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Bull Funk Zoo-Dangerous Radio

Independent/Self-Release 2016 Due to be released on September 11th, 2016, "Dangerous Radio" is the second full-length album from the one of a kind one-man ROCK project known as Bull Funk Zoo. Having previously covered Bull Funk Zoo (aka...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent2016It was back in mid-January of this year that I first covered Baltimore, Maryland rock/metal act Thrillkiller. Their debut offering, "Time", was a hell of lot of fun and that explosive 4-track EP proved toShow More Summary

Interview with Steve Handel of Seventh Calling

Seventh Calling is a heavy metal band with two EPs and three full-length albums to it's name. The group's latest release is "Battle Call" and it is geared towards metalheads who love their music to be all at once classic and modern. A little while back I had the opportunity to talk to guitarist/vocalist Steve Handel. Show More Summary

Spellcastter-Night Hides The World

Prosthetic Records 2016 Just released last week, "Night Hides The World" is the latest full-length recording from Portland, Oregon-based band Spellcaster. This brand new album comes two years after the release of Spellcaster's self-titled album and it is this heavy metal band's forth studio recording since first forming way back in 2009. Show More Summary

Interview with Brian Blake of Eternal Voyager

Eternal Voyager is a traditional/power metal metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A little while back I had the opportunity to talk with vocalist/guitarist and band founder, Brian Blake. I want to thank Brian for taking the time to chat with us and I would like to encourage all of our readers to check this talented band out. Show More Summary

Forklift Elevator-Killer Self

Logic(il)Logic Records 2016 A year or so removed from the band's independently-released debut, "Borderline", Italian metal band Forklift Elevator returns with a brand new EP and a slightly revamped line-up. Long time readers might recall...Show More Summary

Interview with Love N War

Based in Texas, Love N War is a high-octane hard & heavy band with one full-length album to it's name at the time of this interview. A four-piece band whose melodic style recalls the glory days of hard rock, Love N War is all at once...Show More Summary

Heavy Metal Time Machine is using it's vacation time....

To our faithful readers- Due to some scheduling conflicts HMTM needs to take a short break. We should be back within a week or two, but it could end up being even longer. It all depends upon how busy things get and whether or not weShow More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Mountain Moshpit Vol. 1

"Mountain Moshpit Vol. 1" is a free compilation from the folks over at Armstrong Metalfeast. With a total of 19 tracks there is a lot of good stuff going on, but then again the same could be said for Armstrong Metalfeast 2016! You can find this digital compilation by heading here. Show More Summary

Currant Playlist

It's Sunday my friends. that means I am super late with my current playlist. That's not good. It's not good at all. But then neither is the fact that I got hardly any work done this week. I kind of knew that the end of the school year...Show More Summary

Constraint-Enlightened By Darkness

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Formed back in March of 2011 (while many of it's members were still in their teens!), Constraint is a up-and-coming symphonic metal group that hails from Italy and began life as a cover band. This youngShow More Summary

Interview with Snakewine members Ronny Konietzko And Sebastian Welsch

Snakewine is a FANTASTIC German hard & heavy band whose rock n' roll-infused debut album, "Serpent Kings", completely blew me away! Earlier this month I not only covered that must-have release, but one of the group's latest songs, "Brood Of Vipers". Show More Summary


Hells Headbangers2016 Due for release on July 22nd, "Nuke" is the self-titled debut from the lean and mean Detroit speed-tinged metal punk band of the same name. It serves as the follow-up to Nuke's twice sold-out demo, "Delta City",...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Metal Up Your Axe, Vol. 2

For today's Free Metal Monday feature we have the cleverly-titled "Metal Up Your Axe Vol. 2". This impressive 41 track (!) compilation includes current and unreleased original songs from both up and coming bands and already established acts. Show More Summary

Sunday Singles: Lilith and The Knight-Wake Up

Red Vixen Records2016Calling London home, Lilith and The Knight is a up-and-coming heavy rock/hard & heavy band with one truly inspired single to it's name thanks to the recently-released "Wake Up". Formed by guitarist Stephen and lead...Show More Summary

Current Playlist

Wow, another week has flown by in flash! Where did it go and why do I feel as if I have whiplash from the whole affair? Even though I was sick for a couple of days there in the middle it still seems as if it was just last week when I was posting one of these. Show More Summary

Killer Khan-Global Killer

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Killer Khan is one band that should need no introduction. That is if you consider yourself to be any kind true metalhead! I mean after all this is the same incredible group that gave us the album "Kill Devil...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Nice Guyz-Propaganda

Self-Release/Independent 2016 "Propaganda" is the second Free Metal Monday offering of the day and this name-your-price release comes from an Israeli four-piece band that is known as Nice Guyz. With seven original compositions and two...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: New Jersey Metal Attack Vol. 1

NVNM Productions2016Today's Free Metal Monday feature (which was just released today !) comes courtesy of the fine folks over at NVNM Productions. Available for free by clinking on this link, "New Jersey Metal Attack Vol. 1" includes...Show More Summary

Sunday Singles: Snakewine-"Brood of Vipers"

Phonector2016Released back on February 10th of this year, "Brood of Vipers" is a drop-dead AWESOME single from German heavy rock/hard & heavy band Snakewine. This ass-kicking quartet is solid as fuck in regards to both their songwriting...Show More Summary

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