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Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 11/20/15

Justin Bieber maintained his YouTube dominance. The international pop star (who just killed it at the American Music Awards) stayed in top spot on the U.S. chart for the third week in a row. New music videos from his latest studio album propelled his channel to more than 163.1 million views in the week. Show More Summary

Newswire: Jewish historian Adam Sandler adds Jared Fogle to “The Chanukah Song”

Semitic chronicler Adam Sandler—best known for his historical missives “The Chanukah Song” Parts One, Two, and Three—has updated his living history of the Jewish people once again. Playing at a show last week in San Diego, Sandler unleashed...Show More Summary

“Hello”: An Adele News Roundup

Since the release of 25, Adele has—unsurprisingly—dominated music news. The singer has been breaking records all month. First her single “Hello” smashed record views on Youtube and, at release, the album sold over 900,000 copies on iTunes in its first day, and 2.5 million in its first week.

The Division – here’s more on leveling, skills, perks and some gameplay

Following up on yesterday’s super quick glimpse of character customization and progression in The Division, today, more information on the subject has dropped. A new post from Massive on the game’s official website touches upon character levels in the game, specifically on how each will have its own level or rank in the Dark Zones […]

Rihanna Has A Lot Riding On ‘Anti’ After A Year Of Commercial Disappointment

Rihanna fans are definitely excited for her new album Anti, which, according to Just Jared, could launch on “After announcing her upcoming ANTI World Tour on Monday, the latest buzz is that Rihanna’s album ANTI will be dropping later this week on Black Friday.” Rihanna’s album is said to be exclusive to Tidal. Show More Summary

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS: The humble early roles of 15 major Hollywood stars

From Pepsi and Bubble Yum commercials to failed sitcoms and small guest roles, A -list celebrities were once struggling trying to make it in the business, just like everyone else in Hollywood, before they started getting award-winning roles. Show More Summary

Here's everything coming to Netflix in December that you should watch

Netflix is unveiling a whopping 10 new original productions next month, including a star-filled Christmas special featuring Bill Murray, Miley Cyrus, and George Clooney. Other originals include two comedy specials, an Adam Sandler-led comedy film, and a documentary crime series. Show More Summary

Spike Lee Predicts Sex Strikes Across College Campuses in the Wake of Chi-Raq

Spike Lee’s new film, Chi-Raq, spins off the Ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, in which Athenian women vow to withhold sex until their men end the Peloponnesian War. Lee’s modernized version is set in South Side Chicago, where more Americans have died than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Show More Summary

The best deals this Black Friday

Every November, people in the US (and other parts of the world) spend millions of dollars during the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. This tradition is only growing too, as retailers broaden their limited-time deals from the physical world to the internet. Show More Summary

Detroit! Danny Brown's Second Bruiser Thanksgiving Featuring DJ Spinn And DJ Taye Is Tonight

The Artist Also Recently Helped Raise $15,000 Dollars Benefitting Detroit's Largest Literary Arts Education Nonprofit?.

'The Little Prince' Gets English Trailer!

No, you're not experiencing some mad déjà vu. Yes, "The Little Prince" has already had an international release. However, this new trailer shows the lengths to which Paramount is going to ensure this film gets an American audience. From...Show More Summary

Newswire: Someone actually bought that crazy expensive Wu-Tang album

Marking a historic day in album gimmickry the likes of which haven’t been seen since Michael Jackson floated a statue of himself down the River Thames, a mystery buyer has reportedly bought that extremely limited edition—as in there’s only one copy—Wu-Tang record, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Show More Summary

Kamasi Washington – “Theme From ‘Color Guard'”

Kamasi Washington burst onto the scene earlier this year with his three-hour-long debut jazz opus, The Epic. Since then he’s been touring and, apparently, scoring, as he composed the soundtrack for a Ray-Ban-sponsored short film called Color Guard. The film itself is pretty mediocre, but the music underneath is expectedly very nice, so it’s a […]

[VIDEO] Quentin Tarantino Brings Magic Back to the Cinema with 'Hateful Eight' Roadshow

While every Quentin Tarantino film to date has been something of a love letter to cinema and filmmaking--with his familiar music cues, twist on storytelling tropes, and homages galore--the filmmaker really seems to have outdone himself...Show More Summary

The Fantastic Four Honest Trailer Elegantly Explains Why Fantastic Four Was So Terrible

When Fox’s third attempt at a Fantastic Four movie flopped, several theories surfaced as to why. Perhaps the Fantastic Four are unlikeable jerks who could never successfully support a franchise. Perhaps the breakdown in communication between studio and director made the resulting film a poorly edited, unsalvageable mess. Show More Summary

The Good Dinosaur

Pixar has created convincing settings before: the teensy Paris apartment where Remy and Linguini learn to make culinary magic; the sleek and steely Buy n Large starliner the Axiom; the ever-changing emotional control room inside Riley’s brain. Show More Summary

Black Friday Chopping List: Toys

| MOVIES | GAMES | TV | TOYS | MUSIC | Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! As many of you probably already know, that means Black Friday is right around the corner. While stores aren’t necessarily as packed as they used to be thanks to online deals and events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday is nonetheless a […]

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