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Miniature Painting While Colorblind

  Today’s Guest Article comes from Bradon Barnes, who talks about his experiences learning to paint while dealing with Red-Green Colorblindness. It’s an awesome look at learning to paint and what tools can make it easier to work around issues you might have. – John Arcadian A gaming pub opened in our area and started […]

Strict vs. Lax GMs – It’s Not That Simple

There is no such thing as a Strict or Lax GM. Whoa... before you jump to the comments section to yell at me, let me explain. The idea of a strict or a lax GM is an oversimplification. GMing is way more complicated than that. There are too many facets of GMing […]

Should ALL Dungeons Be Five Room Dungeons?

Is there a place for exploring vast complexes, or should we stick to fewer more interesting rooms?

Now I See, Cold, It Was Them He Loved: Ten Candles And Winter Terror

“Now I see, cold, it was them he loved. Where is he now? Tonight my heart froze.” -excerpt from “Crust on Fresh Snow” by Rolf Jacobsen “Winter is coming” -virtually every character in Game of Thrones In the winter of 2015 I experienced two life-changing texts that sucked me into enjoying horror as a genre. […]

Give Me the Feels – Emotional Gaming

With graceful fins and cruel sharp teeth, I have waited for years for this moment. Finally my revenge is nigh—the woman who sold me to a circus, once my love, is once more within reach of my ill tended tank. I have just cut a deal, sacrificing myself, to ruin her as she ruined me. […]

The Role of Role Playing

Tabletop role playing has been part of my life and a core part of my identity for decades. It fills many roles for me personally including as a creative outlet, a method to meet people, and simply as a fun hobby. Role playing will always be these things for me, but I also see a […]

Troy’s Crock Pot: More Cues from Your Character Sheet

In 2014, I wrote “Three Cues from Your Character Sheet” — which was advice to players on how they could introduce roleplay elements without preparation, simply by identifying three key parts of the character sheet and using them to good effect. It was advice intended to encourage players to roleplay even in one-shot settings, such […]

D&D Beyond Review

  D&D Beyond is an online service for managing content officially published by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. The service grants access to online character creation, rules references, monster statistics, and, if you purchase the assets, the hardcover adventures that Wizards of the Coast have published up to this point. […]

Review: Writing with Style

Writing with Style by Ray Vallese is a short PDF packed with advice for RPG creators. It’s written from the perspective of an editor who has more than twenty years of experience. The focus of the book is on clarity in writing and executing words in a manner that will allow for the proper expression […]

Missing Stairs – Why We Need To Listen and Why We Can’t Be Silent

The beginning of this week saw the hashtag #metoo trend to increase awareness about how many women have been harassed in their lives.  On my Facebook feed alone, I’d estimate that around 85% of the women I know posted something. The actual number of women who have been harassed is higher than that, based on […]

Forges Of Power

Many are the epic arms forged in your fantasy game. But sometimes the most powerful armaments require tools as powerful as they are. Enter these forges of power, able to bring forth the most fantastic of creations. Cold Iron Forge: Created by a race of arctic dwarves, for whom fire was a luxury, this huge […]

Running a Solo Game GM-less

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: It’s Thursday night and you want to play a game. But everyone in the party is across town, and it takes too long to set up, so they’d need to leave half an hour into actually playing. So you look over at your significant other, and they want […]

The Elements of a Good One-Shot

I’m doing things a tad bit backwards here. This week’s GnomeCast was Matt, JT and myself rambling about the elements of a good one-shot game. It was a hastily thrown together episode due to how busy I’ve been, but Matt jumped in and did some research on the Stew’s archives and noted that, other than […]

Fate Adversary Toolkit Review

I’m going to admit something right up front. I’m cheating with this review. I’m running a Dresden Accelerated game, and reading through this book is allowing me to review it, as well as potentially steal things for my campaign. Does that make me a bad person? My love of the Dresden Files is what led […]

Always Give Your Players A Receipt

  “The sword of duquesne gets stolen by the naked man…” Community did an excellent episode where they played Dungeons and Dragons, and it was advanced! One of the things that has always struck me about that episode was the part where the character Neil’s sword gets stolen out of spite by another player. […]

31 Days of Nightmares 2017 — Mimic

Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and directed this 90s monster movie starring Mira Sorvino. Of course, del Toro has gone on to become a modern monster master, so it’s interesting to go back and see some of his earlier work. Mimic...

31 Days of Nightmares 2017 — Clown

Nothing like a pair of excellent monster movies to keep the Halloween feeling flowing. One is from the director of Spiderman: Homecoming, the other from the great Guillermo del Toro (see next post). Clown [source: Netflix], directed by Jon Watts,...

Treasure Map Alternatives

One of the most time honored adventure hooks is the treasure map. Essentially they exist to get characters from point A to point B, maybe with a little adventure in the middle. Here are some alternatives to the basic treasure map that serve the same purpose. The Compass: An enchanted compass that always points to […]

31 Days of Nightmares 2017 — Shutter and Shutter

Wait, am I reviewing the same movie twice? Well, yeah. The last two nights I watched Shutter, a 2004 Thai movie, and Shutter, the 2008 American remake. The original is a solid if unexceptional horror movie. It fits right in...

31 Days of Nightmares — 2017 Edition — mother!

It’s a (nearly) yearly tradition, in which I watch a horror movie every night in October and review all of them. Most years things are pretty busy in October and I don’t get to all 31, but this year…well, this...

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