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Mia Doi Todd-Floresta

City Zen Records 2014 Just released a few weeks back, "Floresta" is a choice collection of Brazilian covers from inspiration singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd. Featuring this (indie folk/word music) artists' favorite moments, it is also the latest in a long line of highly-respected/well-loved albums from the always evolving Mia Doi Todd. Show More Summary

Exumer, Sadistic Intent, Merciless Death, and Morbid Saint at the Avalon

Bands: Exumer, Sadistic Intent, Merciless Death, and Morbid SaintVenue: The Avalon, Hollywood, CaliforniaDate: September 28th, 2014 If there ever was a show that could be described as a "one off", this show headlined by Exumer is definitely it. Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2014 Brazilian thrash metal? Now where have I heard that phrase before? Wasn't there that one band that used to feature the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera? Whatever became of that? All kidding aside, SlasherShow More Summary

Gareth Dickson-Invisible String

Sleeping Man Records2014More often than not doesn't it just seem as if it is the simple things that prove to be the most pleasurable? Whether it's a welcoming smile or the comforting touch of a friend or even the smell of fresh coffee...Show More Summary

Bloody Hammers-Under Satan's Sun

Napalm Records 2014 Released back in late May of this year, "Under Satan's Sun" is the third album from Charlotte, North Carolina band Bloody Hammers. Having simply loved the band's self-titled debut album (a release which was as hit...Show More Summary

Free Metal Monday: Soma-Patior

Self-Release/Independent 2014 Available as a free download at the link below, "Patior" is the latest (possibly only?) release from Athens, Greece-based Soma. And for this particular band (who should not to be confused with the long-defunct...Show More Summary

Birdie Num Num and the Spirit Squad - Subject To Change

Robot Recordings 2014 "Subject To Change" is the sixth full-length release from Bucks County, PA-based rock band Birdie Num Num and the Spirit Squad. Engineered by Nick Cislak (Commonwealth Choir/Eric Venuto) and band leader/singer/multi-instrumentalist...Show More Summary

Graveyard Shifters-Brainwashed by Moonshine

Eternal Sound Records 2014 "Brainwashed by Moonshine" is the five-track debut EP from Kerava, Finland-based Graveyard Shifters. Formed in the fall of 2013 by lead singer J. Matilainen and drummer/percussionist/backing vocalist A. Salmenoja, with V. Show More Summary

Midnight-No Mercy for Mayhem

e Hells Headbangers 2014 About a week ago I was strumming through my vinyl collection when I came across Boulder's "555" and I found myself wondering what Jamie Walters was up to? And then it hit me. Wait, isn't my (One time? Current?) neighbor doing his thing in Midnight? Sure enough and here it is. Show More Summary

Interview with STUD

This past Thursday (Sept. 25th, 2014 to be exact) I covered "Rust On The Rose", the second full-length release from Finland's STUD. Now it is my absolute pleasure to publish a recent interview that I conducted with this fantastic hard...Show More Summary

Vengeful Ghoul-Timeless Warfare

Self-Release/Independent 2014 Site-founder, friend and all around cool guy Metal Mark (who incidentally now runs the most excellent Lasers, monsters and barbarians oh, my!) was kind enough to send me "Timeless Warfare", Vengeful Ghoul's first full-length album. Show More Summary

John Fairhurst-Saltwater

Self-Release/Independent 2014 First things first my friends and fellow lovers of all things righteous and rocking. The picture posted above is not necessarily the artwork for "Saltwater". As I wouldn't want anyone to go out looking for...Show More Summary

STUD-Rust On The Rose

Cranksonic 2014 Due ti be released on October 13st, "Rust On The Rose" is the second full-length album from Finnish hard & heavy rockers STUD. First formed way back in 1986, with STUD's first single "Mä Haluun Elää" / "Viimeinen Yö" reported to now be a highly sought-after collector's item(!), the band was initially only active until 1989. Show More Summary

Doomocracy-The End Is Written

Steel Gallery Records 2014 Formed in 2011 by longtime friends Michael Stavrakakis (vocals), Angelos Tzanis (guitar) and Minas Vasilakis (drums) and calling Heraklion, Crete, Greece home, Doomocracy is a cleverly-named doom metal band (no duh!) influenced by the likes of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Black Sabbath, Memento Mori and Veni Domine. Show More Summary

Mutilated Veterans-Necro Crust Warhead (12" MLP)

Hells Headbangers 2014 Released this past June, "Necro Crust Warhead" is the debut offering from Spanish two-man death metal/D-beat/crust band Mutilated Veterans. With a run-time of just over 13 minutes, "Necro Crust Warhead" opens with 1 minute plus instrumental "March of the Mutilated" and wastes little time with pleasantries. Show More Summary

N.W.O.B.H.M. Wednesday: Overdrive-The Final Nightmare

Pure Rock Records 2014 Grantham, England's Overdrive (who should not be confused with the numerous other bands which have adopted that very same moniker!) are a cult N.W.O.B.H.M/heavy metal band that has been active on and off since 1977. Show More Summary

Sanity's Rage-You Are What You Swallow

Dead Inside Records 2014 "You Are What You Swallow" is the full-length debut from Belgian thrashers Sanity's Rage. Original released back in 2012 (with the band's first recording, "The Rage Of One", having appeared some six years earlier!)...Show More Summary


Self-Release/Independent 2014 Formed in the fall of 2008 by lead vocalist Rob Bradley, Aries is a Maryland-based hard rock/heavy metal band that has played all over the East Coast where they have shared the stage with the likes of Sebastian...Show More Summary

Lord Volture-Will To Power

Mausoleum Records 2014 Wageningen, Gelderland (The Netherlands) is the stomping ground of heavy metal warriors Lord Volture. "Will To Power" is the group's latest full-length release and the band's third overall since forming in 2010. Show More Summary

Stiletto Farm-January Sales

Self-Release/Independent 2014 Here it is boys and girls. Let me be the first to welcome you to the party that is Stiletto Farm's "January Sales"! This eleven track album is the cumulation of everything that is right about the rock and...Show More Summary

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