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The latest Destiny cheese lets you skip Wrath of the Machine's Death Zamboni

You know the Death Zamboni encounter that makes up the second act of Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid? It turns out you can largely circumvent that bit, since the walls aren't all quite as solid as they should be

The push and pull of Destiny's microtransactions

Next week marks a year since Bungie added a microtransaction store and its paid-for Silver currency into the world of Destiny. With new expansion Rise of Iron released and its second weekly reset now settled onto servers, it's a good...Show More Summary

Turns out you can skip one of the three bosses in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s new raid and still get loot

Whoops! Destiny: Rise of Iron patch incoming. Destiny: Rise of Iron players have worked out how to shortcut the new raid, Wrath of the Machine. Wrath of the Machine has three bosses (spread out over four primary encounters), and it’s the middle one, the Siege Engine, you can bypass completely. See, the Siege Engine fight […]

Good Universe and Campo Santo are developing a Firewatch movie

According to Hollywood Reporter, developer Campo Santo will team with Good Universe to develop a feature film based on its Firewatch adventure game. "When we met Good Universe we were floored by how they recognize, cultivate and produce incredible stories," said Campo Santo founder Sean Vanaman. Show More Summary

Destiny: Rise of Iron – how to find every hidden Exotic chest in the Wrath of the Machine raid

Wrath of the Machine raid chests await Destiny: Rise of Iron players brave enough to go after Aksis. Destiny: Rise of Iron offers new and exciting ways to pretend your obsession with this game doesn’t hinge almost entirely on the loot cycle, but this video isn’t one of them: this is all about those sweet, […]

Forza Horizon being removed from Xbox Store in October

Forza Horizon 3 has been available over the weekend to those who purchased the Ultimate Edition, with its official launch taking place this week. If for some reason you’re considering purchasing the original Forza Horizon, you better...Show More Summary

Grab this secret chest early in Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid for more key fragments

If you take your time and search around a bit before you charge into Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Wrath of the Machine Raid, you could put together some extra keys for opening those delectable SIVA Caches

The Voice Season 11 Episode 3: Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine Fight on Set? Miley Leaves Show [Rumors]

The Voice Season 11 is packed with excitement as new judges Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys join the season. But according to rumors, Miley might not be able to take the heat from Adam, who is out to make this the 23-year old’s last and only season. Show More Summary

Here's why no one actually died in Captain America: Civil War

There were a few Marvel fans (myself included) who thought that some heroes would not survive Captain America: Civil War, and for good reason

Forza Horizon 3 review: a new visual benchmark for the Xbox One

Forza Horizon 3 sends the series on a beautiful cross-country road trip of Australia that is enjoyable in all the same ways Horizon 2 ever was. “The real star of Forza Horizon 3 is Australia itself, and the clear visual step forward the game represents, rather than the cars.” The Forza Horizon series, which spun-off […]

Destiny: Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Clusters – all Wrath of the Machine raid locations

Destiny: Rise of Iron hides four Dormant SIVA Clusters in the new raid, Wrath of the Machine. You may also want our Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster locations guide and Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster locations guide and Fallen Dormant SIVA Cluster locations guide for more collecting help. For other info, check out our huge Destiny: […]

Here's how Marvel de-aged Robert Downey Jr. for Captain America: Civil War

There are plenty of sequences in Captain America: Civil War that feature a ton of special effects, and one of the more impressive bits of visual trickery occurs in a flashback sequence of sorts early on in the film that has a de-aged Robert Downey Jr

Grab the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle and get an extra free game

Yesterday we reported that Microsoft is running a promotion with a free game of your choice when you buy an Xbox One S. The caveat is that the offer only works for in-stock consoles, so you were out of luck if you wanted the Battlefield 1 bundle. Show More Summary

Win! Flights And A Trip To PAX Australia, Thanks To Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh

As the Magic fans among you are no doubt aware, the new Kaladesh set is close to release. Friday September 30 is the official date. To celebrate that launch Kotaku has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to send two people to PAX Australia! Flights, accommodation and tickets will be included. UPDATE: And entering just got easier! More »      

Pick Your Most Memorable Gears of War Moments

Choose your favourite moments from the series and you could win a Gears 4 Xbox One S.


So not a good start to the ScribbleTaku week for you all. Nobody managed to pick up yesterday’s game at all, which was Star Control 3. The scribble itself was part of the colony management screen, which wasn’t one of the game’s more popular elements. Show More Summary

Assassin’s Creed Movie 2016: New Photos, Trailer & Details Here

If you need another video game movie fix, especially after Warcraft and Angry Birds, you don’t have to wait for too long. Ubisoft Motion Pictures recently announced a movie adaptation of their popular Assassin’s Creed franchise. The Assassin’s Creed Movie 2016 will star Michael Fassbender (X-Men Apocalypse) as the main hero, Callum Lynch. Show More Summary

Today in Tencent acquisitions: Clash of Clans

Let's take stock of Tencent's current lineup, shall we? The Chinese megacorporation currently owns Riot Games and games outlet/guide database, has sizable investments in Paradox Interactive and Epic Games, and has previously worked with Activision and Capcom. Show More Summary

Married at First Sight Season 4 Spoilers: All Couples Break Up! Nick, Sonia & Tom, Lillian Split

Married at First Sight Season 4 spoilers claim that viewers can expect a big reveal on its 11th episode entitled Naked Truth. Will Nick and Sonia finally call it quits and are Heather and Derek getting back together? Married at First...Show More Summary

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