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Benny Golson: Dizzy Gillespie Sextet with Dexter Gordon: Blue 'n' Boogie

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

Well--I've been around for a long time, and during the time when I got started there were no such things as albums so there were no covers! This was the time of the 78 recording with three minute at tops for each recording so whatever the person was going to present they had to present it within the... [ read more ]

Danny Barker’s Birthday

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : Rifftides

One of the great pleasures of my years in New Orleans was a friendship with Danny Barker (1909-1994). After he moved back to his hometown from New York, Danny became a guiding light to young musicians, curator of the New Orleans Jazz Museum and a living link to the city’s musical past. The countless youngsters […]

Wes Montgomery: Night in Indy

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

George Klabin and Zev Feldman at Resonance Records have done it again. The dynamic duo have surfaced yet more rare Wes Montgomery, with the full participation of Robert Montgomery of the Montgomery estate. This time it's Wes Montgomery: One Night...        

Missed Connections

In this week of loss (that 20JFG is totally not ready to deal with just yet) we’d like to talk about a record that we missed in 2015.  Or indeed, to talk about a video we missed in 2014.  And a band we’ve missed a great deal. Back before this particular writer joined with the […]

Bill Evans After LaFaro

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : Rifftides

To follow up on the post in the previous exhibit about the Bill Evans documentary, let’s revisit the 1962 Evans trio with bassist Chuck Israels and drummer Paul Motian. This clip seems to be from Italian television. Evans’s harmonic chance-taking, rhythmic force and quick reactions to Motian’s accents suggest tha—at least for this performance—the pianist […]

Tommy Tedesco: Studio Monster

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

One reason pop rock sounded so good in the 1960s was because many musicians who appeared on the recordings began as studio jazz musicians in Los Angeles in the late 1950s. They were brilliant sight-readers, understood swing and improvisation, and...        

Dizzy Gillespie -- In Praise of Liner Notes

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

Joni Mitchell was onto something. You don't miss liner notes until you don't have them. I admit: Many liner notes leave me cold, for two reasons. First, they're way too detailed, especially in jazz. Every take has to be scrupulously annotated. Who played third trumpet in that big band? Was that Bird... [ read more ]

Ed Palermo Big Band at the Iridium

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

Ed Palermo Big Band featuring m: Napoleon Murphy Brock Iridium New York, NY January 8, 2016 You can just about always count on a number of things in any show by the Ed Palermo Big Band: the music of m: Frank Zappa; inventive arrangements, richly crafted; tight, stellar playin... [ read more ]

The Story of 'Runaround Sue'

4 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

For years, many people have thought that the Sue in Dion's Runaround Sue (1961) was Sue, his wife, whom Dion has been married to for more than 50 years. Turns out the song's namesake wasn't his spouse at all but...       Related Stories Interview: Dion DiMucci  

A mumuration, a sunset: an interview with Hakobune

Hakobune makes music that describes the incremental change of seasons in simple huge rushes of melancholy or joy, or something that is a bit of both – something that is perhaps closer, therefore, to lust; but desexualised and not humanised and instead just a thing that is – a smear of sound in the atmosphere, a […]

Take Five With Mario Duenas

last monthMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

About Mario DueA as: Mario DueA as was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He was introduced to the piano at the age of 5, developing a special interest in harmony, and soon began a self-teaching process through record transcribing and bibliographic studies. Years later, Mario established a variety of ensem... [ read more ]

David Bowie and His Legacy

last monthMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

Very few musicians can boast to having an artistic career that changed the course of music history in the way singer David Bowie has had. A legend in his lifetime, he had a more varied and influential career than any other single performer in popular music. Bowie was an example of what an artist sho... [ read more ]

David Bowie (1947-2016)

last monthMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

David Bowie, a British singer-songwriter from South London who transformed rock into high art by combining the audacity of pop, the decadence and androgyny of Weimar cabaret, the melancholy of working class pubs and the flamboyance of the circus, died...       Related Stories 9 Box Sets You Deserve  

Time Remembered: A Bill Evans Film

last monthMusic / Jazz : Rifftides

Time Remembered, a film about pianist Bill Evans (1929-1980), is being screened in selected showings around the United States. It is set for tomorrow, Tuesday, evening in San Diego, California. The film by CBS News producer Bruce Spiegel, was eight years in the making. It has screened in New Orleans, in Hammond, Louisiana, where Evans […]

David Bowie: Blackstar

last monthMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

The 10-year long absence from the limelight clearly didn't dim singer David Bowie's sense of guile or invention. That was clearly evident with the sudden reappearance with the utterly brilliant The Next Day which pilot single "Where Are We Now?" appeared from nowhere on his birthday and delighting m... [ read more ]

Composers Sing Their Thing

last monthMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

I thought we'd do something a little different to start the week. Here are five nifty clips of composers playing and singing their own songs: Here's Joe Bushkin with Rosemary Clooney and the Hi-Lo's in 1956 singing Oh Look at...       Related Stories Julie London: A Good Cry  

Do androids hallucinate of jeweled alligators?

Happy New Year to you all! Let us begin 2016 transmissions by gazing backwards and forwards at the same time, Janus stylee. To the past, by reporting a 2015 reissue we missed out on, of a much older band we had also missed out on. The reissue is called ¿Qué sucede con el tiempo? and […]

Recent Listening: Houston Person, Bren Plummer

last monthMusic / Jazz : Rifftides

Your Rifftides host tries to keep up with the relentless inflow of albums. The effort is doomed, of course, but it’s great fun to keep trying. Here are thoughts about two more or less recent arrivals. Houston Person, Something Personal (High Note) The clever album title stands as a fair description of the tenor saxophonist’s […]

New on Jazz from Gallery 41...."Soundscapes" from Lew Tabackin Trio

"Soundscapes": Lew Tabackin on tenor saxophone and flute with bassist Boris Kozlov and drummer Mark Taylor.Jazz from Gallery 41 covers the entire Jazz spectrum, streaming 24/7 with live shows Monday-Friday. Come share the music with us whenever you can.

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