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  Much like a movie or a novel, a roleplaying adventure depends on the flow of information. A game can grind to a halt when players don’t know where to go or what to do next. If players are exploring or clearing out a dungeon, this may not be a big problem. Show More Summary

Mord im Arosa

Plays: 3Px1. The Game Mord im Arosa would be classified as a dexterity game. Strictly speaking it's a listening game. You stack up eight box tops of different sizes to form a building. There is a small square hole at the top of each box. Show More Summary

Traversing Tables in Hoard of the Dragon Queen

I’m running a table of D&D Encounters on Wednesday night. Encounters is the easy, or at least low commitment, fork of D&D’s Adventurer’s League. D&D Encounters is ideal for new players and runs great with even pre-generated characters. Show More Summary

Using Backward Design in Game Prep

Back in February, today’s guest author, Aaron Ryyle, shared Eight Tips for Using Travel as a Plot Device in Fantasy Games here on the Stew, and now Aaron’s back. This time he’s written an in-depth look at how to work backwards when doing game prep. Show More Summary

A Breaking Change?

Not much to report on the game design front again (apologies to those of my readers who are coming here for game design!). I've not played many games this week, just Eclipse (for the second week on the trot) at Games Night. I tried to...Show More Summary

Las Vegas

Plays: 3Px1. The Game Las Vegas is a light dice game by Rudiger Dorn ( Goa, Istanbul, Dragonheart, Jambo ). It is played over four rounds only. In each round, each of the six casinos on the table offers at least one money card for players to fight over. Show More Summary

The Palaces of Carrara

Plays: 3Px2. The Palaces of Carrara is designed by the formidable duo of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling ( The Princes of Florence, the Tikal series). I have read quite a few positive comments about it, but for quite a while I didn't come across any opportunity to try it. Show More Summary

4 Foods I’ll Add to My Diet

This past few weeks, I’ve been trying to sort out what exactly I’m going to buy from the product section. The light bulb suddenly popped bright on top of my head and made me go over a few books my dad gave to me when I was still in college. I’ve discovered that there are […]

Troy’s Crock Pot: Swiping from the pros

One need not be an accomplished author to be a GM, but there is overlap, certainly. Both professions have stories to tell, an audience that awaits the description of the next scene. I recall running an adventure from The Wheel of Time campaign years ago. Show More Summary

My 28-day Challenge

Losing weight is such a difficult task for some and I am no different. I have been battling with my weight issues since teenage years and until now, I have not found the right diet for me. Most of the instructions on dieting that I have tried focusing on avoiding are carbs and fats. Some […]

Gone Digital

Not much progress this week on Games Design, because I've been focussing my efforts in the digital realm. Last weekend we got a new PC, replacing our knackered old laptop (I think it ran on Windows 1885) with something a bit more modern. Show More Summary

GM Spotlight: What Dungeons & Dragons (2014) Brings to the Table

In ages past, when all-in-one boxed sets were common and character sheets were bought in packs, it’s safe to assume that some flavor of Dungeons & Dragons was the gateway into an imaginary world of fantasy roleplaying adventure for most gamers. Show More Summary

boardgaming in photos: The Message, Escape

9 Sep 2014. Shee Yun (9) and I continued our exploration of Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Now we have moved on to the two modules in the first expansion. The green tiles here are the Illusions module. Upon completion of the two intermediate countdowns, they are removed and placed at the bottom of the stack. Show More Summary

Why You Also Need To Be A Player

One thing I hear frequently from my fellow GM’s is that they are always a game master and never a player. Allow me to drag out my soapbox and say that if all you ever do is GM then you are doing yourself a large disservice. You are, in many ways, limiting your ability to grow as a GM. Show More Summary

Let It Go

One of the things I love about being a nerd is that it’s perfectly okay to immerse yourself in the love of a particular subject. It’s actually one of the reasons I love being able to claim the title of ‘nerd’. Unfortunately, though, one of my pet peeves is when some nerds (especially the RPG variety) take that immersion a little too far. Show More Summary

Johnny’s Five – Five Tips To Stoke The Fire That Fuels Your Gaming Mojo

I’ve been in and out of a gaming slump for a while. It started when I moved to Mississippi and all of my gaming opportunities dried up. Though I started groups down there and ran a lot of one shots, I just never got any consistent gaming going on. Show More Summary

A Mobile Base of Operations

In my fantasy campaign, the players recently acquired a flying airship. This gave me the chance to reflect on the advantages and possible concerns with a mobile base of operations. While many of my examples will be based in a fantasy setting, the same principles should apply to any mobile base, be it a starship, sailing ship, or catbus. Show More Summary

The Importance of Preparedness in Weight Loss

We’ve all been there – trying to lose weight the quickest and easiest way possible, and while there are many roads that lead to that, some of them come with possible risks. There is nothing more important than good health, so even if I want to look skinny, I always do my homework before getting […]

Zombology: Evolution

As most of you know, Zombology started life as my attempt to do a NaGa DeMon game. In November last year I set myself the goal of designing a game in a month! Of course, I knew it wouldn't be finished by the end of November, but I wanted to make something playable in that time. Show More Summary

Blank Check GMing

Today’s guest article was written by Will Jobst, GM, political science student, musician, and hopefully-maybe-one-day RPG writer. He runs a weekly game with strangers he tricked into his apartment, and waxes RPG-theory @dm_ilf and at Show More Summary

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