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Video: "Superhero" - The Laurie Berkner Band

Superhero album cover It's September 23, a very busy day for Laurie Berkner. Her new album Superhero is released today, featuring a bunch of brand-new original songs and duets with folks like Ziggy Marley, Kira Willey, and Brady Rymer. Show More Summary

Practice For The Rest of the Year: XOXO 2016

"Long Live the Wildcards, Misfits & Dabblers" -- seen from the Burnside Bridge, southeast side At the risk of losing most of my readers for this secular kids' music site, let me kick off this essay about a conference about the intersection of the internet and creativity with a story about church. Show More Summary

Interview: Amy Lee

Amy Lee and rubber duckie friend I will admit that Amy Lee was not high on my list of artists I expected to release a kids' album, but after doing this for fifteen years, I probably shouldn't have been, given the long list of artists who have dipped their toes into the kindie pool. Show More Summary

Interview: Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner performs at the Krannert Center Laurie Berkner is without a doubt a kids' music superstar, known for her albums, TV shows, videos, and so much more. One might even say that to many preschoolers (and probably not a small number of current aspiring kids' musicians), she's kind of a hero. Show More Summary

Video: "Phone" - Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies

Normally a video posted on a Monday morning might qualify for a "Monday Morning Smile" designation, but the latest video from Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies is all about the impending collapse of Earth and its inhabitants due to humans' obsession with those tiny glass screens. Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music September 2016

We are heading into September, and while this month's list is a little on the short side, there's a whole bunch of music we'll be getting in the next 2-3 weeks as the Grammy window comes to a close. But, really, this is a fine half-hour of music, too. Show More Summary

Video: "Dream Too Much" - Amy Lee

Dream Too Much album cover Clearly Amazon Music is moving full steam ahead in developing a label of exclusive releases. They started out slowly, but now in addition to The Pop Ups and Recess Monkey, they've got Lisa Loeb, The L (featuring Bob Schneider), and Amy Lee. Show More Summary

How I Got Here: Kaitlin McGaw / Tommy Shepherd (Alphabet Rockers)

Y'all, have I got a musical journey for you. Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd, the two musicians behind the Bay Area hip hop band Alphabet Rockers, have put together an epic list of songs and albums as part their entry into my "How I Got Here" series. Show More Summary

Video: "Sol Nal" - Elena Moon Park and Friends (World Premiere!)

Rabbit Days and Dumplings cover We haven't heard a lot from Elena Moon Park in the years since she released Rabbit Days and Dumplings, her collection of family folk songs from Asia. It's not that she's been silent, of course, we just haven't had any new music. Show More Summary

Video: "Jellyfish Jones" - Caspar Babypants

I know, I recently posted Caspar Babypants' video for "Mister Cloud" but I'm just a sucker for his stuff. Especially when it's as cute and whimsical as his video for "Jellyfish Jones," another track off his brand new album Away We Go!. Show More Summary

Listen To This: Super Deluxe Action Figures - Todd & Cookie (World Premiere!)

Yay, brand new music from Todd & Cookie! Wait -- you don't know who Todd & Cookie are? Well, I can't blame you if you're not familiar with them as it's been 3 years since their last and only EP -- the Epic 3-Song Starter Park. they're...Show More Summary

Intro to Kindie: Stefan Shepherd

It has been a long time since I've posted an "Intro to Kindie" list, such a long time that even if you're a regular reader, you'd probably need a reminder of its purpose. (Here you go: Folks like me who are immersed in the genre provide a one-hour introduction to the genre for people who are unfamiliar with it. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (August 2016)

Time once more to take a look at the nebulously-ranked world of podcasts. This month's list differs slightly from last month's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts. For the most part, the order is the same, and the rankings of...Show More Summary

Video: "Mister Cloud" - Caspar Babypants

Away We Go album cover To go into my appreciation for Chris Ballew's Caspar Babypants project would take far more time than I have at the moment (not to mention a ruthless editor prepared to cut my ramblings to an acceptable length.Show More Summary

Video: "Players' Life" - Alphabet Rockers (World Premiere!)

Back to school season is in full swing, and the Bay Area's Alphabet Rockers have a brand-new video to help your favorite kindergartner slide back into life on the school playground. OK, I promise that their video for "Players' Life" is, unlike my dad-joke of a sentence above, entirely cool. Show More Summary

Interview: Kyla Slaven (Short & Curly)

Short and Curly team in Sydney office in 2016 One of my favorite podcasts for kids right now is Short & Curly, a production of Australia's ABC. You can read my review of the show if you'd like, but basically it's an ethics podcast for kids and families that delves into ethical issues without being ponderous. Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music August 2016

The summer new release doldrums plus some vacation on my part (read: can't listen to much new music) means that this month's list of new music for your family's listening pleasure is a bit shorter than usual. (If you want to catch July's...Show More Summary

Video: "Young Soul" - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

I know, I just posted the video for "Secret Superhero" 2-3 weeks ago. But if you and the young 'uns don't have some sort of smile on your face after listening to and watching the dance-filled video for "Young Soul" from Secret Agent 23 Skidoo's latest Infinity Plus One, then... I suggest you watch it a second time. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Young Soul" [YouTube]

Interview: Eric Herman

Eric Herman on tightrope Eric Herman and I go way back -- his album Monkey Business was the very first album on I received from a kids' musician for possible review. Since that time, we've both had our share of success in the kids' music...Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (July 2016)

It's been about a month since I last produced a list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts, so it's time once again to dive into the nebulous world of podcast rankings. This month's list is virtually identical in both composition and ranking to the June chart, with one exception -- the inclusion of The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified. Show More Summary

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