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My 2014 top 100: 50–41

Third part of my Top 100 list. Here’s the previous part. 50–48 Qwixx — Delightful filler game with dice. I’ve made an online score sheet for the game. Pantheon — This is the highest-ranking Bernd Brunnhofer title on my list, beating St. Petersburg and Stone Age. Is it a better game than the two, especially Stone Age? […]

Troy’s Crock Pot: A Player Race for Your Table

Thanks to Dungeons & Dragons and Tolkien, the fantasy baseline of “demihumans” (as we used to call them back in the day) were dwarves, elves and halflings. You create a fantasy setting, and there is either an expectation or casual acceptance that those three player races are in it. Show More Summary

My Brain Is Finally In Gear

After several weeks of very little progress on my games design while I focussed on app development for my phone instead, I've finally had a good week of game design progress. It got off to a good start on Monday night, when I printed...Show More Summary

My 2014 top 100: 74–50

This is the second part of my Top 100 list. Here’s the first part with more explanations. Looks like here I’m starting to move to games rated 8+, the previous list was mostly games rated 7. 74–72 Timeline — Very simple idea; other games do the same thing, with more complications. This simple version works quite well, […]

family outing to Meeples Cafe

It had been quite a while since my last visit to Meeples Cafe. The outing before this was last year! We were planning to spend about two hours, but we ended up playing for four hours. Just nice for an early dinner at Burgertory which is nearby. Show More Summary

My 2014 top 100: 75–104

Since everybody else is doing these top 100 lists, I’m joining the fun. This is the first installation, stay tuned for the next parts in the next days (I’m not following Mark’s suit and dribbling the list one by one, especially as the lower positions are essentially tied). How did I make the list? I […]

The Builders: Middle Ages

Plays: 4Px1. The Game The Builders: Middle Ages is a simple card game in which players race to build 17 victory points worth of buildings. On your turn you have three actions points to spend, and there are only three possible action types, each of which can be repeated if desired. Show More Summary

Déjà Vu and You

A couple weekends ago, I volunteered to run a spur of the moment game for some friends. I had Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space on hand along with the cast of PCs I had created for conventions and one-shots, so it was easy enough to hand them out and jump right into the game. Show More Summary

Mat Goceng

Plays: 4Px3, 6Px1, 3Px2. Mat Goceng is published by Manikmaya Games, a company from Bandung, Indonesia. They gave Meeples Cafe a few review copies, and Log asked whether I wanted one. I skimmed the overview at BGG, thought it sounded...Show More Summary

Mega Dungeon from 5RD example

As promised, here is an example of the method presented in the earlier article Random Mega Generation Via 5 Room Iterations. The method aims to create a large scale megadungeon in modular chunks with minimal work. Our first step is to create the main map by combining a random number of 5 room dungeons. Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: Hey Pop! Where’s the Treasure?

So my son asks, after I’ve been the GM for the second session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, ‘Where’s the treasure?'” “We really need to find some treasure,” he continues. “I wanna buy that thing that will let me shoot an arrow with a line so we can climb up walls.” “You mean, some kind of grappling line?” “Yeah. Show More Summary

Zombology Upgrade

Yet another week of no real game design progress. Thankfully, all that is about to change. It's Newcastle Playtest again on Tuesday and it looks like it's going to be a busy night - three new members have signed up via Meetup. I'm going...Show More Summary

Storium As A Campaign Chronicle

In a previous article, I talk about discovering Storium, an online narrative game that provides a framework and a mechanic for an online role-playing game with a play by post sort of framework. My own game is going on pretty well, if at a slow pace because of our time constraints, but it is really scratching my gaming itch. Show More Summary

Terra Mystica

Plays: 5Px1. The Game Terra Mystica, published in 2012, is a heavy Eurogame that is very well received among gamers, winning many awards. I'm a bit late to the party in this, only playing it for the first time recently. In this game each player plays a unique tribe, and tries to expand his territory and upgrade his civilisation. Show More Summary

Karthun Lands Of Conflict

  So, last night I did a G+ interview with Brian F’N Patterson (d20 monkey) and Tracy Barnet (Iron Edda, School Daze) of Exploding Rogue Studios about their new Kickstarter called Karthun: Lands Of Conflict. I’m already a backer of this...Show More Summary


  Much like a movie or a novel, a roleplaying adventure depends on the flow of information. A game can grind to a halt when players don’t know where to go or what to do next. If players are exploring or clearing out a dungeon, this may not be a big problem. Show More Summary

Mord im Arosa

Plays: 3Px1. The Game Mord im Arosa would be classified as a dexterity game. Strictly speaking it's a listening game. You stack up eight box tops of different sizes to form a building. There is a small square hole at the top of each box. Show More Summary

Traversing Tables in Hoard of the Dragon Queen

I’m running a table of D&D Encounters on Wednesday night. Encounters is the easy, or at least low commitment, fork of D&D’s Adventurer’s League. D&D Encounters is ideal for new players and runs great with even pre-generated characters. Show More Summary

Using Backward Design in Game Prep

Back in February, today’s guest author, Aaron Ryyle, shared Eight Tips for Using Travel as a Plot Device in Fantasy Games here on the Stew, and now Aaron’s back. This time he’s written an in-depth look at how to work backwards when doing game prep. Show More Summary

A Breaking Change?

Not much to report on the game design front again (apologies to those of my readers who are coming here for game design!). I've not played many games this week, just Eclipse (for the second week on the trot) at Games Night. I tried to...Show More Summary

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