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Free Metal Monday: Pitch Black Records-2016 Sampler

Pitch black Records2016 Pitch Black Records is offering a free 2016 sampler at the following location. It includes two tracks from each PBR release of 2016 (16 tracks total).

Interview with Steel Messiah' member Marius Röntgen

Steel Messiah is a German heavy metal band whose killer debut EP, "Of Laser and Lightning", was previously reviewed. Now I'd like to present a interview that I recently conducted with band member Marius Röntgen. Andy-Would you please introduce yourself and tell me how Steel Messiah first came together. Show More Summary

Goodnight Tonight-Parasites

Self-Release/Independent2016 Goodnight Tonight is a multi-award winning melodic rock/alternative rock band from Kent, Ohio that is lead by skilled guitarist/vocalist Emily Gambone. Active since 2013 (and originally known as Noize from the Basement), Goodnight Tonight has now released three highly-regarded EPs in it's short time together. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Asher Media Relations-Happy Metal Annihilation Vol.6

This free compilation comes courtesy of the awesome folks over at Asher Media Relations. At nearly four hours in length(!), "Happy Metal Annihilation Vol.6" features a grand total of 50 tracks and it is comprised entirely of bands that Asher Media worked with in 2016! Enjoy!!

Free Metal Monday: Online Metal Promo & Silk and Steel Power Hour Compilation

Today's Free Metal Monday offering came with the following e-mail information:ONLINE METAL PROMO and the SILK AND STEEL POWER HOUR radio show (USA) are proud to offer a FREE online digital download music compilation featuring 34 songs...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent2016Founded by guitarist and songwriter Richard Lagergren (ex-Eidomantum, Phantom, ex-Portrait, ex-Hands of Orlac (live), ex-Lukemborg), Swedish heavy metal band Source (who are not to be confused with the melodic death metal group of the same name from Herrljunga, Sweden) make their debut with this self-titled release. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Grave Alter-Awaken, Death!

Self-Release/Independent2016The second of two Free Metal Monday offerings of the day, "Awaken, Death!" is a 3-track rehearsal demo from U.K. thrash metal band Grave Alter. It was released back on October 4th and just like the up-and-coming occult 3-piece metal band responsible for it's construction it is tad bit rough and rugged around the edges. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Ice Howl-Crack The Earth

Self-Release/Independent2016Hard and heavy three-piece band Ice Howl, which hails from Bloomington, Indiana and was previously known as Tundra Vibrations, is a N.W.O.B.H.M./classic heavy metal-infused doom/stoner metal outfit that has been active since last year. Show More Summary

Saturday Single: T.S.O.L.-"I Wanted To See You"

Rise Records2017Available on both iTunes and Amazon, "I Wanted To See You" is a brand new single from the upcoming T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty) album, "The Trigger Complex". It finds front man Jack Grisham in prime form and just like the cult So Cal band responsible for it's creation it defies easy categorization. Show More Summary

Ann my Guard-Ourania

Rock'N'Growl Records 2017 Ann my Guard is a buzz-worthy Hungarian alternative heavy rock/hard rock band that was formed in 2007 by multi-instrumentalist Eszter Anna Baumann-Toth. Due out on January 17th, "Ourania" is Ann my Guard's second...Show More Summary

Hëssler-Skeleton Crew

Self-Release/Independent 2016 It's doesn't seem as if it was all that long ago, but it has actually been five and a half years since Hëssler released it's debut EP, "Bad Blood". Formed in 2008 and once lead by painter, actress, and former...Show More Summary

Dark Messiah-Dark Messiah

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Dark Messiah is a up-and-coming metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that is currently fronted by lead vocalist Stephen Chubaty. Formed in the summer of 2015 by guitarist Jonathan Hayward, Dark Messiah...Show More Summary

Easy Trigger - "Ways Of Perseverance"

Street Symphonies Records2016As the band AC/DC famously put it, "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll". As a case in point, Easy Trigger, which was born in 2009 and originally started out with the intention of playing...Show More Summary

Invertia-The Biddings of Tyrants

Self-release/Independent 2016 "Unholy, utterly-bleak and oppressive mechanized anarchy". Along with the phrase "highly-recommend" that is as good of a place as any to start when you are trying to describe this new album from (fucking harsh!) New England blackened-industrial death metal band Invertia. Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: The Lost Skulls-"Dirty Nasty R'N'R"

Self-Release/Independent2012Recorded and mixed in the summer of 2012 by Carl Bouchard (A Perfect Murder), "Dirty Nasty R'N'R" is a free EP from Quebec heavy rock/metal band The Lost Skulls. Along with noted influences like Motörhead,...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2016 Released back on April 9th, "Witchfinder" is a self-titled EP from the German traditional heavy band of the same name. It serves as the proper follow-up to "The Steel Mill Tapes" (which was released on April...Show More Summary

Season of Arrows-Give it to the Mountain

Argonauta Records 2017 Formed in January of 2014, Season of Arrows is a on-the-rise Nashville, Tennessee ( sludgy) doom/stoner metal band that is lead as always by versatile lead singer Stormie Wakefield. The full-length album "GiveShow More Summary

Steel Messiah-Of Laser and Lightning

Self-Release/Independent 2016 Steel Messiah is a (somewhat-new) four-piece heavy metal/speed metal band from Germany that lists Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and Motörhead as just a few of it's influences. Active since the year 2014,Show More Summary

Attacker-Sins Of The World

Metal on Metal Records 2016 Attacker is a highly-regarded U.S. power metal/traditional heavy metal band from New Jersey that is currently fronted by skilled-vocalist/lyricist (and all-around Metal Maniac !) Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas (Morbid Sin, ex-Exhibition, ex-Overlorde, ex-Seven Witches). Show More Summary

Saturday Single:Psychedelic Witchcraft-"Come A Little Closer"

Soulseller Records2016Based in Italy, Psychedelic Witchcraft is a extremely-talented occult rock/doom metal band that has slowly but surely become one of my favorite new acts. Ever since I heard the exceptional "Black Magic Man" I have been hooked on this up-and-coming exciting group. Show More Summary

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