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Relapse Records 2016 Wrong is post-grunge/alternative rock band that resides in Miami, Florida and is made-up of ex-members of Torche, Kylesa and Capsule. The just-released "Wrong" is the first full-length recording from this four-piece band and this 11-track release serves as the follow-up to a 2014 EP entitled "Stop Giving". Show More Summary

Joe Bouchard-The Power Of Music

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Just released on April 29th and serving as an absolute must-have for classic rock fans both old and young(!), "The Power Of Music" is the latest (and arguably greatest!) solo recording from one time Blue Öyster Cult member (and superb musician in his own right!!) Joe Bouchard. Show More Summary

Waste Pipes-Fake Mistake

Atomic Stuff Promotion/Andromeda Dischi2016Formed back in 2003 by some high school age friends (and amazingly enough still featuring the same line-up after all these years!), Waste Pipes is a (melodic yet slightly-aggressive) hard rock and roll band from Italy with a handful of releases to it's name. Show More Summary

Omen-Hammer Damage

Pure Steel Records 2016 Formed in 1983 by ex- Savage Grace guitarist Kenny Powell, Omen is a cult power metal band from Los Angeles, California that is responsible for such classic albums as "Battle Cry" (1984), "Warning of Danger" (1985) and "The Curse" (1986). Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Haze Daze 4/20 EP

Ripple Music2016This is the second Free Metal Monday feature of the day and even though it is short (length-wise) this free digital sampler from the wonderful folks over at Ripple Musicit is jam-packed with good music from some great...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Wicked Faith-Warpaint

Self-Release/Independent2015Wicked Faith (who for some unknown reason are still unsigned!) is a simply awesome female-fronted heavy rock/hard & heavy band that is based in Norwich and lead by Jade Murray. The name-your-own-price "Warpaint"...Show More Summary

Saturday Singles: Devolve-"Refuse To Die"

Independent Ear Records 2015 Available for free by clicking on this link, "Refuse To Die" is the debut single from the four-man metal wrecking crew known as Devolve. It was released on February 3rd, 2015 and at a little over four minutes...Show More Summary

Current Playlist

It's been a crazy two weeks or so here at the headquarters of Heavy Metal Time Machine. I've been dealing with two sick teenagers (and multiple doctor visits!), a shit ton of body ache and more stress than I can remember having in aShow More Summary

Darkage-Tales From Obscurity

Self-release/Independent2016Darkage is a traditional heavy metal band from Rome, Italy. The band was founded in June of 2008 by guitarist Dario Laurenzi, bassist Domenico Cannatà, and former drummer Nino. Lead singer Domenico Sepe has...Show More Summary

Book Review: Swords of Steel Vol. I & II

DMR Books 2016 The excellent "Swords of Steel" and it's worthy 2016 follow-up, "Swords of Steel II", are collections of short stories, poems and even an essay from some of the heavy metal's best writers. They were both sent my way some while back and in all honesty it has taken me longer than I expected to get through them. Show More Summary

Last Insane-Demo 2016

Self-Release/Independent2016Last Insane is a unsigned three-piece garage rock/alternative rock band from Vallejo, California. The group is comprised of three longtime friends and the four-track EP "Demo 2016" looks as if it is Last Insane's only release to date. Show More Summary

Interview with Corners of Sanctuary's Mick Michaels

Corners of Sanctuary is a traditional heavy metal band that hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has three EPs and four full-length albums to it's name. Released in mid December of 2015, "Metal Machine" is the band's most recent album and it comes across as a love letter of sorts to fans of old heavy metal. Show More Summary

Demon Bitch-Hellfriends

Skol Records2016Demon Bitch is a up-and-coming traditional heavy metal band from Detroit, Michigan that was formed in 2011 by three life-long friends: guitarist Mars Weston (aka: Lord Mars-Isenblåst, White Magician), lead vocalist Logon...Show More Summary

CrashDollz-Punks In Amerika

RadicLea Records2016Detroit, Michigan is the home turf of CrashDollz and "Punks In Ameriika" is this wild band's brand spanking new album. I first covered this female-fronted punk rock n' roll/metal band in one of my Free Metal Monday...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Mist-Demo 2013

Self-Release/Independent2013Here's another Free Metal Monday feature that I'm hoping everyone will enjoy. This time around we have the young Slovenian occult doom metal band Mist with their 2-song debut, "Demo 2013". This very cool band...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Murkocet-"The Beginning" Single

Self-Release/Independent2015Murkocet's "The Beginning" was actually released back on October 8, 2015, but having just covered this band as part of my Saturday Singles I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share more from this BRUTALShow More Summary

Free Metal Monday: White Hornet-White Hornet

Self-Release/Independent 2015 White Hornet is a traditional heavy metal/thrash group that hails from Baltimore, Maryland and has been active since 2010. Originally conceived of as a one-man project by multi-instrumentalist Matt St. Ours,...Show More Summary

The Black Heart Gospel-Wasteland America

Self-release/Independent2016Based in New Jersey (and comprised of four musicians who are long-time veterans of said scene!), The Black Heart Gospel is a up-and-coming modern hard rock/heavy metal band that has shared stage with the likes...Show More Summary

Saturday Singles: Murkocet-Strip Club Massacre

Self-Release/Independent2016This Saturday Single moment will be as short and direct as it's subject matter is. Murkocet's groove-heavy "Strip Club Massacre" is the theme song of the upcoming horror film of the same name and it's sure to be a crowd pleasure for fans of Parkway Drive, Bloodsimple, and Lamb of God. Show More Summary

Saturday Singles: Project Aegis- "Angel In The Ashes" (Charity Single)

Ulterium Records 2016 "Angel In the Ashes" is a melodic power metal single where all of the profits raised will go towards feeding homeless and refugee families in Greece. This charity single was composed by Theocracy songwriter and lead singer Matt Smith and it was recorded with the help of a all-star cast. Show More Summary

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