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Danko Jones Doesn’t Drink, But When He Does It’s With Motörhead’s Lemmy

Photo courtesy of Henri Clausel While he's far from a straight edge sermonizer, rocker Danko Jones latest album Fire Music features a semi-autobiographical song called "Getting Into Drugs" about a recent adventure smoking a joint ("I spent the whole night freaking out," he says)—booze and blunts have never held much appeal to him. Show More Summary

Don’t Mourn the End of Odd Future, It’s a Waste of Time

The grand necropolis of musical history holds few perpetual groups. Once a band calls it quits, they’re usually crammed deep in the chamber of the past and forgotten. A few survive in the public conciousness. Bands like Nirvana and the Ramones; rap outfits ranging from NWA to the Wu-Tang Clan; and pop acts like the Spice Girls and N Sync. Show More Summary

This Paper Animation of the Twin Peaks Opening Credits Is Oddly Endearing 

Twin Peaks fans are already having a pretty good year—a new season is on the way, and David Lynch is back on board. But if the wait for new episodes feels endless, here’s something to tide you over: A paper animated rendition of the show’s bizarrely serene opening credit sequence. Show More Summary

Shamir – “Merry Go ‘Round” (Kacey Musgraves Cover)

“Merry Go ‘Round” was the debut single by Kacey Musgraves, a pop-country star who broke in 2013 with her album Same Trailer Different Park. The track would go on to win a Grammy for Best Country Song, and now, the honorable Shamir Bailey has covered it for Annie Mac’s BBC1 radio show. If you’ve listened […]

The Perfect Pivot

Until recently, pivot—an elegant little word centered around an evocative hinge of a V—called to mind necks, Ross Geller, and avoiding the double dribble. It has lately been drafted by Silicon Valley, where it has become a term of art to describe a tech company’s swiveling mission, often under duress. Show More Summary

Xbox One looks like it's getting a better, newer controller after E3

It seems as if there's a subtle but big change on the horizon for the Xbox One controller. The current model features a proprietary audio jack that requires an adapter (sold separately for $25) to use with normal headphones. Microsoft...Show More Summary

Footage of Kardashian Sisters' Car Crash Is Terrifying (VIDEO)

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber. Whoa, talk about terrifying! A lot of the footage we see on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, despite being unsettlingly fascinating, seems to be -- how do I put this -- staged as hell. From fights between...Show More Summary

Here’s how to beat Destiny’s level 34 boss Qodron in the Prison of Elders

Having issues bringing down Destiny boss Qodron in the Prison of Elders? There’s a video guide for that below. Qodron is this week’s level 34 boss, and there are a couple different strategies you can use: shoot him with rockets till he’s dead which can be done in about 30 seconds; or there are various […]

[TV Review] “iZombie” Episode 1.11: ‘Astroburger’

The past two cases of the week on iZombie, have been much stronger than most of the cases in the past for one reason: they are tied to the main season arc. This week’s case was another one that brought Liv closer into Blaine’s crosshairs  and Major out of the mental institution. The brain Liv ate […]

Grand Theft Auto V As An 80s TV Show

YouTuber Dolce’s filters, use of an 4:3 ratio, and dated music make Grand Theft Auto V look like it came in a box of old, damaged VHS tapes. Read more...

The Shawshank Redemption Looks Cool As An Adventure Game

These graphics might have been a bit simple for 1994, but everything else makes sense in Cinefix’s video re-imagining of The Shawshank Redemption as a point and click game. Read more...

The Cairo Gang announces Goes Missing on Drag City imprint God? Records

First of all, if you’ve never seen this adorable Disney movie The Apple Dumpling Gang, you should do your funny bones a huge favor and check it out IMMEDIATELY. It’s got Don Knots. It’s got Tim Conway. It’s got shotguns. It’s DELIGHTFUL. Show More Summary

It’s Ralph Though! Young Dro Reveals How Many MILLIONS He’s Spent On Polo Clothes

Young Dro Says He’s Spent Over 5 Million On Polo Ralph Lauren Clothes ATL rapper extraordinaire Young Dro is known for vivid colorful lyrics and outrageous love of all thing Polo Ralph Lauren. Dro recently revealed how much many he’...

Is Beyoncé Actually More #Onbeat Than Other People? A Dance Critic Explains.

The meme #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat began picking up steam over the past week, presumably as people started distractedly searching the web in anticipation of the long holiday weekend. Find a song, find a GIF-able snippet of a music video and voila! Two seconds of Internet fame. Show More Summary

Justin Bieber Performs Make A Wish Concert Before Selena Gomez Meet

Justin Bieber and the Make-A-Wish Foundation go way back. Seven years in fact. Selena Gomez makes an appearance in this report too. Scroll to the end of the page for that buzz. The 21-year-old superstar continued that effort when heShow More Summary

Ultra Street Fighter 4 port on PS4 has some serious problems

Ultra Street Fighter 4 hit arcades, PC, PS3 and Xbox last year and yesterday the PS4 port dropped. Unfortunately, it’s riddled with issues. Problems range from lag (demonstrated by RSP TV), glitches (like this Juri video uploaded by nsb5024) and weird sound bugs (thanks Stovenven!) In a statement issued by Capcom yesterday, they said they […]

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