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What's going on Thanksgiving Thursday?

Happy Thanksgiving! Not much is going on today in the way of shows, though of course there's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with Pat Benatar, Questlove, Trey Songz and more performing. Webster Hall's weekly House Party is still on...

FACES: Rihanna

As Anti hits shelves, we explore Rihanna's significance to the music world and beyond.

Broken Together

What if perfection doesn’t exist? What if what you’re looking for can’t be found? They tell us we can be anything we want to be, even President. Then not only do we not want to be CEO of the country, but we just can’t grab the brass ring, as we get older we can’t even […] The post Broken Together appeared first on Lefsetz Letter.

Animal Collective streaming new album at Baltimore airport

Animal Collective have a new album! Actually, that's been known for a little bit now, with rumors floating around and members having confirmed its existence over the past several weeks. But details are now slowly streaming in. In fact,...Show More Summary

Tarzana (Spencer Clark and Jan Anderzén) touring Europe through December

It's not every Wednesday afternoon that I find myself writing about a European tour, but let's be honest, it's most Wednesdays. Seems like a lot of musical artists think touring Europe is a pretty swell thing to do, from big name acts like Fastball in 1998 and Adele to the little guys like Fastball in 2015 and Islam Chipsy. Show More Summary

Film Review: Sam Klemke’s Time Machine (Dir. Matthew Bate)

The metaphysical dichotomy of macrocosm and microcosm has fascinated humankind presumably since we first looked upward from this planet into the vast expanse that surrounds us and wondered, "What is our place and our purpose amidst this...Show More Summary

Listen: The PutBacks - “Kung Fu Pyramids”

Morse code travels the crusted wire grounded on the seabed. The wire coils like a snake, recoils, winds and unwinds, shifts directions. The code travels slower than a message in a bottle. Once that code is "dropped in the mail," who knows where it will end up?

Listen: Ki Oni - “mandopop”

A little late on this one, I know, but I just dove deep into this Ki Oni album, and I couldn't help myself from sharing. Elephas is too damn chill for its own good, but I think that chillness turned me off a bit when I first heard this one.

Listen: The Hero of Warchester - The Hero of Warchester

Staring at the stucco ceiling, facial patterns emerge from the speckled white landscape. Bulging eyes — swollen and open, framed by large cheeks and drooping ears — look back at you with their fixed features. Your own face goes from wonder, to worry, to acceptance. Show More Summary

Cerberus: Lasse Passage - Stop Making Sense and Start Making Money

Collecting four volumes of a series can always seem a chore of fruition -- both for artist and listener. How do separate ideas fit within the context of one concrete object, and is it worth the journey for the ADD addled generation most apt to devour music in morsels rather than one family style course. Show More Summary

[STREAM] Memory Service – Whatchugot (Original Mix)

Property of Gotta Dance Dirty With dance music’s heavyweights constantly inundating the blogs and other media outlets, it’s refreshing to hear about new talent like Los Angeles-based duo, Memory Service. Although these guys are justShow More Summary

pics: Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Hedersleben, Netherlands & Dinner @ Grand Victory

Photos by Greg Cristman I was in the band for 10 years, and after I left, I discovered they'd trademarked the name of the band (without me). I thought, I have a right to that name. It was my nickname,...

Film Review: The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur may tell a familiar Disney story, but does so with overwhelming beauty.

Live Review: Mercury Rev at London’s Oval Space (11/24)

A show that harked back to the days of classic rock, as loud as it was proud.

Film Review: Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein is every bit as haphazardly assembled as its namesake's monster.

Vince Staples and the power of 'nah': Taunts for El Rey 'industry' crowd in a kinetic, vital show

About two-thirds of the way through Vince Staples’s 45-minute set at El Rey on Tuesday night, he asked his DJ, Westside Ty, to rate the audience. “What, it’s like a 6 or a 7?” “Maybe 7,” Ty said. And Staples responded, “Nah, 4.” This was maybe the third time they’d rated us. Hi, Vince. Staples'...

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