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Vile Display Of Humanity-Vile Display Of Humanity

Forever Autumn Records 2015 Born in Chicago, IL in the summer of 2007 (with Seattle, Wash. serving as their current base of operations) Vile Display of Humanity is a socially-active & politically-charged thrash-punk band that is lead...Show More Summary

Clouds Taste Satanic-Your Doom Has Come

Kinda Like Music Inc. 2015 Last year Brooklyn, New York's Clouds Taste Satanic treated us to the excellent "To Sleep Beyond The Earth". A devilishly delicious combination of doom metal and post-rock, "To Sleep Beyond The Earth" proved...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Beastmaker-Beastmaker

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Beastmaker is a heavy rock/doom metal band that worships at the alter of Black Sabbath. Despite sounding incredibly British in nature this psychedelically-enhanced trio actually calls Fresno, California home with the name- your-own-price "Beastmaker" looking as if it's the group's sole release to date. Show More Summary

Alan Mair-"Stairway to Hell" Single

IKA Records 2015 With a due date of August 24th, "Stairway to Hell" is the second single from Alan Mair's forthcoming solo album, "Field of One". As a one-time member of The Beatstalkers and The Only Ones, Alan Mair is already well-known...Show More Summary

The Murder Of My Sweet-Beth Out Of Hell

Frontiers Music srl 2015 Formed in 2006 by drummer, keyboardist and producer Daniel Flore, The Murder of My Sweet is a charismatic metal band that is based in Stockholm, Sweden and well known for the stunning voice of front-woman Angelica Rylin. Show More Summary

Interview with Ken Cuccaro of Sonick Plague

Last weekend I covered the new self-titled album from thrash metal warriors Sonick Plague. Now it's my pleasure to post this interview that I had with the band's drummer, Ken Curraro. Enjoy! Andy- First off I want to thank you for talking with us. Show More Summary

That's All For Now....

... but not for good. Not that I update this wretched mess very often, but I've decided to retire this version of Metal Flows In My Veins. I'll move the whole kit and caboodle over to Word Press sometime in the hopefully not too distant...Show More Summary


Heaven and Hell Records 2015 Hailing from Columbia, Tennessee, HexenHammer (which is German for ''Malleus Maleficarum'') was a underground speed/thrash band that was active in one form or another from 1987 until at least 1992. "Underground",...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: R.A.M.-Ranthology: 1985?-?1989

Stone Groove Records 2015 This is another free digital sampler from the fine folks at Stone Groove Records. "Ranthology: 1985?-?1989" features tracks from Airborne (no, not that Airbourne but rather the short lived one from Vassalboro, Maine!) StageFrite, and Sidewinder and it can be downloaded by heading here.

Free Metal Monday: Stone Groove Records Sampler 2015

Stone Groove Records2015 Phoenix, Arizona' Stone Groove Records has this nice digital sampler available for free at this location. In addition to one of my personal faves (My Silent Wake) there are tracks from the likes of Troglodyte Dawn, Henry The Horse, Joe Nash, Starchild, Crawl, D. Show More Summary

Sonick Plague-Sonick Plague

Pavement Music 2015 Initially formed in West Virginia in 1984 by Tim Meehan (guitars) and Ken Cuccaro (drums), Sonick Plague is a re-formed and (by all accounts) re-invigorated thrash metal band that now calls hails Connecticut home....Show More Summary

Antonello Giliberto-Journey Through My Memory

Minotauro Records 2015 Recorded over the span of two years, "Journey Through My Memory" is the second full-length album from Sicilian guitarist Antonello Giliberto. It follows in the footsteps of 2013's "The Mansion Of Lost Souls" and...Show More Summary

Interview with Seven Sister's Kyle McNeill

Back in late June I covered Seven Sisters' latest release, "Lost In Time". You can find this excellent 7" online here and for traditional heavy metal and N.W.O.B.H.M. fans it is a MUST HAVE! Now I present a interview that I recently conducted with lead vocalist/guitarist Kyle McNeill. Show More Summary

Inside Metal: Pioneers Of L.A. Rock And Metal II

Metalrock Films2015First things first. I'm really late with this review and for that I'd like to apologize. And it's not just to Metalrock Films I might add, but to all of you-our faithful readers and fellow metal fanatics. Blame itShow More Summary

Realm Unseen-The Origin

Self-Release/Independent2015Released on June 30th, "The Origin" is the 7-track debut EP from (self-dubbed) "groove metal" band Realm Unseen. The band, which is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and boasts influences as diverse as KoRn, Tool,...Show More Summary

Fallen Angels-World In Decay

Cyberdyne Records 2015 For the uniformed, Fallen Angels is a five-piece thrash metal band that is based in Seattle,Washington and currently lead by Bradzilla (ex-Semesus, ex-Disinterment, ex-If But for One). Active since 2002 (and not...Show More Summary

Crazy Fenton-Turn Off The Silence

Self-Release/Independent 2015 For those of you who might have overslept and missed out on the news bulletin, Crazy Fenton is the alter ego of Norfolk-based artist/veteran musician Clive Aliker. And just like any other caped crime-fighter...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Divebomb Summer-2015 Sampler: Volume II

And this would be volume number two of Divebomb Record's summer samplers. This one features twenty tracks in all and it's a mixture of good (Picture, Chastain, Shotgun Messiah, Grinder, Reverend, Addictive, and Sultan) and so bad it's ugly (Slave Raider? Really?). Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Divebomb Summer 2015 Sampler: Volume I

As the title points out this is part one of two free samplers from Divebomb Records. With a total of 25 tracks it does a great job of showcasing some of the labels latest releases as well as showing off some of their upcoming ones. There's...Show More Summary


Test Your Metal Records 2015 Formed in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in 1996, Hibria is a heavy/speed/power metal band that is fronted by Iuri Sanson and influenced by groups as diverse as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera and even Deep...Show More Summary

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