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Vic Mensa joins The Illuminati… er, Roc Nation Records

The latest student attending Jay Z’s charm school for ultra-cool musical young people is Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. Which is basically to say that the lad behind last year’s catchy, smart single “Down On My Luck” has signed with Roc Nation, home of Jay Electronica, Ri Ri, J. Show More Summary

The Heinrich Schütz of English Literature

Anthony Trollope is 200 today. Celebrate by reading The Way We Live Now, Can You Forgive Her?, He Knew He Was Right, or one of his other 43 novels.H/T Joshua Kosman for the title. Read his blog posting about Trollope, buy a book, then listen to some Schütz. For example: Die mit Tränen säen Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich Selig sind die Toten Gib, gib unsern Fürsten

Jay Worthy Explains the "Porno-Funk" of His New Video for LNDN DRGS "Is It Love" Featuring $ha Hef

If you're not familiar, LNDN DRGS is a project from Compton MC Jay Worthy (the very talented older step-brother of Grimes) and producer Sean House. Their new video for "Is It Love" features Harlem rapper $ha Hef, and follows their previous single, "Uza Trikk," which featured the late A$AP Yams (as a rapper! Watch that video here). Show More Summary

LABEL PROFILE: Breathlessness

Breathlessness is a tiny, close-knit label formed in Hoppers Crossing, a suburb on Melbourne’s outer edges, where the label’s founders and current signees grew up. (A number of them even lived on the same street). The... The post LABEL PROFILE: Breathlessness appeared first on Who The Hell.

Video: "Spring Day" - Karen K and the Jitterbugs

I know, I already featured the stream of "Spring Day" from Karen K and the Jitterbugs, but since the Boston area is in the low 50s today, it's clear that they need all the spring-affirming good vibes in the song and video. But clearly,...Show More Summary

Many Arms and Toshimaru Nakamura non-surgically join limbs for new collaborative album

It was an unusual phenomenon subjected to a concerted media blackout: during the spring of 2013, an enormously long (but not quite as wide) shadow stretched from east to west across the United States, and maritime experts talking forcibly off-the-record confirmed that the darkness extended across the entire Pacific Ocean as well. Show More Summary

Spoon release remix EP, get musicians to turn their track “Inside Out” inside out

Spoon really want you to know about this song they wrote called “Inside Out.” It was included in their genuinely fantastic album from last year They Want My Soul, but we didn’t even give that track a mention in our otherwise gushing review. Show More Summary

The Evolution of... M.I.A.

Illustration by Dan Evans Remember when “Paper Planes” propped up stoner comedy film trailers and sport montages and everyone was treating M.I.A. like she was just this new thing that appeared rather than a totemic cultural figure who’d...Show More Summary

Raekwon Talks Real Butts, Real Hip-Hop, and Camel Toes - The People Vs Raekwon

We asked Wu-Tang legend Raekwon to respond to some of the comments left on YouTube about his music video for “Ice Cream.” Raekwon wll release his sixth solo album Fly International Luxurious Art, or F.I.L.A, on April 28 through Ice H20/EMI,...Show More Summary

There’s Beer In The Jar: 8 Boundary-Pushing Brewer-Musician Collaborations

If you’ve spent any time watching television in the last several years, you’ve probably had the dubious pleasure of watching Pitbull try to sell you Bud Light. These ads tend to feature the hip hop star in a white suit and dark shades, holding a condensation-dripping bottle of Anheuser-Busch’s biggest seller, surrounded by women wearing […]

Premiere: brrd - jade

The pilot of severed skies and cut clouds known as brrd is flying again, y’all. I know my dude Top Heavy is all about “The Anointing”, but I don’t care about that, because TODAY it’s all about that jade. We here at TMT are lucky enough...Show More Summary

Live Blog: Arca & Jesse Kanda

Arca & Jesse Kanda Hollywood Forever Cemetery; Los Angeles, CA [04-15-2015] by Erik Westra on 04-23-2015 Venezuelan-born producer Arca and visual artist Jesse Kanda made a stop at L.A.’s famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery on their recent...Show More Summary

Music Review: Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey - Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera

Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera [PAN; 2015] by Stefan Wharton Rating: “For Hecker, chimerization is a systematic method of summing disparate elements — sound, image, and text — and of outputting a new, singular, and distinct object that retains the intrinsic aspects of all the unique inputted parts. Show More Summary

METZ's Only Sin Is That Their Music Is 'Shit Full Of Passion'

Photo By David Waldman In the span of two years and two albums, Toronto’s METZ have played more than 300 gigs. Now, that might not break any records, but if you’ve ever seen METZ play, you’d understand why performing 150 times a year is such an impressive feat. Show More Summary

Mapping the Music and Style of 'Tank Girl'

Hey, you remember Tank Girl, right? Course you do, it's a tale as old as time, Fievel with bleached blonde hair and arm warmers. No? Well it's 2033 and a comet has crash landed on earth and in doing so it’s screwed up the weather system meaning no more rain, so no more water. Show More Summary

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