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Steely Dan: Deacon Blues

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

Among the most arch and enigmatic composers of the post-Vietnam War era are Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Together, they are Steely Dan, and their songs depict hard-luck stories of eccentrics, weirdos and outcasts. What makes their characters and predicaments...        

Conveyor belts for the soul: an interview with Mats Gustafsson

Although it might seem weird for a blog that used to bill itself as “Not jazz or funk or great, sorry,” to feature an exclusive interview with the free jazz musician of the 21st Century, Mats Gustafsson – a man that is probably terminally referred to as  “saxophone virtuoso Mats Gustafsson,” when what he should really […]

Other Matters: Our Poor Language

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : Rifftides

The Valley Girl way of speaking began in California’s San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. It has metastasized through the English-speaking world and spread to sectors populated by those who know better but use it anyway. For instance, this morning on National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show, the guests were three experienced Washington DC journalists […]

Stuart McCallum: City

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

Much of what passes for progressive radio programming, whether that be traditional live to air or internet stations, has been pushed into genre ghettos in recent times--where a record can be enormous within a particular scene but invisible to 99.9% of the world at large. Even in Europe, where the ge... [ read more ]

Michael Ricci: A Modern Day Jazz Messenger

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

All About Jazz is celebrating its twentieth anniversary but for founder c: Michael Ricci it's business as usual. For the Philadelphian that means dedicating huge amounts of time and energy to giving jazz musicians everywhere a platform, promoting the music globally, providing numerous servic... [ read more ]

Monday Recommendation: Fred Hersch

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : Rifftides

Fred Hersch, Solo (Palmetto) Hersch’s third Palmetto album since 2008 confirms that the pianist’s strength, subtlety and imagination are not only intact but have gained in acuity. There is nothing in this recital to indicate that seven years ago he faced a medical crisis that threatened his mental powers. Recorded in the intimate surrounding of […]

Linton Garner, Erroll's Brother

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

Based on my last two posts (here and here) about Erroll Garner's Complete Concert by the Sea coming from Sony on Sept. 18 and on reader comments at JazzWax's Facebook page ("Marc JazzWax Myers"), there appears to be enormous interest...       Related Stories Cover: 'Concert by the Sea' Erroll Garner in Paris, 1972  

Benny Goodman -- Clarinet

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

When you hear the phrase, "New Orleans jazz," what three instruments immediately come to mid? That's right: cornet, trombone, and clarinet. In those early jazz combos, the clarinet provided a soaring, high register obbligato that enhanced, and, in the hands of the amazing Sidney Bechet, challenged... [ read more ]

Coleman Hawkins -- Tenor Saxophone

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

Invented in the early 1840s, the saxophone was a relative latecomer to music--and to jazz. But starting in the mid-1920s, with the rise of the big bands, the instrument slowly but steadily evolved from a vaudeville novelty into a staple in the mainstream of jazz. Of the different varieties of saxoph... [ read more ]

Jack Teagarden -- Trombone

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

The trombone was an essential component of the brass parade bands that were a staple of black social and cultural life in many southern cities around the turn of the twentieth century. As these bands evolved into collectively improvising jazz ensembles, the trombone became an equal partner of the cl... [ read more ]

Cover: 'Concert by the Sea'

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

When Erroll Garner's Concert by the Sea was released in August 1956, the 12-inch Columbia album featured a striking cover. Photographed from above, the image captured a young white model wearing tight-fitting dark slacks, light-blue sneakers, a cream shirt and...       Related Stories Erroll Garner in Paris, 1972  

The Necronomicoin

The blockchain is a ledger, and a ledger is a way to tell a financial story. Some people think that we could use its system of collectively authenticated recordkeeping to tell other kinds of stories – legal stories, organisational stories. Why not horror stories? Imagine the equivalent of the Necronomicon codified in the blockchain: a […]

Bobo Stenson: A Discography

3 weeks agoMusic / Jazz : All About Jazz

This article has been updated since its original 2006 publish date.Over the course of forty years, pianist Bobo Stenson (born 1944, Vasteras, Sweden) has been able to adapt himself to contribute in whatever way is necessary for the music at hand. Always being himself yet never calling attention to h... [ read more ]

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