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A Postnoceros About the Rocknoceros Podnoceros

Rocknoceros: Boogie Woogie Bennie, Coach Cotton, and Williebob (Pretty sure nobody's typed that before.) I was happy to find out that DC-area kindie rockers Rocknoceros have stepped in the paths of Andrew and Polly and the Sugarcrash Kids and... Show More Summary

A Massive Caspar Babypants Playlist

Jump For Joy album cover Today marks the release of Jump For Joy!, the 13th album for kids from Caspar Babypants, AKA Chris Ballew. Thirteen albums for any artist is a significant achievement, but the fact that Ballew has done so in basically little more than 9 years is even more amazing. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (August 2017)

It's been about three weeks month since the last time I looked at ranking podcasts for kids, and things are looking good for kids' podcasting. (For those of you interested, here is July's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.)...Show More Summary

Screen Time (Kids Music and TV Shows)

I have had in my list of potential posts for the site an item I called "kids music TV shows" for at least a couple years. I'd probably been thinking about the idea for long before that. The general idea was to survey the landscape of...Show More Summary

Video: "Mundo Verde/Green World" - Mister G (World Premiere and Interview!)

Mundo Verde / Green World album cover One of the kids musicians who most successfully employs a bilingual approach in his music is the Massachusetts-based (most of the time) Ben Gundersheimer, or as lots of kids know him, Mister G. Over...Show More Summary

Listen To This: "Skip To My Lou" - Dan Zanes feat. Chuck D & Memphis Jelks

Lead Belly, Baby! album cover If the sound of Dan Zanes singing "Skip To My Lou" with Chuck D and Memphis Jelks throwing in some (new) lyrics doesn't put a smile on your face (and whet your appetite for Lead Belly, Baby!, Zanes' upcoming...Show More Summary

Ella's Kids (Reviews of Ella Jenkins, Jazzy Ash, and Shine and the Moonbeams)

I've been thinking some about white guys with guitars. I've got nothing against white guys with guitars -- I'm a white guy with a guitar (OK, ukulele), and as I think about my own favorite music, much of it is made by, you guessed it, white guys with guitars. Show More Summary

Listen To This: "Colander Sun" - Lard Dog & The Band of Shy

"Colander Sun" single cover So there's song about colanders and... well, that's all I really need to say, because, c'mon, do you really need to hear yet another song about puppies or holidays or friendship when you can hear an ode to...Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music August 2017

In the midst of summer, and I've nine songs for your family's enjoyment. (If you want more, why not check out the June list here? Nope, no July list this time around...) As always, these Spotify playlists are limited in that if an artist...Show More Summary

Interview: Ella Jenkins and Tony Seeger on Camp Songs

Ella Jenkins with a ukulele Ella Jenkins needs no introduction, and I have to believe the Venn diagram would show the overlap between "readers of this website" and "people who don't know Ella Jenkins" to be very slim indeed, but in case...Show More Summary

Here's To The Dreamers (Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band's "Made in L.A.")

Made in L.A. album cover There's always been a touch of fantasy in Lucky Diaz's music for families. From Diaz's first kids' EP's very first single, the strutting blues "Blue Bear," Diaz has often trafficked in a milieu that's familiar but not quite this world. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (July 2017)

It's been a month since the last time I looked at ranking podcasts for kids, and the increased visibility of such podcasts, if not increasing, has maintained its momentum. (For those of you interested, here is June's list of top-ranked...Show More Summary

Video: "Hot Nights" - Gustafer Yellowgold

Yay for new Gustafer! That's right, our favorite animated friend from the sun is back. September 8 sees the release of Brighter Side, the eighth Gustafer Yellowgold release from Morgan Taylor. The album promises a look at both Gustafer's childhood on the sun along with more peeks into his current life in Minnesota. Show More Summary

Video: "Paletero Man" - Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

Made in L.A. album cover There's nothing not to like about the first single from the brand-new Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band album Made in L.A. "Paletero Man" is every bit as refreshing as the ice cream popsicles the paletero man...Show More Summary

Video: "Froggie Went a Courtin'" - Caspar Babypants

It's a little hard to hear because of his history with the pop-punk Presidents of the United States of America, and because his Caspar Babypants project has such a whimsical pop sensibility, but Chris Ballew's work as Caspar Babypants is very, very folk. Show More Summary

Video: "Hambone" - Jazzy Ash feat. Uncle Devin (World Premiere!)

Swing Set album cover I'm excited for Jazzy Ash's newest album Swing Set to reach the public's ears in a couple weeks, but in the meantime you can get a taste of the jazz-inspired set for your favorite preschooler right now in this world premiere video. Show More Summary

Keep Kindie Weird

Music for Parents and Children cover Just last week the long-running kids radio show Greasy Kid Stuff aired its last show after 22 years on the air. There are many different shows that have played an important role in giving kids music...Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (June 2017)

It's been maybe 6 weeks since the last time I looked at ranking podcasts for kids, and it feels like things are continuing to change for the better. (For those of you interested, here is May's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.)...Show More Summary

The Best of Kids Podcasts from May 2017

As we begin to wrap up June 2017, it's time to take a look back at some of the very best episodes from the kids podcast world in May 2017. Now, if you want to get the background on how I'm using the RadioPublic iOS app to publish these lists, feel free to go back and read my list of the best of kids podcasts from March 2017. Show More Summary

Bidding a Greasy Adieu to Greasy Kid Stuff

Greasy Kid Stuff logo by Rodney Alan Greenblat I saw on Twitter yesterday that the radio show Greasy Kid Stuff was coming to an end this weekend, and I thought it was important to publicly celebrate the show before it permanently went off the air. Show More Summary

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