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Free Metal Monday: Speed Queen-Garage Demo

Self-Released/Independent 2014 " We're Speed Queen and we play heavy fucking metal! ". That about sums up this five-piece band and their kick ass (name your price) D.I.Y. demo. Influenced by the likes of Exciter, Skull fist, Enforcer,...Show More Summary

Saturday Single: Faith No More-Super Hero

Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac 2015 "Super Hero" is the second single that Faith No More has released from their highly-anticipated new album, "Sol Invictus". It follows the well-received "Motherfucker" and it offers more clues to the...Show More Summary

Saturday Single: Desecrator-"Red Steel Nation"

Self-Release/Independent2015 Released on the 22nd of January, with the song's official video posted below for your viewing pleasure,"Red Steel Nation" is a new single from Australian band Desecrator. Serving as the follow-up to the EP...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2015 Named after Russell Crowe`s character in the movie Gladiator and featuring musicians with ties to such bands as Howler and Equestrian Lord, Meridius is a new thrash/groove metal band that was founded in Ladner, British Columbia by lead guitarist Kieran Marquis and former drumme r Darien Prasad. Show More Summary

Duke Garwood-Heavy Love

Heavenly Recordings 2015 Just released this past February, "Heavy Love" is the fifth full-length solo album from impassioned singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood. Largely unknown outside of his native country, South...Show More Summary

Wicked Inquisition-Wicked Inquisition

Tridroid Records 2015 Formed in 2008 by Nate Towle (guitars and vocals), Wicked Inquisition is a doom metal band that lists it's influences as Black Sabbath, Budgie, Blue Öyster Cult, Trouble, Witchfinder General, Pentagram, Bang, Saint...Show More Summary

Altitudes & Attitude-Altitudes & Attitude

Megaforce Records 2014 Here's a bit of an odd release and chances are it slipped by most of our readers just as it (almost) slipped right past me. You see Altitudes & Attitude is a side-project of bassists Dave Ellefson and Frank Bello. Show More Summary

Magic Kingdom-Savage Requiem

AFM Records 2015 Alright kids are you in need of fantasy and enchantment? Well then forget about that overpriced and overrated theme park of the same name. You know the one with that non-metallic mouse as it's mascot? Yeah? Give it the...Show More Summary

Ghost Season- Ghosts Like Her

Self-Release/Independent 2014 You will have to forgive me as I'm showing up late to the party that is Athens, Greece-based band Ghost Season. With a full-length album planned for sometime later this year it was just this month (March 4th to be precise) that I was first introduced to the band's debut offering, "Ghosts Like Her". Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2014 Hailing from South Jersey (no jokes please) and now fronted by former Due For Extinction member Jorel Hart, Cognitive is a up-and-coming death metal band that has already shared the stage with the likesShow More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Unholy Anarchy Records-2015 Compilation

Unholy Anarchy Records 2015 Here's a pretty nice name-your-own-price compilation from Unholy Anarchy Records. In addition to previously-release material from band's on the label's roster this jacked-up sampler also contains a few tracks from upcoming 2015 releases. Show More Summary

Ostrogoth-Last Tribe Standing

( Empire Records 2015 It has been twenty eight years since Belgium's Ostrogoth last released a full-length album in the form of 1987's "Feelings of Fury". And it has been thirty two years since this old-school heavy metal/power metal band released their classic 1983 EP, "Full Moon's Eyes". Show More Summary

Trauma-Rapture And Wrath

Pure Steel Records 2015 Best known for being Cliff Burton's band before he went off and joined Metallica in 1983, Trauma is a U.S. power/speed metal band that was originally active from 1981 to 1985 before reforming in 2013. Not to be...Show More Summary

Inculter-Persisting Devolution

Edged Circle Productions 2015 Having just covered this Norwegian band yesterday, as promised we now return to the scene of the crime with "Persisting Devolution", Inculter's highly- anticipated debut album. For those of you who were absent on Monday here are three keen observations about this trio that are worth jotting down. Show More Summary

El Hijo de la Aurora-The Enigma of Evil

Minotauro Records 2015 El Hijo de la Aurora (Son of the Dawn) is an experimental doom metal/psychedelic rock band that was formed in Lima, Peru in may of 2008 by Joaquín Cuadra (ex-Don Juan Matus) and Manolo Garfias (Don Juan Matus, Throne of the Fallen). Show More Summary

Saints Trade-Robbed In Paradise

Logic(Il)Logic Records/Andromeda Dischi 2015 This is the second of two really solid promos that I received from my good friends over at Atomic Stuff Promotion and Logic(Il)Logic Records. I covered the first one back on February 26thShow More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Inculter - Stygian Deluge 7"EP

Edged Circle Productions 2015 Active since 2012, Inculter are a blackened thrash/death metal trio from Norway whose members range in age from 16-19. This Free Metal Monday offering was originally released back in 2013 and it served as Inculter's first studio piece. Show More Summary

Sacral Rage-Illusions in Infinite Void

Cruz Del Sur Music 2015 Preceded by two demos and a EP (though not necessarily in that order), "Illusions in Infinite Void" is the first full-length album from Greek heavy/speed metal band Sacral Rage. Born in 2011 and featuring theShow More Summary

Two Big Tours

I've finally managed to get out to see a couple of concerts, both being major tours. First, a couple of weeks ago, I caught the Through Space And Grind Tour with Napalm Death and Voivod (Exhumed and Iron Reagan rounded out the underShow More Summary

Interview with Tyler J. Harvey of Cleveland band Deadiron

For those who might not know the name Deadiron then here's the scoop. This fresh and original heavy metal/ power metal band has become the new face of Cleveland's metal scene thanks to top-notch studio work and high-impact local live...Show More Summary

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