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Dogbane-When Karma Comes Calling

Heaven and Hell Records 2015 "When Karma Comes Calling" is the latest release from Greensboro, North Carolina metal band Dogbane. At just under 36 minutes it follows the group's sadly overlooked debut album, "Residual Alcatraz", andShow More Summary

Pneuma Hagion-Trinity I

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Formed at the start of 2015 by R. (The Howling Void, Hordes of the Morning Star, Intestinal Disgorge, Tethered to a Dying Animal, Serpentine Tunnels, Endless Disease, etc.), Pneuma Hagion is a one man black/death/doom band from Texas. Show More Summary

Rockstar Frame-Rock 'n' Roll Mafia

Musicarchy Media 2015 Every bit as hotblooded and a hundred plus times as sexy as it's artwork suggests, "Rock 'n' Roll Mafia" is the soon to be released (to great fanfare and widespread joy no doubt!) debut LP from Rockstar Frame. It...Show More Summary

White Mantis-Fukkin' Demo

Self-Release/Independent 2014 Charmingly-titled as it just might be, "Fukkin Demo" is the first release from Germany's White Mantis. It was self-released in mid-November of 2014 and the four-song demo opens with a rocking little number called "My Favourite Chainsaw". Show More Summary

"Thunder And Steel Down Under"-A Tribute To Riot

Skol Records 2015 It's another fine Metal Monday so check this one out my friends and fellow metalheads. It's way past the point of being long-overdue, but Skol Record's "Thunder And Steel Down Under" is the first ever Riot tribute album. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: False Prophet-Murder or Mercy Live 1990

Heaven and Hell Records 2013 Formed in 1988 during the height of the thrash metal explosion, False Prophet is a Greensboro, North Carolina band whose 1991 album, "The Second Death", won me over a long time ago thanks to it's wickedly...Show More Summary

Lunar Eclipse, April 4th, 2015

An early morning lunar eclipse occurred on April 4th. We've been lucky in the Western United States; this was the third total lunar eclipse visible in just the last year (actually the third of a tetrad; another lunar eclipse will occur in autumn). Show More Summary

French Metal Friday: Dygitals-Dynamite

Mausoleum Records 2015 First formed in 1984 by vocalist Hervé Traisnel, Dygitals is a French hard rock/heavy metal that was originally active until 1990 or so with their last release during that initial time period appearing in the form of a 5-track demo. Show More Summary

Pyramaze-Disciples Of The Sun

Inner Wound Recordings 2015 Seven long years have passed since Pyramaze's last album, "Immortal". Now armed with a new lead vocalist in Terje Harøy (Teodor Tuff, ex-Memorized Dreams) and having been blessed with the good fortune that...Show More Summary

Witchingseason-"The Healer" Single

Hey! Hey! Listen up!!! All you hard and heavy alt-rockers look this way. You're going to want to place a huge X on April 27th. Why? Because that is when Witchingseason will release their brand new single, "The Healer"! With a full-length...Show More Summary

Cyrence-The Hospital

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Started in 2006 as a solo project of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim Grathwohl (ex-Gatecrusher, ex-One More Day), Cyrence is melodic thrash metal band from Munich, Germany. Just released last month, "The Hospital" is Cyrence's first EP and it follows in the footsteps of the 2011 demo "Endtime Stories". Show More Summary

New Blog- Let there be rock shirts

I just started a new blog focusing on rock shirts including mostly metal, hard rock, punk and classic rock. Check it out if you get a chance.Let there be rock shirts

Rockstar Frame-"She's Hot" Single

Let's not mince words friends. What the word needs now is another killer female-fronted hard rock band. That's where Milan's Rockstar Frame comes in and let's all just stop what we are doing now, drop to our knees and thank the God of...Show More Summary

Angel Martyr-Angel Martyr

Self-Release/Independent 2014 I'd like to start off this short post by first apologizing to Angel Martyr for missing their April 11th post on Heavy Metal Time Machine's Facebook page. Next I'd like to apologize to all of our readers who have thus far missed out on the band's solid five track demo here. Show More Summary

Ascalon- Ascalon

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Differing sources have this three-track either coming out in 2013 or 2015. Either way Paul Rote (who I enthusiastically follow on bandcamp) had it right when he wrote of this Manchester, UK band's self-titled demo:"... Show More Summary


Svart Records 2015 Formed in the summer of 2014, Kesä (which translates to Summer) is a brand new Finnish rock project from a group of musicians with prior ties to such local hardcore and punk bands as Lighthouse Project, ILLS and Total Recall. Show More Summary

Free Metal monday: Dogzilla-"Winnetou" Single

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Dogzilla is new hard & heavy/sludge metal band from Tarnów, Poland. The group is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Karol Wa?aszek, bassist Jakub Sroka and drummer Nikodem Zawirski and on their six minute plus...Show More Summary

Bad Guys-Bad Guynaecology

Riot Season Records 2015 It's sounds like a bad joke, but here goes. What do you get when you lock two Englishmen, a Canadian and a Hungarian together in a filthy rehearsal room, force feed them shit food and even shittier booze andShow More Summary

T.H.L.-Thirteenth Hell Level

Sound Management Corporation 2014 Sent my way from the ever reliable Stefano Gottardi, "Thirteenth Hell Level" is a 10-track release from Italian hard & heavy outfit T.H.L. Featuring eight original compositions and two choice cover songs...Show More Summary

Dirty Shirt-Dirtylicious

Promusic Production 2015 Anyone remember Dirty Shirt? I sure do. How could I not? It isn't every day that you get introduced to one of rock and roll's most pioneering, unconventional and innovative bands! " Crossover Folkcore Metal "...Show More Summary

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