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Acts of a Scalawag

Why you should push yourself toward becoming a Saturday-level puzzle solver, and the return of Mark Diehl.

Campaign Suspension

I have a confession. As much as I enjoy GMing, I actually prefer to be a player. If offered a choice, I’ll almost always choose to play. Believe me, I do like running games and I absolutely enjoy discussing and improving my craft, but I’ll always choose to jump into a good GM’s game over […]

Power Measures

Kurt Krauss points us in the right direction.

Hireling to Hero

A few years ago, I was running a game in the midst of a deep dungeon delve. As things go with these delves, a character in the group died. The character had hired a faithful hireling and dutifully kept him alive. The hireling was more than just a backpack-carrying torch bearer. The PC treated the […]

It’s a Gift

Jeffrey Stillman pens a puzzle. If that is, indeed, his real name.


Finn Vigeland creates scandals and spreads rumors.

The Polka Dot Puzzle

How many ways can you think of to solve this card-dealing mathematical challenge?

The Eight Types of Fun

Gnome “emeritus” Walt Ciechanowski likes to say there’s no such thing as wrong bad fun. I love that statement. I also believe he’s right. Unfortunately, fun is often subjective and hard to describe something that’s fun to someone unless they know your tastes and preferences. It’s why we use games we enjoy playing to let […]

Zombology on Demand!

After a few busy weeks of travel for work and lots of visitors at home we've had a fairly quite week, spent chilling as a family and getting stuff ready for our forthcoming holiday to Portugal. Up until last night I'd done nothing blog-worthy at all (no mobile development, no games design, no playtesting). Show More Summary

This Week in Making: Drilling, Diodes, and Dirt

This past week we showed the Earth some love, learned how to drill straight, and reflected on the little things (like diodes). Read more on MAKE The post This Week in Making: Drilling, Diodes, and Dirt appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Quartermaster General

Plays: 6Px1. Quartermaster General is one of the hotter recent games. My regular gaming buddies at had played it a few times and it was much discussed. I missed out the first few times it was played. Only on a more recent visit I was lucky that we had exactly 6 players. Show More Summary

Ideal Height For Some Contact

Paolo Pasco returns with a puzzle that made me happy, but not for the reasons you would think.

Using Archetypes as Narrative Devices

This guest article on archetypes is by Aaron Ryyle. I feel it fits a very nice, typical mould… – Punmaster John “One cannot afford to be naive in dealing with dreams. They originate in a spirit that is not quite human, but is rather a breath of nature—a spirit of the beautiful and generous as […]

Not Sold on TV

Alex Bajcz returns to remind us that the English language is more forgiving than it seems.

Make a Fun, Diving Spudmarine

Based on a classic cereal box toy, this fun "spudmarine" uses a potato and baking powder to make a sub that dives and resurfaces in a pitcher of water. Read more on MAKE The post Make a Fun, Diving Spudmarine appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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