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Interview: Key Wilde and Dean Jones ("Doug the Digger")

I'm a big fan of musician/illustrator Key Wilde and musician/kindie uber-producer Dean Jones, so when I got word that the two had teamed up for a new project, I was super-excited. Especially when I heard it was, unexpectedly, not a musical...Show More Summary

Fids & Kamily 2017 Award Winners Announced!

Lucky Diaz - "Made in L.A." album cover One of the highlights of every year for me is compiling and announcing the winners of the Fids and Kamily Awards. F&K, as I call it (mostly because I'm constantly having to override computers'Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music October 2017

With the onset of fall comes the close of a Grammy eligibility window, so there are usually a bunch of releases up through September 30, then a bit of radio silence (so to speak). I've got 35 minutes worth of that early fall rush of songs in this month's new music playlist. Show More Summary

Video: "Little Baby Born Today" - Red Yarn

It was another stellar year for Andy Furgeson, AKA Red Yarn. Born in the Deep Woods was one of my favorite albums from 2017, and it wrapped up the "Deep Woods Trilogy" with another set of modern takes on old folk tunes, which took as its inspiration in part the subject of parenthood. Show More Summary

Ear Snacks Season 2! Read (Hear) All (A Little Bit) About It!

Ear Snacks logo I know that saying that a creative endeavor is unlike anything else that's out there sounds like hyperbole, but Ear Snacks fits the bill. There are lots of great podcasts for kids, but in its absurdist and often non-story-based...Show More Summary

Video: "Pony Ride" - The Hipwaders (World Premiere!)

The Hipwaders in cartoon format for "Pony Ride" When is a good time for a new song and video from the Bay Area band The Hipwaders? The answer is: Always. It is always a good time for a new song and video from The Hipwaders. So I was pleased when I heard from chief Hipwader Tito Uquillas recently that they had a new single about to drop. Show More Summary

Monday Morning Smile: SpongeBob SquarePants, The Musical

SpongeBob SquarePants Musical cast album There are optimists, and then there is the Eternal Optimist, SpongeBob SquarePants. Indefatigable in nature, filled with energy, if there's anyone who doesn't need "Monday Morning Smiles" because they're already smiling each and every Monday, it's SpongeBob. Show More Summary

Looking Forward by Looking Back (Dan Zanes' "Lead Belly, Baby!")

Lead Belly, Baby! album cover When most people think about Smithsonian Folkways' kids' artists, I'd guess that the first names that come to mind are Ella Jenkins and Pete Seeger, with probably Woody Guthrie close behind. But if I were to make that trio a quartet, I'd add Lead Belly to that list. Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music September 2017

Between catching up with stuff I missed last time and the late summer/early fall rush of new music, I've got a whopping 16 songs in this month's new music playlist. (Feel free to check out the August list here if you missed it.) As always,...Show More Summary

Interview: Rebecca Sheir (WBUR's Circle Round)

A sign of the health of kids' podcasting is that big names are launching well-produced shows with lots of lead time to generate interest. Case in point: Boston's NPR station WBUR launched the storytelling podcast Circle Round this summer with a pilot featuring Jason Alexander, with promises of more episodes this fall. Show More Summary

The Best of Gustafer Yellowgold: A Playlist

Brighter Side cover What am I supposed to do with the new Gustafer Yellowgold album, Gustafer Yellowgold's Brighter Side, since it's the first one that comes without a full DVD to accompany it? All seven Gustafer prior albums datingShow More Summary

Video: "Rocketship" - Stacey Peasley (World Premiere!)

Sometimes all your kids -- or you -- need is a simple pop song with a cute video. If that's you today, might I suggest this video for "Rocketship" from Stacey Peasley? The song's a catchy and danceable guitar-driven number perfect for the closest kindergartener with a space obsession. Show More Summary

Video: "Baconstein" - Gustafer Yellowgold

There are many pleasing things about the word of a new Gustafer Yellowgold album, but the news from a few weeks back that the forthcoming track "Baconstein" would be getting a video was among the most pleasing. "Baconstein" is a spiritual...Show More Summary

Video: "Shine" - Alphabet Rockers (World Premiere!)

Rise Shine #Woke album cover The community of musicians making hip-hop for kids is small but dedicated. The Bay Area's Alphabet Rockers have, over the course of their career, gradually refined their sound and their audience, moving from preschool-targeted topics to a somewhat older crowd. Show More Summary

A Postnoceros About the Rocknoceros Podnoceros

Rocknoceros: Boogie Woogie Bennie, Coach Cotton, and Williebob (Pretty sure nobody's typed that before.) I was happy to find out that DC-area kindie rockers Rocknoceros have stepped in the paths of Andrew and Polly and the Sugarcrash Kids and... Show More Summary

A Massive Caspar Babypants Playlist

Jump For Joy album cover Today marks the release of Jump For Joy!, the 13th album for kids from Caspar Babypants, AKA Chris Ballew. Thirteen albums for any artist is a significant achievement, but the fact that Ballew has done so in basically little more than 9 years is even more amazing. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (August 2017)

It's been about three weeks month since the last time I looked at ranking podcasts for kids, and things are looking good for kids' podcasting. (For those of you interested, here is July's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.)...Show More Summary

Screen Time (Kids Music and TV Shows)

I have had in my list of potential posts for the site an item I called "kids music TV shows" for at least a couple years. I'd probably been thinking about the idea for long before that. The general idea was to survey the landscape of...Show More Summary

Video: "Mundo Verde/Green World" - Mister G (World Premiere and Interview!)

Mundo Verde / Green World album cover One of the kids musicians who most successfully employs a bilingual approach in his music is the Massachusetts-based (most of the time) Ben Gundersheimer, or as lots of kids know him, Mister G. Over...Show More Summary

Listen To This: "Skip To My Lou" - Dan Zanes feat. Chuck D & Memphis Jelks

Lead Belly, Baby! album cover If the sound of Dan Zanes singing "Skip To My Lou" with Chuck D and Memphis Jelks throwing in some (new) lyrics doesn't put a smile on your face (and whet your appetite for Lead Belly, Baby!, Zanes' upcoming...Show More Summary

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