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The Real Housewives of Orange County's Shannon Beador: I've Forgiven Vicki Gunvalson, But...

The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has only just begun, but already the drama is off the charts--both on camera and off. While the premiere episode of season 11 saw...

TV Scoop Awards 2016: Vote for the Most Heartbreaking TV Goodbye and Cancellation Now!

It's so haaaaard to say gooodbyyyyye, and yet every TV season, it must be done. This season seemed to be particularly brutal, thanks to way too many deaths and way too many...

'Dead of Summer' Series Premiere Photos: Something Wicked Enters Camp Stillwater

Official series premiere and cast photos from Dead of Summer, which premieres Tuesday, June 28 at 9pm on Freeform. "Patience" -- Camp Stillwater is about to reopen after being closed down for years. Deb, the new owner, has thrown her heart, soul and life savings into renovating the camp she loved as a child. Show More Summary

Supernatural's Finale Cliffhanger Just Got Resolved, Thanks To Jared Padalecki

We can always expect two things out of a Supernatural season finale: an opening montage to "Carry On Wayward Son" and huge cliffhangers. Now, Jared Padalecki has revealed just what actually happened in one of those cliffhangers.

Big Brother 18: The 9 Most Ridiculous Things on Week 1

Summer has officially started now that Big Brother 18 has premiered, and a lot went down on the first two episodes. Four vets returned, teams were selected, Glenn got Jodi'd, Nicole became the first Head of Household and put up the wrong pawn from the pawn shop, and the newbie dudes are the worst.... Read More > Other Links From Big Brother 18

Newswire: Relax, everyone—Brexit’s only going to destabilize markets, not Game Of Thrones

Now that Britain’s voted to leave the European Union and the “Brexit” has become a reality, it’s time to take stock of everything that’s threatened by an isolationist United Kingdom. By “everything,” we of course mean the steady import of British-produced programming that Americans mainline. Show More Summary

'Game of Thrones' Predictions: Who Will Die in the Season Finale?

THR ranks the most likely fatalities to come when "The Winds of Winter" rolls in on Sunday night. read more

Could 'Veep's' election meltdown come true?

The entire fifth season of "Veep" has taken place in the speculative aftermath of an electoral college tie in a presidential election, which hasn't happened in real life in more than two centuries. In Sunday's episode, the show took it one step further, depicting a political conundrum that has...

13 Essential The Bachelorette Snapchat Accounts To Follow

Social media is as big a part of The Bachelorette as the show itself. The stars and contestants interact with fans and each other in entertaining, attention-getting ways. And nowhere are they looser and more accessible than Snapchat! Bachelorette people love Snapchat, and so do you... Show More Summary

Fear Not, 'Game Of Thones' Fans: The Brexit Won’t Affect The Show

As Britain reels after its vote to leave the European Union, one small speck in the enormous sea of businesses and individuals wondering what it all means remains firmly anchored: production of "Game of Thrones." Fear not! Although portions...Show More Summary

Escape the Night review: a fun mix of Whodunnit, The Quest, Clue

A review of Escape the Night's first episode, in which host Joey Graceffa invites YouTube stars into a Clue-like house for a Whodunnit-like competition. Read this story »

Great Job, Internet!: This rapid-fire GIF mix-and-matches cartoon characters’ DNA

Cartoon fans who take a moment to study a mysterious, fast-paced GIF called “Overload” on Imgur might find themselves getting disoriented rather quickly. At first, it seems like the faces of dozens of cartoon characters are flying by, one at a time. Show More Summary

TV Review: New Adventures In Babysitting and Center Stage pit innovation against stagnation

The summer programming slate has offered some heavy dramatic fare so far, which means it’s time for something lighter. Lifetime and the Disney Channel share a parent company—Lifetime is a subsidiary of A+E Networks, which is owned in part by The Walt Disney Company—which lends a sense of corporate synergy to their movie offerings this weekend. Show More Summary

Big Brother loses its oldest player, gives power to the returnees

A recap of the second episode of Big Brother 18, which evicted one person based on the results of a challenge, and then fell into a familiar pattern. Read this story »

'Outlander': Caitriona Balfe Dives Deep Into Claire's Emotional Journey

The actress opens up about her rise to fame and the Starz drama's rich material. read more

'Walking Dead' prepares to live year-round at Universal

It's all hands on deck at Universal Studios Hollywood. Behind double doors with the phrases "DON'T OPEN" and "DEAD INSIDE" scrawled across them in black paint, a team of workers is carefully positioning 12 creepy robotic hands as nearby crew members paint animatronic zombie heads and construct...

Real Housewives Divorces That Went Down Since The Franchise Began

The franchise may be called Real Housewives, but in actuality a lot of these ladies are not even wives. In fact, viewers got to see many marriages fall apart in front of the reality TV cameras.  There are some former couples that were just too annoying to watch. Show More Summary

Why Orange Is the New Black's Samira Wiley Wants Viewers to Be Upset Over Shocking Twist

Orange Is the New Black season four has been out for a week. You've probably made it all the way through the season (at least once). If you haven't, turn back now. If you've...

For Our Consideration: What does Brexit mean for us pop-gobbling American idiots?

Last night, Britain voted to leave the European Union in a stunning upset to those who believe today’s political decisions are made according to John Oliver monologues. Already, the British exit—or as its known by its terrible, mid-’00s...Show More Summary

Great Job, Internet!: Explaining Brexit in the best possible way—with Simpsons memes

Britain’s historic decision to leave the European Union after 40 years is already having major political and financial consequences. David Cameron is resigning as prime minister, for instance, and the value of the pound has plummeted to its lowest level since 1985. Show More Summary

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