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Kickstarter Spotlight: Cortex Prime

I’ve been lucky enough to know Cam Banks for about six years, now. In fact, the first time I mat Cam, I interviewed him about the then-brand-new Leverage RPG. I had no idea what I was doing, but he was kind enough to talk to me. Fast-forward to now and Cam is Kickstarting a brand-new, […]

Setting that moral compass

In the early part of running a campaign, it can be a useful exercise to take the temperature, so to speak, of the player characters’ moral compass. I know a lot of games have that familiar spot on their character sheet for “alignment.” Players will often declare, as their character is introduced, where they land […]

Zombology AI Competition

There's been some interest in the AI competition, so I'm going ahead with it - thanks very much for your offers to help me test the balance of Zombology. Purpose I'm trying to test the balance of my card game Zombology after some rules changes in the second edition which I will be releasing later this year. Show More Summary

boardgame locations in Malaysia

I recently discovered this list of locations related to boardgames. This includes boardgame and hobby shops, boardgame cafes. This may be handy if you are in Malaysia.

The Power of No

One of the worst pieces of GMing advice I ever gave myself was to always make sure the players were happy, even over my own happiness; to avoid saying No. This ridiculous piece of advice has lead to more campaign deaths in my career as a GM than I should admit. The thing is that […]

Make a Simple Fidget Spinner with Zip Ties

The process for making this fidget spinner is quick and easy. You will have something to fidget with in no time. Read more on MAKE The post Make a Simple Fidget Spinner with Zip Ties appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Celebrating Maker Faire Bay Area with Humble Bundle and Make: books

The new Humble Bundle of Make: ebooks has got you covered, whether your interests are drones, toy-making, cooking, or anything in-between. Read more on MAKE The post Celebrating Maker Faire Bay Area with Humble Bundle and Make: books appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Five Fantasy Forest Features

I was recently kicking around a game set in a deep forest. While it didn’t pan out, I did manage to salvage a few set pieces that can be dropped into your game as landmarks or adventure sites. The Spire: A massive petrified tree standing over the rest of the treetops. Hollow on the inside, […]


In a previous column, we looked at some reasons why you might want to restart with a new campaign. Maybe players have maxed out their characters, met all their goals, or maybe you just need a fresh start as a gamemaster (GM). However, there may be times when you may want to restart, but probably […]

Bot-Loads of Data!

As I've mentioned over the last couple of weeks, I've been working on a framework to play Zombology automatically, with AI players making all the decisions. On Friday night, I finally got a basic version of the application working. The...Show More Summary

Making Connections

I made a thing and want to share it with you, but let’s talk about character relationships first. One of the things I love about RPGs are the small stories that pop up between characters amidst the larger story of a game. Back in the day, this type of thing often happened organically over the […]

Gnomecast #14 – Drop Maps

Welcome to the Gnomecast, the Gnome Stew’s tabletop gaming advice podcast. Here we talk with the other gnomes about gaming things to avoid becoming part of the stew. So I guess we’d better be good. Today we have Matt, and myself, Ang, and we’re going to discuss Matt’s recent article, Extrema Drop Map. Links Extrema Drop […]

World Building

While at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference a few weekends ago, I took a half-day class on world building. The class was taught by Del Rey editor Mike Braff and fantasy novelist Kevin Hearne. I’ve taught my own world building classes in the past, but I wanted to see their take on things to see […]

New Dungeon Crafting Channel: Game Terrain Engineering

Long-time Make: contributor James Floyd Kelly launches a new gaming terrain crafting channel. Read more on MAKE The post New Dungeon Crafting Channel: Game Terrain Engineering appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Maker...

Making a Thing – Camp Adventure, Part 1

I’ve had an idea banging around in my brain for a while and I thought I might let it out. When I’m writing things, I like to talk about them while they’re in progress. It helps me do a couple of things that writing by myself doesn’t accomplish. When I write just for myself, things […]

AI Competition Early Info

So I had a few takers for the Zombology AI competition, so here's an early cut of what I'm thinking. I will write a game harness that plays the game and calls into the Player class periodically for state changes and decisions. I will...Show More Summary

Staring With A Split Party

Splitting the party is associated with tactical nightmares and GM headaches, but it can actually be a fantastic way to start a big campaign for a group that really enjoys role-playing. Used properly, it can create a dynamic player experience and increase the verisimilitude of your campaign. Starting with split parties means dividing players into […]

Extrema Drop Map

In math terms an extrema, the plural of extremum, are the high and low points (either locally or globally) of a function. This translates into maps as the high and low points of various features. Elevation is an obvious application, but they can also denote any number of other things. The procedure to make an […]

Outfitting a D&D Beholder with LED Eyes

A dungeon crafter brings an iconic D&D Beholder to life with glowing LED eye stalks. Read more on MAKE The post Outfitting a D&D Beholder with LED Eyes appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Alchemists: The King's Golem

Plays: 3Px1. The Game Alchemists is a 2014 game. It is a deduction game with an unusual setting. I played it once a few years ago, and at the time was tempted to buy a copy. I didn't, and after that first play, never revisited it until recently when Ivan brought the expansion to Show More Summary

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