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NaGa DeMon 10: Hopefully, Less Rubbish

I wrote this blog post on Monday night, but I've been waiting to post it until I had a chance to test it, to avoid the problems I had with the last version. Then I got sick, missing a couple of days' work and then finally we've had some bad news and I'm off again, so no real chance to test it. Show More Summary

Getting from There to Here

They say you shouldn’t focus on the destination as much as the journey, but sometimes you just really want to get where you’re going. I’ve been running a Pathfinder game off and on for the last three years. It’s been my first foray into...Show More Summary


Plays: 3Px1. The Game Burgoo is a gift from Allen, and is another microgame which he Kickstarted. Burgoo is a meat and vegetable stew (I hadn't known that). The game components of Burgoo are very simple - just a pile of tiles representing 6 different ingredient types. Show More Summary

collection snapshot Oct 2014

I haven't done one of these in quite a while. The last time was three years ago. My library hasn't really changed much. I usually don't sell or trade games. I don't buy many new games (I mean by boardgamer standards, of course). Still it's fun for me to compare how my library has changed between snapshots taken at different times. Show More Summary

Alerts via Facebook

If you are a Facebook user and want to get notifications in Facebook whenever I have a new post, follow this link: Hiew's Boardgame Blog Facebook page. I used to automatically cross post from Blogspot to Facebook, but Facebook removed this functionality some time ago. Show More Summary

Glass Road

Plays: 2Px2. The Game Glass Road is a medium-weight resource conversion game from Uwe Rosenberg. He has been doing many such games lately. He used to be famous for quirky card games like Bohnanza, but since Agricola and Le Havre, his design focus has switched to medium-to-heavy resource conversion games. Show More Summary

NaGa DeMon 9: An Intermission

Just a brief one today. I've finally been brought low by the sickness bug that's been sweeping my office and house, so there's not going to be any progress on anything for a day or two. I've got a new version that hopefully fixes the...Show More Summary

What We Avoid

I’m afraid of flowers. More specifically, while I’ve been drawing and painting for many years, I avoid painting flowers. Get nervous just thinking about them. Recently I decided to face that fear by attacking one on a brand new 16? X 20? canvas. Show More Summary

Limiting Players Without Limiting Fun

A recent article about railroading by Will Hindmarch over on got me thinking about something I’ve had in my “to-write” file for a while. It is an idea that I constantly go back and forth on when I run games, the idea of saying no to a player to preserve some dynamic of the game that I’m running. Show More Summary

The Host: the Forgotten Leader

I was reading Phil’s article when it occurred to me that there was one “leader” missing in his analysis: the Host. The Host wields a lot of power at the gaming table and she isn’t necessarily the Game Master; heck, she may not even be a player. Show More Summary

NaGa DeMon 8: Redux

It's just gone half-time in November, and finally I've got a second version of Dragon Dance for your delectation. Initially I'd intended to make fairly minor changes (decrease dragon hit points and tie = knight win), but feedback from...Show More Summary

TGWAG League Table 3

Another great week of Dragon Dance progress. I've played it another five times and I've had a report from Konrad who has played it three times as well. Early indications are now hinting that the dragon is possibly a little overpowered...Show More Summary

How Much Time do You Spend Engaged with Gaming as a Hobby? With GMing?

Over on Google+, I asked a question that seems particularly well-suited to Gnome Stew: What does your engagement with gaming as a hobby look like? Specifically, how many hours do you spend on different elements of that engagement, and how does that shake out percentage-wise? Right now I spend about 14 hours a week engaged with the hobby in some way. Show More Summary

NaGa DeMon 7: Less Selfish

Last year, despite the point of NaGa DeMon being to share and discuss your experiences I was very much focussed on my own efforts: Zombology. I played it lots, I blogged about it lots and that was it. The Daughter was still sleepingShow More Summary

Jungle Rumble

The game: Jungle Rumble by Eros Lin, Nightsorrow Chou and Zeldaaa Ling, published by ErosGames in 2013. Elevator pitch: Puerto Rico action selection meets Agricola farming and feeding in a small box with cute kittens. What’s in the box? The small box is packed with field tiles, kitten tiles, action tiles, cardboard food tokens and wooden bits for water ways, stores and […]

Mobile Development: Beta Testers Wanted

A brief interlude from my NaGa DeMon efforts. I've been working on a Windows Phone version of the Martian Dice game designed by Scott Almes and published by Tasty Minstrel Games. Initially it was purely a personal project, so I could...Show More Summary

Three Leaders At The Table

Over the past few months, I have become interested in the topic of Leadership. As a project manager, leadership comprises a large part of what I do each day as I work with various project teams. As I began to study the area of leadership, I came to realize that it plays a role in RPG’s as well. Show More Summary

gamer generation

I thought of this gamer generation concept recently when Ivan came to play. He became a boardgame hobbyist in 2010. As we browsed my game shelves, there were quite many games which he had not tried before, many of which I took for granted as being evergreens and assumed everyone should have played them. Show More Summary

NaGa DeMon 6: Something To Aim For

I've now played seven games of Codename: Dragon, four against Sam, two against Mal and one against Ian. I've drawn twice, once as the dragon and once as the knight both against Sam, and won every other game. Which is good, it makes me...Show More Summary

Left Behind: Sticking with Older Games

Today I got together with friends and played a fun miniatures game, AT-43. The company that created it went into liquidation four years ago. After a brief flurry of interest brought on by fire sale prices, the game settled into its new normal–it slipped from people’s minds. Show More Summary

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