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Congratulations, Tchaikovsky Competition. You have an all-male piano final.

We are not amused. Can it REALLY be the case that no women, not even Maria Mazo, were considered good enough to have a try for the final? Or is it same-old same-old yet again?The piano jury is all male too.The cello jury includes one woman. Show More Summary

Blown away by Chopin in Istanbul

Here's one of my talks from Istanbul. They're now all on Youtube. This one was dedicated to the topic of the young Chopin and preceded a mesmerising account of the E minor Piano Concerto by Daniil Trifonov, no less. If any of us hadn't been blown away by the weather, he blew away anything that remained. Enjoy.

Tchaikovsky Competition? It’s all about pianists

The competition goes into its final concerto stages today, for cello, violin and piano. The qualifying stages on the previous two instruments have been subdued. Decent performances, safe list of finalists, nothing to set the heart racing. It was much the same last time, and the time before. You have to go back to 1982 […]

Oh no, they’re tearing down Karajan’s home-from-home

In 33 years as music director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Herbert von Karajan never lived in the city. He stayed at the Kempinski hotel on the Ku’damm, turning it into an elite hangout for Berlin Phil soloists and guests. You could catch him before breakfast in the pool. Today there’s a huge painting of […]

UK concert pianist survives 50-foot cliff fall

On a caravan holiday with friends in the northeast of England, James Hockey rose at 4.30 to watch the sun rise over the North Sea. He strayed too close to the edge of a cliff and plunged more than 15 metres, shattering a leg and an arm. He is being treated at the university hospital […]

London horn player is held in Chile

Alexander Harrild, 29, was arrested for drug trafficking in Santiago and is reported to have pleaded guilty. He faces a possible five-year sentence. Alexander, a graduate of the National Youth Orchestra, plays in the Santiago Philharmonic. His father, LSO principal tuba and ex-chairman Patrick Harrild, has flown out to Chile to be with him.

Creating domains where people can have a fabulous night out with amazing music - An encounter with Matthew Sharp (part 2)

Part 2 of my interview with cellist, baritone and re:naissance man Matthew Sharpe Matthew Sharp Continued from Part 1: Talking to Matthew Sharp, I become aware of how interconnected his thinking always it. He constantly refers to other art-forms and seems to be least interested in classical music for its own sake, it is communication which counts. Show More Summary

Breaking: Petrenko’s ‘ex-partner’ pulls out of Bayreuth

Anja Kampe has cancelled this summer’s appearances as Isolde after a reported row with Christian Thielemann. She is to be replaced by Evelyn Herlitzius. Kampe will, however, sing Sieglinde in the Ring, coducted by Kirill Petrenko. Bayreuth press statement: The direction of the Bayreuther Festspiele notes with great regret that Anja Kampe returned the part of […]

A Small Encounter with Gunther Schuller

It used to be that you could pick up the phone and call someone, and they would answer. And so it was perhaps a decade ago that I called Gunther Schuller’s Manhattan publicist John Gingrich innumerable times to see if Schuller was available for a date with the San Francisco branch of The Duke Ellington […]

A Very Nice Performance of My Pachelbel Canon Transcription

I was really pleased to find this lovely performance of my Pachelbel Canon transcription by a string quartet in Japan (I think) on YouTube, so I'm sharing it here.

Omg, my pianist is playing the wrong intro!

Krzysztof Kaczka was on stage in Moscow, taking a deep breath before his next piece, when the pianist decided to rearrange the programme without telling him. Watch the page-turner. She’s struggling to hold it together.

Video: A Polish orchestra trashes down

The excellent Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra of Katowice has been reduced to playing hip-hop classics in a concert hall in the city of Katowice. The conductor is a composer and producer, Radzimir D?bski, whose online moniker is JIMEK. The video has earned nearly two million hits, but the concert leaves a bad taste.

When Furtwängler conducted Walton in Vienna

The Vienna Phil have upgraded their website with features about ‘social responsibility’ and other diversions. What’s really interesting is an archive feature that enables you to search every concert the orch has given, all the way back to 1842. The strangest things turn up. On Saturday December 2, 1948, Furtwängler programmed the William Walton symphony […]

Virtuosity with a human touch - An encounter with Matthew Sharp (part 1)

Matthew Sharp Matthew Sharp does not so much have a career, as a portfolio of careers as performing as a cellist and singing as a baritone, often combining the two, as well as including directing and running the arts centre Revelation St Mary's in Ashford, Kent. Show More Summary

The revolution continues

last weekMusic / Classical : Sandow

It started strong, and now it's even stronger -- the revolution at the DePauw University School of Music.

The long weekend read: Sinatra, at the end of days

A no-punches-pulled piece by Ian Penman in the London Review of Books: As with Elvis Presley and Charlie Parker, you feel Destiny’s real leg-up was provided by the ferocious will of Sinatra’s mother. Most people seem to have regarded Dolly as the real man about the house: Sinatra’s father, Marty, an easy-going ghost, barely registers […]

Breaking: Tchaikovsky Competition is now completely sold out

This sign has just gone up. It says: ‘There are no more tickets for Tchaikovsky Competition. None at all”  

To NY Bookfile

Not publishing that comment. Take it somewhere else. If you want to respond to my specific point about Scalia's dissent - that he wouldn't extend equal protection to women under the 14th amendment because the authors of the amendment, in 1868, wouldn't have - then maybe. Maybe.

Revealed: The wealthiest music directors in America

Drew McManus has come out with his annual lost of US music director earnings, drawn from IRS Form 90s. There is always a delay in the system, so the wages below apply to the 2012/13 season. Three music directors made more than $2 million. You may well wonder why. Two maestros took a significant pay […]

From Scalia's Dissent

I take this quotation to indicate that Scalia also believes that the 14th Amendment doesn't extend equal rights to women:When the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified in 1868, every State limited marriage to one man and one woman, and no one doubted the constitutionality of doing so. That resolves these cases.

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