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Video: "Breakfast for Dinner" - JoJo & The Pinecones (World Premiere!)

JoJo and the Pinecones I'm always happy to add a little jazz to my kindie mix, so I was pleased to find the New York City band JoJo and The Pinecones throwing their porkpie hat into the kids music ring. The band is the daytime alterShow More Summary

Interview: Cory Cullinan (Doctor Noize)

Cory Cullinan Cory Cullinan is a busy man, a fast talker, a guy with boundless enthusiasm. And for much of the past decade, he's channeled that energy into being Doctor Noize, recording and performing music (often though not always with a classical bent) for kids. Show More Summary

Christmas and Holiday Kids Music 2016

It has been a comparatively slow season this year for Christmas and general holiday-themed kids music, at least compared to previous years. But that doesn't mean we've been left with coal. Hanukkah and Christmas are only a week away,...Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (December 2016)

It's time once more to take a look at the nebulously-ranked world of podcasts, this time for December. (Here is October's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts. No, there was not a November list.) There was definitely a littleShow More Summary

Video: "Me and My Kangaroo" - Justin Roberts

Lemonade album cover Not enough kangaroo-themed songs in kids music, in my opinion. Who doesn't love kangaroos, right? Sure enough, Justin Roberts has got me (and you, fellow kangaroo friend) covered with his latest video, for "Me and My Kanagaroo" from his Lemonade album. Show More Summary

Monday Morning Smile: "The One Moment" - OK Go

OK Go is the official artist of "Monday Morning Smile." This latest video hit the internet just before Thanksgiving, and at least twice over the holiday break I went down the rabbit hole with the family with all the other incredibly elaborate videos they've done. Show More Summary

Songs for Thanksgiving (Updated)

About five years ago, I compiled a list of songs for Thanksgiving that brought together a bunch of kids music themed for Thanksgiving either overtly or somewhat more subtly (i.e., songs about gratitude). It's time for an update. And if I've missed one, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail and we'll add it in. Show More Summary

Video: "These Things Go Together" - Katie Ha Ha Ha

Katie Ha Ha Ha plays guitar in video still As we approach the end of 2016, it's tempting to look ahead to 2017 and try to discover what new music awaits us, but, hey, there's still new music left in this year! Don't write it off yet. These...Show More Summary

Video: "Grumpopotamus (and the Crankosaurus Rex)" - Sugar Free Allstars

No tiny dinosaurs here. The latest (and greatest? yes, greatest) video from Oklahoma's Sugar Free Allstars goes life-size in its song about crankypants of all ages. The video for "Grumpopotamus (and the Crankosaurus Rex)" from theirShow More Summary

Kids' Songs About Emotions

While I generally shy away from songs and kids music that explicitly teach subjects in a didactic way, that doesn't mean that a) non-didactic songs don't teach the listener, and b) you can't create a very catchy song that also happens to be educational. Show More Summary

StevenSteven: Finally and Foreverywhere

StevenSteven Foreverywhere album cover It started nearly a decade ago, when former Blue's Clues star Steve Burns and current Flaming Lips instrumentalist Steven Drozd stormed Jack's Big Music Show with "I Hog (the Ground)," which forever and for all time will be the best song for Groundhog Day. Show More Summary

Announcing the Best Kids Music of the Decade

Logo for 2006-2015 Fids & Kamily Best of the Decade I've spent a long time thinking about kids music and trying to elevate the genre's visibility, both generally and as well for the very, very best of it. One of the efforts I'm mostShow More Summary

Kids' Songs for Elections

I do my best to stay apolitical 'round here. That doesn't mean that there aren't some societal assumptions underlying this entire venture, but you're not going to find anything remotely resembling an endorsement. Which isn't to say I'm not interested in government and elections -- that's very far from the truth. Show More Summary

Video: "Yummy Yummy Fresh" - Alphabet Rockers feat. Mista Cookie Jar (World Premiere!)

Still from "Yummy Yummy Fresh" video from Alphabet Rockers feat. Mista Cookie Jar Take a look at that video still from "Yummy Yummy Fresh," the brand-new song from the Bay Area's Alphabet Rockers, featuring fellow Californian Mista Cookie Jar. Show More Summary

Kids' Songs for Halloween (2016 Update!)

I've not a big Halloween fan -- I'm mostly repelled by the vast amounts of really bad candy, though I love the community feel of the holiday (given the climate in late October in Phoenix, the holiday in our neighborhood is a giant block party). Show More Summary

Video: "Washington, D.C." - The Not-Its!

It's easy to make green screen technology look kinda good, but not really. Or I don't know, maybe it's hard. In any case, I often look at kindie-budget-level green screen technology and think, "meh." (Maybe I've been spoiled by one two...Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (October 2016)

If it's approaching the end of the month, that means it's time once more to take a look at the nebulously-ranked world of podcasts, this time for October. (Here is September's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.) For the most...Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music October 2016

Near the end of October, and there's a whole bunch of music as the Grammy window comes to a close. I've probably missed a few, in fact, but that just means next month's list might also be full of stuff. (As for last month's list, you...Show More Summary

Video: "Me on the Map" - Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could

Still image from Brady Rymer's "Me on the Map" video Nothing fancy about this brand new video from Brady Rymer -- just a well-done video with shots of Rymer playing music by himself, making music with kids, and roasting marshmallows in the woods, fields, and beaches near his Long Island home. Show More Summary

Interview: Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts with ukulele and some lemonade Some of my favorite power-poppy songs for kids ("Recess," "Trick or Treat," My Imaginary Rhino") have come from kids music superstar Justin Roberts, but on his just-released album Lemonade, the Chicago-based musician took a slightly different songwriting approach. Show More Summary

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