My Daddy Taught Me Not to Read Directions

My Daddy did so many things very well...but like most guys, he just wouldn't read directions, look at maps, typical guy stuff. My mother didn't like to clean house. Ever. But one Christmas, I think it was 1964, we were having a big group of family for the holidays... Show More Summary

You Used To Care About College. Then Senior Year Happened.

Every year, bright-eyed freshmen come on campus, dressed to impress and ready to introduce themselves to everyone. Every year, those same freshmen get a little less bright-eyed, a wee bit less dressed up and a little less willing to make new friends. And then the inevitable happens: They become ramen-eating seniors in sweatpants. h/t BroBible

Dear Elderly Neighbor: No, I'm Not Looking at You in Your Bathrobe

This is a public service message to the elderly lady who lives a few houses down the block. Dear Elderly Neighbor: No, I'm not looking at you in your bathrobe. Each morning when I take my Labrador Retriever puppy out for a walk, I pass by your house. Show More Summary

Darwyn Cooke Draws 23 December DC Covers - Including Masters of the Universe!

You know and expect Darwyn Cooke to draw retro-style versions of DC heroes. But given DC's dogged determination to create rather awful redesigns of He-Man and friends, you wouldn't necessarily e...

Pete Davidson Joins 'Saturday Night Live' As New Featured Player

"Saturday Night Live" is only getting one new featured player this season, and his name is Pete Davidson. The rising standup comedian is the newest featured player joining the 40th season of "Saturday Night Live," according to Deadline. Show More Summary

Who's The Best Dog? Dog Knows.

When Amelia the Brittany Spaniel is around, questions get answered. Via Reddit

3-Year-Old Adorably Accuses Parents Of Taking Her Money

Remember the days when you were 3 years old, flush with cash from all the investments you'd made in your first few years? You invested heavily in mobiles in year one. And in year two, you took a chance by putting all your money into plush carpeting, short accessible ottomans and teeth. Show More Summary

Beardtastic Dad's Plan To Surprise His Daughter Through Peekaboo Seriously Backfires

What started out as an ordinary game of peekaboo turned into big surprise gone wrong. Formerly bearded dad Bradley Bailey was playing an innocent game of peekaboo with his young daughter when he excused himself for a moment between rounds. Show More Summary

Violet The Puppy Goes Berserk Over IPad Game

When Violet the puppy was presented with an iPad game called Cat Fishing 2, she knew just what to do -- go batsh% crazy over it. Nathan Patin, Violet's owner, told The Huffington Post that though the game is meant for cats, it helpsShow More Summary

Bento Boxes That Will Establish Your Dominance Over Other Moms

This post originally appeared on Congratulations! You are done fcking around and you're ready to take your rightful place as Alpha Mom. Do you think success comes for free? It doesn't. Be prepared to put in the work. Take a look at this. Show More Summary

Former Sex Slave Tells All About Horrifying Experience

When you hear about modern-day slavery, you probably imagine a gang of Eastern European thugs kidnapping women and getting chased down by Liam Neeson. But, incredibly, human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States today. Show More Summary

Maru The Cat Gets Thwarted By Broken Box, Throws Some Shade

He's back in all his cardboard box-loving glory, everyone. (But did Maru the cat ever really leave?) In this new Maru video, Youtube's favorite feline encounters a new set of boxes to explore. He regards them with as much curiosity as ever, until one breaks as he climbs into it. Show More Summary

John Oliver Begs Scotland To Stay With The United Kingdom

In the grand tradition of British romantic comedies, John Oliver took a moment on Sunday to tell Scotland, "I'm just a boy, standing in front of a nation, asking it to continue tolerating me." On Sept. 18, the Scottish people will vote...Show More Summary

This Poor Kitty Puts Our Seasonal Allergies To Shame

This pretty Persian kitten has more than just a case of sniffles. And while your owner, Nick Cornelison, chuckles empathetically at your plight, Romeo, we can only imagine how many more sneezes you had coming your way after this 6-second Vine was recorded. Show More Summary

17 Movies & TV Shows That Have No Idea How Technology Works

By CRACKED Readers Published: September 15th, 2014 We don't always expect Hollywood to get it right, and often times we're willing to suspend our disbelief -- but sometimes it's hard to not notice the idiot logic being presented on the screen. We asked our readers to bring us those examples that make

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