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I’m Your Number One Fan

Recently at Con on the Cob, I ran a one shot of Monster of the Week and also stumbled into an opportunity to play Dungeon World. Both games use the system first created in Apocalypse World, and while I’m not completely sold on Dungeon...Show More Summary

boardgaming in photos

3 Oct 2014. The theme at that day was dice versions of boardgames. Las Vegas was not one, but at least it was a dice game. The last time I played this was in Kota Kinabalu, and it was a 3-player game. This time I played with five, and I found out that with five, you don't play the neutral dice (the white ones). Show More Summary

Games with my son

My son has become my most regular board game opponent. We often play in the mornings: on weekends and on schooldays when his school starts on 9. He’s eight years old, and quite the gamer, and here’s what we play now: Agricola — We play the family game, and recently started using the Farmers of the […]

My 2014 top 100: 20–1

Here’s the final installment of my list. See the previous part. Now we’re getting to seriously good games. 20–19 String Railway — Build railways of strings. Simple, sometimes frustratingly imprecise, but all the same very charming. This is a delightful game, a lovely filler in a small box that works with a full range of […]

My 2014 top 100: 40–21

Here’s the previous part. 40–39 Australian Railways — The third Early Railways Game on the list. The three games are almost identical, but this one’s different, and the best: it features organic link growth. So, instead of railroad links appearing in the middle of nowhere, they form a contiguous network. That’s pretty clever, huh. This […]

NaGa DeMon 2014: TGWAG

Last year I took part in (inter-)National Games Design Month (or NaGa DeMon for short): during the month of November you are challenged to design a game. It's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to make a decent quality game in only a month, but like its fiction counterpart NaNo WriMo, the idea is to get a first draft completed. Show More Summary

Wait Patiently

Waiting can be hard, but savor it while you can. A few months ago, D&D came out with their Starter Set. For a while, my home group thought Jennifer might get a chance to run it, but she was overwhelmed by life. Finally she turned itShow More Summary

A Case for Multiple Game Masters

Today’s guest article was written by Gnome Stew reader Tony G., who has been GMing for 20 years. He’s got co-GMing on the brain, and we thought this was a great topic to revisit from a new perspective. Thanks, Tony! –Martin I have asked...Show More Summary

Circus of the Most Holy Dog

Flea circuses are fraudulent mechanical fakes or worse yet, torture boxes built of super glue and heating coils. But that wasn’t always the case. There was one flea circus which was true to advertising. “The Czar” as he liked to be called...Show More Summary

Don’t Describe Combat

Today’s guest article was written by Will Jobst. Find him @dm_ilf and at, before he finds you. Hurry. Oh God, I hear him. Will is based in Boston, MA. This is his second guest article; his first was Blank Check GMing. Show More Summary

Hot Button: Rejecting Canon

Assume that you are invited to join a Star Wars campaign (RPG system doesn’t matter for this exercise). As you sit down, the GM mentions that the first movie (Star Wars IV: A New Hope) is the only canonical source. The GM then informs you that the campaign starts a few months after the destruction of the Death Star. Show More Summary

Want to Read the Stew in Russian? Now You Can!

Since 2010, we’ve been working with translation partners to get Gnome Stew articles translated into languages other than English. We want GMs everywhere to be able to read our work, and these partners help make that happen. We just added a third language and partner: Roleplaying News Russian is now translating Stew articles into Russian. Show More Summary

Be Our Guest

Recently I went to a Project Management conference and sat in on a great session about how Disney creates their customer experience for their customers. While taking notes for things I need to bring back to my office, I realized that...Show More Summary

The Hunt 107: Your Tools Are Only As Good As You Are

In high school and college, I wanted to learn how to draw like Walter Simonson.  He was one of the most influential comic book artists of the 80’s, and continues to draw to this day.  In an interview or on a letters page, he revealed...Show More Summary

Holding Forth

It's been a busy week with, thankfully, a boat load of gaming. During the week I got to playtest my secret game app with some friends, which gave me some great new ideas for improving the UI (plus revealed a bunch of bugs I'd not found by myself). Show More Summary

Templar Intrigue

Plays: 8Px8 rounds. The Game Templar Intrigue is a 10-card microgame for 7 to 10 players. It is a hidden identity team game, similar to Bang, The Resistance, Werewolf and The Message: Emissary Crisis, but with one important difference - everyone knows which team everyone is on from the beginning. Show More Summary

no lack of games

I am long past the point where I own more games than I can play regularly. If my records at BGG are accurate, I own 275 games (including 51 expansions). This is a tiny collection compared to the record holders at BGG, but to muggles this is a crazy number. Show More Summary

Coin Age

Plays: 2Px4. The Game Coin Age is a microgame that can be played using just one card and some pocket change. It is a two player wargame. Seriously. My copy was a gift from Allen. It comes with cardboard coins which are silver on one side and gold on the other. Show More Summary

spending my time

How do you actually spend your boardgame hobby time? I started asking this question when one day I realised I might be spending more time blogging about boardgames than actually playing boardgames. That's sounds sad, but when I think further, I realise it should not be that surprising. Show More Summary

Level 7: Omega Protocol

Plays: 5Px1. The Game Level 7: Omega Protocol is part of a series of games by Privateer Press which share a same backstory. The individual games have different mechanisms and are about different parts of the story. An alien race fleeing an enemy race has sought refuge on earth. Show More Summary

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