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Listen To This: "Hey Matt" - Walter Martin (with Matt Berninger)

My Kinda Music album cover It's been nearly three years since the kids music world had a family music album from Walter Martin. We're All Young Together was an appealingly shaggy collection of songs inspired by Martin's memories of growing up in a family with lots of music playing, both at home and on road trips. Show More Summary

What Is Music? Let Christian Robinson and Some Kids Tell You

I stumbled across the video below recently, and I was completely charmed, both by the voices of kids but also -- and probably even more -- by the animation from Christian Robinson. He uses a variety of styles to accompany the voicesShow More Summary

Incoming: Born in the Deep Woods - Red Yarn

The book from the Born in the Deep Woods video I don't normally like posting incomplete songs -- why let people know about something that ends just when it's getting good? -- but I'm going to make an exception for the video below. It's...Show More Summary

Listen To This: "The Cardoons" - Pointed Man Band (World Premiere!)

As the drabness of winter hangs on, the thoughts of kids (and their parents) turn to sunshine and outdoor explorations. As an unofficial theme song to this run-up to spring, might I suggest "The Cardoons"? It's the first single fromShow More Summary

Interview: Jonathan Messinger (The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian)

Jonathan Messinger and kids While podcasting for kids started off with a strong science/non-fiction focus, 2016 was the year that serialized fictional adventures. The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified and The Unexplainable Disappearance...Show More Summary

Free Music for Valentine's Day (2017 Edition)

I haven't tried to put together a list of kids songs for Valentine's Day, mostly because songs about love, while not necessarily 85% of all songs like it seems music for adults can be, make up not a small portion of kindie output. Luckily,...Show More Summary

Video: "Potato Leek Soup" - Django Jones

It's been awhile since Django Jones released their 2014 album D Is for Django, but not too long ago they released a video for one of my favorite songs on the album, "Potato Leek Soup," a brief but earnest power ballad promoting, well, potato leek soup. Show More Summary

Video: "Valentine" - Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts with pipe-cleaner-and-paper-heart crown I think in terms of the disparity of attitude between adults and kids, there is no holiday greater than Valentine's Day. Adults love it (or, depending on their relationship status, actively loathe it), but kids? Most kids are pretty much "meh" on it. Show More Summary

Songs for Groundhog Day

Exactly a decade ago, I published a list of songs for Groundhog Day. "List" is a little overstating things -- it was exactly three songs long. But now I've expanded the list by more than 100%! It's now seven songs long. Which, to be frank, is probably reasonable for the relatively minor holiday that is Groundhog Day. Show More Summary

Video: "Bird-Watcher Watching" - Billy Kelly

My First Comedy Album cover I once called Billy Kelly the Funniest Person in Kids Music, and that was against some tough competition. So the release of My First Comedy Album, Kelly's (not my), er, first comedy album, while a departure, wasn't exactly a surprise. Show More Summary

59th Grammy Award Nominations for Best Children's Album

... or, as I call it, the final victory of kindie. Last month, the nominations for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards were announced, and while I continue to be less than completely convinced of the value of Grammy awards for kids music,Show More Summary

Video: "Super Strong" - The Deedle Deedle Dees

Video still from "Super Strong" video Hey, it's a new video from the Deedle Deedle Dees! That's right, America's favorite history-inspired band of kids musicians march through Brooklyn (what is it about Brooklyn-set kids music videos...Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music January 2017

Hoo boy, it has been awhile since I've done one of these. (October 2016, to be exact.) But skip the holiday music, and there's still some stuff to listen to, to get your 2017 off to a good start if it hasn't already. As always, it'sShow More Summary

Video: "Say Hey!" - Mil's Trills (World Premiere!)

I know, we're in the midst of winter -- short days, overcast skies, and long sleeves. (Even in the Arizona desert!) So every now and then it's nice to see video clips clearly not filmed last week. Now That We're Friends cover This brand new video from Amelia Robinson AKA Mil's Trills definitely scratches that midwinter itch. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (January 2017)

It's a new year, but time once again to take a look at the nebulously-ranked world of podcasts, this time for January 2017. (Here is December's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.) There was definitely a little movement in the...Show More Summary

Video: "Mellows On My Mind" - Henriques²

There is no shortage of spousal teams in kids music -- think of Lunch Money, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, or many more -- and unsurprisingly lots of parents and children, but siblings? Those pairings are far fewer. But there's a new such pairing on the horizon, and it's one I'm really looking forward to. Show More Summary

Video: "Esta Es Tu Tierra (This Land Is Your Land)" - Sonia De Los Santos

Sonia De Los Santos and her band, sometimes in front of America's most potent nineteenth-century symbol the Statue of Liberty, sing Woody Guthrie's classic song from the twentieth century, refashioned for the twenty-first. Sonia De Los Santos - "Esta Es Tu Tierra (This Land Is Your Land)" [YouTube]

Video: "Breakfast for Dinner" - JoJo & The Pinecones (World Premiere!)

JoJo and the Pinecones I'm always happy to add a little jazz to my kindie mix, so I was pleased to find the New York City band JoJo and The Pinecones throwing their porkpie hat into the kids music ring. The band is the daytime alterShow More Summary

Interview: Cory Cullinan (Doctor Noize)

Cory Cullinan Cory Cullinan is a busy man, a fast talker, a guy with boundless enthusiasm. And for much of the past decade, he's channeled that energy into being Doctor Noize, recording and performing music (often though not always with a classical bent) for kids. Show More Summary

Christmas and Holiday Kids Music 2016

It has been a comparatively slow season this year for Christmas and general holiday-themed kids music, at least compared to previous years. But that doesn't mean we've been left with coal. Hanukkah and Christmas are only a week away,...Show More Summary

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