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Vintage Photos of Hollywood Actresses in Halloween Costumes, ca. 1930s

Anne Gwynne & Peggy Moran, c.1939 Betty Grable, c.1932 Betty Grable, c.1932 Dorothy Dix, c.1930s June Collyer, c.1930 See more »

21 Best Pics of All Time of the Week

21 Best Pics of All Time of the Week This week's other pics never even stood a chance. Submitted by: jasonflowers Regular Keywords: funny pics funny pics best of the week best pics 21 best pics picdump lol lol pics animals pets kids costumes news fails funny signs dogs sex sex jokes sports gameday signs wtf Views: 283,516

16 Places Everyone Pictures Incorrectly (Thanks to Movies)

By CRACKED Readers Published: October 22nd, 2014 We know: Hollywood can be very sloppy and very inaccurate. Unfortunately, filmmakers can be very clueless as well, as some mistakes just keep happening over and over and over again. Our readers dug up the worst offenders when it comes to simply looki

Vampire Lawyer with Chris Pine

Vampire Lawyer with Chris Pine 3:34 You would not believe the amount of work that went into this sketch video. Submitted by: chris_singel Regular Keywords: vampire lawyer credits parody sketch gaffer best boy outtakes ken burns chris pine court courtroom judge plaintiff blood suck bat Views: 53,291

Baby Shamelessly Face-Plants Into His 1st Birthday Cake

Judging from baby Bauer's expression, he discovered what pure happiness tastes like when he tried cake on his first birthday. Understandably, Bauer could not be bothered with formalities like utensils and napkins, and instead just slowly face-planted straight into the icing. But we can't blame him for his excitement. Not one bit. H/T Tastefully Offensive

What 32 Movie Characters Should Have Said

By CRACKED Readers Published: October 19th, 2014 We've all walked away from a situation wishing we didn't make it awkward by saying that thing that made everyone uncomfortable and weary of us. Point is, surely movie characters have been in the same situation. Our readers went back and retconned our

Beautiful Vintage Tennis Style from between 1900s and 1920s

Tennis players, 1906. Three young women in light dresses holding tennis racquets, ca. 1900. Women playing tennis, 1906. Chicago girls at Sokol Sports, Prague, Austria, ca. 1912. Gladys Ingalls, ca. 1910s. See more »

Look Inside: A Predator Drone

Look Inside: A Predator Drone The MQ-1 predator drone is manufactured for the United States Air Force and CIA by defense contractor General Atomics. Though their covert nature makes exact figures hard to come by, it is estimated that since 2001 the U.S. Show More Summary

5 Ways Society Is Sexist Against Men (and How We Can Fix It)

By CRACKED Staff Published: October 22nd, 2014 Society is obsessed with women's issues, but men have problems too. And with the growing influence of feminism, things are just getting worse and worse for the male of our species: after all, it's called "feminism," not "everyoneism." In fact, we've

The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas!

The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas! 5:47 Is Inequality Growing? In a magical land inhabited by long lashed, multi-colored Alpacas who love lollipops, rainbows and friendship, there's a yawning divide in wealth distribution…what's behindShow More Summary

Men Try On 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes, Acknowledge How Ridiculous They Are

Every Halloween, a host of costumes are marketed as "sexy" for women. There's the sexy nun, the sexy firefighter, the sexy Girl Scout -- the list goes on and on. But what would happen if men tried these "sexy" costumes on for size? Well,...Show More Summary

4 Pop Culture Icons Who Were Originally Meant to Be Women

By Cezary Jan Strusiewicz Published: October 19th, 2014 No matter how many times you point out that Batman doesn't have manboobs, or that Jason Bourne never wank-stalked his ex-girlfriend on Facebook, some people will always dismiss stories with ass-kicking female protagonists because they "just can't ide

Platonic Episode 3: Injaculation

Platonic Episode 3: Injaculation 5:38 MJ has a stalker. Submitted by: gracielane Regular Keywords: firebox mouthbabies favorite bartender Daoist monks restaurant server los angeles Gracie Lane comedy blow jobs masturbation vodka stalker married cheater dirty web series bar bartender Keri Safran KeriSafran Views: 7,427

The 6 Most Horrifying Ways Anyone Ever Made Money

By B.T. Doran Published: October 22nd, 2014 The thing about slasher-movie villains is that they can't help it -- Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers clearly have something wrong with their brains, and the little girl from The Ring just wants out of that well. The real world, however, offers somet

How to Carve a Pumpkin You Can Have Sex With

How to Carve a Pumpkin You Can Have S... 13 simple steps to carving your own sex pumpkin. Happy Halloween! Submitted by: mikescollins Immortal Keywords: halloween pumpkin pumpkin carving sex glory hole penis scary spooky haunted holiday pumpkin spice fuck butt Views: 128,430

6 Realities of Cooking Illegal Drugs (Not Seen on TV)

By Robert Evans,Anonymous Published: October 19th, 2014 Some drugs grow right out of the ground, because Mother Nature is one of those "cool moms" who would rather have you do it in a safe environment. But of course, that isn't enough for humanity. Over the last century and change, we've cooked up more su

Old Contact Sheets from Some of Hollywood’s Most Legendary Films

Before you could open that folder of images on your memory card, contact sheets were the only way to review a bunch of photographs you just took. In Hollywood's golden days, directors had on-set photographers capturing candid imagesShow More Summary

Let's Get Physics Y'all with Megan Amram, Nick Offerman, Rich Fulcher, and Steve Agee

Let's Get Physics Y'all with Megan Am... 3:09 'Science for Her' by Megan Amram is available Nov. 4. Order it at: AMAZON: ITUNES:!/id837624505?mt=11%20%20%20 Submitted...Show More Summary

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