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Grey's Anatomy Isn't Pulling Any Punches With This Peek at the Aftermath of Meredith's Terrifying Attack

It's going to be all hands on deck to save Meredith's life when Grey's Anatomy returns this week. Well, almost all hands. In this sneak peek of the aftermath of Mer's...

16 Times We've All Been Sad Eli Manning Watching the 2016 Super Bowl

Take a look at that photo of Eli Manning up there. Can't you just hear Adele's "Hello" playing wistfully in the background as the New York Giants' quarterback watches his...

Liza Weil Confirms She's Returning For Gilmore Girls' Netflix Revival: "It's a Really Magical Time Machine"

She's ba-aaack! Gilmore Girls fans, update your scorecards because another fan-favorite has officially confirmed they are returning to Stars Hollow: Liza Weil will be reprising the...

The Perfect Way Budweiser Responded To Peyton Manning's Super Bowl Speech

When winning quarterback Peyton Manning mentioned his desire to drink a lot of Budweiser after his Super Bowl win on Sunday night, people started talking about what seemed like an obvious promotional ploy. But, it looks like the good folks at Budweiser would like to set all those tongue wagers straight.Click To Continue Reading

Tuesday's TV Highlights: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' on Fox

SERIES NCIS An unconventional investigation ensues after a deep-sea diver is murdered on the job, which means his corpse — and all of the suspects — must remain together in a high-tech decompression chamber for four days. 8 p.m. CBS Finding Your Roots Military service is the theme of this new episode...

THE X-FILES Recap: Scully and Trashman Are Tearing Us Apart

Glen Morgan’s “Home” is a classic episode of THE X-FILES. It paired grotesque killings, worthy of the first viewer discretion warning in series history, with the upbeat “Wonderful, Wonderful!” by Johnny Mathis while somehow managing to feature a meaningful look at Dana Scully’s desire for eventual motherhood. Nearly twenty years later, Morgan’s “Home Again” has […]

Matt LeBlanc to Star in CBS Family Comedy Pilot With Series Commitment

The pilot, which has a series penalty attached for LeBlanc, is in addition to his work on 'Top Gear' and Showtime's 'Episodes.' read more

'The Magicians' Boss on Shocking Setting Switch, Marina's "Suspect" Ways and Julia's Future

"It was something we wanted to do early," showrunner Sera Gamble tells THR, "while everyone is still learning the rules of the show." read more

'The Bachelor': Ben Reaches a Breaking Point, Olivia and Emily Face-Off

One contestant devised a plan to kick off one of Ben's favorites, and Olivia and Emily are plucked for the first two-on-one date. read more

TV Club: The Magicians finds its inner Taylor Swift

Is it a coincidence that the most entertaining episode of The Magicians yet is also the one that has the least in common with the books? Instead of rushing through a series of plots that never intersect, the show has one plot that runs the course of the episode, and it’s one that connects both of the main characters. Show More Summary

Pretty Little Liars: Are Aria and Ezra really over? (VIDEO)

All of Pretty Little Liars fans' favorite ships were wrecked going into Season 6. While some have managed to build new boats out of the wreckage (we're looking at you Spencer and Caleb), there are some that can't let go (and we don't want them to). The latest murder in Rosewood brought one favorite... Read More > Other Links From Pretty Little Liars

The 7 Most Awkward Moments of The Bachelor Episode 6

This week's episode of The Bachelor was short on individual awkward moments and long on sustained brutally uncomfortable situations. From the drama with Leah, to the disastrous group date, to Olivia's stunning (for her) elimination, this episode was less like a romantic comedy and more like a... Read More > Other Links From The Bachelor

Recovery Road: Maddie Finally Comes Face to Face with the Dark Side of Addiction

Getting sober has been anything but a walk in the park for Maddie (Jessica Sula) on Recovery Road, but in the Freeform drama's first two episodes she's mostly had to do battle with only her own demons. That's not too far of a stretch from the typical 17-year old's existential crisis, but Monday's... Read More > Other Links From Recovery Road Aubrey Peeples

The Walking Dead Season 6 Will Jump Ahead, Here's What We Know

Season 6 of The Walking Dead played with the concept of time more so than any other season before it. Though the remaining episodes will play out in a far more linear manner, it looks like the narrative still has at least one more time-related gimmick to use.Click To Continue Reading

TV Club: When things go wrong, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gets better and better

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing something that’s perfect for the first time, and one such perfect, ugly, aching, wonderful gem sits inside one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s best episodes to date. Is that a surprise? Not to...Show More Summary

'Angel From Hell' Canceled at CBS

'2 Broke Girls' will take over the Thursday 9:30 p.m. slot starting Feb. 18. read more

South Beach Tow’s “explosive” star Bernice makes Florida history

South Beach Tow's Bernice has been hired as Miami Jackson High School in south Florida, becoming the state's first female football team head coach. Her assistant coach, and this is real, is 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell, who had a VH1 reality show, Luke's Parental Advisory. Read this story »

'Recovery Road' Recap: Maddie Goes on a 12-Step Call

In episode 3 of the new alcoholic teen drama from Freeform, Recovery Road, Maddie struggles to accept the severity of her addiction. Her lack of concern comes in perfect timing, as an old flame of Wes' reaches out when she wants to stop using. Show More Summary

'Supergirl' Recap: Can Alex Save Kara from a Parasitic Alien?

Supergirl is taking inspiration from a classic Superman story for episode 13. One of the most famous Superman stories is called "For the Man Who Has Everything" and it involved Clark Kent getting to live out his fantasy life on Krypton where his family never died. Show More Summary

Watch Damon Wayans Jr. Deliver an Epic Smackdown on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Damon Wayans Jr. guest stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week, as the Nine-Nine hosts detectives from the Nine-Eight, the neighboring precinct. Jake (Andy Samberg) is reunited with his old partner (Wayans), causing Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) to get envious and try to reclaim his BFF status. Show More Summary

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