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Here's Why Being A Disney Princess Would Be Super Awkward

There's a reason people groom themselves with combs instead of random thingamabobs. Being a Disney princess is great in the movies, but acting like one in real life... not so much. Does anyone really want to lose shoes all the time,Show More Summary

Benedict Cumberbatch Finally Knows How To Say 'Penguin'

Benedict Cumberbatch is a man of many talents, but saying "penguins" is not one of them. Recently, a video of the "Sherlock" star repeatedly failing at saying the word in a 2009 documentary went viral. The actor was then confronted about...Show More Summary

Here Are Some Real Reasons New Yorkers Shouldn't Fear Ebola In NYC

It's happened: The Ebola virus has made its move to the big city, presumably with big dreams of infecting the lot of us. Ebola is understandably frightening, but if you listen to the voices of reason, there's not a lot to be scared about, and medical staff and emergency support crews are working hard to make sure it stays that way. Show More Summary

Human Cat Burglars Could Learn From This Clever Kitty

Let this clever cat school you in breaking and entering. The sneaky feline sneaks into a building by pulling out tubing that extends outside through a hole in the wall. Once the tubing is fully removed, the cat disappears inside. We'd like to say "bad kitty," but this is pretty impressive. H/T Laughing Squid

Adam Sandler's Story About Shaq's Penis Actually Gets Animated Thanks To 'Conan'

Last year, Adam Sandler got pretty animated while telling Conan O'Brien a story about a time he tried to see Shaquille O'Neal's penis, and now Conan has immortalized the moment forever by actually animating Sandler. Artist Dilara Karabas...Show More Summary

Is There Anything More Awkward Than Watching People React To Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Video?

Imagine seeing your parents or grandparents watch Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda." Sounds a bit awkward, right? Luckily you don't have to see your own family members watch the sexually explicit video, but you can instead enjoy the hilarious...Show More Summary

Kids Try Brussels Sprouts, Actually Like Them A Whole Lot

Do all kids really loathe eating vegetables? A group of children are bucking the stereotype this week as they discover a previously unknown love of the oft-maligned nutrient powerhouse: the brussels sprout. When YouTube’s the Fine Brothers...Show More Summary

Men Try On 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes, Acknowledge How Ridiculous They Are

Every Halloween, a host of costumes are marketed as "sexy" for women. There's the sexy nun, the sexy firefighter, the sexy Girl Scout -- the list goes on and on. But what would happen if men tried these "sexy" costumes on for size? Well,...Show More Summary

Pantera's Singer, Phil Anselmo, Teaches Comedian Dave Hill How To METAL

Listen, if you want to be the "most badass metal motherf--ker of all time," who are you gonna go to? Comedian Dave Hill wanted to be the most metal he could possibly be, so naturally he tracked down the lead singer of one of the greatest...Show More Summary

NBA Stars Get In Touch With Their Sensitive Sides With Nicholas Sparks Book Club

A few NBA stars got to show off their vulnerable side this week, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. In the clip above, Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin and his teammate Matt Barnes, along with Knicks guard Iman Shumpert and Mavericks forward Chandler...Show More Summary

Dog Sees Sunny Field, Instantly Transforms Into Kangaroo

It's entirely possible that no dog on Earth was as happy as Megan the lurcher when she found this grassy field. Watch Megan get some serious air as she and her Jack Russell friend Molly discover the joys of life: Though the video was posted in 2012, it's never too late to be reminded what ultimate bliss looks like.

'Cubed' Million Dollar Button Dilemma Will Show The Type Of Person You Really Are

What would you do if there was a button you could push and get a million dollars? The catch: Everyone in the world would die. Yeah, everyone's gone, but think of what you could buy with that money. Think of how much quicker you'd get into the clubs. Show More Summary

Average Men Prove The 'Perfect' Woman Doesn't Exist

Be flirty, but not too flirty. Be smart, but not too smart. Be yourself, but, ugh, are you sure you really want to be? BuzzFeed's tongue-in-cheek video guide to being the "perfect" woman shows just how counter-intuitive it can be for...Show More Summary

News Anchors Report A 100 Percent Chance Of Puppy Hugs Thanks To 'Tonight Show'

Wouldn't it be awesome if traffic jams weren't possible and dogs on skateboards wanted to hang out with you? Well, you're in luck. Since the world is full of such bad news nowadays, Jimmy Fallon had news anchors from around the country...Show More Summary

Seann William Scott Tells Us Embarrassing Stories About His Mom

Sometimes, chance celebrity encounters can be great. Other times, not so much (just look at what happened when fans met Avril Lavigne). Luckily for us, when a few HuffPost editors recognized Seann William Scott walking his dog in New York City, we had an awesome chat with the one and only Stifler. Show More Summary

This Could Be The Most Awkward 'Jeopardy' Moment Ever

The personal stories have traditionally always been the most awkward time in a "Jeopardy!" contestant's life, and that trend is still going strong today. Dan Tran, a Ph.D. student in Physics, is undoubtedly a smart guy, but he may have...Show More Summary

This Dog Waking Up From A Very Deep Sleep Is Basically All Of Us

Have you ever been slowly woken out of a deep, blissful dream state, and then felt totally contented and confused at the same time? If you have, then the look on this German shepherd's face is probably familiar -- the glazed over eyes,...Show More Summary

Kevin The Hockey Fan Busts Out Dance Moves You Will Never, Ever Top

Break it down, Kevin! In celebration of the Columbus Blue Jackets' home opener against the New York Rangers on Saturday, an ardent hockey fan -- presumably named Kevin -- got funky to support his favorite team. Luckily for humanity,Show More Summary

Zombie Moms Just Need Some Sleep In This 'Thriller' Parody

Turning into a "mombie" might be a more horrifying fate than being turned into a zombie. How does a mombie come to be, you ask? Let the lyrics from this "Thriller" parody about toddlers explain: "The beast is running from you while you're chasing it with wipes. Show More Summary

This Is 'South Park's Trey Parker Singing As Eric Cartman -- Without A Pitch Adjustment

Have you ever wondered what "South Park" co-creator Trey Parker sounds like when he sings as Eric Cartman — before his voiced is pitched up? Wonder no more. In this 2012 video, which has experienced a resurgence this week after being unearthed on Reddit, Parker can apparently be heard singing the '90s ballad “I Swear” as Cartman. Show More Summary

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