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Stunner-Nightfighter EP

Self-Release/Independent2017Stunner is a damn cool name for a heavy metal band. When it comes to the wicked fury of this four-piece group from Gainesville, Florida (which rather surprising has only been active for about a year now),Show More Summary

Emerald-Voice for the Silent

Metal On Metal Records2017Dutch heavy metal band Emerald, originally known as Warrior (under which name a four-song demo was released) and not to be confused with the handful of other Emeralds out there (both active and defunct), is a four-piece group that was initially active between 1984 and 1989. Show More Summary


Tribunal/Divebomb Records2017Formed in 1989 and sadly no longer active, Visitör was a five-piece thrash metal band from Orange County that was comprised of Kurt Schultz (vocals), Joey Brown and Rob Skyler (guitars), E.K. Wright (bass), and Tony Stanley (drums). Show More Summary

Speedclaw-Iron Speed

Shadow Kingdom2017Hailing from Croatia, Speedclaw have knocked a six song tape with five originals and a cover of Exciter's Heavy Metal Maniac. Let's get to the positives- they have tried to travel back in time to 82-83 and play a style...Show More Summary

Haunt-Luminous Eyes

Shadow Kingdom Records2018Haunt is a one-man heavy metal project from Trevor William Church (guitarist/vocalist of the California doom metal band Beastmaster). The four-song "Luminous Eyes", which was originally a self-release and is already to download at the highlighted link, is the first studio recording from Haunt. Show More Summary

Current playlist

Saw Virginia's LNT play to a sparse crowd in DIY place which was a cold attic the other day, but they put on a great show.Current listening to-LNT-Socially Dysfunctional (their latest, but a new one is supposed to come out soon)Darkness-Defenders...Show More Summary

Draghkar-World Unraveled

2017This is a three track demo from California's Draghkar. This is old style death metal with a definite early-mid 90's influences all stamped all over it. Wings over Malkier is a riff-driven slugfest that smashes away with a brief, but well down slow bit in the middle. Show More Summary

Pale Horseman-The Fourth Seal

Black Bow Records2017Falling somewhere between aggressive doom metal with a death metal kick(!) and extreme (riff-heavy and twisted!) sludge, Pale Horseman is a four-piece band from Chicago, Illinois that has been tearing up the scene since 2012. Show More Summary

War Gods Of The Deep-Robots, Rockets & Rampage

Self-Release/Independent2017Chicago's War Gods Of The Deep are back with EP number two. Having reviewed the group's 2016 debutEP, "Robots, Rockets & Rampage" was a pleasant surprise when it made it's way into my email. Named after the...Show More Summary

Current playlist

Priest concert isn't until March, but that doesn't mean I can't start getting excited about it now so...Listening to...Judas Priest-Stained Class, Hell bent for leatherThe Xiles-No complyThe Obsessed-SeveralCeltic Frost-severalSleep-...Show More Summary

The Obsessed-Sacred

Relapse2017Hailing form my home state of Maryland, The Obsessed have existed in different versions for almost forty years, but have just a few releases because their times of existence have been few and far between. The one constant has been front man/guitarist/vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan and more). Show More Summary

The Xiles-No comply

Self-produced2017I recently went to this DIY place up the road from me that has shows about twice a month for the CD release party of Frederick's The Xiles. This young band just started playing shows this week and they've been busy gigging around in the area. Show More Summary


Art of Melody Music2017Airbound is a AOR/melodic rock band from Italy. This self-titled album serves as the group's studio debut and it was produced by Oscar Burato and the band members themselves. Those band members would be Tomás Borgogna...Show More Summary

Isenordal - Lughnasadh MMXVII

Hanged Man2017This is a two track demo tape from this Seattle based acoustic doom act even though they knocked out a full length effort early this year.. First up is Inevitable product of the foretold which lumbers on with a thick, rolling riff. Show More Summary

Superhorror-Hit Mania Death

Logic IL Logic Records2017Lead by vocalist/guitarist Edward Janine Freak, Italy's Superhorror make their long-awaited return with "Hit Mania Death". It was some four years ago when I last covered this "unique" band. At the time they were known as Superhorrorfuck (link). Show More Summary

Midnight-Sweet death and ecstasy

Note- This is a review of the single disc version which is jus the new material, there is also a two disc version where the second disc is rehearsal songs done before a show in 2015.2017Hell's HeadbangersCleveland's Midnight returns under leadership of their main man the hooded Athenar. Show More Summary

Current playlist

Wanted to get one of these in before Halloween.Here's what I'm listening to-The Obsessed-Sacred (review coming soon)Midnight-Sweet death and ecstasy (review coming sooner)Still listening to the Misfits through HalloweenCryptic Slaughter-Convicted and Money TalksThe best of Dr. Show More Summary

Mandragora-Waves of Steel

Inferno Records2017Mandragora is a five-piece traditional heavy metal band from Nuevo Chimbote City in North Peru/South America. The group was formed in 2007 by bassist Jorge Mandragora and lead vocals come courtesy of Fatima Natthammer. Show More Summary

Professor Emeritus-Take Me To The Gallows

No Remorse Records2017Professor Emeritus is a relatively new metal band that hails from Chicago, Illinois and is fronted by MP Papai (Moros Nyx). The well-crafted "Take Me To The Gallows" is the group's debut album and it is due to drop of November 13th, 2017. Show More Summary

Current playlist

Currently listening to- Misfits-boxed set The Casualties-several titles Alice Cooper-Paranormal Gorilla Biscuits-Start today Blood Feast-The future state of wicked Saxon- several titles The Xiles-No comply Acid King-Middle of nowhere, Center of everywhere Reading-A bunch of stuff for work. Show More Summary

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