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Concert Review: Doro with The Mighty Swine October 14 @ The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio

This past Tuesday I had the good fortune to catch the Doro show at the Agora in Cleveland, Ohio. Up front I want to thank The Mighty Swine for providing me with a ticket and my pre-planned/post-show ride accommodations who provided me safe passage on my journey home (thanks Dad!). Show More Summary

Death On Two Wheels-Death On Two Wheels

The Ghost Umbrella 2014 Self-produced and serving as the follow-up to "Separation Of Church And Fate ", "Death On Two Wheels" is the sophomore release from the Atlanta rock and roll roadsters of the same same. Made up of members Trae...Show More Summary

Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable-Leave Me Alone

Schnitzel Records 2014 Before we even start with "Leave Me Alone" let's go ahead and establish a quick point of reference just so that we can get it out all of the way. Bassist/guitarist/vocalist Nick Oliveri is primarily known for having spent time with Kyuss (and subsequently Kyuss Lives!), Mondo Generator and of course Queens of the Stone Age. Show More Summary

Highway Dream-Wonderful Race

Street Symphonies Records 2014 It's a overused phrase, but all the same I've just got to throw it out there folks. Don't judge this one by it's cover. Frankly-speaking (and I'll be Frankie if you'll be Annette!),"Wonderful Race" is a hundred thousand times better than it's artwork suggest. Show More Summary

The Return of Chris Davison

My good friend Chris Davison from on the other side of the pond has been kind enough to contribute a couple of reviews. In this installment, he looks at Death Penalty, one of the bands to form from the remains of the mighty Cathedral, and Wolf, a long running retro-trad band with a new album. Show More Summary

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Just a short clip from their appearance at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA. October 12th, 2014. Subscribe in a reader

Jess and the Ancient Ones-Castaneda

Svart Records 2014 Due out November 14th, "Castaneda" is the latest release from Finland's Jess and the Ancient Ones. Available as a digital download and on 10" vinyl only, "Castaneda" features two exclusive songs in the form of the title track and "As to be With Him". Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: SHVS-"Always Forget" Single and "Feel 4U" EP

And now for something different. May I present to you Columbus, Ohio trio SHVS. A "surf punk band with prog-rock and metal tendencies" (per the band's Facebook bio) SHVS is way too much fun to keep to myself so for this Free Metal Monday feature I've linked the single "Always Forget" and the group's 2013 EP, "Feel 4U". Show More Summary

Palace-The 7th Steel

Massacre Records 2014 "The 7th Steel" is the latest release from Germany's Palace. Active since 1990, with 1996's "Toy of Rage" serving as the band's first full-length outing, Palace features a couple of musicians with ties to the cult eighties heavy metal band Saints Anger (vocalist/guitarist Harald "HP" Piller and drummer Harald Reiter). Show More Summary

AC/DC-"Play Ball" Single

Albert/Columbia 2014 "Play Ball" is the first single from AC/DC's upcoming album, "Rock or Bust". Due for release on November 28th in their home country of Australia and on December 2nd everywhere else, "Rock or Bust" will be the first "full-length" studio album from these Aussie rockers since 2008's "Black Ice". Show More Summary

Sunless Sky-Firebreather

Pure Steel Records 2014 Released this past August (appropriately enough on Pure Steel Records as it's a match made in heavy metal heaven), "Firebreather" is the full-length debut from Cleveland, Ohio's Sunless Sky. Having only existed since 2012 or so this five-piece traditional/U.S. Show More Summary

French Metal Friday: FurYenS-Barback Attack

Self-Release/Independent2014Today's French Metal Friday article isn't so much a review as it is a recommendation. Formed in 2012, with the self-released and self-aware "Barback Attack" serving as the first official release for this Saint-Etienne,...Show More Summary

Steve Foglia-Steve In Wonderland

Self-Release/Independent 2014 Self-produced by the main man himself (with the always reliable Atomic Stuff Promotions stepping in to lend a helping hand on the PR front), "Steve In Wonderland" is the second solo release from seasoned drummer/professional instructed Steve Foglia. Show More Summary

Zex-Fight for Yourself

Capitalicide/Uncle D Records 2014 Just released last week, "Fight for Yourself" is the 10-track debut album from Ottawa, Ontario's own Zex. Preceded by a pair of well-received/highly-recommend 7"s, with two of the previously-released...Show More Summary

Estrella-"Here I Am" Single

SJS Entertainment Limited 2014 Classic rock fans take note. Scottish rock/hard rock band Estrella (a melodic, 70/80s-inspired four piece which we previously touted here: More Summary


Hard and Heavy Records 2014 Active since 2008 and made up of musicians with ties to such bands as Fornication, Barbatos, Hrom and Reborn Pariah, Gatekrashör is a (raw) speed metal act from Killgary, Alberta. Managed by Lucifer himself...Show More Summary

Gang-Inject the Venom

Emanes Metal Records 2014 Slightly over a year ago I did a write-up on Gang as part of my French Metal Friday series. To refresh everyone's memory (including my own I'm afraid) here was a band which originally went by the so-so moniker of Gush X (ugh) before making the switch over to the much-improved Gang in 1990. Show More Summary

Interview with Stiletto Farm

Stiletto Farm. I love them and so should you. Especially seeing how much their full-length debut album, "January Sales", kicks major ass! I want to thank the guys for talking with us today and (if you haven't already) be sure to check...Show More Summary

Torturerama-It Begins At Birth

Dolorem Records 2014 As I sit here typing away in the early morning hours (frittering my life away somewhere in-between the lost and the lonely) it is dark, cold and foggy on the other side of my bedroom window. Plainly-speaking, one...Show More Summary

Mia Doi Todd-Floresta

City Zen Records 2014 Just released a few weeks back, "Floresta" is a choice collection of Brazilian covers from inspiration singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd. Featuring this (indie folk/word music) artists' favorite moments, it is also the latest in a long line of highly-respected/well-loved albums from the always evolving Mia Doi Todd. Show More Summary

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