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6P Ticket To Ride: Team Asia

17 Apr 2015 was expansion night at, which was a good idea, because otherwise it would not have occurred to me to bring Ticket to Ride: Team Asia. This is, so far, the only team- based game in the Ticket to Ride series. Show More Summary

Freedom Through Restraint: E6 and Using Similar Ideas in Other Games

Today’s guest article by Gnome Stew reader Craig Dedrick might look D&D-specific at first, but Craig winds up asking some questions that are relevant to many RPGs — D&D is the lens here, not the real topic. Thanks, Craig! –Martin Dungeons & Dragons has always been my first love in gaming. Show More Summary

We’ll Have Manhattan

An alliterative Tuesday puzzle from Gerry Wildenberg.

Tiny R/C Tanks Converge on Bay Area for Battle

“I have always been interested in tracked vehicles,” says Seth Abrahams. Abrahams is a member of the Bay Area Tankers club, a group of R/C tank enthusiasts who promote the hobby of scale model armored vehicles. Abrahams brought his 1/16th...Show More Summary

Cheryl’s Birthday, the Afterparty

For those who liked Cheryl's Birthday, a favorite from the recreational mathematician Ed Pegg Jr.

Crowdsourcing / Market Research

It's been a good week. I've had my first Games Night for four weeks (and sadly last Games Night for another three due to work travel) and a few more good playtests of Zombology. I'm now ready to call my first game that I hope to self-publish...Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: The Elusive DC Chase

In a recent session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the players jumped on skis and whisked their way down the mountainside, pursued by the cultists’ elite ski troopers — dwarves armed with crossbows. Cue the James Bond music, please. A little DIY It was a chance to put into play the chase rules as detailed in the fifth edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. Show More Summary

Chivalrous Rule

Tom McCoy dedicates today's crossword puzzle to his parents. Now that's a good son.

Double Down

This puzzle by Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel may mesmerize you.

Variety: A Mind-Boggling Acrostic

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon offer a mind-boggling acrostic today.

consumption model

Sometimes when I run out of things to write about, my mind wanders to introspective topics. I find myself gravitating back to how we as boardgamers consume games, our modus operandi, our consumption model. There are many games which I play just once. Show More Summary

It’s Your Fiction That Interests Me

Why beginning solvers should at least give Saturday puzzles a try, and Damon Gulczynski explains his use of Google as a construction tool.

An Apology to Some Min-Maxers

One of the side-effects of playing a large number of games, and starting to design your own, is that you start to see what the mechanics of a specific game are doing or not doing. As my understanding of game mechanics has begun to grow,...Show More Summary

Charge Leader

A fun Friday themeless by Mary Lou Guizzo.

New Project: Build a Cordless Drill-Powered Go-Kart

Educator and Make: author Gever Tulley helps kids build their own drill-powered go-karts at his Tinkering School in Montara, Calif., using small welded frames, bike parts, and cheap corded drills. We asked him to build a version forShow More Summary

Floating Tumblewing Walkalong Glider Defies Gravity

Walkalong gliders are designed from phonebook or other light weight paper (tissue or waxed tissue papers from florist shops work well, too). The point is to make the building of the airplane as simple as possible so one can focus onShow More Summary

3 Zany Robots for Your Game

Here are some misfit robots for your game. They span several genres, but all are fun and colorful and a little silly. SP1kE (Sentient Prototype 1000 Experiment): Lacking hardware that could handle the complex processing required to run a robot, the designers of SP1kE used an organic stand in; a preserved brain. Show More Summary

Toll Provider

Joe Krozel and Peter A. Collins take off for parts unknown.

Kingsport Festival

Plays: 4Px1. The Game Kingsport Festival is a remake of Kingsburg with a completely different setting and some changes in gameplay. It is now Cthulu-themed. You play cultists rolling dice to pray to the elder gods, the Old Ones. They...Show More Summary

Gnome Stew in Spanish, Thanks to Bastión Rolero

Bastión Rolero, an excellent Spanish gaming site, is our newest translation partner. Here’s their first translated article. Once a few more have gone up, you’ll be able to see them all here. Many thanks to Bastión Rolero for translating our articles into Spanish!

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