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Roads & Boats session

I first played Roads & Boats last year, with Allen, as a 2P game. For a brief overview, follow this link. Recently Jeff suggested playing it (he hadn't tried it before), and we arranged to play on one of the regular Friday gaming nights. Show More Summary

New Game Day 2015 is 2/2, and We Want to Give You Prizes!

In 2014 we willed a gamer holiday into existence, New Game Day (February 2nd), and it worked! In its first year, New Game Day was celebrated by over 65 gaming groups worldwide, including gamers in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada,Show More Summary

Are you playing D&D 5e? Excited by Pathfinder Core?

What’s old is new again, almost magically. Back in 2009, the people around me were falling in love with Pathfinder–particularly for the slimmed down rules contained in one core book. It felt like a reset–a chance to get back to core of D&D adventure in a way that had been obscured by D&D’s extensive publishing throughout D&D 3.5. Show More Summary

family boardgame outing: Meeples Cafe

Chen Rui (8) asked me to bring her to Meeples Cafe to play, so I planned an outing on a Sunday afternoon. We played for almost 5 hours straight, and we had a great time! I think we picked the right games too - all were very engaging....Show More Summary

The Essence of Awesome

Everyone wants to be awesome, to find that moment of perfect cool. Maybe the exact style of awesome varies from person to person but make no mistake about this, each player that comes to your table, from the min-maxers to the esoteric...Show More Summary

Please Nominate Unframed for the Golden Geek Awards

The Golden Geek Awards are now accepting nominees, and if you’re an RPGGeek member and a fan of the Stew’s latest book, Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters, I’d like to ask for your nomination. Voting only takes a few moments and runs through February 8th. Show More Summary

Dead of Winter

Plays: 4Px1. The Game Dead of Winter is the hot and trendy nowadays. It is a semi-cooperative game and a traitor game, and many compare it to Battlestar Galactica. I think it is more like Shadows Over Camelot. In Battlestar Galactica you know for sure there is at least one cylon among the players. Show More Summary


It’s Tuesday, which mean someone, somewhere, decided to just create their own holiday today! Because that’s like a thing now! But here at the Stew, we’re exceptionally excited by any gaming holidays, especially those that lend assistance and inspiration to prospective GMs. Show More Summary

A Digital Digression

As I've discussed over the last couple of weeks, one of my goals for this year is to get back into hobby publishing, like I did in the early years of Reiver Games. I've got all year to do that though and there are more pressing things...Show More Summary

Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty

I just recently started a Night’s Black Agents campaign and while prepping for my first session, I found that what I prepped was far less than I normally would write out. When I looked at what I was leaving out, I saw that it was all the contingency material; all the “if they do this, then this happens”. Show More Summary

A Trip Through RPG History With Designers And Dragons

I was not around for the beginnings of the game industry. I can look at the Red Box D&D set on my gaming shelves and know that I only have it because I acquired it from a friend who acquired it from an ex-girlfriend’s father. It sits next to my D&D Rules Cyclopedia, which I picked up a few years after first publication from a used book store. Show More Summary

Pandemic: The Cure

Plays: 5Px1, 4Px1. The Game Pandemic: The Cure is the dice game version of Pandemic. It is also a cooperative game. The world is being ravaged by four deadly diseases, and your objective is to find cures for all four diseases. You need...Show More Summary

Specific vs Amorphous Adjectives

Today I’d like to talk about adjectives. In case English class is an old forgotten or deeply repressed memory for you, a reminder: adjectives are those words that describe other words, specifically they describe things. In some cases they describe other adjectives but that doesn’t interest us here today. Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: “Five Room” Raid on the Bacchanal

In the spirit of “you can never have enough five-room dungeon posts,” here’s a 5-step mini-quest using the fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. For reference, check out these past posts by myself and Matthew J. Neagley on the utility and craft behind the five-room dungeon. Show More Summary

Self-Published Run: Specification

It's been a great week on the blog here, thanks largely to W. Eric Martin of BoardGameGeek covering last week's blog post - thanks Eric! I've not yet decided whether it'll be Zombology or Dragon Dance that I try to self publish thisShow More Summary

Samurai Spirit

Plays: 6Px1. The Game Samurai Spirit is a cooperative game from Antoine Bauza ( Ghost Stories, 7 Wonders, Hanabi, Tokaido ), inspired by the movie Seven Samurai directed by Akira Kurosawa. Naturally, the game supports up to 7 players. Show More Summary

reviewer bias; game taster mood

Should a game review specify whether the game being reviewed is one the reviewer bought / asked for / sought out, or one that someone else suggested or was a review copy sent in cold by the publisher? To expect this caveat in every review sounds absurd. Show More Summary

Three Approaches to Challenge Levels

Designing exciting combat encounters is an important skill for most GM’s. We want to make sure we challenge the party without overwhelming them. In this article, we’ll look at three ways to choose the appropriate number and level of opponents for an encounter. Show More Summary

Fitness & Healthy Tips

I’ve just found out this cool video with some Fitness & Healthy Tips by Vania Fernandes… The tips are awesome and I just love Vania! She and her channel are an inspiration for me… my goal is starting a youtube channel like this one. I’ve just bought a software that will help me. It’s explaindio […]

Fifth Edition D&D, a few months in

D&D’s fifth edition has released all of its core pieces; a standalone starter set, the core three books (a Player’s Handbook, a Monster Manual, and a Dungeon Master’s Guide), a GM’s screen, and some adventures (Hoard of the Dragon Queen and its sequel, The Rise of Tiamat). Show More Summary

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