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Focal Point Preorders Open July 7 — Want a 19-Page Preview PDF?

Focal Point is at the printer! Which means... preorders will open July 7! And that means... it’s preview time! Specifically, time to share a free 19-page preview of Focal Point, including the front and back covers, table of contents, and a representative sample from each of the book’s three big sections. Show More Summary

A Tale of Two Games

I recently ran two games at our local gameday: fantasy in the first session, and Star Wars (using a VERY simple version of FUDGE) in the second. I wanted to sit down and evaluate what went well and what needed improvement in case I get to run those scenarios again. Show More Summary

New Project: Henry Bessemer and the Age of Steel

Learn how to heat-treat and toughen the metal that built our world: carbon steel. Read more on MAKE The post Henry Bessemer and the Age of Steel appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers...

Heating Up the Holidays

Welcome to the July Times Insider crossword puzzles.

Decrypting the Cypher System Part 2

I’m still reading the Cypher System rulebook, though I suspect many people would get through it faster than I have. So far I’ve finished the first 10 chapters (through page 234) covering character creation and the rules. Though the sections...Show More Summary

June 2015 new and noteworthy

Age of War: Horrible game. Simple filler game, roll dice and conquer tiles by rolling the right symbols. In theory pretty good, but gets really annoying really quick, because conquering the tiles is seriously difficult. Avoid. Age of War, an exercise in frustration. Show More Summary

Hot Button: The Moody Player

While proofreading the final draft of Focal Point I re-read a story I presented about a time when I was a less-than-stellar player. I’d allowed an encounter that went bad for me early on hang over the entire session and I’d resisted any attempt to get back on board no matter how hard the GM and other players tried. Show More Summary

True Detective — Night Finds You

It’s going to be hard to talk about anything else in this episode of True Detective other than that thing that happened. But let’s try. I had to watch this one twice to start to grasp things. My first mission...

Impressive Show of Courage

A smooth and easy Tuesday offering by Susan Gelfand.

New Project: Add Light Up Effects to Backyard Games

Backyard games like Cornhole are a lot of fun. But you can make them even better by adding lights and sounds. By hooking up some simple electronics, you can make the board light up and play a victory fanfare whenever someone scores.Show More Summary

Raymond Smullyan’s ‘Alice in Puzzle-Land’

Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland with this challenge by master puzzler Raymond Smullyan.

Focal Point Preview: The Table of Contents

It’s time for our third preview of Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions (the third book in the trilogy that begin with Never Unprepared and Odyssey) — specifically, the table of contents. IShow More Summary

A Moment of Reflection

Not much progress again this week :-( I was babysitting for a friend on Tuesday and used the evening to finish the graphic design (and add some further improvements) of the next version of Zombology, but then was too busy for the rest...Show More Summary

In a Triumphant Shout

Todd Gross and Andrea Carla Michaels take off in a fun Monday collaboration.

Getting In the Final Word

Jeremy Newton teaches us how to get in the final word.

Excellent Mornings Guaranteed

Tim Croce returns with a crunchy puzzle, and my children humor me.

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