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Chevy Chase And Community Creator In NASTY Feud! Actor Might LEAVE The Series!

Wow. This is BAD. Although Chevy Chase plays the inept, sometimes-villainous Pierce on Community, it appears that the actor himself may not be any better than his fictional, sitcom counterpart - and a feud between he and series creator Dan Harmon has escalated so much that the future of role on the series [...]

Nicki Minaj Drops Roman Reloaded Sampler!!! LISTEN HERE!!!

One of Princess Nicki’s alter-ego’s has peeked its head out for a hot second to bring you this delectable sampling of her/his upcoming album. And it sounds SICK!! This is definitely no Barbie Nicki Minaj; this Roman is FOR SERIOUS. There is a total method to Roman's madness throughout the album - it has an intense, [...]

Another New Song From The Hunger Games Soundtrack! Listen To Just A Game By Birdy HERE!

Yes! Yet ANOTHER new song from the already-incredible soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond! Check out the hauntingly beautiful Just A Game, from the immensely talented 15-year-old Birdy…AFTER THE JUMP! We can't believe the level of depth and restraint this girl's music possesses - and of course, it matches the [...]

We Sure Are Keen On Sweet New Keane Song!!

Yay! One of our fave bands has emerged from a loooong hiatus with this true-to-form single from their upcoming album Strangeland. The tune called Silenced by the Night is melodious and upbeat, with catchy rhythms and lyrics that are super-easy to sing along to. We love the piano building up to the crashing crescendo, followed [...]

Chris Brown Is Going To FK The City Up

But Chris, we LIKE the city just fine, thank you. This past weekend, Chris Brown unveiled a new track most likely from his upcoming album, Fortune, although it has yet to be confirmed if the song will make it to the final cut. The track, entitled Fk The City Up, is a slow mover with a synth-y [...]

Garbage's New Song Leaks! Hear A Snippet!

Wow, it's been so crazy long since we've heard new music from Garbage, we forgot how much we love them! Their song Blood for Poppies has leaked from their new album Not Your Kind Of People and we have a snippet of it here! It totally takes us back to the '90s! We love it! It's [...]

Sleigh Bells Slay Beyonce's Irreplaceable!

The crash-bang-screeeech-fun-pop music duo from Brooklyn have toned down their brain-melting melodies in a cover of Beyonce's 2006 mega hit: Irreplaceable. The song is dreamy and dazzling, with Alexis Krauss adding an extra sweetness with her light, etherial vocals. Sleigh Bells recently tore up the Saturday Night Live stage during Maya Rudolph's episode with only 2 [...]

Kelly Clarkson's Got A New Man!

Yesterday, everyone's favorite hometown girl, Kelly Clarkson, dished to Toronto’s CHFI 98.1 about a new man in her life! When asked if she had a boyfriend, the singer revealed: “I do! I have a new boyfriend. Well, not a new one. I haven’t had, I haven’t dated in a while.” Surprisingly, Kelly gave the radio station the [...]

New Norah Jones! Check Out Happy Pills HERE!

Norah Jones has a new look on her upcoming album cover, and now, she's got a brand new single! Thankfully, though, it's not too big a departure from everything that we love about her! Ch-ch-check out the singer's lead single off of …Little Broken Hearts, called Happy Pills (below)! Absolutely gorgeous! We don't know about you, but [...]

Amber Tamblyn Pulls One Hell Of A Joke On Tyrese After He Confuses Her For Amber Rose In AMAZING E-Mail Exchange!

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. We have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with Amber Tamblyn, and after you read all of this HIGHlarity, YOU WILL TOO! The actress apparently pulled one hell of a PUNK'D on Tyrese Gibson, when he saw her e-mail address CC'd on a message from a mutual friend, [...]

New Music From The Hunger Games Soundtrack! Listen To Abraham's Daughter By Arcade Fire HERE!

Man, oh man, is this soundtrack gearing up to be absolutely FANTASTIC or what?! New tracks from Taylor Swift and The Decemberists have already been released off of Music From The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond, and now, a brand new song from Arcade Fire, called Abraham's Daughter, has made its way onto [...]

Ja Rule Calls Into Radio Show From Prison On His Birthday

Do you know what today is? Don't be smart, we know it's Leap Day, but do you know what else happened today? Ja Rule was born! Oh yeah! And he finally got to celebrate his birthday on the day he was actually born for once! Unfortunately, thanks to tax evasion on $3 million worth [...]

Jay-Z Is Not Happy About RiRi's Collab With Breezy

Jay-Z is not a Chris Brown fan and he's really disappointed in Rihanna. RiRi and Breezy collabed on TWO (yes, TWO!) remixes of their songs but back in 2009, Jay still has that event in the back of his mind. Sources say RiRi went to the hip hop mogul for comfort after Chris left her badly beaten. [...]

Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunited - In Song! BLOW MINDS ALONG THE WAY!!!!

Rihanna and Chris Brown just have it to us good!!! This is such a major mindfuck! And we LOVE it!!!! Despite previous denials of this rumored to be happening, the former (and possibly on-again) couple jumped on remixes of each others' current singles AND dropped both simultaneously on Monday, which also happened to be Rih's birthday. Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!! Consider our [...]

GLEE First Listen! Check Out The Songs From Next Week's Winter Finale!

Whoa! This is ridic! Folks, we present to you … Darren Criss rapping! And not just rapping - he's spitting Nicki Minaj rhymes!!! Without question, some of our favorite episodes have always been competition ones. Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals, Miss Universe - we love them all! Mostly, because Ryan Murphy and Co. save their best musical performances [...]

New Nicki Minaj! Young Forever Leaks!

Oh yeah! Here's some light fun to share with you! A new Nicki Minaj has leaked and we're totally digging it! Young Forever produced by Dr. Luke is sort of a ballad-y type pop son and shows off Nicki's singing, rather than rapping. We like this new sound! Listen below! [Image via WENN.]

Carson Daly Has Madonna Open Up About M.I.A, MDNA & More!

We're so jealous of you right now, Carson. How lucky are you that you not only got to see the Queen's Super Bowl performance LIVE, but then you also got to have over a 10 minute chit-chat about it! Some guys have all the luck! Madonna called into Carson Daly's radio show this morning to talk about [...]

L-O-V-E GLEE! Listen To All The Song's From Next Week's Valentine's Day Episode Here!

There is so much to look forward to on the next episode of Glee! Rachel's gay dads! The arrival of Glee Project winner Samuel Larson! And so much loooooooooovin', you're gleeky hearts might burst! Next Tuesday, the Gleeks are celebrating Valentine's Day with some of the greatest love songs of all time! The group's covering Madonna, [...]

Madonna Talks M.I.A., New Album, And More While On Seacrest!

Madonna has confirmed what we had heard yesterday - She's PISSED at M.I.A.! Earlier this morning, Madge called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest(listen to the full interview below), and she opened up on a bunch of subjects, including all the M.I.A. dramz from the Super Bowl! Here's what she had to say about it: "I [...]

Listen To Love Interruption, The First Single Off Of Jack White's Solo Album!

OoOoOo! We like it! Former White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather frontman Jack White is finally on his own and is releasing his first solo album, Blunderbuss, on April 24. That's still a few months off, but fortunately, he gave us a taste of what we can expect by releasing the record's first single today! [...]

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