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Podcast: Episode 002

13 hours agoMusic / Metal : Metal Inquisition

SkullKrusher, Gene Hoglan's Balls and ChristButcher are your hosts, once again, in this fucked-up 1 hour journey. We explore the rest of our 'top-10 most influential records of our teens' list and ask ourselves: who is the bigger poser,...Show More Summary

Death of Kings-Hell Comes to Life

Boris Records2017Based in Atalanta, Georgia and active since 2009, Death of Kings is a ( vintage thrash -infused) traditional heavy metal band that seems to love Motörhead as much as I do! The obvious question now is where have they been all my life? Eh, scratch that. Show More Summary

Dead & Breakfast-Rebirth

Independent/Self-Release2017Dead & Breakfast is a ( metallic ) horror punk band from Italy that has been around since 2007. The ghoulish group includes Pachu (vocals/bass), G.I. Joe (guitarist/vocalist), and a drummer name Piffy. Preceded...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday-On Tap 2016

Witches Brew2016"On Tap 2016" is a a free compilation from Germany's Witches Brew. It has 13 tracks from some very sick metal bands and you can download it by clicking here.

Absinthe From Society-The Angels Ignored US

Independent/Self-Release 2017 Absinthe From Society is a (post-progressive) hard and heavy rock/alternative metal band from Edmonton that lists it's influences as N.I.N, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, The Tea Party, and The Foo Fighters. Show More Summary


Witches Brew2016"Steelballs" is a self-titled EP from the Argentinian heavy/speed metal band of the same name. It was originally released in August of 2016. Initially there were only three tracks on the recording, "Steelballs ", "Farewell",...Show More Summary

Mystery Blue-Mystery Blue (2016 Version)

Eat Metal Records2016Mystery Blue is a long-running heavy metal band from France. They were formed in 1978 and this self-titled album was originally released in 1984. It was preceded in life by a 1983 demo and along with the band's second album, "Circle of Shame", it has been re-released by Eat Metal Records. Show More Summary

Accept-Accept (Platinum Edition)

AFM Records2017Originally released in 1979 to little fanfare, Accept's self-titled debut is just one of the four albums by this classic German heavy metal band that will be getting a Platinum Edition upgrade courtesy of AFM Records.Show More Summary

Chevalier-A Call to Arms

Self-Release/Independent 2017 It's well known that I am a huge fan of female-fronted rock and heavy metal bands. If you are a loyal follower of Heavy Metal Time Machine then you can attest to this fact. For our new readers and/or fans of this up-and-coming band from Finland there is one word that I should probably add to the proclamation. Show More Summary


Logic(il)logic Records 2017 Formed in 2014 and named after Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Italy's Sinatras made their first appearance on these pages with the EP, "Six-Sexy-Songs". That was back in early August of 2015. Here it is all of these years later and we are just now getting a full-length disc from this extreme five-piece band. Show More Summary

Interview with Simon Straumann, drummer of FreaKings

FreaKings is a thrash metal band that I just covered earlier in the month. Now it is my extreme pleasure to offer up this interview that I recently did with the band's drummer, Simon Straumann. Enjoy! Andy-Welcome! Please come in and introduce yourselves for our readers. Show More Summary

Iron Driver-Crack of the Whip

Self-Release/Independent 2017 Iron Driver is a five-piece heavy metal band that hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The four-song EP, "Crack Of The Whip" is the latest studio output from this three-year old band and it follows a 2015 split that the group did with Sunisgone. Show More Summary

Colombia: The True Cradle of Black Metal?

Yours truly in front of a Mayhem backdrop in the basement of Helvete (now Neseblod) in Oslo. As we all know the world of Black Metal is filled with tall tales, rumors, gossip, and folklore, so take this post with a grain of salt the size of Oslo. Show More Summary

Witchers Creed-Witchers Creed EP 17

Self-Release/Independent 2017 Witchers Creed is a hard & heavy/doom metal band that is made up of guitarist/vocalist Filip Andersson, bassist/vocalist Emil Bjällerhag, and drummer Charlie Rangstedt. This two-track recording looks asShow More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Nightmare-Demo

Self-Release/Independent2016 California metal band Nightmare released this three-track demo on November 28, 2016. There is no information to go with it, but seeing as it is vintage heavy metal with a N.W.O.B.H.M. tint it is all good!...Show More Summary

Steel Machine-Burning Valves

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Formed in 2006 and currently lurking about in the Jyväskylä/Helsinki area, Steel Machine is a fking sweet ass name for this heavy/speed metal band. The three-piece group, which is lead by guitarist/vocalist Timo Takala (Septure) and sports influences like Motörhead, Tank, and Carnivore, has seven releases to it's name. Show More Summary

Rockstar Frame-Bullet For Birthday

Musicarchy Media 2017 Rockstar Frame is a female-fronted heavy rock/hard & heavy band from Italy. The skilled group was formed back in 2012 by drummer Max Klein and lead vocals come courtesy of the amazing Faith Blurry ! Two months ago...Show More Summary

Social Stain-Social Stain

Self-Release/Independent 2017 Formed in late 2014 by bassist/vocalist ( and main composer) Toni Broman (ex-Kill the Romance), Finland's Social Stain are a (fking DYNAMITE !) rock and roll-infused heavy metal band that sports influences...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2017 Now in their second year together (and stronger than ever one would suspect), Vancouver, Canada's latest metal export, CRNKSHFT (all caps please), has seen more than it's fair share of line-up changes from point A to point B. Show More Summary


Self-Released/Independent2017 It's been three years since I last talked about them, but Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Möwer provide the missing link between Motörhead and noisy punk rock. This two-track recording is the group's latest release and it is meant to kill a bit of time before a full-length album drops. Show More Summary

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