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Drake Spearheads Chicago-Based Remake Of UK Series Top Boy

Former Canadian TV star Drake is a big fan of the UK drama series Top Boy, NME reports. The Channel 4 show, which starred rappers Ashley Walters and Kano as drug dealers in a fictional East London housing estate, was canceled after two seasons in 2013, but Drake wants to bring it back — possibly […]

Mudhoney’s Mark Arm Models In Uniqlo Ad

That’s a surprisingly youthful-looking Mark Arm in the picture up there, modeling in a Uniqlo ad at the Bellevue Square mall in Bellevue, Washington, the Seattle suburb where Mudhoney was formed back in 1988. Funnily enough, the ad was first spotted by Dave Dederer of fellow Seattle rockers the Presidents Of The United States Of […]

The Wrens Are Releasing New Song “Three Types Of Reading Ambiguity” On Limited Edition Cassette

A few months ago, the Wrens announced that the long-awaited follow-up to their 2003 masterpiece The Meadowlands was finally complete and sent off to mastering. It wasn’t the first time they’d announced it — or even the second — but they seem pretty serious about it this time, and they’re making good on that promise […]

The Rationales have been added to The Outlaw Roadshow!

The Rationales have been a constant in northeast Americana Rock for the better part of the last decade and in that time the band have only gotten better at making heartfelt, blue-collar rock. At the core of the band is the songwriting of creator David Mirabella who channels the 'everyman' in his tales of love lost and tough times. Show More Summary

Watch Taylor Swift Break Down Her Jack Antonoff & Ryan Tedder Collaborations In Another Grammy Pro Session

In a three part-series of talks for Grammy Pro, Taylor Swift is breaking down the songwriting and production mechanics that went into making 1989. Two days ago, we heard her discuss working with Max Martin and Shellback and detail the inspiration behind “Blank Space,” and now she’s given the same treatment to “Out Of The […]

Avi Jacob will shine at The Outlaw Roadshow New York!

Is emerging indie star Avi Jacob still a folk singer? Raised in New England and splitting time along points along the eastern seaboard, his artistic catalog has come to occupy nearly all points along the folk spectrum. And depending on whether he's with his band or on his lonesome, a show can take on many faces. Show More Summary

Aloud join The Outlaw Roadshow lineup in New York!

Aloud thrive as one of the best creative songwriter outlets in New England music today. Whether drawing their inspiration from classic rock's past or from their indie artist peers, it's been thrilling to see this band craft one great album after the next. Show More Summary

Watch PJ Harvey Debut New Music At The Hollow Of The Hand Book Launch

Last night — on her birthday! — PJ Harvey and photographer Seamus Murphy, who previously collaborated on a series of short films for Let England Shake, premiered their new poetry book The Hollow Of The Hand in a multimedia performance at London’s Royal Festival Hall, Pitchfork reports. Accompanied by photographs and films from Murphy, Harvey […]

Allysen Callery set to play The Outlaw Roadshow New York!

I first came across the 'ghost folk' music of Allysen Callery a little more than a year ago as she toured Europe with Boston musician Ryan Lee Crosby. I was taken aback about the quiet strength of her deliveries and the delicate way she relocates her listeners. Show More Summary

The amazing Lauren Marsh will play The Outlaw Roadshow!

We invited Lauren Marsh to play this year's Outlaw Roadshow no more than 15 minutes after hearing her music. I was profoundly happy to find her. It's that moment when you didn't know what you were looking for until you've stumbled across it. Show More Summary

Mobley to bring the party to The Outlaw Roadshow New York

You never forget your first few times seeing Anthony Watkins II and Mobley play live. Your mind just won't let it happen. At first you think you're seeing something novel, but it's when you realize that every single part of every single song is exactly as recorded - and played by Anthony himself -- and then see it brought to life on the stage. Show More Summary

Fred Durst Is Taking His Talents To Crimea

Russia is home to some truly outstanding metal bands, but those bands are mostly kind of pastoral and isolated and artful — none of them roll like this. Nope, IMO if there’s any one group that truly deserves the title “The Vladimir Putin Of Metal,” that band would have to be Florida’s own Limp Bizkit. […]

Stream Lushes Service Industry (Stereogum Premiere)

The Brooklyn duo Lushes are not a post-rock band in the popular sense of the term. They don’t create lengthy, crescendo-driven instrumentals designed to pulverize you like a descending meteorite. Rather, they attack more directly by challenging the conventions of form and texture with a traditional rock set-up. Their last album, What Am I Doing?, […]

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Big day for James Murphy fans on Thursday as Music Twitter was losing its edge shit over LCD Soundsystem reunion rumors. Billboard and CoS say this is happening; P4K, EW, and Rolling Stone say nah. It got heated! DFA is adamant there will be no festival shows unless Murphy is “being a real jerk.” I […]

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

As I’m writing this, the most popular new video on the internet is “No Words,” from the culty rapper Hopsin. It’s snide, sneery satire of Auto-Tuned Atlanta codeine rap, and its whole idea is that rappers who work that style don’t speak actual words. This, of course, means that people who like rap like this […]

Watch Grimes’ Election PSA

Sometimes Grimes gets frustrated with the media for aggregating what she posts on her Tumblr, but in this case hopefully she appreciates the signal boost. She’s been extremely vocal about the importance of the upcoming election in Canada, and today she shared a video once again highlighting the issue: Looks like she got into the […]

Stream Gun Outfit Dream All Over

Formerly of Olympia, country dream-punkers Gun Outfit have relocated to Los Angeles and signed to North Carloina folklore purveyors Paradise of Bachelors. Their fourth album Dream All Over followed suit, leaning even further into dusty transcendence and languid Americana. Still, no matter how soothing these melodies get, nothing will ever strip them of their tense, […]

Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Talks Fading Frontier, Taylor Swift In Endearingly Awkward Interview

Deerhunter’s new album, Fading Frontier, comes out next week, so Bradford Cox has been making the press rounds. His latest was a particularly amusing interview with The Observer, and things get started on the right foot with this choice exchange: I last remember seeing Deerhunter back in 2005 or 2006… maybe not that long ago, […]

Watch Dave Grohl Duet With High School Classmate Who Beat Him In Battle Of The Bands

Dave Grohl’s band the Foo Fighters have achieved household name status. They regularly sell out packed arena shows and tick off the all boxes as Major Rock Stars. He was also in Nirvana, a band you may have heard of. But no matter the success people achieve in their adult life, it seems that memories […]

Young Chop Says Kanye West Is Exploiting Young Chicago Artists

Chicago drill producer Young Chop, the guy who produced Chief Keef’s breakout “I Don’t Like,” was famously displeased that Kanye West released his all-star remix of the track without consulting Chop about it. Chop expressed those frustrations when Kanye’s remix dropped in 2012, and three years later, he’s logged some further criticism of Kanye. As […]

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