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the interview show: Coleman Hell

Thunder Bay born Coleman Hell is another internet music success story. He put his banjo-infused dance track “2 Heads” on Spotify and soon it was at the top of the streaming service’s charts. Before he knew it, Coleman Hell had an international record deal with Columbia Records. I hung out with Coleman for a bit right after […]

the interview show: Operators

Indie icon Dan Boeckner is perhaps best known for his role in the legendary mid-2000s post-punk indie rock band Wolf Parade. Since Wolf Parade (sadly) went on hiatus, Boeckner was involved in a project called Divine Fits (with Spoon frontman Britt Daniel) and he started Handsome Furs (with his ex-wife Alexei Perry). Currently, Boeckner has a […]

the interview show: Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast

You may remember Jay Malinowski from the 2000s reggae-rock band Bedouin Soundclash. When that band took a hiatus, Jay took some time off. He started researching his family’s past and getting into string instruments. This work led to his solo debut double-length nautical concept album Martel. When I hung out with Jay Malinowski at a Gastown […]

the interview show: JEFF the Brotherhood

Nashville rock band JEFF the Brotherhood started as brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall back in 2001 when the guys were in high school. Six records later, the band was signed to multinational record label Warners, but JTB were dropped just days before their second record for Warners (Wasted on the Dream) was due to be […]

the interview show: Andy Shauf

I hung out with Prairie singer-songwriter and storyteller Andy Shauf one dark and stormy night. Andy‘s work is most interesting when he is weaving engaging tales of small town life. His 2015 record, The Bearer Of Bad News, is a great collection of stories about drug addicts, murderous lovers and other desperate figures clinging to […]

the interview show: Hollerado

I met up with Dean Baxter and Jake Boyd (the band’s rhythm section) one sunny summer day in Banff, Alberta. Dean and Jake had just had some “snacks” and were ready to enjoy the day. Ottawa’s power pop quartet Hollerado are known just as much for their creative marketing stunts as their music. Their 2009 […]

the interview show: Bondax

British duo Bondax is Adam Kaye and George Townsend. These house music producers started out in 2012 with the surprise single “Baby I Got That” followed by many more dance floor-friendly tracks, including my favorite “Gold.” Strangely enough, it’s now 2016 and still Bondax haven’t released a proper record. I met with Adam in his hotel room before a […]

the interview show: Reuben and the Dark

Reuben and the Dark is a indie rock band (with tinges of country) from Calgary fronted by Reuben Bullock. I met Reuben while we were both in Banff last summer. (I was in Banff for the Banff World Media Festival where the band performed.) Reuben took a break from recording to join me at a farmer’s market […]

the interview show: Prairie Cat

Vancouver’s Cary Pratt makes music under the name Prairie Cat. (I wonder how he came up with that stage name?) His music is best described as quirky indie pop and it sounds like the soundtrack to a Jason Segel movie where Segel plays Kermit the Frog singing about his adorable romantic misadventures. Cary is also […]

the interview show: The Gay Nineties

I met the Gay Nineties in their east Vancouver practice space. It was a bring your own cup and growler party and after a few beers things quickly got insane and hilarious. Vancouver’s Gay Nineties began as three good friends Parker Bossley (vocals/lead), Daniel Knowlton (bass/vocals) and Malcolm Holt (drums). They released the Coming Together EP […]

SSRIs Reunion Show Friday @ WISE Hall

Bands come and go in the Vancouver music scene, but some bands (and scenes) become legendary after they sparkle and fade. The Emergency Room Emily Carr scene is long gone, but people will always remember those shows fondly. The SSRIs were another local band loved for the live shows. Eventually life pulled the members of the SSRIs […]

the interview show: Dan Deacon

  Dan Deacon is an American composer and electronic musician. Deacon is well-known for his live shows, where audience participation and interaction makes Dan Deacon shows a memorable experience. You should see him live. It’s different every time. I hung out with Dan in what turned out to be a very busy alley. We chatted […]

the interview show: Lincoln Jesser

Lincoln Jesser led me inside Mansions on the Moon‘s luxury tour van so that we’d have a quiet place to do this interview. (You can hear the keys jingling in his hands as we talk.) The fact that he was using the headliner act’s van for his interview was fitting. (Lincoln Jesser was the opening act.) […]

the interview show: Kim Churchill

As soon as I sat down in the van, Kim Churchill offered me a mint and we both slurped away watching the rain outside. Australia’s favorite one-man singer-songwriter was back in Canada to tour his latest record Silence/Win. This time, he’s found himself at a new level of confidence about what he does. What did […]

the interview show: Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free is an indie art rock band from Toronto. The band formed from the ashes of DD/MM/YYYY, a legendary experimental band known for their incredible live shows, so I was really looking forward to seeing Absolutely Free perform and spending a bit of time with them. The band enlisted Mike Haliechuk (guitarist from Toronto […]

the interview show: TOPS

Like fellow indie music weirdo Ariel Pink, Montreal’s TOPS get a lot of credit for subverting pop music. TOPS is also a very well-connected band at the centre of the flourishing Montreal indie scene with music pals like singer-songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage and rapper Cadence Weapon. In fact, TOPS bestie and indie superstar Mac DeMarco […]

the interview show: BRONCHO

Ryan Lindsey and his Oklahoma indie rock band BRONCHO have had a great past few years. They’ve got a lot of attention for the song “Class Historian” and other BRONCHO tracks have been used in the HBO TV series Girls and other commercials–but more importantly these guys know how to rock. Outside Vancouver’s Electric Owl […]

So What Is Post-Internet Music, Anyway?

7 months agoMusic / Dance & DJ : Vice: Thump

Ahead Of The London Contemporary Music Festival, We Spoke To Artists, Composers, And Theorists About What Constitutes Post-internet Art.

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