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Amken-Theater of the Absurd

No Remorse Records2017Amken is a thrash metal band from Greece that has been active since 2011. For whatever reason the group is only now getting around to issuing their first full-length release, "Theater of the Absurd". While it'sShow More Summary

Blame The Wizards-EP

Self-Release/Independent2017Have you ever stopped to wonder what "God of Thunder" (Kiss) would sound like if it was brutally gang raped by members of Gwar, The Melvins, and Dwarves? Be honest. If you answered yes then A) You're every-bit...Show More Summary

Pocast: Episode 003 - Metal Fashion

7 months agoMusic / Metal : Metal Inquisition

SkullKrusher, Gene Hoglan's Balls and ChristButcher are your hosts, once again, in this fucked-up journey. We discuss battle vests, Obituary long sleeves, patches, pins, etc and how they fit (or not) into our lives today. SkullKrusher...Show More Summary

Dear Deadly-It's Not Over Yet

Born To Rock Records2017Dear Deadly is a modern hard rock/ nü-metal/alternative metal/metalcore band that Facebook suggested I check out. Formed in 2011 and featuring a current line-up of Eric Lugo (vox), Benny McCulloch (guitar andShow More Summary

Satan's Hallow-Satan's Hallow

Underground Power Records 2017 It goes without saying that Chicago has a treasured history of heavy metal. You can start with the bands Trouble, Zoetrope, and Thrust. These three groups (which I personally love) were all different from one another and yet they started a longstanding scene that is still pumping out cool bands. Show More Summary

Mystica Girls-Veronica, the Courtesan from Hell

Independent/Self-Release 2016 Mystica Girls is a heavy metal band from Mexico that has been around since 2005. In 2012 I covered the group's second EP, "Metal Rose", and now the only original member left from that line-up is guitarist/vocalist Cinthya Monroy. Show More Summary

Alleyway-Let's Get Destroyed

Self-Release/Independent2016 Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and inspired by the likes of Motörhead, Venom, and (the) Misfits, Alleyway is a three-piece band that would be absolutely perfect for your last hooray before heading off to rehab!...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Last Breed-Demo

Self-Release/Independent2015Last Breed's two-song demo came out in May of 2015. I have no idea if the group even exists anymore, but this free release is worth a listen for fans of (alternative-leaning) hard rock/heavy metal. The female-fronted...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: dirk diggler-Hash and Masturbation

Self-Release/Independent2012Israel's dirk diggler (no caps please) offers up 100% legitimate grindcore on this short, sweet, and (for some reason that I just don't want to know about!) sticky release. There are seven tracks here and the longest one is only one minute and forty nine seconds. Show More Summary

Interview with Traverse the Abyss

Traverse the Abyss is a Pennsylvanian-based outfit that combines elements of metalcore, nü-metal, traditional heavy metal, thrash, hard rock, modern metal, and power pop. Earlier in the week I reviewed their highly-recommend debut album, "The Gamble of Life", and now it is my extreme pleasure to present this recently conducted interview. Show More Summary

French Metal Friday: Mystery Blue-Circle of Shame (2016 Version)

Eat Metal Records 2016 Mystery Blue is a French heavy metal band that was formed by guitarist Francis Philippon. Other than a short break in the action between the years 1989 and 1995 this hard & heavy outfit has been fairly active live on the stage and in the studio. Show More Summary


Transcending Obscurity India 2017 Lucidreams is a long-standing heavy metal band from Indian that is currently comprised of Vineesh Venugopal (lead vocals), Deepak Vijaykumar (guitars), Jayanth Sridhar (guitars), Narayan Shrouthy (bass), and drummer Steve Jaby (Stephen Anthony). Show More Summary

Accept-I'm a Rebel (Platinum Edition)

AFM Records 2017 "I'm A Rebel" was the second full-length from Germany's Accept. Along with the group's self-titled release, 1981's "Breaker", and 1982's "Restless And Wild" it is getting the platinum treatment from AFM records. I've...Show More Summary

Castle- Welcome to the Graveyard

Ván Records2016Castle (who should not be confused with the sludge/doom metal band from Minnesota) is a heavy metal/doom metal whose members hail from San Francisco, California and Toronto, Ontario. Along with vocalist/bassist Elizabeth...Show More Summary

Traverse the Abyss-The Gamble of Life

Self-release/Independent2016 Formed in 2016 by one time members of T hreatpoint and Without a Martyr, Scranton, Pennsylvania's Traverse the Abysss could not have picked a better title for their full-length debut if they tried. Even though...Show More Summary

Void Inn-I Can Hope

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Formed in 2010 by the wizard pair of Jelena Vujanovic (lead vox) and Sinisa Pejovic (guitar), Serbia's Void Inn released their debut EP, "I Can Hope", one year ago today. I've got no cue as to why it's only now making the rounds. Show More Summary

Upside down Cross Mania

8 months agoMusic / Metal : Metal Inquisition

Back in 1993 I played guitar and sang for a super shitty joke Noise/Black Metal "band" called Satan's Charcoaled Nipples. Don't bother Googling it, we only had one demo and I'd surprised if we distributed 10 copies. I wish I still had one. Show More Summary

Altar of Betelgeuze-Among the Ruins

Transcending Obscurity Records2017If you look on the Metal Archives there are a fuck of a lot of bands that start with the word "altar". As of right now they can all drop the act and move on to something else beside music. Having sold...Show More Summary

The Barber-General Thrashing

Zero Hero Recordings2016Moscow, Russia's The Barber released "General Thrashing" close to one year ago, but I'll be damned if that is going to stop me from bring it up now! If you are a fan of (underground) punk rock n' roll, eighties...Show More Summary

Interview with Kaledon's Alex Mele

Kaledon is a heavy metal band from Italy that has been around since the late nineties. Just recently I had the pleasure of talking to the group's founder, Alex Mele. I would like to thank Alex for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us about his band and the group's upcoming album, "Carnagus - Emperor of the Darkness". Show More Summary

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