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Upgrade Your Winter Arsenal with an Automatic Snowball Launcher

It's not truly winter until the first snowball flies. Arm yourself against your attackers with an automatic snowball launcher. Read more on MAKE The post Upgrade Your Winter Arsenal with an Automatic Snowball Launcher appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

Sleuths Connect Them

A welcome entry into our solving weekend by MaryLou Guizzo.

RESISTOR – A Zine Full of Games

The roots of tabletop gaming in the early 70s were closely intertwined with community and a do it yourself effort. The first pioneers of the gaming industry created their works with very few of the modern tools that make the job of game developers easier today. Show More Summary

The Mini Dungeon as a Random Encounter

One of the problems in an exploration game is content. We’d all like to put together a campaign world with content jam packed into every nook and cranny, but there are some problems with that. First and foremost is our time constraints. Show More Summary

Supersonic Speed

Peter Collins expands our view of today's crossword.

The Art of the Matter

Back when I ran Reiver Games I made four games. The first Border Reivers was a hand-made limited edition, and I did almost everything myself, including the art (except the box cover, that was an original painting by my dad, a retired art teacher and artist). Show More Summary

Google Artificial Intelligence Beats Expert at Go Game

This week we celebrate the victory of Google's computer AI with a simple strategy challenge.


Plays: 4Px1, 5Px1. The Game Codenames by Vlaada Chvatil is one of the hit games of 2015. There was a period when almost every game from Chvatil was a hit with me - Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, Space Alert, Dungeon Petz. There was always an innovation, a twist or a special hook. Show More Summary


Over the years I’ve had the privledge of running sessions where most of the players were new to the hobby. In this column, we’ll take a look at some strategies for planning out that first session. The goal in planning such a session is to showcase some of the essential features of the system, while giving them a successful and enjoyable session. Show More Summary

Message to Buyers

Yaakov Bendavid returns with a message for all of us.

Variety: Spiral

Will Shortz returns with a Spiral variety puzzle.


Plays: 4Px1. The Game Ships is the third game in Martin Wallace's transportation series, the first two being Automobile (which I love) and Aeroplanes: Aviation Ascendant (which I still have not played). This was the only game from Essen 2015 which I pre-ordered. Show More Summary

A Little Variety

How did you do on the "A Little Variety" puzzles?

Parenthetical Figures

Samuel Donaldson and Brad Wilber return with a terrific Saturday challenge.

Dungeon Masters Guild and Adventurer’s League changes

5e Public Play: It’s all Adventurer’s League now A couple of weeks ago, Wizards of the Coast announced big changes to its organized play program. All of the adventures are now just Adventurer’s League; before, they’d been split between the new player geared Encounters and the continuing play Expeditions. Show More Summary

Without a Doubt

David Phillips takes us into our solving weekend.

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