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Sunday Singles: The Rods (featuring Veronica Freeman)-"Smoke On The Horizon"

David Feinstein / Nire 2015 Welcome to a special edition of Sunday Singles. Today we will be talking about the hard & heavy rock-fest that is "Smoke On The Horizon". This recently-released single finds Veronica Freeman and The Rods collaborating...Show More Summary

The Atomic Bitchwax - Gravitron

The Atomic Bitchwax Gravitron (Tee Pee Records) By: Chris Davison Ah, a momentary respite from the unrelenting tides of heavy metal in my life. This is, improbably, the sixth full length album from the stoner rocking trio – a band who have passed my consciousness every now and then, usually in the form of tracks on compilations and the like. Show More Summary

Saturday Singles: D.O.A.-"The Cops Shot a Kid (Gonna Be A Riot)"

Sudden Death Records 2015 Serving as the first single from D.O.A.'s upcoming studio album, "Hard Rain Falling", "The Cops Shot a Kid (Gonna Be A Riot)" is yet another explosive slab of political hardcore from this legendary punk band!...Show More Summary

Saturday Singles: Lucifer-"Anubis" Single

Rise Above Records 2015 Recorded, mixed and mastered at Candy Bomber Studio in Berlin, Germany, "Anubis" is the first release from the female-fronted stoner/doom metal band Lucifer. This single was laid to tape back in November of 2014 and it is backed by the number "Morning Star". Show More Summary

Lunar Electric-Lunar Electric

Electric Maiden Recordings 2015 Originally known as Resin Gypsy, with guitarist/vocalist Dre DiMura and drummer Kaleen Reading serving as the connecting factor between both projects, Lunar Electric is a L.A.-based rock and roll power trio whose sound could best be described as equal parts classic rock and alternative rock. Show More Summary

Electric Vengeance-Manic Possession

Self-Release/Independent 2015 With a couple of demos and a 2012 EP called "Street Metal Attack" already to their name, Electric Vengeance now roll out their first full-length album with "Manic Possession". If this Texas-based band'sShow More Summary

The Franklys-Bad News

Electric Wood Records 2015 The Franklys are an all-girl garage/rock n' roll band whose members hail from Sweden, the UK and the US. A London-based quartet, The Franklys made their debut in February of 2013 with the release of a self-titled EP. Show More Summary

French Metal Friday: Hexenjäger-Demo

Self-Release/Independent 2015 " We make noise ". That's Hexenjäger's self-description. As for their personal interests? Well, they sure do sound similar to mine! We're talking about beer, rock n' roll, and whiskey for this four-piece band from Saint-Nazaire. Show More Summary

Deadly Circus Fire-The Hydra’s Tailor

Musicarchy Media 2015 Formed in 2009, Deadly Circus Fire is a progressive metal from London. "The Hydra’s Tailor" is the group's latest release and it follows a 2010 self-tilted EP and the band's 2013 debut full-length, "The King and the Bishop ". Show More Summary

Strange Fiction-Orange

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Strange Fiction is a Barcelona-based rock band comprised of Carlos Palacio (vocals), Sergi Venteo (guitars), Marc Martínez (bass) and Joel Marco (drums). Preceded by the single "Tease Her", "Orange" is the band's soon to be released new album and this 11-track recording has a run-time of 42 minutes. Show More Summary

Forklift Elevator-Borderline

Self-Release/Indpendent 2015 It looks as if I'm on a Italian kick today as first there was one-woman occult/doom rock project Psychedelic Witchcraft and now we've got the heavy metal act Forklift Elevator. While the first one is inspired...Show More Summary

Psychedelic Witchcraft-Black Magic Man

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Recorded and engineered by Gabriele Romano at Gold 63 studio in Rome, Italy, "Black Magic Man" is the the debut EP of Psychedelic Witchcraft. A one of a kind one-woman occult/doom rock project, Psychedelic Witchcraft is based in Firenze and fronted by a demon in angel's clothing by the name of Mia. Show More Summary

Pendulous-A Palpable Sense of Love & Loss

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Now signed to Baneful Genesis Records, Pendulous is a doom metal band from Los Angeles, California that was formed in 2011. Having shared the stage with the likes of Evoken, Bell Witch, Primitive Man, Windhand, Atriarch, and Mournful Congregation (among countless others) this popular (and frankly rather innovative) L.A. Show More Summary

Insect Ark-Portal/Well

Autumnsongs Records 2015 Formed in late 2011, Insect Ark is a one-woman experimental/doom/drone project from NYC-based freelance animator, designer, and musician Dana Schechter. Known for her time spent as a touring bassist with Michael...Show More Summary

Inside Metal: Pioneers Of L.A. Hard Rock And Metal

Metalrock Films 2015 Please listen up friends, fans and all of my fellow collectors as I have something truly fresh and original to share with you today! This highly-recommended DVD is the first in a series of Grade A documentaries that...Show More Summary

Gruesome - Savage Land

Gruesome Savage Land (Relapse Records) By: Chris Davison Death. The band. Do you like them? Chances are, if you are perusing the words on this fine blog, you have more than a passing regard for godfathers of death metal. It’s a minor wonder, therefore, that more bands haven’t plundered the stylistic mores of such a pivotal band. Show More Summary

Obsequiae - Aria Of Vernal Tombs

Obsequiae Aria Of Vernal Tombs (20 Buck Spin) By: Chris Davison Obsequiae - not only an excellent word for using up all your vowels in a game of Scrabble - are a three piece dark metal band from Minnesota. Metal Archives tells me that...Show More Summary

The Golers-South Mountain Style

Self-Release/Independent 2015 I know what you're all thinking, but don't let their name or this re-release's cover art fool you. The Vancouver, British Columbia band known as The Golers are anything but a bunch of slack-jawed yokels!...Show More Summary

Bad Touch-Half Way Home

Self-Release/Independent 2015 Formed back in November of 2009 while it's members were still serving time in high school and college, Bad Touch are a up-and-coming classic rock and roll band based in Dereham, Norfolk. Comprised of vocalist...Show More Summary

Tony Tears-Follow The Signs Of The Times

Minotauro Records 2015 It might not be obvious at first, but Minotauro Records has quietly amassed a strong catalog of doom metal releases. Now you can add another one to that note of distinction as "Follow The Signs Of The Times" is...Show More Summary

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