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Heroes of Normandie

Plays: 2Px2. The Game This is a Kickstarter game which Allen supported, and he got a ton of stuff for it. It is a squad level combat game with World War II as the backdrop. The game comes with a number of scenarios. Players can also play custom match-ups using a point system to build customised armies. Show More Summary

Welcome to my blog

Hi! My name is P.J., aka Buffs… I live in Buffalo, near Niagara Falls… In this blog I’ll talk about everything that happens and affects my daily life! I’m a normal regular guy… so you’ll post normal stuff! I like to be healthy and fit… I love sports… I’m single… well not quite… I live […]

DIY GM Screen For Better Play

In thinking more about last week’s piece on mise-en-place, I realized there was one more thing that I often do for the games that I run, that involves setting up a specific space for maximum effect: creating my GM Screen for the game. Show More Summary

A Guide to 5e: Where to Start

I was speaking with a friend who enjoys roleplaying, but hasn’t done lot of it until recently. (He’s first a board gamer, but loves a number of geeky games.) He began running the Starter Set for friends, but given the other more recent releases, he was confused about what’s necessary, what’s required, what’s optional, etc. Show More Summary

Great Character

Here’s a quick overview of the not-so-secret project I’ve been working on since Gen Con. Great Character Great Character is a small project to collect scans of actual character sheets used in RPGs by authors and game designers. The idea is to share some fun gaming stories and uncover a little RPG history. Character sheets … Continue reading ?

Random Mega Generation Via 5 Room Iterations

Mega dungeons are difficult to fully detail because of their sheer size. Here is a random dungeon generation system that helps make the process easier in two ways. First, it creates chunks all at once instead of single rooms, and second...Show More Summary

Battle of the Bulge (iPad game)

Plays: intro scenario x3 as Axis, basic scenario x2 as Axis, x1 as Allies. The Game Battle of the Bulge is a boardgame developed purely for the iPad. Technically speaking it can be produced as a physical game, but putting it on the iOS...Show More Summary

Sharknado, the Unofficial Fan Game.

Recently, the Syfy channel released the sequel to their cult hit movie Sharknado, Sharknado 2: the Second One (Interesting trivia, my Samsung Galaxy phone’s spellcheck knew the word Sharknado by default. Considering how often I run into words it doesn’t know, this was amazing to me). Show More Summary


This week I've done nothing particularly relevant to the blog at all. This weekend (today is a Bank Holiday in the UK) we've had lots of family up for The Daughter's second birthday and we spent most of last week preparing for the visitors...Show More Summary

From Con to Con: 2014 Edition

Hey all! This year’s GenCon was a whirlwind for me! I worked the Cubicle 7 booth in addition to my usual event-coordinating/running and meetings. I got to visit one of my favorite steakhouses with my fellow Gnomies (and met an epic waiter!) and finally tried Fogo de Chao. Show More Summary

Realm of Wonder

Realm of Wonder is a new, upcoming title from Mindwarrior Games (and Tactic). They asked me if I could write a review of the game in exchange for pre-production copy of the game now and couple of copies of the game once it’s done. Since I’m always interested in new Finnish titles, I agreed. That […]

Plato 3000

Plays: 2Px2. Allen recently gave me his second copy of Plato 3000, and it was then that I realised he had two copies of the black box edition of Glory of Rome. Each copy of this black box edition came with a copy of Plato 3000. ThatShow More Summary

Put In Place Your GMing Space

This past week I was at Gen Con, and ran a few sessions of my fantasy world, Elhal. Convention games are always tricky, and something that we have talked about many times here on the Stew. This time around, I ran the same session of Elhal in both Fate and in Savage Worlds. Show More Summary

Koboldbande / Troll Trail

The game: Koboldbande or Troll Trail by Gina Manola, published by Amigo and others in 2014. I have the Nordic Troll Trail edition from I did the Finnish translation. Elevator pitch: Simple co-op game for young kids and their parents. Find the a way through the forest and get the treasure before the dragon gets to it! What’s in the […]

New game notes

Red is a new mini game from Carl Chudyk and Chris Cieslik. Play a card and/or change the goal. Only requirement? You need to be winning after your move, otherwise it’s game over for you. Fun little filler. Suggest. Pick-a-Pig was familiar: I’ve played Formissimo, which is the original version. This one’s cuter. My kind […]

Troy’s Crock Pot: Patrons make sense

What’s more realistic? A group of heroes waits in a tavern until adventure finds them … … or a rich, well-connected patron provides them with the means to set out on the next adventure? As cliched as both options can be, I’ve been rethinking my aversion to using the patron as a means of hooking into an adventure. Show More Summary

What a Blinder!

It's been a really busy week this week, both gaming and non-gaming. We're having a load of family up next weekend for a birthday party for The Daughter, so we're trying to sort the house and garden out a bit in preparation for all the visitors. Show More Summary


Back when Bézier Games hinted at new games in the Suburbia family, I was intrigued. When the two games were announced, I immediately preordered both. Now I got Subdivision, and have some plays under my belt. Time for a quick review! The game: Subdivision by Lucas Hedgren, published by Bézier Games in 2014. Show More Summary

Gnome Stew Won the Gold ENnie for Best Blog — Thank You!

Last night Gnome Stew won its sixth ENnie Award, the gold for Best Blog. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, especially Evil Hat Productions for charting a course of transparency and customer-centric business practices that kicks major ass. Show More Summary

Characters to Grow Old With: Getting the Most Out of Your Pregens

I love pregenerated characters. They’re great for con games, online games, pick-up games, or when you need replacement characters after a TPK.  They’re an easy way to get new people gaming quickly.  Obviously you won’t use pregens in every game (more later), but they are handy to have around. Show More Summary

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