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Steel Messiah-Of Laser and Lightning

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Steel Messiah is a (somewhat-new) four-piece heavy metal/speed metal band from Germany that lists Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and Motörhead as just a few of it's influences. Active since the year 2014,Show More Summary

Attacker-Sins Of The World

Metal on Metal Records 2016 Attacker is a highly-regarded U.S. power metal/traditional heavy metal band from New Jersey that is currently fronted by skilled-vocalist/lyricist (and all-around Metal Maniac !) Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas (Morbid Sin, ex-Exhibition, ex-Overlorde, ex-Seven Witches). Show More Summary

Saturday Single:Psychedelic Witchcraft-"Come A Little Closer"

Soulseller Records2016Based in Italy, Psychedelic Witchcraft is a extremely-talented occult rock/doom metal band that has slowly but surely become one of my favorite new acts. Ever since I heard the exceptional "Black Magic Man" I have been hooked on this up-and-coming exciting group. Show More Summary

Final Solution-Through The Looking Glass

Logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi Final Solution is an Italian metal band that was founded in June of 2011 by guitarist Fabio Pedrali and drummer Andrea Gorio. As of this writing the band is comprised of Mario Manenti (vox),Show More Summary

Interview with Al and Crown of Roxin' Palace

Roxin' Palace is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Italy that has been active since 2011. Just recently I reviewed the band's exciting new album, "Freaks of Society", and now it is my pleasure to present this interview that I did with lead vocalist Al and guitarist Crown. Show More Summary

Mercy Isle-Undying Fire

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Mercy Isle is a symphonic metal/rock band that was founded in 2014 by lead vocalist Kassandra Novell. Now in it's second year together, with the 10-track "Undying Fire" serving as this American-Dutch group's...Show More Summary

=fudge=: "Never Stop Firing"

Welovemusic Records2014Graciously sent our way by band member Jake Curtis (drums), "Never Stop Firing" is the first EP from Germany's =fudge=. It was independently-released in May of 2014 on CD (limited to a mere 100 copies) and now,...Show More Summary

King of None-Troubles by the Score

Self-Release/Independent2016King of None is a riff-heavy & beer-fueled band from Finland that just released it's second EP, "Troubles by the Score", back on November 1st. The five-piece group, which is lead by emotionally-rich vocalist...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Hazarder-"Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!"

Active since 2011, Hazarder is a doom/sludge metal trio from Croatia that more than lives up to the implication of it's name. This ( HARSH & HARDCORE ) 7-track recording from early December of 2013 is Hazarder's only full-length release and it can should be downloaded for free by clicking on this link. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Headbangers Latinoamerica: Crash Of Two Worlds-Part 1: Europe Bands

Released way back on December 26th of 2013, "Crash Of Two Worlds-Part 1: Europe Bands" is a free metal compilation that features 130 tracks! Yes, that's one hundred and thirty songs from one hundred and thirty DIFFERENT bands !! These...Show More Summary

Children of the Reptile-The Four Weapons EP

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Sporting one of the coolest monikers out there(!), Children of the Reptile is a up-and-coming heavy metal band from Wilmington, North Carolina that is every-bit as epic as their name suggests! The group's...Show More Summary

Roxin' Palace-Freaks of Society

Sleazy Rider Records 2016 Originally known as Modern Middle Ages, Roxin' Palace is a (somewhat sleazy) hard & heavy band that hails from Italy and was formed back in 2011 by Crown, guitar player of Revoltons and Hell, ex-drummer for Elvenking. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Nevesis-Nevesis

Horror Terror Records 2012 Based in Paide, Estonian, Nevesis is a hard & heavy power trio that was formed back in 2008 and is said to be influenced by everyone from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters. C urrently comprised of Erki ReimShow More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Meteor Vortex-Cosmic Labyrinth

Self-Release/Independent2016Just released on November 18, the name-your-price "Cosmic Labyrinth" is a (guitar-heavy) tripped-out space ride from here to eternity and back from the psychedelic stoner rock/metal band known as Meteor Vortex. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: The Lizzies-Play to get laid

See note below... She Does Records1999The Lizzies (who should not be confused with the four-piece band from Madrid that gave us the killer "Good Luck"!) are a raw as fk punk rock/riot grrrl band from New York. While not heavy metal per...Show More Summary

Axe Crazy-Ride The Night

No Remorse Records2016Named after the classic 1982 single from N.W.O.B.H.M. band Jaguar, Axe Crazy is a up-and-coming traditional heavy metal band that hails from L?dziny, Poland and is currently fronted by lead singer Michael Skotnicki. Show More Summary

French Metal Friday: Nightmare-Dead Sun

AFM Records 2016 Nightmare is a highly-regarded French heavy metal band that was initially active from 1979-1988. Originally a N.W.O.B.H.M.-inspired traditional heavy metal act (and a damn good one at that!), Nightmare released two albums during their first run (1984's "Waiting for Twilight" in 1984 and 1985's "Power of the Universe"). Show More Summary

Vomitron-NESessary Evil

Metalvania Music 2016 Active since 2002, Vomitron is a experimental solo project from Lowell Massachusetts guitarist Peter Rutchen (Armory, Crotalus, Graveheart, Birch Hill Dam (live), ex-Frozen, ex-Lecherous, ex-Blistered Earth, B'Chunk, Bloodwitch, ex-Discreate, ex-Pornogore). Show More Summary


Logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi 2016 "Heroes" is a brand new EP from Italy hard rock/heavy metal band Badmotorfinger. It follows the 2013 album "It's Not the End" (which you can read about here) and finds Luigi "Sange" Sangermano...Show More Summary

Satan's Fall-Metal of Satan

Underground Power Records/Stormspell Records2016Have you ever stopped to wonder what you would get if you force-fed Metallica's "No Life 'til Leather" to a raw speed metal version of Mercyful Fate that had grown up on a steady diet of...Show More Summary

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