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Gearing Up For a New Game

Last time I talked about the need to learn how to GM the new game you are running. This time, I wanted to look at another aspect of running a new game: GMing Gear. That is, what gear do you need to bring to the table as a GM to run the game? Having the right gear to ease the play of the game is an important component to running a good game. Show More Summary

A.C.P.T. 2015: Headed to the Big Boards

The latest in the 2015 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

New Project: Pi Spy Surveillance System

The Raspberry Pi B+, Pi Camera Module, and free MotionPie software make it easy to keep a discreet eye on things Read more on MAKE The post Pi Spy Surveillance System appeared first on Make:.

Watch the Successful Launch of World’s Largest Amateur Rocket

A few weeks ago, we ran a piece here announcing the pending launch of this 46? tall 1:1-scale V2 amateur rocket, to be launched at the Thunda Down Under rocket meetup in Australia. The Rocketry Victoria team was going for the world record...Show More Summary

Math Madness

Celebrate March Madness with these two basketball-related math challenges.

Like A Phoenix From The Ashes

I've spent half of this week in Germany for work, on a flying visit which left me with little time to see anything of Berlin. I did however get to see Konrad, one of my core playtesters and a friend who's supported me since the earliest Reiver Games days, who just happens to live in Berlin. Show More Summary

How Inconvenience Shaped My Style

Recently my wife posted an article on Facebook about how different parenting was when we were kids and now. I’ve seen several similar articles and sentiments in the past, most of which boiled down to “our parents made us play outside...Show More Summary

boardgaming in photos: Ubongo, Kakerlaken Poker, Pandemic, Medici

14 Mar 2015. Playing Ubongo with the whole family. In this round Chen Rui (8) could not complete her puzzle when time ran out on the hourglass. We now all play the normal difficulty side of the puzzle boards, i.e. four puzzle piecesShow More Summary

Thunder Alley

Plays: 3Px1. The Game Thunder Alley from GMT Games is a team racing game based on NASCAR racing. Each player manages a team of cars, and the number of cars per team depends on how many are playing. The game comes with different race tracks, and the number of laps to complete differs by track. Show More Summary

Barrier to Entry 

When I first started gaming, not quite at the dawn of time but definitely a ways back, I was in awe of Game Masters. Whether or they were good or not was beside the point, they were the masters of the game. They knew the rules backwards...Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: Using the Grid for Social Encounters

As I run almost exclusively in the d20 fantasy sphere of games — Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, d20 Modern — one of the tools that gets used often is a combat grid, whether it is a published or dry-erase footmat, HirstArts tiles of my construction or printed cardstock tiles. Show More Summary

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

And I don't mean a jam doughnut. Actually, I'm not a Berliner at all. But I am in Berlin. My fourth trip to Germany (after a couple of trips to Spiel in Essen in 2008 and 2009 with Reiver Games, and a trip to Tübingen last year for work)...Show More Summary

boardgaming in photos: China, Samurai Spirit, Agricola, Through the Ages

27 Feb 2015. China is my favourite Michael Schacht game. I have played its predecessor Web of Power, but only once or twice, on the internet, and I don't remember what I thought about it. My copy of China is the version published by Uberplay, which I like a lot, especially the box cover. Show More Summary

Getting your Sea Legs

I recently started running a Night’s Black Agents game, after coming off of running both Fate and Savage Worlds. This was my first time running anything with the Gumshoe system, and I found myself, for the first time in quite some time, having to get use to running a new system. Show More Summary

Dadventures: The Great Owlid Hunt

It’s time for another short adventure. This one has an old-school feel with a lazily named hybrid monster, the owlid (part owl, part squid). It’s a mix of combat and social encounters for your group and is also a classically styled shaggy-dog story, cementing it firmly in dadventure territory. Show More Summary

Abandoned Characters

The real world is a rough place. People move, take new jobs, go back to school, have family or health issues. (And sometimes they get mad at you, or you at them. But let’s not go negative here). When a player leaves your group for whatever reason, there are two effects. Show More Summary

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