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My Hollow-On Borrowed Time

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Due to drop on July 31st (and more than a little likely to explode on contact when it does!), " On Borrowed Time " is the latest release from Toronto, Ontario's My Hollow and as suggested by it's sweet art-work...Show More Summary

Misantropus-The Gnomes

Minotauro Records 2015 Formed by brothers Alessio (guitar) and Vincenzo (bass) Sanniti in Latina (Lazio, Italy) in early 1998, Misantropus is an environmentally-unconscious doom metal band whose latest release, "The Gnomes" is dedicated to the four natural elements and to the entities that represent them. Show More Summary

Regicide-Fall of an Empire

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Formed in 2006 in Las Cruces, Regicide is a traditional heavy metal/thrash metal band and the recently-released "Fall of an Empire" is their debut album. The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Issac...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Seagrave-Dead Demo

Self-Release/Independent 2015 I'm sorry to say this, but today's Free Metal Monday offering is a bit of a mystery. Not musically mind you (as this is old-school metal with a little bit of stoner rock & doom metal tossed in for good measure!), but in the sense that no one seems to know if this Philly-based band is technically still together or not. Show More Summary

On Top-Topless

Toil Records 2015 It's no secret that I've been a fan of Philadelphia's On Top since first hearing their 2012 debut, " Top Heavy ". A drop-dead serious heavy rock/heavy metal gem, "Top Heavy" left me with high hopes as to the the future of this fantastic power trio. Show More Summary

Interview with Mellevon's April Hutchins

For those who might not know, Mellevon is a Canadian metal band whose latest album, "Solace", I just covered last week. Now it is my pleasure to share a recent interview that I had with the multi-talented April Hutchins. In additionShow More Summary

Video Beast-Gooch

Manworld 2015 Produced, recorded and mastered by Mike Gevaza at Continental Recording Studio in Long Island City, New York, "Gooch" is the latest release from the mythological cryptid known as Video Beast. The album follows in the footsteps...Show More Summary

Interview with New Tenants

New Tenants is a German band that is comprised of Marcus "Jimmy' Nelson (vocals), Marcel Mandl (drums), Pirmin Schall (bass), and Alex Huber (guitar). I recently reviewed their "Unity By Collision " album and now it is my pleasure to share a recent interview that I conducted with the band. Show More Summary

Winter Calling-As Darkness Falls

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Formed in Florida in 2013 by Wayne Hoefle (drums, piano, keys) and Ia n Medhurst (guitar), Winter Calling is a Tampa-based band whose elegant sound combines elements of pop rock, classical rock, progressive rock, hard rock, melodic metal and traditional heavy metal. Show More Summary

Exorcism-Word In Sin

Dream Records 2015 Following in the footsteps of 2014's well-received "I Am God", the limited-edition EP, "Word In Sin", is the latest release from modern doom metal project Exorcism. It is available through the band's official website and for Exorcism this EP continues down the same path that was started on their 2014 debut. Show More Summary

Caustic Method-The Virus

Pavement Entertainment 2015 Active since 2003 or so, Caustic Method is a modern metal band that hails from New York State and is comprised of Matt Caustic, Darin Scott, Eric Maliszewski, and Angel Rivera. "The Virus" is Caustic Method's...Show More Summary

Go Primitive-100 Ways

Horus Music Distribution 2015 Produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Kids in Glass Houses, Funeral For A Friend, Twin Atlantic, Motörhead, The Blackout, Bullet For My Valentine, Lower Than Atlantis, Bring Me The Horizon), the forthcoming "100 Ways" is a five track EP from the UK's own Go Primitive. Show More Summary

Seven Sisters-Lost In Time 7"

Warden Records 2015 Now here's a good Father's Day gift if every there was one! This little gem (or at least the digital version of this two-track beast) showed up in my inbox over the weekend and it proved to be the perfect soundtrack...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2014 Recorded and produced by band-member April Hutchins at Muffin Studios in Montreal, Quebec, "Solace" is the second full-length recording from Canada's Mellevon. It was released at the tail end of 2014 and this fourteen track album serves as the follow-up to the group's 2013 debut album, "Chaos Reigns". Show More Summary

New Tenants-Unity By Collision

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Listen up ladies and gents, boys and girls. Eyes forward and all ears on me. I'm only going to say this once so you bloody well better pay attention! There's something strange in the neighborhood, but there's no need to drop a dime on the Ghostbusters or work yourself up into a frenzy. Show More Summary

Interview with Damn Dice

Damn Dice is a somewhat new hard & heavy quartet from London that has slowly, but surely made the move from hometown heroes to national treasures. This rock-steady four-piece cites bands as diverse as Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest as it's influences and just last week I covered the group's excellent full-length album, "The Great Unknown". Show More Summary

The Ghost Next Door-The Ghost Next Door

Mausoleum Records 2015 The Ghost Next Door is a California four-piece that features former Skinlab member Gary Wendt within it's ranks. The self-titled "The Ghost Next Door" is the long-awaited debut album from this reformed and restrengthened...Show More Summary

Cherry White-Staring At The Sun

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Formed in 2009, Cherry White is a four-piece band from London that is comprised off Donata Sounds (vocals), Russell Jones (guitars), Ralph Beeby (bass ), and Felipe Drago (drums). "Staring At The Sun" is...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Tower-Tower

Self-Release/Independent 2015 For today's Free Metal Monday feature we have Tower from New York City. The band is expertly fronted by Sarabeth Linden and the name-your-own-price "Tower" looks to be the group's first studio recording....Show More Summary

From Another Planet-An Ever-Changing Perspective

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Hailing from my home state of Ohio, From Another Planet is a heavy & harsh progressive metal/metalcore band that (as of 2014) is fronted by Michael Leone of Arise The Titan fame. Formed in 2009 by long-time...Show More Summary

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