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Alan Blaisdell-Gravity

Self-Release/Independent2017Preceded in life by the nine-track recording "The Epic", Hillsboro, Oregon' multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Alan Blaisdell ( Reverse of Creation) recently-released his second solo album, the space-themed "Gravity". Show More Summary

Wheelie King-Wheelie King

Self-Release/Independent2017 Originally created in 1994 something, Wheelie King is a three-piece "rock" band from Madison, Wisconsin. For the uninformed (which included yours truly before I cheated and checked the name out) that's the same place that gave us Garbage...or more importantly Killdozer. Show More Summary

Interview with Lipstick members Greg Troyan and Steve Smith

Nashville, Tennessee's own Lipstick recently-released it's second album, "Lipstick II". I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with band members Greg Troyan (lead vocals, guitars) and Steve Smith (lead and backing vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitars) about that album and so much more. Show More Summary

Stricken-Set 1.0

Self-Release/Independent 2017 Based in Wilmington, North Carolina and comprised of Brad McClanahan (vox), Will Baker (guitar), Scott Hollis (bass), and Josh "Wham" Wamsley (drums), Stricken is a riff-heavy hard rock/heavy metal band that was just formed last year. Show More Summary

Free Music Monday: Nervous Jerk-Ditch Life

Self-Release/Independent2016Nervous Jerk are a New Zealand-based band with a copy of releases to it's name. The group's latest one, "Ditch Life", came out in late December of 2016 and it features 12 fucking fantastic slabs of garage-worthy punk with various sub-genres (pop punk, power pop,etc.) tossed in for good measure. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Crusie Forever-God Is A Triphead

Self-Release/Indepednet2017Available as a name-your-price digital download, "God Is A Triphead" is a new EP from UK acid rockers Cruise Forever. It's warm and welcoming and (just like the artwork above) it teases at better things to come!


Minotauro Records 2017 Boston's innovative rock band Seth, initial birthed in the early seventies and as always lead by founder/chief songwriter (and unsung hero!) Gerald "Gerry" Stafford (vocals, guitars, keys, mandolin and programming), originally appeared on these pages last year. Show More Summary

Lipstick-Lipstick II

Self-Release/Independent 2017 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...rock and roll fanatics of all ages. May I please have your attention for just one moment. Thank you. Believe it or not, it's been nearly a year and a half since we last heard from Nashville's (ever so fun!) Lipstick. Show More Summary

Candle-Demo 2016

Fighter Records 2017 Inspired by the likes of Hell, Mercyful Fate, Satan, and Witchfynde, Candle is a Swedish heavy metal band that was formed in 2015 by guitarists Markus Janis (Corrosive Carcass) and Christian Kanto. Lead vocalistShow More Summary

Pulsar-Alien Crusader

Rush of Power Records2017Pulsar is a N.W.O.B.H.M.-inspired traditional heavy metal band from Oslo, Norway that " May contain traces of (the bands) Purple Hill Witch and/or Condor vibes ". The three-track "Alien Crusader" is the group's...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Moons-D E M O 2 0 1 6 6 6

Self-Release/Independent2016Released on October 7th, "DEMO201666" is Moon's first recording. It's only one song ("Snake Oil"), but for this South Eastern Pennsylvania-based band it goes a long way towards showcasing just how sweet Black...Show More Summary

Daniel Gazzoli Project-Night Hunter

Street Symphony Records 2016 The brainchild of skilled- musician and songwriter Daniel Gazzoli (guitar, bass, synth and backing vocals), "Night Hunter" is the full-length debut from the Italian melodic hard rock/heavy metal group that bears his name. Show More Summary


The End Records 2016 New York City's Tower, born some two years back and comprised of Sarabeth Linden (lead vox), James Danzo (guitar), Zak Penley (guitar), Philippe Arman (bass, backup vocals), and drummer Justin Sherrell (Bezoar, Blackout,...Show More Summary

Interview with Tribulance

Tribulance is a hard & heavy metal group from Arizona. I recently covered the band's new album, "The Aftermath of Lies", and now it is my pleasure to present this follow-up interview. Andy-Let me just start off by thanking you for taking the time to chat with us. Show More Summary

Saturday Single: Fast Romantics-"Why We Fight"

Light Organ Records / Postwar Records2017Toronto indie-rockers Fast Romantics, lead by vocalist/guitarist Matthew Angus and featuring the talents of Jeffrey Lewis (bass), Kirty (vocals, acoustic guitar, synth), Kevin Black (guitars), Lisa Lorenz (keyboards) and Nick McKinlay (drums), have recently-released the reflective single, "Why We Fight". Show More Summary

Jenner-To Live is To Suffer

Infernö Records2017Jenner is a speed/thrash metal band from Belgrade, Serbia that was formed in early 2013 by sisters Alexandra (guitar) and Marija (drums). Originally featured in one of my posts from last Saturday, lead vocalist An?elina...Show More Summary

Bad Guys-No More Mr. Bad Guy

Homind Sounds 2017 It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. Stumble-drunk grease rockers (the) Bad Guys, the true face of London's underbelly...once so loud and proud (and downright fun to jam the fuck out to!), has called it a day. Show More Summary

Shallow Ground Interview

Recently I had the chance to sit down and chat with Connecticut metal band Shallow Ground. Originally active in the 90s, thrash metal is the name of the game for this three-piece band and they play it just as well as other veteran acts from that time period. Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent2017Formed just last year, blazing hot hard & heavy rock band Pröwess is on a deadly serious mission when it comes to their debut EP, "Headfirst". The five-man army from Charlotte, North Carolina, fronted by passionate...Show More Summary

Still Dead-Demo no.1

Self-Release/Independent 2017 Still Dead is a doom metal band from Israel that features former members of defunct melodic black/death metal group Sheamut within it's ranks. Those two fine individuals would be guitarist/vocalist Dima Katz and Shaked Oz (bass/drums). Show More Summary

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