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the interview show: Jessy Lanza

3 days agoMusic / Dance & DJ : Versus

Jessy Lanza is a electronic music producer and performer from Hamilton, Ontario. Her debut record Pull My Hair Back was a top 10 finalist for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize. Jessy and I chilled out in her van for a bit and ate candy. I asked her about her time as a piano teacher, her […]

20JFG Podcast: Glittering prizes and endless compromises

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down. Once you escape from the homogenized  city center Liverpool is a city where beards,...Show More Summary

Theme for Grey Cities

We haven’t written enough about Antonioni. Probably because he said this: “I am personally very reluctant to use music in my films, for the simple reason that I prefer to work in a dry manner, to say things with the least means possible,” At least until he decided to work with Herbie Hancock and then […]

Hallucinatory vibes/Sober thoughts

Also known as “Nameless Suede”, an “ex knucklehead turned prophet.” Influenced by Stereolab, Cannibal Ox and Massive Attack. Shout outs to Al Jazeera, Johnny Rotten, Bronies. Hallucinatory vibes. Sober thoughts. BAGPIPES. Love songs to significant opposites. Show More Summary

I am… from you

Following up on some nerding out during our recent 20JFG Berlin dude odyssey, your humble scribe felt compelled to catch up on Michael Mann’s earlier opus, before his focus fell squarely on the violent underbelly of the knowledge economy, and the stony-faced men who inhabit it. We begin this retrospective with The Keep, Mann’s second […]

A Vipers’ Nest of Ouroboros

(Lucifer (Morningstar). A wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines built by Paul Fryer. The sculpture is illuminated by the church’s stained glass windows. It can be seen at The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone,...Show More Summary

Pretending you’re the dude from Outrun and being totally friggin awesome

(gifs from Drift Stage – Sunset City beta version) A 2010 study presented at the the Association for Psychological Sciences convention in Boston found that playing video games that involve reckless driving is associated with IRL reckless...Show More Summary

That feeling of anticipation before your first cosmic date

Le Révélateur’s recently released synth odyssey is called ‘Extreme Events’. But extreme for whom? For us, perishable sacks of fluid bouncing irregularly in trajectories full of confusion, waste and loss? Yes, the events contained within...Show More Summary


Today we celebrate the release of Spray Paint’s Cussin’ 7” in Upset The Rhythm with a mixtape compiled by SP’s own Cory Plump. It is called FAVOURITE JAMS VS INFLUENCES and if you were to estimate the mean of its vibes, the result would come quite close to Spray Paint’s own propulsive psychedelic battlefield repeato-rock. As we usually... Read the full post »

The Origin of the Species – a film by David Cronenberg

Gum Takes Tooth return to these aged shores.  Time has weathered some of their noisier tendrils, reduced their drag and exposed more of the electronic impulses that always moved beneath the surface.  Theirs is a ship exposed to the elements and actively evolving. In turn, their journey has seen the poly-rhythm survive and flourish.  Attaining... Read the full post »

The City Screams

(art is by julian_gallasch) Board the vector train. Feel the Militech Kite-14 gleam evil in your pocket. The city screams in your ears as the train wheels cling to twisting, disintegrating lines. Your conscience is heavy but your thoughts are pure. Your soul is faster than lights. Elektronik Noir – Zaitochi Em-dashes spew from your nozzle as... Read the full post »

Monotonous cosmic noise generated by dead matter

(Artwork for Summa Technologiae’s Bulgarian edition) You already know we are devout followers of Polish thinker and sci-fi writer Stanislaw ?em. Besides writing Solaris, which inspired A. Tarkovski into the collaboration with E. Artemiev...Show More Summary

Sky-taunting, ever-accelerating drones

(art is by aleksandra waliszewska) You know we love tapes. We run a tape label and everything. But you know what’s better than music that comes on a tape? Music that is MADE with tapes. This Creative Commons release really is one of the most phenomenal pieces of tape experimentation we’ve heard since, fuck it,... Read the full post »

Space as a paranoid, static rumble

Solaris might be the best sci fi soundtrack ever. Putting its appeal into words isn’t easy, however. One reason why it is hard to articulate its artistic success is because the actual musical content of Solaris is so slight. Immediately after viewing the film, it’s hard to recall there being any soundtrack at all. The most... Read the full post »

Blue and horse

The sort of synth-pop we’ve often traded in at 20JFG is, of course, of the night.  From Minimal Wave through the Chromatics to current proponents, Gold Zebra.  It’s music that has an almost symbiotic relationship with our sweatier loves, Techno and House.  For this is music for the cold blue of dawn.  Of that calm,... Read the full post »

Alex Metric – Heart Weighs a Ton (feat. Stefan Storm)

Alex Metric has gone and done a big electronic pop-song which is so good, if all big electronic-pop songs were like this, I’d like them a whole lot more. They aren’t though and that’s why I really appreciate his new song, “Heart Weighs a Ton“. Highly recommended if you like the sounds of Miike Snow. Alex [...]

Three Emotions: Happy, Sad and Funny

(art is by Azuma Makoto.) The Cambodian Space Project’s singer, Srey Thy: “My mum sing very good, and she wanted to go to Phnom Penh. But when Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge come they kill her parents. She stopped singing. She cut her hair, same as boy. She make up black to put on face. If... Read the full post »

Procedural Wonder Labyrinth

(Dwarf  Fortress image via Stuart’s Gaming blog). The Roguelike video game genre puts the player in a procedurally generated (random) set of interlinked dungeons that she explores with trepidation because every conflict with its denizens could be the last. Show More Summary

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