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GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 606

Another show where Mom Brain and I hold down the fort. These one-on-one shows are turning out to be a pretty interesting take on our usual podcast! I like this lady. Maybe I should make a life with her. Download the episode here (thanks NovaAlamak!)

Brett chose to save Space Hitler

Brett had the choice to save Space Hitler or to liberate sci-fi Auschwitz. He went with the former. In his defense, he only had a few seconds to make the decision, so you can understand why it might have been tough. That's one of the topics that came up regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda in this episode of Podtoid. Show More Summary

IGN UK Podcast #376: Go, Go Power Fist!

Orisa, Iron Fist, Power Rangers, and a Key Word Countdown. Listen to the best podcast available on this link.

Chattycast 129: When Franchises Fizzle

Mass Effect: Andromeda drops this week, and it's fair to say the reviews haven't been as glowing as its predecessors. Whether by age or quality or just design paradigms moving on, this won't be the first time a series slips and loses...Show More Summary

A Leak Points to The Evil Within 2's Release Date

This week on IGN's video game talk show: The Evil Within 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda, and more.

A recap from GDC and PAX East

Ooh, this episode is a little late. See, I was on vacation, and the ol' crew decided to up and record an episode without even telling me. You know what that means? No Hot Dish! Even so, it's worth listening to, probably. I listened to parts of it. Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 605

Turned out to be a two-person show today, and it worked out just fine! Mom Brain joins me as I go through the week's news and have some lovely Zelda chats. Don't worry, no spoilers here! Download the episode here

PlayStation Blogcast 242: Hob and Effect

It's a half-staffed show jam-packed with valuable #content for our dear listeners this week! Join us for lots of Mass Effect Andromeda talk, Justin's early impressions of Persona 5, and interviews with the teams behind Hob, The Persistence and Farpoint. Phew!

A Boatload of E3 Predictions

This week on IGN's video game talk show: E3 predictions, video game console rentals, 20 Questions, and more.

Chattycast 128: Say It Ain't Snow

The weather outside is unusually frightful for mid-March. A big snowstorm hit the northeast this week, creating hazardous conditions and trapping many a Shacker inside. What to do when stuck in your house? Why, play video games, naturally. This week the Chattycast bids farewell to winter by talking about the games best suited for a cold day inside. Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 604

Last week's podcast was a technical mess due to audio mishaps all over the place. This week's podcast is still the usual mess we put on every week, but all the technical issues are gone! Glad to get things back to the levels of mediocrity we're used to. Download the episode here

PlayStation Blogcast 241: Suffer Us Now!

It's our pleasure to present a brand new episode that features not only the recently revealed Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but also the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC from Battlefield 1.

Destiny's Smart Sequel Setup

Our Xbox crew discusses Bungie's should-please-everyone solution to transferring your Destiny 1 character into Destiny 2, the cancellation of Dean Hall's Xbox-exclusive Ion, and more!

Chattycast 127: Switch Taste Test

Console launches only come around so often, and so we at Shacknews are all still familiarizing ourselves with the Nintendo Switch. Since it's very much on our minds this week, we're devoting a whole show to it! We'll be talking about...Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 603

Time for another weekly podcast. The difference is, the Switch is finally out! With that said, we still have plenty of hands-on impressions to talk about. Hope you enjoy! Download the episode here

PlayStation Blogcast 240: GDC Ya Later

On this week's Blogcast, Sid and I recount our favorite stories to come out of GDC '17. We also ponder the finer points of the "clicker" genre, look forward to the sleeper hit-to-be Disc Jam, and share stories of our adventures in Guerrilla's Horizon Zero Dawn. Show More Summary

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