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Video: "Froggie Went a Courtin'" - Caspar Babypants

It's a little hard to hear because of his history with the pop-punk Presidents of the United States of America, and because his Caspar Babypants project has such a whimsical pop sensibility, but Chris Ballew's work as Caspar Babypants is very, very folk. Show More Summary

Video: "Hambone" - Jazzy Ash feat. Uncle Devin (World Premiere!)

Swing Set album cover I'm excited for Jazzy Ash's newest album Swing Set to reach the public's ears in a couple weeks, but in the meantime you can get a taste of the jazz-inspired set for your favorite preschooler right now in this world premiere video. Show More Summary

Keep Kindie Weird

Music for Parents and Children cover Just last week the long-running kids radio show Greasy Kid Stuff aired its last show after 22 years on the air. There are many different shows that have played an important role in giving kids music...Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (June 2017)

It's been maybe 6 weeks since the last time I looked at ranking podcasts for kids, and it feels like things are continuing to change for the better. (For those of you interested, here is May's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.)...Show More Summary

The Best of Kids Podcasts from May 2017

As we begin to wrap up June 2017, it's time to take a look back at some of the very best episodes from the kids podcast world in May 2017. Now, if you want to get the background on how I'm using the RadioPublic iOS app to publish these lists, feel free to go back and read my list of the best of kids podcasts from March 2017. Show More Summary

Bidding a Greasy Adieu to Greasy Kid Stuff

Greasy Kid Stuff logo by Rodney Alan Greenblat I saw on Twitter yesterday that the radio show Greasy Kid Stuff was coming to an end this weekend, and I thought it was important to publicly celebrate the show before it permanently went off the air. Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music June 2017

Summer is here -- today! -- and there's no stopping the kids music playlists. A dozen songs, three dozen minutes, and if you want more, feel free to check out the May list here. As always, these Spotify playlists are limited in thatShow More Summary

Summer Road Trip Playlist!

Swing Set album cover Beth Blenz-Clucas, proprietor of Sugar Mountain PR, has, for a number of years, compiled a summer road trip playlist featuring tracks from her clients. This summer is no different, and there's a bunch of new and...Show More Summary

Monday Morning Smile: "I Was Born" - Hanson

Just a great pop song from the band Hanson, a song that in its celebration of individuality and the need to be, well, you, could easily be a kindie song. A video that features a bunch of kids (11 of the trio's 12 kids) -- this could easily be a kindie video. Show More Summary

My Favorite (and the Best?) Kids Music of 2016

In past years, I have written a lot about my favorite kids music over the prior year -- here's my summary of the best kids music of 2015 -- but the past year or so has been more challenging for me in terms of writing reviews of kids music. Show More Summary

Dad Jokes (Billy Kelly's "My First Comedy Album")

Billy Kelly drinking from a juice-box Kids music is filled with funny people, probably because the ability to make kids laugh is vital to survival in dealing with kids all day long. (Also probably because the ability to make yourself...Show More Summary

Video: "Mr. Pickle" - Michael and the Rockness Monsters

Let's face it, the era of silly novelty songs is pretty much over -- really, the presence of the occasional "What Does the Fox Say?" is a case of the exception proving the rule. The only outlet at this point is Dr. Demento who continues...Show More Summary

The Best of Kids Podcasts from April 2017

I realize that we're about two-thirds through May, but we're still going to attempt to regularly update my list of the best or most noteworthy kids podcast episodes, Now, if you want to get the background on how I'm using the RadioPublic...Show More Summary

Radio Playlist: New Music May 2017

Summer is drawing nigh, and kids music continues to cross my doorstep (and iTunes and Spotify and Bandcamp playlists). Ten songs, less than 30 minutes, and if you don't like these -- well, I think you'll like a lot of these, but if the ratio is insufficient, feel free to check out the April list here. Show More Summary

Top Kids and Family Podcasts (May 2017)

I've missed a month since the last time I looked at ranking podcasts for kids. (For those of you interested, here is March's list of top-ranked kids and family podcasts.) If you're looking for a podcast for kids, you could of courseShow More Summary

All About Wow in the World, NPR's First Podcast for Kids and Families

Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, hosts of Wow in the World If 2016 was the year kids' podcasting became a thing, 2017 may just be the year kids' podcasting becomes a big thing. The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel won a Peabody Award,...Show More Summary

Video: "Txoria Txori" - Sonia De Los Santos

This song from Sonia De Los Santos, "Txoria Txori," is a wistful ballad about setting free a caged bird off her fine 2015 album Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León To The New York Island (one of my ten great Spanish-language kids music albums).Show More Summary

Song for Mother's Day: "Mother's Day 1976 (The Worst Smell in the World)" - Baron Von Rumblebuss

Mother's Day cover It's been awhile since I've put together a list of songs for moms -- the list was long 7 years ago, and I have no doubt that there are dozens if not more I could add. In lieu of quantity, this year I'm going for quality. Show More Summary

Recent Spanish-Language Kids Music Albums (and One Portuguese Album)

While the flood of kids music designed to teach kids a foreign language has thankfully slowed down somewhat (the results were usually very dry, musically-speaking), what's left over is generally of higher quality. I wanted to highlight ever so briefly some recent Spanish-language (or mostly Spanish-language) albums for kids. Show More Summary

Dad Rock (Walter Martin's My Kinda Music)

Walter Martin photo by Sebastian Kim Walter Martin’s singing voice is heartfelt and mostly in tune but hardly mellifluous. Martin knows this -- on “Hey Matt,” off his new album My Kinda Music, he jokes with Matt Berninger of The National...Show More Summary

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