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appreciating Android Netrunner

Over the Raya holidays (Aidilfitri / Eid al-Fitr) I arranged with John to play Android: Netrunner, hoping to continue to learn this game. He's a veteran, and he actually started playing it at Spartan Games Arena, where I visited recently to play and learn from Nik. Show More Summary

A Return To Prep-Lite

I was running out of time to prep my games. Sounds almost ironic from the guy who wrote Never Unprepared, but it was true. Things have changed in my life, and my ability to prep was straining against my dwindling free time. I had maximized the usage of my time, and I simply had less time to prepare than before. Show More Summary

Troll Hunt

I played a pre-release copy of Troll Hunt from the Finnish Board Game Society game library in Ropecon, kindly provided by Roll D6. The game: Troll Hunt by Veli-Matti Saarinen, published by Roll D6 in 2014, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Elevator pitch: Place and move mirrors on board so that the light rays from your lanterns hit the […]

revisiting Axis and Allies Guadalcanal

Axis and Allies Guadalcanal is a game I like a lot, despite having played it only once, in 2008. That's six years ago! Sometimes I ask myself - what am I thinking? A 6 year wait before playing one of my favourite games again?! I asked Heng to be my opponent, since he's a fan of the Axis & Allies series. Show More Summary

Everything is a Flag: Use the Whole Buffalo that Your Players Provide

You’ve heard of “using the whole buffalo,” right? The idea that if you’re going to kill a buffalo, you should respect the buffalo by making every bit of it useful: eating the meat, tanning the hide, making stuff from its bones? When your players hand you their character sheets, think of each of those character sheets as a buffalo. Show More Summary

Space to Think

I've spent the last week in the Lake District with my in-laws (4 of them!). It's a beautiful part of the country with rugged scenery, fantastic walks and peaceful lakes. With six adults to one child, the staffing ratio was such thatShow More Summary

Fair or Foul? Playing Fast and Loose during Con Events

Next month I’ll be running several events at GenCon (primarily Victoriana, which is near and dear to my roleplaying heart!). Whenever I run events, I have several goals in mind, including 1) ensuring everyone that plays has a good time,...Show More Summary

Ropecon 2014

First day of Ropecon – the largest non-commercial game event in Europe – done. The con got an interesting twist last year, when I decided to involve my now eight-year-old son. Now we’re here again. We’ve focused on board games, as the other program of the con has been somewhat uninteresting (or unsuitable for him). He’s eight, […]


Plays: 5Px1. Istanbul is the latest Kennerspiel des Jahres winner (German Game of the Year - expert category). did a themed night on Spiel des Jahres nominees and winners, and I took the opportunity to check out what this latest winner is like. The Game The game board is made up of 16 tiles arranged in a 4x4 grid. Show More Summary

Crowdfunding - The Peides Curse: Earth

The Peides Curse: Earth is a boardgame designed by a fellow Malaysian, currently being crowdfunded. Overview: The Peides Curse: Earth is a strategic board game for 2 – 4 players. Battle for the survival of Earth and mankind in hostile landscapes where danger lurks at every corner. Show More Summary

The Repositioning Session

Your group has just completed a major story arc. They have been down in the depths of the Dungeon of Ultimate Sorrows for weeks. You are ready to start off the next delve, into the Tower of Unimaginable Anguish, but are your playersShow More Summary

A Master Class on Dungeon Design

If you don’t follow him regularly, you might not have noticed that Chris Chinn is on fire these days. He’s long been writing great articles to help you diagnose your group and provide awesome tools, like the Same Page tool, or the super quick one sentence character motivator. Show More Summary

Male, Female, and Everything In-between

When we’re first introduced to gaming, we’re told we can play any character we want and our imagination (and the system) is the only limit. Your character can be anyone you want them to be! Do you want to be a brawny fighter despiteShow More Summary

Gen Con 2014 Magic Artist List

I’ve assembled my annual list of Magic: the Gathering artists who will be at Gen Con this year for my own purposes. I share it here in case it’s of use to you. Each artist is listed with the more significant cards he or she has produced — cards that might be in your EDH … Continue reading ?

Once Bitten

I'm on holiday this week, so here's a blog post I wrote last week and tried to post automatically, while didn't work, hence a day late. It'll take me a few days to respond to comments, since there is apparently no mobile signal or broadband...Show More Summary

The 7.5 Hit Point Orcish Standard?

A minor kafuffle went on in the RPG blogging community recently over the concept of the 7.5 hit point orcish standard. I don’t think that’s what anyone else called it. That just seems like a good name to me.  The original premise isShow More Summary

VivaJava: The Dice Game

Plays: 4Px1. The Game VivaJava: The Dice Game is a follow-up to the boardgame version, with quite a few familiar elements, but a rather different overall feel. It's a medium-to-low complexity race game, but has quite a few strategic considerations and is in no way a mindless luck fest. Show More Summary

Please Vote for Gnome Stew and Odyssey in the 2014 ENnies

Gnome Stew, Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management, and Engine Publishing were nominated for three ENnie Awards this year, and I’d like to ask you to vote for us online. Voting doesn’t require an account orShow More Summary

concise reference sheets updated

I still often make rules summaries, but I do them in my own Powerpoint file, and accummulate a whole bunch of them before I make the effort to share them on BGG and here at my blog. Here are the latest additions, updates and corrections. Show More Summary

Unframed is now available on DriveThruRPG

If you’ve been waiting for Unframed to be available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, it’s now available for sale there. You can buy Unframed on DTRPG or head to Engine Publishing’s publisher page to buy Unframed as part of a discounted bundle with our other titles. Happy improv!

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