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boardgaming in photos: TTR Switzerland, Mystery Rummy: Al Capone and the Chicago Underworld, Brass

19 Apr 2015. The Switzerland map is my favourite version of Ticket To Ride. It's for 2 or 3 players only. In this version you can draw many tickets, and it is entirely possible to complete all of those you keep. This is what makes the game exciting. Show More Summary

Variety: A Hazy Acrostic

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon present us with a hazy acrostic.

How Making Board Games Can Lead to Real Classroom Innovation

If creativity is intelligence having fun, then creating a board game is intelligence at play. One of my favorite units for the 7th grade class I teach is the Board Game Design unit. When my assistant principal walked into my class, though, she was skeptical. Show More Summary

New Project: Bartop Video Arcade from an Old PC

Take an unwanted desktop PC and build a bartop arcade gaming cabinet out of the parts. Read more on MAKE The post Bartop Video Arcade from an Old PC appeared first on Make:.

Shake Off the Winter!

In the May edition of the Times Insider puzzle pack, we're shaking off winter and getting our senses tingling.

A Lesson Relearned: Time Management

A good smack in the nose can teach a valuable lesson, but sometimes the lesson fades. Last weekend, I got another smack on the nose. I let time management get away from me. The result was an unproductively long session, even though there were good elements. Show More Summary

They’ll Help You Out

They grow up so quickly. David Steinberg leaves us a memento before he takes off for college.

This R/C Plane Built from a Weed Whacker Actually Flies

In the dark of night, one of the builders at UsaRCJets took the engine from a dead weed eater, parts from an old R/C banana boat plane, a 1?×2? board and cobbled them together into this monstrous wacky hack. With no plans and only some beers to guide him, Billy […] Read more on MAKE The post This R/C Plane Built from a Weed Whacker Actually Flies appeared first on Make:.

Another Take on GMing Types

We spend a lot of time talking about different types of players and the best way to GM for them. But what about GM’s? Do GM’s have types? Most certainly we do. In my years of doing panels and playing games at conventions, and hanging out with all sort of GMs, I have seen certain types. Show More Summary

New Project: Capstan Kite Winder

Flying big kites is a lot easier with this powerful line winder that’s out of the way until you need it. Read more on MAKE The post Capstan Kite Winder appeared first on Make:.

New Project: Arduino Yún Motion-Trigger Trespasser Camera

Hide the device in the cupboard or fridge, and when the it detects movement, it will take a picture and post it right to your email! And if you use IFTTT, then you can automatically post the picture of the thief to Facebook, Twitter and show the thief's face to the entire world! Read more on MAKE The post Arduino Yún Motion-Trigger Trespasser Camera appeared first on Make:.

Back on Track

José Chardiet makes a mathematical point.

Dan Asimov: The Bongles of Bingle-Bangle

Can you untangle this interlocking ring puzzle by mathematician Dan Asimov?

Starting Another Games Publisher

A few months of lacklustre progress on anything except my German language Windows Phone app seems finally to be coming to a close. A few of you will remember my ill-fated days running Reiver Games (read the history of this blog for a lesson in how not to run a board games publishing company). Show More Summary

Fair or Foul: Learning the Hard Way?

During my last session of D&D, metagaming reared its ugly head again. My players were attacked by a couple of black dragons, and one of my players briefed the others on what tactics to use and what kind of breath weapon this particular...Show More Summary

Losing Speech

Ascend Mount Olympus with this Monday puzzle from Johanna Fenimore.

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