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How Do You Learn?

How many RPGs have you run without having played it first? It can feel like a chicken and an egg conversation, but obviously someone out there read the book and ran a game without ever having played it before. Sitting beside my bed are...Show More Summary

You Might Be Indignant

Ed Sessa underlines the reason copy editors exist, and Wordplay wishes you a happy Thanksgiving.

A Time of Family, Feasting, and Plague

Thanksgiving is tomorrow in the US, a time of plentiful food and good cheer for many. Unfortunately, fevers have broken out among my relatives, so we’re staying apart for at least a few days in hopes that we can prevent spreading disease to each other. Show More Summary

NaGa DeMon 7: Back to the Drawing Board

But in a good way! This morning I'm in a hotel in Manchester, waiting for my colleagues to wake up so we can go for breakfast. Seeing as I expected to wake up early, I took my laptop with me so I could work on the graphic design for the Print on Demand version of Zombology (a NaGa DeMon stretch goal). Show More Summary

Big Feller

Duncan Kimmel and Clara Williamson make their New York Times debut.


Plays: 2Px4, 3Px2, 4Px1. The Game I'm pretty sure Red7 is the result of Carl Chudyk seeing the recent trend of microgames and deciding he wanted in too, and what a pleasant surprise that result is. Red7 has 49 cards, numbered 1 to 7....Show More Summary

Bring the Fam Together on Thanksgiving with Fun Projects

Take a break from the Thanksgiving day action while entertaining the kids with these fun projects Read more on MAKE The post Bring the Fam Together on Thanksgiving with Fun Projects appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

Build a Custom Family Tree Board Game for the Holidays

How to make a custom 3D cardboard family tree board game for Thanksgiving and Christmas togetherness. Read more on MAKE The post Build a Custom Family Tree Board Game for the Holidays appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

Troy’s Crock Pot: When to Shaddup, Already!

The GM provides descriptions of every landscape and of every room. She gives voice to every monster and NPC. She adjudicates every turn in combat, and she lists every bit of loot and reveals every little clue along the way. It would seem, that from start to finish, the GM is doing a lot of talking. Show More Summary

Washer Action

Gary Cee will make you tumble to his theme.

Dividing the Feast

It's Thanksgiving! Celebrate by solving a problem you may actually face at the holiday table.

Stat Yourself As A Character To Combat Anxiety

I get anxiety – often. I usually do a pretty good job of pushing those anxious voices out of my head and moving on with life, but November is especially rough because it is the anniversary of family deaths and some other well-rooted pieces of my past that ramp my anxious voices up to 11. Show More Summary

NaGa DeMon: Week 3 Recap

It's been a week of two halves. To begin with, I spent the first half of the week just cooling my heels waiting for the artwork to arrive back from the printers. I paid for the rest of the print run on Monday and was warned that I wouldn't...Show More Summary

Right On, Right On!

Samuel A. Donaldson and Jeff Chen get us all turned around.

Variety: A Tough Cryptic

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon make me work for my cryptic fix, and the passing of Rosalie Moscovitch.

NaGa DeMon 6: Let's Go!

I got a phone call from the printers On Friday afternoon to let me know the art for Zombology would be ready that evening at 5:15 (just after they officially shut!). So I left work and trooped across town to collect it all. This is awesome,...Show More Summary

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