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31 Days of Nightmares — The Green Inferno

This is a film with heavy baggage and a lot of problems. Socio-political problems, so hang onto your hat. I want to just write a short, scathing review of this, because as a piece of entertainment, it was only ok....

Troy’s Crock Pot: Keeping your investigations linear

There are lots of ways to organize your material for a mystery roleplaying adventure. Many GMs find a flowchart format useful. Turn left and follow the trail of clues that way, turn right and investigate another path. But I confess, I am much more of a straight-line breadcrumbs sort of GM. Show More Summary

Precious Time

When I was first introduced to roleplaying games, I was in high school and had all the time in the world. If we wanted to play all weekend, the only difficulty was in convincing my parents that it was okay for me to hang out with the guys for that long. Show More Summary

31 Days of Nightmares — Silent Night, Deadly Night & Willow Creek

A slasher classic and a movie so bad it wouldn’t even be fun on Mystery Science Theater. Silent Night, Deadly Night I’d never seen this exploitation classic before, although I love the idea of scary Christmas movies. Are there any.....

Tips for Game Masters Who Want to Welcome New Players

Today’s guest article is by Clave Jones. By day he manages the Innové Project, which launches social ventures for the betterment of our planet. By night he is the editor-in-chief of Nerds on Earth, a website that discusses nerdy topics such as Star Wars, The Walking Dead, comics, sci-fi, and of course, Dungeons and Dragons. Show More Summary

31 Days of Nightmares — Unearthed & The Battery

Sometimes you watch movies that are probably going to be terrible in hopes of finding a hidden gem. Not today. Unearthed This is a movie about a giant sea monkey. Seriously. It’s some kind of alien monster that went into...

Another Glance: Material Components

From the time I entered my first dungeon decades ago, material components were treated the same as encumbrance and weapon modifiers against armor class – we discarded them. For those of you who might be scratching your heads, I’m talking...Show More Summary

31 Days of Nightmares — Elvira’s Haunted Hills & Memorial Valley Massacre

Another two-fer tonight, with a movie that isn’t scary, but is awesome, and one that’s nowhere close to either. Elvira’s Haunted Hills This movie is a real hoot. Definitely rent this if you see it on the rack at your...

31 Days of Nightmares — It Follows & The Purge: Anarchy

It’s a 2-for-1 special tonight with a rewatch of my favorite horror movie of the last five years and a sequel with surprising strength. It Follows I went to see It Follows at the theater — I have a habit...

31 Days of Nightmares — Exeter

Teens party and screw around in an abandoned insane asylum. I don’t think I can come up with a less creative setup for a horror movie. That’s fine, though. A movie doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to be awesome....

31 Days of Nightmares — 2015 Edition

For the last few years I’ve been watching one horror movie every night for the entire month of October, and last year I started reviewing each of them. Now that I’ve got the site up and running again, what better...

Mundane Magics

Ever since my long-ago teenage years, when I wasn’t allowed to play D&D – just look at the books, I’ve played a kind of mental game with the spell lists from the various editions of D&D – What spells would I want to be able to cast if...Show More Summary

IARR: One Format for Session Prep

Organization is one key trait for effective gamemastering. Every GM needs some kind of system to keep important information accessible during play. During session prep, a good format reminds us to vary our encounters. It may even help spark our creativity. Show More Summary

Planning Well

On a recent episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast, Chris and I talked about why planning never really works in RPGs, and why mechanics to emulate planning fare better at the table. If you are interested in that discussion go and check out the show. Show More Summary

Criminal Inspiration

Finding inspiration each week for the games we put together for our players is part of the fun, but it can be a challenge on occasion. When the creative juices aren’t flowing, sometimes you have to dig into other areas of your life to find those nuggets of ideas that you can use to pull a game together. Show More Summary

Regenerating a Campaign

This past weekend was the first episode of the new series (or season, in the American vernacular) of Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a series that has reinvented itself numerous times, usually when the Doctor regenerates but sometimes even without a change in the lead actor, the series has tried to move in a different direction. Show More Summary

The Player-GM

Recently, I was a guest at the Tacticon convention in Denver, Colorado. One of the things that the convention organizers stressed to me was to not only run some games, but to play in games that were being run. I enthusiastically followed their advice, and in any time slot where I was not running something or on a panel, I played many great games. Show More Summary

Some of My Favorite Horror Movies

The excellent fellows from the Stuff You Should Know podcast asked me out of the blue the other night if I could list my favorite horror movies. Can I list my favorite horror movies?! Is a bear Catholic?.@robotviking Grabster,...

Three Intellegent Animals for Your City Game

City games often focus on the human element or the supernatural for antagonists. Animals are often overlooked, but can be exceptionally clever and can be foes, allies, or adventure hooks as well. Here are three animals for your city campaign. Show More Summary

The Perks of Being a Luddite

Word processing and web technology is great. It allows ANYONE to produce produce professional looking manuscripts and pages. However, they may not be the best tools for the early stages of session preparation. Sometimes all the bells and whistles, not to mention the potential distraction of the internet, can hinder the creative process. Show More Summary

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