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Four on the Floor (Kids Music Reviews for Preschoolers)

Owl Singalong cover Here's the next installment of reviews of albums before I pause a bit with my reviews. Last week I covered some recent (2017) releases, but this week's roundup includes some albums more than a year old. I wanted to...Show More Summary

Kindie Keeps on Tickin' (Reviews of Early 2017 Albums)

After questioning why people read record reviews, I also said that I'd be taking a break writing reviews, at least as how I'd normally conceived of them. But I had a few more albums -- a couple dozen maybe -- I wanted to get through first. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (March 2017)

This month podcasters are using the hashtag #trypod on Twitter to suggest a podcast for listeners. If you still haven't tried listening to podcasts, you're missing out on a wonderful world of audio content, and the hashtag is a great, albeit perhaps overwhelming, way to jump in. Show More Summary

Video: "OK Toilet Bowl" - StevenSteven

I am Team Kids Music Is Generally Better When It's Not Educational. But I am also Team StevenSteven. So, when presented with "OK Toilet Bowl," from the duo's fine debut album Foreverywhere, I am conflicted. On the one hand, it's a song...Show More Summary

Why Read Music Reviews?

I started this website in part because when I was a new parent looking for music to listen to with an infant Miss Mary Mack, all I could find were 50-word blurbs (not much more than a couple tweets, long before "tweets" were a thing). Show More Summary

Review: Born in the Deep Woods - Red Yarn

Born in the Deep Woods cover Some artists take tentative steps into kids music, but Andy Furgeson seemed to know exactly what he was doing from the get-go. Playing as Red Yarn, the Austin-bred, Portland-based musician and puppeteer brought...Show More Summary

Newborn: The Binkees

The Binkees! album cover I'm not suggesting that everybody starting out in kids music send me an e-mail that describes the music they're making as "The Boogers with a west coast bent," but when I get such an e-mail, that's a good way to get me to listen. Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music March 2017

I'm still trying to catch up with the relatively few playlists recently, so this month's playlist is chock-full of music, 41 minutes' worth to be exact. (The last list, from January, is right here.) Long enough to get you to and from school/doctor's appointment/errand of choice. Show More Summary

Video: "Vegetables" - Rabbit!

The Golden Carrot album cover It's been a case of long-time-no-hear for the band Rabbit! They released the kid-friendly album Connect the Dots in 2010, another EP called The Hopscotch EP the next year along with a cute video for their...Show More Summary

Monday Morning Smile: "When I Grow Up" from Matilda the Musical

I finally had a chance to see Matilda the Musical recently and I'd recommend seeing it if musicals are at all your family's thing. (The show recently closed on Broadway, but a touring production continues to make its way across the country.) Based on the Roald Dahl novel, it's obviously kid-friendly enough for the youngsters and.... Show More Summary

Review: Between the Waves and the Cardoons - Pointed Man Band

Between the Waves and the Cardoons cover The first time Dan Elliott's Pointed Man Band made its way on this site, it was in a heads up nearly four years for a Kickstarter project I stumbled upon randomly. The resulting album, Swordfish Tango, echoed Tom Waits not only in that album title, but in sonic construction. Show More Summary

Interview: Andrew & Polly (Andrew Barkan & Polly Hall)

Andrew and Polly standing Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall -- AKA Andrew & Polly -- first attracted attention in the kids audio world for their music, adept at crafting tiny, quirky little pop jewels for the preschool set. But in 2016 they...Show More Summary

Video: "Between Main Street and Neverland" - Chibi Kodama (World Premiere!)

Band photo of Chibi Kodama The band Chibi Kodama makes family music in every sense of that phrase -- it's kid-appropriate, features all 7 members of John Cullimore's family (him, his wife Yvonne, and his five kids, though perhaps the infant doesn't play much), and generally takes as its lyrical inspiration the emotional terrain of family life. Show More Summary

Rainbows and Unicorns and Kids Music (Foreverywhere - StevenSteven)

Foreverywhere album cover If teaching kids how to be patient -- how to defer gratification until later -- is a useful skill, then the release of Foreverywhere, the debut album from StevenSteven, may be the world's most important parental tool. Show More Summary

Listen To This: "Hey Matt" - Walter Martin (with Matt Berninger)

My Kinda Music album cover It's been nearly three years since the kids music world had a family music album from Walter Martin. We're All Young Together was an appealingly shaggy collection of songs inspired by Martin's memories of growing up in a family with lots of music playing, both at home and on road trips. Show More Summary

What Is Music? Let Christian Robinson and Some Kids Tell You

I stumbled across the video below recently, and I was completely charmed, both by the voices of kids but also -- and probably even more -- by the animation from Christian Robinson. He uses a variety of styles to accompany the voicesShow More Summary

Incoming: Born in the Deep Woods - Red Yarn

The book from the Born in the Deep Woods video I don't normally like posting incomplete songs -- why let people know about something that ends just when it's getting good? -- but I'm going to make an exception for the video below. It's...Show More Summary

Listen To This: "The Cardoons" - Pointed Man Band (World Premiere!)

As the drabness of winter hangs on, the thoughts of kids (and their parents) turn to sunshine and outdoor explorations. As an unofficial theme song to this run-up to spring, might I suggest "The Cardoons"? It's the first single fromShow More Summary

Interview: Jonathan Messinger (The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian)

Jonathan Messinger and kids While podcasting for kids started off with a strong science/non-fiction focus, 2016 was the year that serialized fictional adventures. The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified and The Unexplainable Disappearance...Show More Summary

Free Music for Valentine's Day (2017 Edition)

I haven't tried to put together a list of kids songs for Valentine's Day, mostly because songs about love, while not necessarily 85% of all songs like it seems music for adults can be, make up not a small portion of kindie output. Luckily,...Show More Summary

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