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The Villainous A.I. in Your Games

Today’s guest article is the second piece by reader Tony G., who previously contributed A Case for Multiple Game Masters to the Stew. Thanks, Tony! –Martin If you are like 99% of the comic and gamer world, You’ve seen the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Show More Summary

GMing With Kids

A couple weekends ago, I ran a game for my friends’ three daughters, ranging in age between 9 and 14. This was something I’d been meaning to do for a while, but with hectic schedules, it ended up taking longer to coordinate than I had hoped. Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: Home Is Where the Exit Is

On the map, those entrances to a dungeon level look so innocuous: Hash marks to indicate a stairwell, a stylized ‘H’ for a ladder, a curving arrow for a slide. But dungeon-delving adventurers should be wary. There’s no better place for a monster to call home than at the doorway to another dungeon level. Show More Summary

Back in the Saddle (I own dice older than you!)

Today’s guest article by Gnome Stew reader Nick M. is a reflection on returning to gaming, including some tips for lapsed gamers coming back into the fold. It’s a bit different from our usual fare, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the change of pace. Show More Summary

What’s He Building in There?

Today’s guest article is by Gnome Stew reader Craig Dedrick explores villains’ plans that stay in motion while the PCs are doing other things. Thanks, Craig! –Martin What’s He Building? He has no dog And he has no friends and His lawn is dying… and What about all those packages He sends. Show More Summary

When Deliberation Goes On (and On, and On)

Recently one of my players was complaining about his other game. That group is a bit poky, often taking over an hour to make a decision. While there is no set length for deliberation, an hour is probably too long. If I can make a McDonald’s run and back, well, you get the idea. Show More Summary

Calling Out: A Review of Syrinscape

Admittedly I’m a bit of a easy sell when it comes to inserting technology into my tabletop games. My viewpoint tends to be one of “take any tool given” and try to find a way to make my games better. So when I heard about Syrinscape my interest was piqued, essentially since I’m a big fan of incorporating many senses into one’s games. Show More Summary

4 Bizarre Sources of Truth Perfect for Fiction

Today’s guest article is by Gnome Stew reader MJ Alishah, creator of Aetheric Dreams and author of Nights of the Crusades and The Great Game. Thanks, MJ! –Martin Writers like Herman Melville (Moby Dick) and Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) infused their stories with scientific and historical trivia, and used it as a base for their fiction. Show More Summary

Tis the Season!

Happy Holidays! Here in America, the holiday season is in full swing. It traditionally starts with the end of Thanksgiving on Black Friday, when many retailers jump-start the shopping season with incredible deals, but it’s been slowly...Show More Summary

The Duality of Fiction and the Game

One of the benefits about co-hosting an RPG Podcast and owning a small RPG company is that I get to talk a great deal about RPG’s with a lot of great gamers and game designers. One of those discussions has been about two facets of an RPG: the game and the fiction engine. Show More Summary

All of Gnome Stew’s Books are on Sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we’ve knocked 25% off of all of our titles on DriveThruRPG. This discount applies to single products only, not bundles, but it’s essentially the best bundle discount we offer…except you can mix and match whichever products you’d like. Show More Summary

Review of Outbreak: Deep Space

The folks at Hunters Books recently sent me a review copy of their newest RPG, Outbreak: Deep Space, a sci-fi survival horror game in the vein of movies like Event Horizon and Aliens and video games like Resident Evil. Like their first...Show More Summary

Troy’s Crock Pot: Keeping tabs on the fervor

Oh, those patron higher powers. So prickly. So judgmental. So demanding. And when a GM has to portray a boss, patron, king, devil or god, by what means does she use to evaluate a character’s devotion to a particular ideal — then actShow More Summary

Getting from There to Here

They say you shouldn’t focus on the destination as much as the journey, but sometimes you just really want to get where you’re going. I’ve been running a Pathfinder game off and on for the last three years. It’s been my first foray into...Show More Summary

What We Avoid

I’m afraid of flowers. More specifically, while I’ve been drawing and painting for many years, I avoid painting flowers. Get nervous just thinking about them. Recently I decided to face that fear by attacking one on a brand new 16? X 20? canvas. Show More Summary

Limiting Players Without Limiting Fun

A recent article about railroading by Will Hindmarch over on got me thinking about something I’ve had in my “to-write” file for a while. It is an idea that I constantly go back and forth on when I run games, the idea of saying no to a player to preserve some dynamic of the game that I’m running. Show More Summary

The Host: the Forgotten Leader

I was reading Phil’s article when it occurred to me that there was one “leader” missing in his analysis: the Host. The Host wields a lot of power at the gaming table and she isn’t necessarily the Game Master; heck, she may not even be a player. Show More Summary

How Much Time do You Spend Engaged with Gaming as a Hobby? With GMing?

Over on Google+, I asked a question that seems particularly well-suited to Gnome Stew: What does your engagement with gaming as a hobby look like? Specifically, how many hours do you spend on different elements of that engagement, and how does that shake out percentage-wise? Right now I spend about 14 hours a week engaged with the hobby in some way. Show More Summary

Three Leaders At The Table

Over the past few months, I have become interested in the topic of Leadership. As a project manager, leadership comprises a large part of what I do each day as I work with various project teams. As I began to study the area of leadership, I came to realize that it plays a role in RPG’s as well. Show More Summary

Left Behind: Sticking with Older Games

Today I got together with friends and played a fun miniatures game, AT-43. The company that created it went into liquidation four years ago. After a brief flurry of interest brought on by fire sale prices, the game settled into its new normal–it slipped from people’s minds. Show More Summary

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