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Plays: 4Px1. The Game Islebound is a Ryan Laukat game. He has quite a few popular designs, e.g. City of Iron, Above and Below, but the only other game of his I have tried is Eight-Minute Empires: Legends. One thing unusual about this designer is he does his own artwork. Show More Summary


Star Trek is tricky. You can’t just reskin any old science fiction scenario and expect it to feel like Star Trek. There are conventions unique to the Final Frontier. For our October gameday, I decided to run an Original Series era Trek adventure. To begin planning, I made a short list of certain elements that […]


I bought a new copy of this game myself. The game: Träxx by Steffen Benndorf and Reinhard Staupe, published by Nürnberger-Spiele-Verlag in 2015. Elevator pitch: A quick simultaneous play route-building filler. May the best route win! What’s in the box? Four boards, four dry-erase pens, fifteen cards and rules. Show More Summary

Gnomecast#3 – Resurrecting Your Campaign

Welcome to the Gnomecast where we talk with gnomes about gnome things and avoid becoming part of the stew. This might be mandatory to avoid being volunteered as ingredients for the stew. Today we have Ang, John, and myself, Chris. Today we talk about Resurrecting your Campaigns. Links Resurrecting your Campaigns Serial Criminal Case File […]

Roll With It: Random Encounters And Setting Them Up In Roll 20

Today’s Guest Article and art comes from the Owlington, artist and gamer. He talks about random encounters and setting them up in Roll20. Take it away Owlington! – Randomly Assigned John Random encounters. A lot has been said about this subject and a lot has been created to ease the burden of the time poor […]

Background Assistance for Players

As a creative fiction writer, I’ve never had a problem coming up with unique and compelling backstories for my characters. I usually scribble down a page or three of backstory for each PC I create and for most of my major NPCs as well. When I get super invested in a character, the background can […]

Illustration Inspiration: The Dearly Departed

Where would we be as fantasy, sci-fi and gaming enthusiasts if not for the works of the seminal creators of the 20th century? This month’s edition focuses on art by people whom we have lost, and whose classic visions can still inspire us today. There were so many to choose from; these ten barely scratch the […]

Gifts for Gamers

Happy Black Friday, everyone! For those of you in the United States, I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic and spent with people you love. For everyone else, I hope you had a lovely Thursday. Now that my guests have gone home and the kitchen is mostly clean (my brother made an amazing turkey dinner – […]

Bye Bye Blogger

After several hours spent trying to figure out why my images weren't being loaded, and then dealing with the trumpster fire that is Blogger's web-based draft editor, I've given up on the platform. At this point, I am happy to hear what other people use. Show More Summary

Commissioning Character Art: An Artist’s Perspective

Now that Gnome Angela has convinced you of the merits of getting a character commission, let me give you guys a little look-see behind the curtain. This is a partnership, after all, no matter how fleeting, and understanding builds bridges. The better you and your artist communicate, the more likely you’ll have a delightful experience on […]

A simple system to eliminate “tanking” in pro sports leagues

All of the major American sports leagues have had instances of teams “tanking” to reach last place and get a strong draft pick to rebuild the team in the last ten years. There’s an easy way to fix it. If...

Ghouls & Dolls: Interview With Avery Alder On Monsterhearts 2

Your Vampire might sparkle, might sip daintily from her V Juice box, or might be an ill-advised and off-the-books member of MI6. The fundamental mystery we all really want to know is... will there be kissing?

Fall Blau from Compass Games - Walkthrough of Drive on Voronezh Scenario Pt. 1

I'm a sucker for monster games. I never play them, but I love seeing a huge map set up and millions of counters.You would think that would make me an OCS fan, and to be sure I have almost all of those games, but I am not a fan of making change for supply (especially is said supply is measured in quarters. Show More Summary

Crazy Year

What a year. I had every intention of being better about keeping this blog updated, but between open heart surgery in March, joining an R&B band as a keyboardist (not my wheelhouse, it has taken more work to prep for this band than any...Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: Frontier Campaign

A straightforward idea that GMs could employ as they embark on their first campaign is to present a series of adventures set on civilization’s frontier. In a frontier campaign, PCs are part of an effort to explore wilderness territory. They can confront the threat represented by monstrous races who roam unchecked, and the petty kingdoms […]

Building Your Own Dice Tower

Get your dice rolls under control with one of these handy DIY gaming accessories. Read more on MAKE The post Building Your Own Dice Tower appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

How to Make Fidget Spinner Toys

Work off some of that nervous energy with a "fidget toy" you can easily make yourself. Read more on MAKE The post How to Make Fidget Spinner Toys appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


I bought an used copy of this game myself. The game: Heat by Dave Chalker and Chris Cieslik, published by Asmadi Games in 2015. Elevator pitch: Heist-themed drafting game, with artwork inspired by Saul Bass. What’s in the box? 34 cards, a small board, bunch of cubes and some plastic chips for money. Component-wise, this is almost … Continue reading Heat

boardgaming in photos: Maori, 7 Wonders: Duel, Patchwork on iOS

30 Oct 2016. I taught the children Maori, a light strategy game that works very well as a family game. You compete to grab tiles from the 4x4 tile display at the centre of the table to place onto your personal board. Tiles have various functions, and most of the time they help you score points. Show More Summary

Star War EoE: Moves Are At The Heart

Last post I wrote had me talking about the Agenda and Principles I’d adapted from Apocalypse World to use in my Star Wars: EoE game. I’d left that post off by saying that Moves are really where it’s at. This is the Moves post. Moves Like Jabba In Apocalypse World, if you do something that […]

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