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A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Hump Day Round-Up - July's "5 for Fighting with... Five for Fighting"; Boston Gets Converse'd; Meet "That Brit Guy"

What if John Ondrasik AKA Five for Fighting agreed to do a monthly Q&A with yours truly? What would it look like? Would the questions delve into his personal and professional life in such a way it'd reveal layers of the singer/songwriter...Show More Summary

Watch The New 'Steve Jobs' Trailer HERE!

Universal Pictures has released the official trailer for "Steve Jobs" starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Katherine Waterston, and Michael Stuhlbarg. Set backstage at three iconic product launches and...Show More Summary

Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' Teaser Leaks No Footage of A-List Cast

For a movie about a guy (in)famous for leaking classified information, "Snowden" is playing its own cards close to the vest. For now. Oliver Stone, who lives for this kind of story, directed the political bio thriller with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as former CIA employee Edward Snowden. Show More Summary

Feature: 2015: Second Quarter Favorites

by TMT Staff • July 2015 Disgusting hybrid outgrowths. Nebulous movements of rhythm. Ontological nihilism. The last three months can’t be easily reduced to pithy storylines, but there were certainly themes that arose from our favorite releases. Show More Summary

Guerrilla games: Rise of the Tomb Raider’s back to basics approach feels right

Scrappy fights, crafting with animal entrails and cavernous puzzles: the latest from Crystal Dynamics could finally be a return to the Tomb Raider of old. “Lara’s no ninja, so guerrilla combat is needed to take down enemies. Spirit and spit are more important here than skill and technology” The last time I picked wild mushrooms […]

The Art of DJing Mimics the Art of Life

The more I think about it, the more I realize they are one in the same. Our approach to life mimics the approach to djing. There's so much practice behind the scenes. There's an intro, a build up, drops, layers, rewinds and a breakdown. Show More Summary

New 'Bachelor in Paradise' Promo Has Us Laughing With Excitement for Season 2 (VIDEO)

Post by Lisa Fogarty. If you watched last year's Bachelor in Paradise, you probably remember contestant Clare Crawley had a furry little friend — a raccoon whom she tearfully confided in when she was so over all of the drama on the reality show. Show More Summary

Samurai Jack Returns In a Cool Animated Tribute

The television series might have ended more than a decade ago, but artist avemagnadude brought everyone’s favorite lonely wanderer back for a few minutes in a short fan animation. Read more...

First 'Creed' Trailer Shows Rocky Still Packs a Punch

"Creed" is already a hit online, but will it be a knockout in theaters this November? The movie's tagline is "Your legacy is more than a name," but the names Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, and Michael B. Jordan are selling...Show More Summary

Real-Life Male Strippers Reveal the Songs that Make Women Go Crazy

When you’re a male stripper working to fulfill women’s fantasies, you’ve got to have just the right song to set the mood, and it also has to gel with your onstage personality. For Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), of course, his signature...Show More Summary

‘London Has Fallen’ Trailer: Gerard Butler Saves the Day Again, This Time in England

In 2013, two “Die Hard in the White House” movies entered the box office arena. Only one emerged, and it headed straight across the pond. Lionsgate has revealed the first trailer for London Has Fallen, the Olympus Has Fallen sequel once...Show More Summary

The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in July

Every month, a number of movies and TV series leave Netflix streaming, sometimes only temporarily, usually because licensing deals have expired. Several new titles arrive in their place. So what’s coming this month, and which of these...Show More Summary

What Does Kanye West Glastonbury Performance Teach Us?

Kanye West is undoubtably one of the biggest stars on the planet. West has won no fewer than 21 Grammy’s and a total of 124 music industry awards. West has no fewer than 387 award nominations to his name, he has made a huge fortune from the music industry and is one of the best What Does Kanye West Glastonbury Performance Teach Us? is an article from: The Inquisitr News

In Maquisard, you solve trouble in a charming, ornate old hotel

Maquisard is a lovely little game of snooping and subversion in a fancy old hotel, inspired by the aesthetic of the grand Wes Anderson film

Mortal Kombat X does the Predator tribute perfectly

You didn’t think Mortal Kombat X was going to not have a Carl Weathers/Predator Easter egg, did you? Mortal Kombat X gets Predator as a DLC character next week, and along with it, the Prey costume pack. This costume pack is special, because it comes with a special costume for Jax as Carl “Dillon” Weathers, […]

‘Big Brother 17’: Did Da’Vonne Rogers Blow Vanessa Rousso’s Cover? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 17 has two players from the world of poker. Da’Vonne Rogers is a freelance poker dealer. Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player. Neither Da’Vonne nor Vanessa have told the houseguests the full truth about their occupations. Show More Summary

Let's See What the Fair and Balanced Hosts at Fox News Have to Say About Kendrick Lamar

Fox News continues to impress us with their thoroughly vapid, not-so-subtly racist hip-hop coverage. Last week, tight-assholed dipshit Sean Hannity asked the listeners of his radio show why we can’t buy the Confederate flag, an emblem of institutionalized American racism, but we can buy Jay Z CDs since he says the F-word and what not. Show More Summary

Childish Gambino Is the Stripper of Our Hearts for Magic Mike XXL Single "Marry You"

Almost halfway through the press run of big screen soft-core film, Magic Mike XXL we've been more than willing to welcome the advent of Channing Tatum quotables and half naked male imagery on our feeds. But colour us confused and maybe..aroused...Show More Summary

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