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Lenny Kravitz Makes Hanging With Teens Look Cool

In today’s Tweet Beat, Lenny Kravitz hangs with some youth, Jennifer Lopez is in Morocco and Vince from Entourage gives some words of wisdom. Read more...

Bristol Palin Finally Breaks Her Silence About Ex-Fiance Dakota Meyer

Post by Jenny Erikson. Former First Daughter of Alaska Bristol Palin was all set to tie the knot the past weekend with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer -- but she didn't. Now she's finally opening up about her cancelled wedding, and hinting at her plans for the future. Show More Summary

Taylor Swift 25-Year-Old Virgin: Singer Reportedly Plans To Lose Her Virginity To Boyfriend Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift may have a long list of ex-lovers, but that doesn’t mean she slept with them all. A new report claims that the 25-year-old singer is actually a virgin. This shocking new report also details that Taylor Swift plans to lose her virginity to her new boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Show More Summary

The Tech Guy Leo Laporte Accidentally Shows A Penis Photo During His Live Tech Program! See The Awkward Moment HERE!

Nice pics of your family… jewels that is! Leo Laporte, a gadget man who hosts a few various internet and TV talk shows has tried to be a friendly face to help people get comfortable with technology. Well this week he maybe got a little too comfortable and gave us a not-so-family-friendly show when he accidentally showed [...]

Live Action ‘Jonny Quest’ Headed To The Big Screen

Jonny Quest fans, take note: the cult animated show is headed to the big screen in live action form, and Robert Rodriguez has been tapped to helm the project. Though an attempt to bring Jonny Quest to the screen has lain dormant forShow More Summary

Duggar Dad's Stance on Incest Is ... Interesting

The latest piece of the Duggar family's past to come awkwardly burbling to the surface in the wake of Josh Duggar's child molestation scandal: Back in 2002, family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar ran for the US Senate, and a cached image from his campaign website obtained by Gawker reveals his...

Cara Delevingne’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Leaks Reveal ‘F–king Insane’ Batmobile Chase [Video]

Cara Delevingne cannot seem to get enough, when it comes to her Suicide Squad gig as Enchantress and, likewise, there seems to be no filter, when Ms. Delevingne gets on a roll talking about the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Suicide Squad...Show More Summary

UK Reality Show Challenges Nation's Poor to Battle for a Year's Wage

Imagine a future where an audience of television viewers gathers weekly to watch a reality show on which a group of unemployed or minimum wage workers participate in competitions meant to prove their societal worth. No, this isn’t the plot of a Black Mirror episode; it’s BBC 2’s very real upcoming series, Britain’s Hardest Grafter. Read more...

Superhero Bits: Avengers Age of Ultron, Suicide Squad, Supergirl, Gotham, X-Men, Wolverine

Want to see Batman on top of a car on the set of Suicide Squad? When can you get this X-Men Days of Future Past poster? How did The Avengers influence Warcraft? Who might be the villains in Gotham season 2? Could Crossbones come back...Show More Summary

Blac Chyna: I Will FIGHT Kylie Jenner When She Turns 18!

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna's feud has kicked back into high gear, with rumors flying that Tyga's baby mama wants to physically fight his new girlfriend. As soon as she's legal, that is. Circle August 10 on Blac's GCal. While Blac Chyna...Show More Summary

Windows’ Cortana is coming to iOS and Android

Yesterday, a companion app was announced for Windows 10 users allowing them to transfer Cortana to their iPhones and and Androids. The Cortana app will be able to do most of the things that Cortana does on PC and a Windows phone, and Cortana’s Notebook will be accessible across all of your devices. The limitations […]

Exclusive Photos of A$AP Rocky Chilling, Blazing With an Artist Pal

A$AP Rocky's new album At.Long.Last.A$AP dropped just days ago, and as part of the inexorable convergence and cross-pollination of pop music and art, he's collaborating with a visual artist, too. Somehow, in between the wild time he had at South by Southwest (copping LSD from Makonnen and then indulging in... More »

Great Job, Internet!: Mad Max: Fury Road’s War Boys have infiltrated Amazon reviews

Mad Max: Fury Road continues to inspire all sorts of memes and instances of fannish devotion. Whether it’s learning more about Doof Warrior (the guitar player), witnessing the very real stunts in action, or recutting the trailer with...Show More Summary

Brilliant Work of Art Proves Raw Meat Is Great at Using Tinder

In just two and a half years, Tinder has gone from quirky new app to one of the biggest online dating services in the world. Hilary Duff uses it. Leonardo DiCaprio uses it. “Swipe left” and “swipe right” have become synonymous with rejection and approval. Show More Summary

'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' Getting A Second Shot

Sean Connery once famously stated that he turned down the role of Morpheus in the Matrix films because he read the script and "he didn't get it." He also turned down the part of Gandalf in the Lord of The Rings movies for similar reasons. Show More Summary

“90s Boiler Room” Recuts With Horrible Pop Dance Tunes

We're not too quick to make fun of anyone in the DJ world, but occasionally there's a fun target that emerges that allows DJs to have a healthy self-reflection. This time, the internet has taken Boiler Room into their crosshairs, and the results are spectacularly hilarious. Show More Summary

Violent Discipline? Jim Bob & To ‘Spank’ All Children — Shocking Claims Emerge In The Molestation Police Report

Spare the rod, spoil the child? The conservative Christian Duggars apparently took the saying literally. The explosive police documents about Josh Duggar’s child abuse sex scandal have opened a window… READ ON

Dying Light's New Bow-And-Arrow Is Driving Some Players Nuts

Yesterday, Dying Light added a compound bow to the arsenal of weapons players can use to kill the undead. You might be wondering: “How does a months-old game justify dropping in a random new gizmo for killing, all of a sudden?” By making it really, really hard for players to get their hands on it. Read more...

Remember When Tom Hardy Had Sex with Men?

Tom Hardy is known for many things: His lead roles in Inception and Mad Max: Fury Road; his embrace of feminism; his intense love for dogs; his shape-shifting beard; his pillowy lips . But among his (many) gay fans, the 37-year-old British...Show More Summary

U2 Man Dead: Group Cursed: I Don't Want to Die

Dennis Sheehan, who served as U2’s tour manager for over thirty years, was found dead today in a Los Angeles hotel room. His death followed the first in a five-concert run for U2 at Los Angeles’s Forum, and is the latest in a string of terrible disasters for the group, which appears to be suffering under a mysterious, powerful curse. Read more...

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