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Blue and horse

The sort of synth-pop we’ve often traded in at 20JFG is, of course, of the night.  From Minimal Wave through the Chromatics to current proponents, Gold Zebra.  It’s music that has an almost symbiotic relationship with our sweatier loves, Techno and House.  For this is music for the cold blue of dawn.  Of that calm,... Read the full post »

Alex Metric – Heart Weighs a Ton (feat. Stefan Storm)

Alex Metric has gone and done a big electronic pop-song which is so good, if all big electronic-pop songs were like this, I’d like them a whole lot more. They aren’t though and that’s why I really appreciate his new song, “Heart Weighs a Ton“. Highly recommended if you like the sounds of Miike Snow. Alex [...]

Three Emotions: Happy, Sad and Funny

(art is by Azuma Makoto.) The Cambodian Space Project’s singer, Srey Thy: “My mum sing very good, and she wanted to go to Phnom Penh. But when Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge come they kill her parents. She stopped singing. She cut her hair, same as boy. She make up black to put on face. If... Read the full post »

Procedural Wonder Labyrinth

(Dwarf  Fortress image via Stuart’s Gaming blog). The Roguelike video game genre puts the player in a procedurally generated (random) set of interlinked dungeons that she explores with trepidation because every conflict with its denizens could be the last. Show More Summary

Tatsuro Yamashita – Ceita054 Edits

A couple weeks ago we did a post on Tatsuro Yamashita, a Japanese musician who most certainly knows his way around a funky bassline. And after finding a rather nice extended disco remix of his track “Merry Go Round“, we stumbled across a DJ in Japan by the name of Ceita054 who has re-worked some of Yamashita’s [...]

It is night and you are in a land of warm strangers

It’s Friday and it’s another exquisite summertime jam from the eternally tropical hacienda of International Feel. Today’s warm brush of dry air on freshly tanned skin, comes from Jose Padilla. Jose Padilla – Solito Solito does that effortless...Show More Summary

Brandt Brauer Frick – Bommel (Live Session)

This is a live performance video of the track “Bommel” by the German trio, Brandt Brauer Frick. It was made exclusively for RA as part of a sessions feature. We’ve always been interested in their live performances, so this gives you a taste of what to expect from that. Would be really nice to see other tracks done in this [...]

First Touch – D.C. (Hemingway Remix)

Canadian producer Hemingway launches a devastatingly amazing funk-attack on First Touch‘s “D.C“, he’s gone and remixed this so damn good, even by his standards, this is something special. ???????????Hemingway?First Touch?”D.C“??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...Show More Summary


Marianne approached the window, keeping well to one side and peered out between the bars. Beyond the little garden was a faence of high, uneven posts. Beyond the posts she could see the outlines of squat figures, standing round the garden like sentinels. She jumped back. ‘Mark! People, outside!’ ‘Look again,’ Mark said. Marianne peered... Read the full post »

Cut Copy – Believers

“Believers” is one of the bonus tracks featured on the deluxe edition of Cut Copy‘s album. “Free Your Mind“. The deluxe edition includes the original 14 tracks and 5 bonuses. Two of those bonuses are “In These Arms of Love” and “Like Any Other Day”, which were only available in America on Record Store Day. [...]

 Wintermute versus Skynet

The singularity is already here, it is just unevenly distributed. We sense it in the smell of burnt ozone and transcendence of the flesh through the flesh that pervades the metal box of Rrose’s The Stare. This is the future sound of pistons pumping in the night of a xeno-formed Earth, as the cattle train... Read the full post »

Octave Minds – In Silence

Sometimes even I can get very excited about something and in the case of Octave Minds, a collaborative effort from Boys Noize & Chilly Gonzales, I believe that I’m fully justified in being quite hyped. The last time they worked together the end result was “Ivory Tower” an album that influenced the return of the [...]

The Other Jungle

German Army are back.  Oh happy days. German Army are back.  Bringing with them those tape delayed vocals.  Those drum machines on the verge of oscillating themselves into a heap of splintered circuits.  Those synth washes that speak in the words of confused androids, gazing on a leather clad world of indifference (like that version... Read the full post »

Everywhere you look in the city there are shrines

(photograph is So long ago I left it in the dust by Fritsch) These are hymns for urban-grey pyramids. Everywhere you look in the city there are shrines. Though moments of trascendentalism in the urban experience are rare, they can be achieved with a decent pair of headphones and an active imagination. The sound in your ears... Read the full post »

Experimental evidence of massive-scale epic state contagion through oneiric networks

Epic states can be transferred to others via oneiric networks, leading people to experience epic states without their awareness. Oneiric contagion is well established in religious experiments, with people experiencing epic sensations and epiphanies through oneiric networks. Show More Summary

Tatsuro Yamashita – Merry-Go-Round

Check out this cool-looking guy in the picture above. His name is Tatsuro Yamashita and last week we posted some of his songs that had been filtered-up by some other people. We have only just gotten acquainted with him and as he’s been around since the 70?s it’s probably going to take sometime to properly get [...]

Laurence, Angela likes him, Tony likes him…

…and Sue would like to hear him: so please, d’you think we could have some? 20jazzfukgreats – the hour of love Mystery podcast, as normal no track list available so play name that tune in the comments box.

Super Discount 3 // Etienne de Crécy – Night (Cut The Crap)

Didn’t expect to see the return of Étienne de Crécy‘s ‘Super Discount‘ but it certainly is a pleasant surprise considering ‘Super Discount 2‘ came out around ten years ago. If you aren’t aware of these two albums and like the more electric end of the ‘French-Touch’ genre, it would be a good time to go [...]

Hidden Gems Pt.4 ?Vinyl Edition?

Not as many tracks this week for the ‘Hidden Gems’ selection. But, still a very strong bunch of tracks you might not be aware from some very good artists indeed. Phoenix – Heatwave I think this track is pretty much considered to be first single from Phoenix. A track the rides the tail-end of the [...]

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