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Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens In Adorable Mismatch For The Ages

Giant men. Tiny kittens. They both come together in this adorable BuzzFeed video. Before the giant men visited the Kitty Bungalow Charm School For Wayward Cats, a rehabilitation center for feral kittens in the Los Angeles area, theyShow More Summary

When Does A Person Reach Their Expiration Date? Never. The Answer Is Never

Here's a horrifying thought: tattooing "best by" dates across people's foreheads so employers, family members or the general public will know when they're "past their prime." This satirical ad from a community group formed to advocate...Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Sets The Record Straight On Hello Kitty Right Meow

Say hello to the truth. Recently, it came out that Hello Kitty might actually not be a cat, and then nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Now, Jimmy Kimmel wants to set the record straight, and he's bringing in a "real" PR man from Sanrio to do it. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

Snoop Dogg Drops Baboon Knowledge Like It's Hot In 'Plizzanet Earth'

He's got his mind on his monkeys and his monkeys on his mind. It's back-to-school season, so Snoop Dogg has returned to teach kids about baboons in another edition of "Plizzanet Earth." This time, Snoop not only drops knowledge, butShow More Summary

This Is What It Would Sound Like If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women

Let's be honest. Even if men (smartly) avoid the cheesiness of a standard pick-up line -- no, we did not fall from heaven -- straightforward conversation can be hard to come by when you're chatting with someone new at a bar. After all,...Show More Summary

'Everything Must Go' Pentagon Ad Spoofs Local Police Who Look Like They're Going Into Battle

We've already seen why putting an abundance of military-grade equipment in the hands of local police officers isn't the best idea in the world, but how and why is all this extra weaponry being passed out like candy? While President Obama...Show More Summary

This Honda Fit Ad Has A Surprise Ending We Can Barely Hold In

This sly spec ad for the Honda Fit touts the car's ability to go long distances without needing a stop. But the payoff is more about our own capacity. We'll leave it at that. James Rautmann, who directed the sample for A2F Pictures in Minneapolis, told AdWeek he wanted to "create an ah-ha moment." Mission accomplished, James.

Herd Of Deer Encounters Strange New Creature Called 'Cat'

What happens when a small group of deer and a cat come in contact for the first time? We think it will go a little something like this... From the journal of Captain Buck Bambi: "It's been three days since we left the forest, and we've come across a bizarre little creature. Show More Summary

These Classic Songs Are Awesome -- Unless You Hear Them At A Wedding

Walking down the aisle to John Legend's "All Of Me" can make for a magical moment. Strutting to U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"? Not such a great idea. As comedian Tim Hawkins reminded us, certain hits are completely...Show More Summary

John Oliver's 'Ladybucks' Are The Perfect Solution To Unequal Pay

John Oliver has a brilliant way to solve the gender wage gap. In a segment from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, posted online on Aug. 25, the comedian offers male bosses the perfect way to deal with pesky women who want to get paid the same at their male counterparts: "ladybucks." They look like dollars, but are actually only worth 83 cents. Show More Summary

9 Things You Really Never Knew About 'Dick'

A little revisionist history does the soul good. Sometimes, as with "Wicked," it fills in holes in an illustrious story. Other times, it's a coping mechanism for dark episodes, as if amending reality inverts our reverence and confirms that with time it's cathartic to think silly things about serious events. Show More Summary

This 2-Year-Old's Ice Bucket Video Is The Last One To See, Folks

You've probably had enough of all those ice bucket challenge videos by now, but this one really takes the cake. In the video uploaded to YouTube Monday, a two-year-old girl with a delicious English accent lists off her nominations for...Show More Summary

Queen's Guard Caught On Video Making Funny Faces Outside Buckingham Palace

Uh-oh. Looks like this guy didn't get the memo. This video going viral shows what appears to be a member of the normally stoic Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace making some silly faces. Maybe he's breaking rank, or maybe he thinks no...Show More Summary

This Rapper Just Won The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Marijuana

Just when you thought all variations on the Ice Bucket Challenge had been exhausted, rapper B-Real from Cypress Hill shows up with a bucket of marijuana. "I know we're going through a drought with water and all that stuff, so we're going...Show More Summary

Unemployed Dude Covers 'Wrecking Ball' On The Recorder And It's... Well, Yeah...

If you've ever been unemployed, you know that there can be a lot of downtime. Sometimes you just don't know what to do with yourself when not job-hunting. Oh, why not learn Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" on a recorder? Don't pretend you don't have a recorder lying around. Show More Summary

This Guilty Dog Is Really Bad At Lying

If you're ever looking for someone to help you cover up a crime, do not rely on this pup. When Stephanie Lynn couldn't find her glasses, she decided to check in her backyard, only to find them chewed up with the lenses completely missing. Show More Summary

How To Plan A Wedding, The Brutally Honest Edition

Congratulations! You've found that one special person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. You can already envision the happy life you're going to live together, but first things first: Will you make it through the wedding...Show More Summary

Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Floor To Prove Vacuum's Effectiveness

Well this is one way to make a cleaning demonstration stand out. A brand manager for Bissell Canada vacuum cleaners is sucking up a lot of attention for his stunt in the Toronto subway. In the video above, Ravi Dalchand vacuums a patch of floor with a Bissell and proceeds to eat pasta off the same spot. Show More Summary

Homemade Hovercraft Is The Childhood Fun You Never Had

OK, dads... the bar for awesome has just been raised. A father who goes by the name of "Papa" on YouTube has made a homemade hovercraft for his kids. And it looks every bit as fun as it sounds. Papa wrote in the description that he used...Show More Summary

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