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Daniel Franzese Of 'Mean Girls' Offers Up Thanksgiving-Themed Taylor Swift Spoof, 'Shake And Bake'

In honor of Thanksgiving, "Mean Girls" star Daniel Franzese is offering up a hilarious (and seasonally appropriate) parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." "Shake And Bake" follows Franzese's take on Sam Smith, which was released earlier...Show More Summary

I Went to a Taylor Swift-Themed SoulCycle Class and We Need to Talk About It

Anyone who has been within a five-foot radius of me (or follows me on social media) knows that I love Taylor Swift. And it's not just because we share the same name, birth year and penchant for red lipstick. We are kindred spirits. (But...Show More Summary

Dudes Waiting On Train Entertain Themselves With Epic Imaginary Ping Pong Game

Sometimes, the wait for a subway train can seem endless -- but these guys had quite the method of entertaining themselves at a station for the London Underground. Instead of simply chatting to kill the time, the pair played a rousing...Show More Summary

On Second Thought, Maybe Don't Bring 80,000 Ferrero Rochers On Your Camping Trip

"What is even becoming of this experience? Don't think too hard about this sketch from comedian Paul Briganti and CH2, just sit back and enter a world where someone would bring nothing but fancy, expensive chocolates on a camping trip, and probably get broken up with on the same day. I guess you could consider this a form of "glamping."

French Bulldog Trips And Falls In Slow Motion, And It Is A Weird, Adorable Art Form

Leave it to a French bulldog to make a complete fail look so cute. Mid-frolic on the beach, this little pup trips over his paws and topples forward into the sand. The slow-motion footage is oddly regal and wholly fantastic. H/T Tastefully Offensive

Newborn Great Dane Puppy Yawning Is The Most Precious Case Of Drowsiness You'll See

We apologize in advance for the overwhelming cuteness your brain will have to process. A video uploaded to YouTube features a 14-day-old Great Dane puppy yawning -- and it's making our hearts sing. Who knew sleepiness could bring us so much joy?! Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter

The Undeniable Cuteness That Is Puppies Wearing Disney Costumes In Slow Motion

Need a paw-filled pick-me-up? Well, prepare yourself for puppies -- in Disney costumes. Yes, these little pups recreate classics from "Frozen" to "The Little Mermaid" through clothing and cuteness. And if you're worried about all the...Show More Summary

Baby Tries To Eat Bird, But It's No Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving often involves some pretty serious bird-eating, but this little baby got rather ahead of herself recently when she tried to take a nibble out of a live budgerigar, a type of parakeet. That’s not quite the right kind of bird, little friend, but just wait a few days and you might be able to tuck happily into one of these guys. H/T Tastefully Offensive

Here's A Flash Mob Video For All Of Us Who Hate Flash Mob Videos

Not to be cynical, but at this point, we've seen enough flash mob proposals to last us a lifetime. (The trend officially jumped the shark with this guy's flash mob proposal staged at IKEA. Really, dude, IKEA?) If you feel similarly, you're probably going to enjoy the video above. Show More Summary

This Golden Retriever Scarfing Pasta Knows Carbs Are Always The Solution

Never get into an eating contest with a golden retriever. As this German shepherd quickly realized, the odds will never be in your favor unless you're another golden retriever, or perhaps famed competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi. Even...Show More Summary

Tiny Kitten Attempts To Meow. We Attempt To Keep It Together

Prepare yourself for the best six seconds of your day. This video uploaded to YouTube features the unbearable adorableness that is a kitten trying its darndest to meow. It doesn't matter that the little guy is unsuccessful -- it's downright perfect. Show More Summary

These Awkward Thanksgiving Photos Will Make You Thankful For The Holiday

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with food, family and friends -- a combo that comes with endless potential for awkward photo opportunities. Feast your eyes on this compilation of snaps, courtesy of BuzzFeed and Awkward Family Photos,...Show More Summary

Snow News Bloopers Prove That Weather Reporting Is A Slippery Slope

A snow day in the news game can go downhill fast. Slips of the tongue, flakey reporters and slick terrain can create an avalanche of mishaps. Check out this compilation of painfully awkward snow news bloopers and just be glad you can watch them from inside a warm, dry place. H/T Laughing Squid

Sarah Silverman Teaches Little Kids The ABCs And 789s Of Comedy

When you think of Sarah Silverman, "teacher" probably isn't the first word that comes to mind. However, when she's not bragging about "f@#ing Matt Damon" or hanging out with Jesus Christ," Silverman actually makes a fine educator. On...Show More Summary

A Toddler's Guide To Waking Up Dad: Slap Him, Hard

Who needs an alarm clock when your son can do the job? When 2-year-old Armin decided it was time for dad to wake up, he started by gently rubbing his father's head. When that didn't work, he switched gears and slapped dad's head and giggled. Hey, he had a job to do. Can you blame him?

Activist Comics: Constitutional Amendment

The Supreme Court doesn't seem to care about much besides the very richest when it comes to campaign finance law. In the 2010 decision Citizens United vs. FEC, the court ruled that no amount of money can corrupt a politician, hence there...Show More Summary

'Ouija' Parody Is So Perfect It's Scary

He didn't do it for the Vine. Social media star Nash Grier totally killed it in his recent parody of the horror flick "Ouija." Like the movie, the video focuses on a group friends holding a seance for their dead friend Debbie. In this...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Surprisingly Reveals A Plan To Save Christmas

From Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to Buddy the Elf, Christmas has had a lot of unlikely heroes over the years, but this may be the most shocking of all. On the last "Real Time with Bill Maher" episode of 2014, the host dedicated some time to outline his three-point plan for saving Christmas. Show More Summary

The Ultimate 'Friends' Guide To Friendsgiving

No one told you Thanksgiving was gonna be this way. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is that special day of the year when your family members gather around the table to argue, tolerate your drunk uncle's commentary and eat themselves into food-comas, followed by dessert. Show More Summary

Undefeated Heavyweight Boxer Deontay Wilder Fights A Fan (But It's Not What You Think)

Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder posted a challenge on his recently-launched official Facebook fan page last month. “Get my Facebook page up to 5,000 likes,” he said, “and I'll post a video of me fighting one of my fans.” It was an intriguing promise, and within weeks, Wilder’s goal was reached. Mission accomplished!! I hit 5k on Facebook. Show More Summary

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