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Quartermaster General – Victory or Death: The Peloponnesian War

Plays: 4Px1. The Game The name is too long, so I'm going to call it just Victory or Death. Victory or Death is a sequel to Quartermaster General, and uses similar mechanisms. However the setting is completely different. This is no longer about World War II. Show More Summary

The GM’s New Clothes – Gaming without a GM Screen

Kyle MacKay has been GMing for years with a GMs screen, and in today’s guest article he talks about his process of getting rid of it. While GMs screens are a staple of more conventional types of role-playing, and I love mine for certain games, Kyle makes some good points about ditching it for the […]

Support Gnome Stew On Patreon – Help Us Make Awesome Articles

Three weeks ago, at Gencon, I got to wear the Golden ENnie award medal for Gnome Stew’s Best Website award. I very nearly had a legendary wardrobe malfunction to prove it. Receiving the ENnie is a huge honor, and one that I am very proud I get to be a part of. Our Gnome Stew […]

Upgrade Your Cardboard Car with Downloadable Templates

There’s something so satisfying about a cardboard box. Remember getting a new toy and spending hours playing with the box instead? Even pets know the joy of playing with an empty cardboard box. Pretending a box is a race car is goodShow More Summary

Cooling Off in a Cardboard Swimming Pool

In the height of summer, a swimming pool is at the top of many a wish list. Would you ever consider building one from... cardboard? Read more on MAKE The post Cooling Off in a Cardboard Swimming Pool appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Zombology: Round Three?

So as I alluded to last week, I'm considering another print run of Zombology. I've played the game a few times recently with people (before telling them I was the designer) and I reckon I could have probably sold a copy there and then if I had one. Show More Summary

The Characters Are the Story

Today’s guest article is about one of my favorite topics, characters. When it comes to roleplaying, characters are prime and their stories are the ones being told. Craig Dedrick takes a look at a method of character creation that focuses on the characters’ and their stories. Check it out. — A Character in Real Life […]

4,000 Plays!

I joined BGG back in February 2006, when I was considering publishing Border Reivers. I finally got around to publishing Border Reivers in July that year, and started recording the games I played on BGG in August that year. In fact,Show More Summary

Via Nebula

Plays: 4Px1. The Game In terms of graphics and components design, Via Nebula is the cutest Martin Wallace game that I have ever seen. If I hadn't known beforehand that this was his design, I would never have guessed it based on the art style. Show More Summary

concise reference sheets updated

It has been a long time since I last uploaded any new concise reference sheet. Here are the games that I have made reference sheets for since the previous version. 51st State (updated) 7 Wonders: Duel A Few Acres of Snow (updated) Alchemists Ark Camel...Show More Summary

5 Kids Books Your Kids Will Love

Although we usually write about toys and games, this time, we thought we’ll do something different and write about kids books available for Indian kids instead.  Here are some books that you and your kids will find useful and entertaining. Show More Summary

Human Foods Safe For Dogs

Are human foods safe for dogs? Well… All you have to do is check out this table: Produced by

GenCon 2016: Help Me, I’m Melting

So, this post is a little later than I would like. GenCon ended on August 7th, but in between then and now, I had to drive back from Indianapolis and then go through the circus of closing on a house and moving into said house. I still don’t have all my stuff in the new […]

Delaying the Eventual Death of Your Play-by-Post Game

  Today’s guest article is by Osmond Arnesto and deals with a different type of roleplaying when you are geographically distant from your group – play by post — Postal Gnome John. One of my first games wasn’t played on a forgotten kitchen table in the basement, or even on a sticky table at Denny’s. […]


In a previous article, we looked at reasons for having a back-up game. To recap briefly, adult responsibilities often get in the way of having a full table. A back-up game is a one-shot or series of one-shots that can be dropped in when necessary. In the past few months, we’ve used a back-up game […]

Android: Mainframe

Plays: 4Px1. The Game Android: Mainframe is a game based on the Android universe. It is originally an abstract game published in Germany, called Bauhaus. Players try to form regions on the board by placing walls. When a region is walled up, and it contains the marker or markers of only one player, it is locked and will score points for this player. Show More Summary

The Finer Points of the FrankenGame

Today’s guest article was stitched together by Robert Neri Jr.  of Ranger Games Publishing and talks about cobbling together games to make something wholly unique. We’ve inspected the lab equipment and found it up to Gnomish standards. – John A.B. Normal Game-Masters are already like mad scientists when through either in-play rulings (e.g. building precedence) […]

Interview With Chris Birch About Star Trek Adventures

“Gnome Stew Guest Author Keith Garrett donned his red shirt and gnome hat to go out and get us an interview with Chris Birch about the new Modiphius star trek game. Beam in and boldy check out the interview Keith brought back from his away mission! – Boldly Going Where Gnome Ann Has Gone Before […]

Olympic Strategies, Part 1

Try these Olympics-themed puzzles from Po-Shen Loh, team lead for Team U.S.A, winner of this year's International Mathematical Olympiad. Also -- If you could train with the best, would you? Perspectives from Olympians Gwen Jorgensen and Clark Burckle.

Troy’s Crock Pot: Roll for Initiative

They are three magic words, as distinctive as the starter’s horn for sprinters and swimmers at the Olympic Games or the command to “Start your engines” at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But for gamers, especially those who play Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other games in the d20 sphere, it carries the same significance. “Roll for initiative.” […]

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