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Variety: A Memorable Acrostic

In which I attempt to remember the names of Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon.

Sights at a Supercharger

A twisty and crunchy puzzle by Frederick J. Healy.

Goal of Some Drives

A crunchy Friday themeless from Damon Gulczynski.

An Olfactory Review of Adventure Scents

Adventure Scents provided us with samples of scent packets to review their Adventure Scents product. Angela Murray wrote up a review and took incredible images for those without video, while Matt Neagley, Darcy Ross, and John Arcadian took part in a reaction video.   Angela’s Review I’m a firm believer in the power certain smells […]

Making a Life-Size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica

"Mabel" the Tyrannosaurus Rex skull is a 5 foot long dino cutie made out of Papier-Mâché and 500+ hours of effort. Read more on MAKE The post Making a Life-Size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

It’s Your World Too

Today’s guest article on worldbuilding is by Patrick Regan. Take a trip through the process of collaborative worldbuilding and check it out! – Journeyman John The image most people have of GM’s is of a man with a screen, a private set of dice, and a notebook or binder full of scribbled notes, maps, and […]

The Fiftieth Number

This week's challenge: What is the 50th number that is the sum of two distinct powers of two?

Beer and Pretzels 2016

It's been a great week of gaming, culminating in my weekend con trip of the year at Beer and Pretzels 2016 in Burton on Trent. Wednesday I went to Manchester with Ian, so once I'd finished my presentation slides we played a few games on the iPad (including 6 Nimmt! which works better than I expected pass and play). Show More Summary

Roll20CON: Guests, Games, and Getting the Hang of Roll20

Roll20, a popular browser-based virtual tabletop for online RPG play, is having its first convention Friday, June 3rd, called Roll20CON. It will be 24 hours of delicious online gaming action, with concurrent panels and games being streamed on Twitch with great guests. Viewers will have several opportunities to donate to CyberSmile, an organization that works […]

boardgaming in photos: legacy

20 Mar 2016. I bought Pandemic: Legacy because it reached the #1 spot on BGG. I like Pandemic well enough, but it's not among my personal favourites. I was curious why the Legacy version could make it to the top. I originally intended to play it with my children. Show More Summary

Rise and Fall

What's the over/under on your completing this puzzle by Victor Barocas and Andrew Kravis?

A Little Variety

A place to discuss the A Little Variety suite of puzzles.

How to Get YOUR Heroes Into a Civil War

  Keith A. Garrett just popped in from an epic Gnome/Kobold airport battle to drop off this guest article about getting a civil war type scenario going at your table. – John #teamblackpanther Introduction (or Why a Civil War?) A civil war between superheroes. It’s been a comic book miniseries, and a book, and now […]

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