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Blizzard Hunter-"Heavy Metal to the Vein" Single

Pure Underground Records 2015 It was back in August of 2014 when I was first turned on to Peru heavy/speed metal band Blizzard Hunter. Thanks to my friend/fellow blogger (and all-around heavy metal enthusiast!) Strappado ( More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Olathia-Olathia Demo

Self-Release/Independent 2014 This is the second of two Free Metal Monday offerings that I have posted today. That in and of itself is a rarity I realize, but it get's even crazier my friends. For you see this is also the second free...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Intervoid-Weaponized

Self-Release/Independent 2014 "Weaponized" is the full-length debut album from Ohio's Intervoid ( Digitally released this past December, with the nearly 60 minute long (!) album available for download...Show More Summary

The Crown "Death Is Not Dead"

The Crown Death Is Not Dead (Century Media Records) By: Chris Davison Ah! The re-re-return of The Crown, one of the best bands of the late nineties and the early two thousands! To say that Sweden’s The Crown have had a tortured history is a slight understatement. Show More Summary

Saturday Singles: Mötley Crüe-"All Bad Things"

Released: Jan 20, 2015 ? 2015 Masters 2008, LLC. Under exclusive license to Eleven Seven Music from Masters 2008, LLC. All bad things must end. Whether it's awful T.V. shows, a politician's corrupt career, a horrific first/last date or even a rotten marriage there are just moments when it's time to pull the plug and walk away. Show More Summary

Jovian Litany-Heroes Leave

Self-Release/Independent 2015 E-mail submissions are the best as you never know exactly what you are in for. Site-founder/main man Metal Mark received this particular submission and promptly sent it my way. I have to admit that the e-mail's title alone peaked my interest. Show More Summary

Wake Up Lucid-Gone With The Night

WUL Records 2015 Due to drop in late March, "Gone With The Night" is the forth overall release from L.A. heavy/gutter rock trio Wake Up Lucid. Produced once more by Icarus Line’s Joe Cardamone at his studio, Valley Recording Co. in Burbank,...Show More Summary

Zero Down-No Limit to the Evil

Minotauro Records 2014 Released a little over a month ago, "No Limit to the Evil" is the latest release from Seattle, Washington's own Zero Down. At a little under forty minutes in length it is Zero Down's forth overall full-length release and it serves as the long-overdue follow-up to late 2011's "Looking to Start a Riot". Show More Summary

The Deep-Premonition

Artwork courtesy of CadiesArt Self-release/Independent 2015 It's taken band members Tony Coldham (lead vocals), Paul Smith (guitars and vocals), Mick Feleppa (guitars and vocals), Don Whiberley (bass and vocals) and Steve Kingsley (drums and percussion) a few years, but they have done it. Show More Summary

Back in Black!

Yes, that's right. I'm back. Having taking some much-needed time off to get healthy/get my head screwed back on straight happy to report that I'm back in black (it is my favorite color after all!) and ready to attack more releases for all of you, my loyal followers. Show More Summary


High Roller Records 2015 Featuring two guitarists with ties to Enslaved (Alexander Ellström & Andreas Johnsson) as well as two former members of Abscess Plague in bassist Andréas Olsson and drummer Martin Svensson, with former Immersion...Show More Summary

Saturday Single: Faith No More-"Motherfucker"

Reclamation Recordings 2014 "Motherfucker" is a single from everyone's favorite rap rock band Faith No More. Serving as the first single from the band's upcoming/as yet untitled(?) new album (one which bassist Billy Gould says should...Show More Summary

Bloody Cross-Attack of the Evil Wizard

Diamond Shed Records 2014 The self-proclaimed inventors of Shed Metal, Bloody Cross are a brand-spanking new act from Dingwall. Not too be confused with the Chilean black metal band of the same name (or for that matter the long-defunct...Show More Summary

Anguish "Mountain"

Editor: The “holidays” are over and the metal flows once again. Chris gets us going with a holdover from last year that’s sure to get your trad/ doom juices flowing. Anguish Mountain (Dark Descent Records) By: Chris Davison First, an apology is in order to the gentlemen in Anguish. Show More Summary

2014: Special Thanks...

You can find my posts on the best heavy metal albums of the year at both Heavy Metal at and at Last Rites, respectively. Special thanks…… to Stephannie for putting up with my obsession, and to my brother Skull (and the Lady Skull Kelly). Show More Summary

Chris Davison: The Year In Review

Editor: The end of the year fast approaches and my good friend Chris Davison offers up his retrospective of the year. My own retrospective will be published shortly. So, without further delay, here’s the... 2014 Countdown of Metal! By: Chris Davison This year has seen my return to reviewing after a short hiatus, courtesy of this august organ. Show More Summary

Maze Of Terror-"Lycanthropes" Single

Empire Records2014Lima, Peru's Maze Of Terror returns with their new single off of their highly-anticipated new album "Ready To Kill". And I for one couldn't be happier! Covered once before in these very pages (see link below) Maze Of...Show More Summary

Premortal Breath-They

Self-Release/Independent 2014 Released back in late July of this year, "They" is the first studio offering from Germany's Premortal Breath. With eight-tracks in total (incl. such glorious gems as "Fuck My brain" and "Blood Baby Shower"!),...Show More Summary

Desma-Identità Anonime

Atomic Stuff Records 2014 Brescia-based, with local rock influences such as Litfiba, Timoria and Afterhours working side-by-side with the classic rock/hard rock scene of old (Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin), the Italian band Desma was formed back in July of 2009 with this recently-released LP. Show More Summary

Can Of Soul-Hearreality

Atomic Stuff Records 2014 Can Of Soul is the new solo project from Tomas Toffolo (otherwise known here as "Tomrocker"). As one of the resident vocalists of Rock Against Cancer and a founding member of both the doom thrash metal bandShow More Summary

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