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French Metal Friday: Nightmare-Dead Sun

AFM Records 2016 Nightmare is a highly-regarded French heavy metal band that was initially active from 1979-1988. Originally a N.W.O.B.H.M.-inspired traditional heavy metal act (and a damn good one at that!), Nightmare released two albums during their first run (1984's "Waiting for Twilight" in 1984 and 1985's "Power of the Universe"). Show More Summary

Vomitron-NESessary Evil

Metalvania Music 2016 Active since 2002, Vomitron is a experimental solo project from Lowell Massachusetts guitarist Peter Rutchen (Armory, Crotalus, Graveheart, Birch Hill Dam (live), ex-Frozen, ex-Lecherous, ex-Blistered Earth, B'Chunk, Bloodwitch, ex-Discreate, ex-Pornogore). Show More Summary


Logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi 2016 "Heroes" is a brand new EP from Italy hard rock/heavy metal band Badmotorfinger. It follows the 2013 album "It's Not the End" (which you can read about here) and finds Luigi "Sange" Sangermano...Show More Summary

Satan's Fall-Metal of Satan

Underground Power Records/Stormspell Records2016Have you ever stopped to wonder what you would get if you force-fed Metallica's "No Life 'til Leather" to a raw speed metal version of Mercyful Fate that had grown up on a steady diet of...Show More Summary

Megan Rüger-Rockstar

Broad Horizon Records 2016 Serving as her first recording of all original compositions, "Rockstar" is a brand new studio release from Nashville, Tennessee' singer/songwriter (and one-time American Idol and The Voice contestant!) Megan Rüger. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Knightmare-Wolves of Retribution

The Arcade Records2016Active since 2010 (and not to be confused with all of the other similarly-named bands out there!), Knightmare is a up-and-coming U.S. heavy/power metal band with two full-length albums to it's name. The forty seven minutes long "Wolves of Retribution" is this group's latest recording and it came out in late January of this year. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Tommy '86-Transhumanism

Blood Music2016Here's something different to liven up this moody Monday morning. Written and produced by French electronic musician Tommy '86 (an extremely-gifted artist that is influenced by the electronic sounds and production techniques...Show More Summary

Heavy Temple-Chassit

Van Records/Tridroid Records 2016 It's Sunday, November 13th so it's time to get yourself to the temple....the Heavy Temple that is! Formed at the tail end of 2012 (with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serving as their home base of operations),...Show More Summary

ZiX-Tides Of The Final War

Pure Steel Records 2016 Formed in 2010 by bassist/composer Ziad Bardawil, ZiX is a female-fronted traditional heavy metal band from in Beirut, Lebanon. Yes, I am every bit as shocked as all of you are that such a thing actually...Show More Summary

Hosoi Bros-Abuse Your Allusion III

Typhoon Killer Records 2016 Self-described as " Party Thrash " (see below), Hosoi Bros is a up-and-coming metal band from Memphis, Tennessee that just released it's full-length debut album, "Abuse Your Illusion III", back on September 23rd. Show More Summary

Motorfingers-Goldfish Motel

Logic(il)logic Records 2016 Motorfingers is a up-and-coming modern hard rock band from Italy that was formed in 2008 by guitarists Max Barbolini and Andrea "Spy" Spezzani. The odd-looking "Goldfish Motel" is this five-piece band's latest full-length release and it features lead vocals from Daniele "Abba" Abate (of Nightglow fame). Show More Summary

Aittala-American Nightmare

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Recorded at Incognito Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina, "American Nightmare" is the the latest release from U.S. metal band Aittala. It serves as the long-awaited follow-up to 2014's "Effigy" and features ten new songs including the thrashed-up title track. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Relapse Sampler 2016

Relapse Records2016From the looks of things it has been a longtime since I lasted posted some free metal. To make up for such a grave sin here is a hefty sampler from the good folks over at Relapse Records. Packed with 41 cuts in all(!), "Relapse Sampler 2016" was just released last month and can be downloaded for free by heading here. Show More Summary

Rivette-In Vertigo

Ektro 2016 Rivette is a three-piece band from Finland that has been active since 2014. This up-and-coming group is lead by skilled guitarist/vocalist Esa Pirttimäki (Forced Kill, Warchief, Glasgowsmile, ex-Ravenous) and they have one cassette demo and this forthcoming mini-LP to their name. Show More Summary

Deja Vu-Ejected

Infernö Records 2016 Deja Vu is a German quartet that was originally formed in 1986 by vocalist/guitarist Werner Kerscher and guitarist/vocalist Timo Zach. Falling somewhere between classic heavy metal, modern power metal, and traditional...Show More Summary

Solitude-Reach For The Sky

Test Your Metal Records 2016 Solitude is a twenty year old heavy metal band that is lead by Sacrifice's Akira Sugiuchi. Not to be confused with the half dozen or so other band's with the exact same moniker, this version of Solitude could...Show More Summary

Booze Control-The Lizard Rider

Infernö Records 2016 Booze Control is a four-piece German heavy metal band that features three former members of the group Shepherd's Guns. Formed in September of 2009 and citing Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Warlord and (early) Helloween...Show More Summary

October 31-Metal Massacre 31

Hell's Headbangers 2016 It is November 2nd and I am now two days late with this piece. I had every intention of posting this review on Halloween, but sometimes life....well, it just gets in the way of things. Actually, is it life that's...Show More Summary

UfosonicGenerator-The Evil Smoke Possession

Minotauro Records 2016 Formed in 2011, UfosonicGenerator (one word?) is a somewhat strange yet fascinating Italian metal band whose l eisure-time activities included " Fuckin ', Punchin ', Smoke & Heavy Drinkin ', and Rockin ' & Rollin ' all over ". Show More Summary

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