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Brought Home the Gold

Let's all hope that Daniel Raymon feels better soon.

Preorders Open for Focal Point: The Complete GM’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions!

You can now preorder our latest system-neutral GMing advice book, Focal Point, from the Engine Publishing online store! Preorder Now! I’m running preorders slightly differently this year, so please read on for details. Preorder details When you preorder Focal Point, I’ll get an email. As soon as possible, I’ll send you either a download link

True Detective — Maybe Tomorrow

“I’m feeling a little apoplectic myself.” I had to watch this episode twice again to make better sense of it. I think it’s because on the surface it’s kind of a bland procedural. The cops are going around tracking down...

The Problem With Change

When paying with cash, how can you avoid getting stuck with pockets full of change?

In Flux and In Corporeal Form

Finally, after a few weeks of fannying on, I've finally printed out and constructed the new version of Zombology incorporating changes suggested during my trip to St. Louis at the beginning of June. I had the evening to myself last night as The Wife was out with friends, so after getting The Daughter to sleep I printed it out and made it all up. Show More Summary

Please Vote for Gnome Stew in the 2015 ENnie Awards

Gnome Stew has been nominated for Best Blog in the 2015 ENnie Awards, and I’d like to ask you to vote for the Stew. The ENnies are judge-nominated, but fan-awarded — and are sometimes decided by veeeery slim margins. This is one of those...Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: Make it a hex-crawl summer

Ahhh, summer. Time to sling the haversack over your shoulder and do some wilderness exploring. Some groups take to hex crawls with enthusiasm. Tromping across unknown territory, wind ruffling their hair, owlbears, werewolves and hill giants to slay as they cross the boundary of that little six-sided section of map. Show More Summary

Ice Cream Combo

Plays: 3Px1, 2Px1. The Game Ice Cream Combo is a real-time game where players race to complete ice creams according to customers' orders. At any one time there are a number of orders on the table depending on the number of players, and...Show More Summary

Heads of State

A rock-solid puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski.

Variety: Cryptic Crossword Puzzle

Rich Silvestri offers us a tough, but fair, cryptic crossword puzzle.

Character-Building Event

Sam Ezersky offers us a fun and crunchy Saturday puzzle.

Focal Point Preorders Open July 7 — Want a 19-Page Preview PDF?

Focal Point is at the printer! Which means... preorders will open July 7! And that means... it’s preview time! Specifically, time to share a free 19-page preview of Focal Point, including the front and back covers, table of contents, and a representative sample from each of the book’s three big sections. Show More Summary

A Tale of Two Games

I recently ran two games at our local gameday: fantasy in the first session, and Star Wars (using a VERY simple version of FUDGE) in the second. I wanted to sit down and evaluate what went well and what needed improvement in case I get to run those scenarios again. Show More Summary

New Project: Henry Bessemer and the Age of Steel

Learn how to heat-treat and toughen the metal that built our world: carbon steel. Read more on MAKE The post Henry Bessemer and the Age of Steel appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers...

Heating Up the Holidays

Welcome to the July Times Insider crossword puzzles.

Decrypting the Cypher System Part 2

I’m still reading the Cypher System rulebook, though I suspect many people would get through it faster than I have. So far I’ve finished the first 10 chapters (through page 234) covering character creation and the rules. Though the sections...Show More Summary

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