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Pandemic: On The Brink - Bio-Terrorist Challenge

Pandemic: On The Brink is an expansion set released in 2009. It comes with many modules and components, but the main elements are three new ways to play Pandemic - the Virulent Strain Challenge, the Mutation Challenge, and the Bio-Terrorist Challenge. Show More Summary

In The Early Hours

I spent last week in the US again (second time in three weeks!), this time visiting towns north, west and south-west of Boston. As before I was pretty jetlagged, waking up very early in the morning (between 3 and 4:40am). But ratherShow More Summary

7 Wonders: Duel

Plays: 2Px2. 7 Wonders: Duel was my birthday present this year. When it was first released, the reviews were generally positive. I had a rough idea how the game worked, but did not proactively seek it out to play. I would happily give it a try if I the opportunity arose. Show More Summary


Plays: 3Px1. The Game Churchill is designed by Mark Herman ( Washington's War, We the People, Fire in the Lake ). It is a game about the politicking between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin during World War 2. Although UK, USA and USSR...Show More Summary

boardgaming in photos: family time

28 Aug 2016. Chen Rui (9) requested to play Confetti. This is a real-time game. Within one minute, you need to pick 6 cards (9 in Round 3) from among many spread out all over the table. Each card has three different shapes in three different sizes. Show More Summary

Gaming With a Four Year Old

This week I'm off to America for work (I'm writing this at 5am in an airport cafe!), and I'm intending to spend a decent chunk of the early hours that I will have free due to jet lag laying out the new rules for Zombology v2. I've honed...Show More Summary

Triominos Tribalance

I received a free review copy from the Finnish distributor. The game: Triominos Tribalance by Michael Sohre, published by Goliath in 2013. Originally published as Tri-Ba-Lance by Theta Games in 1995. Elevator pitch: A balancing challenge: try to get the best pieces on the best locations on a wobbly board without unbalancing the board. Show More Summary


Dokmus is published by, and I received a free review copy from the publisher. The game: Dokmus by Mikko Punakallio, published by in 2016. Elevator pitch: A tactical puzzle. Twist and move the boards in order to expand your influence all over the board. Show More Summary

Scotland Yard Junior

Scotland Yard Junior is published in Finland by Ravensburger, and I received a free review copy from the Finnish distributor. The game: Scotland Yard Junior by Michael Schacht, published by Ravensburger in 2015. Elevator pitch: A new version of the old classic Scotland Yard, redesigned for children. Show More Summary

Rüben Rallye

Rüben Rallye is published in Finnish as Kaniralli by Haba, and I received a free review copy from the Finnish distributor Tevella. The game: Rüben Rallye by Sylvain Ménager, published by Haba in 2016. Elevator pitch: Beautiful roll and move game for kids, but with an added element of distance approximation thrown in. Show More Summary


Kakerlaloop is published in Finnish as La Cucaracha Loop by Ravensburger, and I received a free review copy. The game: Kakerlaloop by Inka and Markus Brand, published by Ravensburger in 2015. Elevator pitch: Roll and move your bugs across the board, but watch out for the Hexbug Nano cockroach that tries to bump the bugs off the spaces. What’s … Continue reading Kakerlaloop

Fashion Show

Fashion Show is published by Finnish Peliko, and I received a free review copy. The game: Fashion Show by Theora Design, published by Peliko in 2016. Elevator pitch: A simple tile-laying pattern recognition game with a Top Model -like fashion theme. Show More Summary

Out of Mine!

Out of Mine! is a tile-laying game from HUCH! & Friends. I did the Finnish translation and got a free copy because of that. The game: Out of Mine! by Martin Nedergaard Andersen, published by HUCH! & Friends in 2014. Elevator pitch: A tile-laying game like Ubongo where you must fill your board with tiles as fast as possible. What’s in the … Continue reading Out of Mine!

Gaming Year 2015

2015 was a solid year. Numbers-wise, no complaints, and quality has been excellent. I played lots of good games with my son, who has continued to be an active member of the cult of the new. A new game for us to try? He’s game. My daughter is also growing up and we’ve been moving … Continue reading Gaming Year 2015

November 2015 new and noteworthy

November is usually the best month for me when it comes to new games. This is not unusual, as Essen games trickle to us non-visitors. This month, in order to try something new, I’ve grouped the games in three groupings: buy, play or pass. Enjoy! Buy Cthulhu Realms sounded like a good deal to me. Star … Continue reading November 2015 new and noteworthy

Dead of Winter: The Long Night

Plays: 5Px1. The Game Dead of Winter: The Long Night is not an expansion to Dead of Winter. It is a standalone game. It introduces some new elements, but the core mechanisms are the same. It feels like playing the same game with some expansion modules added. Show More Summary


This week I made it to Newcastle Playtest for the first time since April! It was a great evening - good to see the guys and catch up and also check in with their games designs. First we had a couple of games of The Book of the Dead, a fantastic little timed game from Paul Scott. Show More Summary

boardgaming in photos: Coloretto, For Sale

19 Aug 2016. I keep quite a few games at the office. I bring games which I think may inspire my colleagues in their work, but I also bring them simply to have fun. This day I taught my colleagues Mamma Mia and Coloretto (this photo)....Show More Summary


Plays: 4Px2. The Game Splendor was very hot for a while, and won quite a few awards. I missed it during its peak, and only played it for the first time recently. This is how a game is set up. 5 random noble tiles are picked from a pool of 10 - those at the top of this photo. Show More Summary


Plays: 4Px1. The Game Barony is a design by Marc Andre, designer of Splendor. I missed the Splendor party and didn't get to play it when it was at its hottest. I did see it being played, but each time that happened I was already sitting at another table playing another game. Show More Summary

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