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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Pout And Pout

Last night on Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney launched her beauty blog Pucker & Pout. I’ll let “Katie Maloney + makeup and fashion tips” sink in a bit before moving on… But anyways, congratulations!  Katie has been working hard to build...Show More Summary

'The X-Files' recap: Bad rubbish

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details for the fourth episode of "The X-Files," titled "Home Again." A curious blend of gore and melodrama, Monday's fourth installment of "The X-Files" reboot is a welcome return to straight horror, and should please viewers who found last week's (superb)...

Judd Apatow's 'Love' is a long, slow-motion deconstruction of relationships

Judd Apatow's movies tend to run rather long for romantic comedies, but that pales next to the canvas that's available on "Love," a 10-part Netflix series that follows the slow-gestating relationship between Gus and Mickey, as well as the assorted oddballs that surround them. Highly specific to...

After Deadline Blog: Number Trouble

There are certain constructions that often lead us astray when it comes to subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent agreement. Here are the latest examples.

Viacom, in Midst of Leadership Shake-Up, Reports Drop in Profit

Earnings were hurt by weak results across TV and film groups of the company, whose prominent executive chairman, Sumner Redstone, recently resigned.

Get Ready to Scream Out Loud During Tonight's Bronco Chase on The People v. O.J. Simpson

Two words: Bronco. Chase. If you were one of the nearly 100 million people who watched it live on July 17, 1994—or not—chances are you will have some difficulty...

TV Club: Daniel Bryan dazzles the WWE Universe for one last time

“Wrestling doesn’t owe me or anybody back there anything...We do this because we love to do this.” - Daniel Bryan There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that anyone reading this particular Monday Night RAW review is doing so because they want to read a take on the retirement of Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson. Show More Summary

TV Review: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee crashes and enlivens the late-night party

In the inaugural monologue for her talk show, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee remarked on the fortuitous timing of the series premiere. Although Bee was referring to finally being able to tear into the 2016 presidential candidates after...Show More Summary

TV Club: Lines are crossed when Jane The Virgin gets hot for teacher

Is there a network television series on the air right now that is as consistently excellent as Jane The Virgin? I watch a lot of television, and I can’t remember the last time I watched a season and a half of a show and never felt disappointed or bored by an episode. Show More Summary

Matt LeBlanc Is Returning To Network TV, Get The Details

If Matt LeBlanc was one of your favorite Friends, you?re in luck. The actor has just signed on to a new comedy, I?m Not Your Friend, for CBS. The show just got a pilot order from CBS, so it looks like it could be moving along pretty fast, and we might see it on TV before too long.Click To Continue Reading

Once a week is not enough for Samantha Bee's 'Full Frontal'

If Samantha Bee’s game plan for “Full Frontal,” her new TBS late-night talk show that debuted Monday night, was to leave the audience wanting more, she certainly succeeded. One minute she was there, taking down presidential candidates like Calamity Jane at a Frontierland shooting gallery, and then...

What's On Tonight: Megan Fox is the new New Girl

Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Tuesday, February 9. All times are Eastern. Top pick New Girl (Fox, 8 p.m.): Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave means Jess is still on jury duty, which means it’s time for the apartment to welcome...Show More Summary

A Very Special Episode: A bickering couple relives their wedding day on a romantic (and typical) Fantasy Island

A single television episode can exemplify the spirit of its time. A Very Special Episode presents The A.V. Club’s survey of TV at its most distinctive. I couldn’t even begin to calculate how many hours of my life I’ve spent thinking about Fantasy Island. Show More Summary

Expert Witness: How do you turn a suspense thriller into one of TV’s most playful procedurals?

In entertainment, an awful lot of stuff happens behind closed doors, from canceling TV shows to organizing music festival lineups. While the public sees the end product on TVs, movie screens, paper, or radio dials, they don’t see what it took to get there. Show More Summary

'Castle' Recap: A Murderer Gets Aca-Busted

Welcome back to Castle! When last we saw our heroes...honestly, I don't really remember the details. It's been so long. Castle and Beckett broke up for some convoluted reason, got back together for some convoluted reason, etc. In this episode, "Tone Death," they've decided to continue publicly fighting while secretly being married. Show More Summary

'The Bachelor' Recap: Surprising Eliminations and a New Villain Emerges

Ben Higgins' quest for love on The Bachelor hit yet another snag in the previous episode, one so important it warranted the dreaded "To Be Continued..." instead of the usual episode-ending rose ceremony. And the big question America has been asking ever since is, will he or won't he?And my guess is that he won't.

Matt LeBlanc Is Not Your Friend Anymore, According to His New CBS Show

Matt LeBlanc is friend-breaking up with us, apparently. The actor has reportedly just signed on to star in a new CBS show, and we just cannot help but take the title both literally...

Supergirl's Shocking Moment Could Cause Big Problems Between Kara And Alex

It was an episode that featured the first major appearance of Kal-El (as a pre-Superman) on Supergirl, but ?For the Girl Who Has Everything? was far more important for showcasing what could be the last appearance of another character. Spoilers await you.Click To Continue Reading

Why The X-Files Big Tragic Moment Had To Happen

As far as TV shows go, The X-Files has brought us a fair amount of tragedy in its time on the air. And, as of tonight?s episode, that hasn?t changed with the reboot of the series. Something big happened, people. Now, writer-director Glen Morgan wants you to know why.Click To Continue Reading

TV Club: Dreams, duels, and a major death shake-up Supergirl

There’s a clear divide between what works and what doesn’t work on Supergirl: Unquestionably the best thing about the show is Supergirl herself, and not just because of Melissa Benoist’s winning performance. The show presents a pitch-perfect...Show More Summary

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