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Liz Phair - "Help Me Mary" Liz Phair - "Divorce Song" My dad had to buy new razors for his electric shaver and return something at Sears so I tagged along to the Carlingwood Mall. It was the end...

Justin Bieber’s Stylist Explains His Controversial Nirvana T-Shirts

It’s 2015. Wearing a Nirvana shirt is like wearing a Beatles shirt: no one should take it as a personal affront. Everyone knows a Nirvana song, no one is special or alternative or whatever for liking a band that was literally the biggest in the world in the early ’90s. Sorry! Some people were extremely […]

Somebody Paid Millions For That Secret Wu-Tang Album

Back in March of 2014, Forbes reported that Wu-Tang Clan would sell their unheard album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, for millions of dollars to one lucky fan. We heard a small snippet of the LP, which went on a museum tour before going up for auction, and unsurprisingly, some really fucking rich Wu-Tang […]

Tom Hanks Is A Better Rapper Than His Son

During his appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week, Tom Hanks was asked about the 1987 Dragnet promotional single he recorded with Dan Aykroyd or, as he calls it, the “rap hit that haunts me for the rest of my days.” As Vulture points out, he then proceeded to rap the first verse from […]

Damon Albarn Discovers The Comments Section

Adele and Damon Albarn attempted to collaborate on music for Adele’s 25, but the aborted sessions left Albarn calling Adele “very insecure” and dismissing her music as “very middle of the road.” Adele responded by saying she regretted working with and even meeting Albarn, who had been a hero of hers. As Pitchfork notes, Albarn […]

Universal Denies Blocking Morrissey’s Paris Tribute

Last week, perpetual shit-stirrer Morrissey posted a statement to his unofficial fan site True To You stating that Universal Music — more specifically David Joseph, Chairman and CEO of Universal’s UK and Ireland division — had blocked his plans to reissue Years Of Refusal’s “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” in wake of the Paris […]

White Denim – “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” (Mickey Newbury Cover)

FX’s Fargo continues to be the best thing on TV by a ridiculous margin. Did you see this week’s episode? The Bear scenes! The Undertaker plotline! “You know, you’re a shit cop”! Fuck, man. It’s too good. And the people behind the show continue to work in Easter-egg references to various Coen brothers. A few […]

Stream Addie Pray Screentime

Nowadays, our connection to everyone around us is facilitated through a screen. When we want to get away from everyone around us, we also usually use a screen. That’s the tissue that ties all of the songs on Screentime together: Are we ever really alone anymore? Are we ever really with someone else, wholly and […]

SOPHIE drops another fizzy jam from PRODUCT

London producer SOPHIE drops another bouncy and very tactile jam from his impending singles collection PRODUCT, out this Friday on Numbers: "VYZEE" has been a favorite in SOPHIE's dizzying sets for over a year now, and you'll likely be able to hear it live at Art Basel next week, or on the first leg of his upcoming world tour with QT, staring in early 2016. Continue reading…

Adele – “Hello (DJDS Acid Mix)”

Look: If you’re sick of Adele right now, we get it. We’ve run a whole goddam lot of Adele stories over the past few weeks. But it’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen any artist in such a world-conquering mode, and other artists are doing whatever they can to get even a bit […]

MMOTHS – “Deu” Video

MMOTHS is the moniker of Jack Colleron, an electronic producer based out of Ireland that creates dark, evocative music that treads somewhere between ambient and downtempo. He’s released two EP’s, his self-titled debut and Diaries, and supported the xx on a few tour dates back in 2012. His debut record, LUNEWORKS, is out next year […]

Rome Fortune – “Dance” Video

For his new single “Dance,” the Atlanta rap weirdo Rome Fortune got a beat from the Montreal house producer Kaytranada. And now he also got a video from the director GOLDRUSH. In the clip, we see cartoon energy crackling across a night-time cityscape, as Rome Fortune forgets his problems and loses his mind on a […]

Rustie – “First Mythz” Video

Rustie loves to drop shit unexpectedly! He put out a whole album, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, at the beginning of the month with barely any notice, and today he’s put out a video for early single “First Mythz” while doing an AMA over on Reddit. This takes all the dolphin samples in that track to its logical conclusion, […]

download DJDS' cathartic 'acid mix' of Adele's Hello

Here's a version of "Hello" that I can get with. Shout out to Jerome LOL + Samo Soundboy for this very emotional and cathartic "acid mix" of Adele's hit. Download it for free below: Continue reading…

Mothers – “Too Small For Eyes”

Mothers picked up a lot of accolades from us based on the strength of just two tracks — best new band, Band To Watch, best songs of the week for both — and now the Athens, GA four-piece are getting ready to release their debut record. It’s called When You Walk A Long Distance You […]

Flowers – “Pull My Arm”

The charming elements of Flowers’ indie pop seems to swirl around in the air like magic. Everything about the London trio’s music on “Pull My Arm” sounds elevated. Rachel Kenedy sings in a high-heaven register, her voice full of light as it dips gracefully between wistful longing and soft sternness. The song’s smeary guitar and […]

Jelani Blackman – “Repeater”

Jelani Blackman is a young London artist who’s already worked with Brian Eno, and while his new track “Repeater” isn’t a Fugazi cover, you should still probably listen to it. The song is a heavy, murky, spiritual soul song that has a few overtones of fire-and-brimstone dancehall, and it’s the sort of song you can […]

Ariel Pink – “Hall Of Screams”

Earlier this year, Ariel Pink shared “I Need A Minute,” his contribution to the soundtrack for Heaven Knows What. That song is now being put out as a single in a few different forms: A ninja star-shaped 7? will be released in a few days for Record Store Day Black Friday with a Dev Hynes […]

Book Notes - Ryan Britt "Luke Skywalker Can't Read"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Bret Easton Ellis, Kate Christensen, Kevin Brockmeier, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee...

Download LNDN DRGS Aktive

LNDN DRGS is the production duo Jay Worthy and Sean House, and their new album of G-funk crusing music Aktive is out today as a free download via Fool’s Gold. It’s a notable release for several reasons: For instance, it’s one of the last projects to feature the late A$AP Yams, and Doggystyle artist Joe […]

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