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hell bent-EP

Self-Release/Independent2018Formed in 2015 and comprised of current & former members of Dropdead, Ulcer, Paindriver, Straight to Hell, Neon Bitches, and Hard Drug, hell bent is a thrash metal/(hardcore-tinged) crossover band from Providence, Rhode Island. Show More Summary

Damn Youth-Breathing Insanity

Cospe Fogo Produções2018Damn Youth is a raw thrash/crossover band from Caucaia, Ceará, Brazil that has been in existence since 2013. Fronted by Elton Luiz, Damn Youth made it's debut in 2015 with the 3-track demo "Skate in Hell". In 2016 the band released a split with Lei do Cão and the 3-track EP, "No Mercy to Nazi Sympathy". Show More Summary

Dinosaur Eyelids-Left Turn on Red

Independent/Self-Release2017New Jersey's Dinosaur Eyelids issued their 5th studio album back in late November of 2017. With it's tongue-in-cheek title of "Left Turn on Red", I had this CD arrive unexpectedly at my door. With 11 tracks in all, "Left Turn on Red" is the long-anticipated follow-up to 2014's "Bypass To Nowhere". Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent2018"Loud, Fast, and Rude". Not only is that the way in which I want to live my life, but it is also the motto of Australian' blackened speed metal project Viölence. Lead by Dylan Potter (all instruments), with...Show More Summary

Kings Will Fall-Thrash Force.One

Independent/Self-Release2018Kings Will Fall is a up-and-coming thrash n' death metal band from Italy that is fronted by Fabian Jung. Formed in 2013 by drummer Lukas Gross and bassist Daniel Vanzo, Kings Will Fall made it's debut in 2015 with the extended-EP, "Death Comes Easy". Show More Summary

My Silent Wake-There Was Death

Minotauro Records2018Formed in 2005 from the remains of Ashen Mortality, My Silent Wake is one of the UK's best death/doom bands. Since the very beginning the group has been lead by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ian Arkley (Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper). Show More Summary

Starsoup-Castles of Sand

Metalism Records2017Starsoup is a progressive heavy rock/metal studio project from Moscow, Russian. Formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist (and sole full-time member) Alexey Markov (Distant Sun, ex-Citadel, ex-Shadow Host), Starsoup made it's debut with the 2011 single, "Angel". Show More Summary

Corrosion of conformity-No cross no crown

Nuclear Blast2018 This is the bands first album with vocalist Pepper Keenan since 2005's In the Arms of God and the first to feature this band lineup in nearly 18 years. Right away it's like they are right back where they were during the decade plus that Keenan was singing for the band. Show More Summary

Dark Hound-Dawning

Self-Release/Independent2018Dark Hound is a heavy/power metal band from Nashville, TN. The group has been around since 2009 and (as of this writing) it is comprised of vocalist/bassist ET Brown, guitarist Evan Hensley, guitarist Preston Walls, and drummer Josh Brown. Show More Summary

Sunday Singles: Rockstar Frame-"Christmas Rape"

Musicarchy Media2017Formed in 2012 by drummer Max Klein, Rockstar Frame is a ( Top Notch !) heavy rock/hard & heavy band from Italy that I have talked about on numerous occasions (link). This socially-conscious/emotionally-powerful single...Show More Summary

Venom-100 Miles To Hell

Spinefarm Records2017Venom is a band that needs no introduction. Having released their debut album "Welcome To Hell" in late December of 1981, England's Venom was not only a part of the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement, but early pioneers of the black metal scene. Show More Summary

Ignitor-Haunted By Rock & Roll

EMP Label Group2017Austin, Texas' heavy/power metal band Ignitor returns with their sixth full-length album since first forming in 2003. With eight original compositions and a cover of Raven's "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered", "Haunted By...Show More Summary

Anialator-Rise to Supremacy

Xtreem Music2018There is some background explanation that I obviously have to toss out here first. No, I did not misspell the band name because this is not the long running Canadian thrash band Annihilator, but rather a return of the Corpus Christi based Anialator. Show More Summary

Roadrash-Thunder In Paradise

Independent/Self-Release2017Roadrash is a speed metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia that is lead by seasoned musician David Power (bass/vocals). Preceded in life by a cassette demo and a digital cover of Tank's "The Snake", "Thunder In Paradise" is the first full-length album from this four-piece group that has been active since 2014. Show More Summary

Scratch The Floor-Hellhound

Musicarchy Media2017Nü-metal/modern metal band Scratch The Floor hails from Tbilisi, Georgia and they have been around since 2012. According to the group's Facebook page the band is lead by vocalist Sid (Tornike Tsorikishvili) and they now have three recordings to their name. Show More Summary

Straight Edge: A clear headed hardcore punk history by Tony Rettmann

Bazillion Points2017Straight edge is almost old as punk rock itself dating back to the early 80's when Minor Threat sang about being clean and sober. Over the years it became more a movement then merely a lyrical theme with bands in scenes from DC to California to Boston and of course New York taking up the call and spread the message. Show More Summary

Electric Vengeance-Homicidal Relapse

Self-Release/Independent2017Texas crossover/thrash metal band Electric Vengeance, active since 2007 and comprised of Bran Damage (vocals/guitars), Napaulm (bass/backing vocals), and Trey Lunabomber (drums/backing vocals), make their long-awaited return with album number two. Show More Summary

Psychocide-Alcohol & Bad Decisions

Self-release/Independent2017Formed in 2013 in New York City by vocalist/guitarist Goldwyn Thandrayen, Psychocide is a upbeat hard & heavy rock band that now calls Montreal, Quebec it's home base of operations. The self-produced "Alcohol & Bad Decisions" serves as Pyschocide's debut album and it is a strange (if not somewhat satisfying) offering. Show More Summary

Dungeon Wolf-Slavery Or Steel

Self-Release/Independent2017Dungeon Wolf is a brand new project from one of the hardest working men in all of heavy metal, vocalist/guitarist Deryck Heignum (ex-Stormlurker member who is otherwise known as Norse Law). The every so cool...Show More Summary

Conan-Man is myth

Napalm2017If you listen you likely know this band, but possibly not these songs. That's because this one of those "early days" collections. In this case it's seven demos recorded between 2006 and 2012 which is when their debut album came out. Show More Summary

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